zmoylan-samj3they start so young ::sniff:: :'-) https://www.wired.com/story/10-year-old-face-id-unlocks-mothers-iphone-x/09:30
diploMorning all10:34
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:35
diddledanawwh, no startrek today :-(13:48
diddledangotta wait until January :-o13:48
zmoylan-pixior break out your emergency usb drive with st;tos/lite/tng/ds9/voy/ent on it13:49
zmoylan-pixiplus a movie or two13:49
brobostigononly the TOS and TNG films, :)13:59
brobostigonand scrub ENT, :)13:59
diddledanear nose and throat?14:08
zmoylan-pixicouldn't watch ent when it came out but while tge trek drought after it flopped happened i went back and liked it14:08
diddledanI can't cope with ruby-style languages - it just looks alien to me: https://crystal-lang.org/14:12
m0nkey_You'll hate Grails then.15:39
foobarryanyone know how to limit the number of threads java program might use?16:33
foobarryby default, it uses all on the machine16:33
leecowdrey32bit JVM 6.5K threads16:43
leecowdreynot my text but...16:44
* Gargoyle gives a big cheer for everyone here. (ucaday)21:47
daftykins(what's that?)23:10
diddledanuca day is ubuntu community appreciation day23:21
daftykinsah har23:21
diddledanthe idea is to share a bit of love23:22
zmoylan-pixiwell we kinda missed that one then...23:33
daftykinshere i'll let you folks pet my cat!23:34
zmoylan-pixii'll be home tomorrow... but morgan the main house kitty died while i've been in hospital. he was 17...23:35
zmoylan-pixii'll just have to see if pebbles will be more approachable now...23:36
daftykinsaww :(23:38
daftykinsglad to hear you're heading home \o/23:38
zmoylan-pixinearly 7 weeks... a new personal 'best'...23:46
diddledan7 weeks?! :-o23:56
diddledanwhat did they remove?23:56
daftykinseverything D:23:57

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