mrgoodcatdidn't know phones could get rabies13:48
cmaloneyTHey can, and they need vaccinations14:10
cmaloneyAlso: morning!14:18
cmaloneyGotta love form letters from recruiters:15:32
cmaloney"Sr. Phyton Developer"15:32
cmaloney"We have an Opening on " Sr. Phyton Developer " longterm position location at Atlanta, GA location."15:32
cmaloneyRole: Sr. Phyton Developer15:32
cmaloneyLocation: Novi,MI15:32
cmaloneyHonestly I have NFC what this is.15:32
_stink_it's a new subatomic particle15:48
rick_hoooh, I <3 pyhsics15:50
cmaloneyThe posting is also rather precious16:46
cmaloney"Beign able to mapping data"16:46
cmaloney"calculations finance area"16:46
cmaloneyAnd my favorite:16:46
cmaloney"Build something kind of mapping and visulization, reporting tool like cognos, Map Engine. "16:46
cmaloneyUnsure if position or word salad.16:47
jrwrenindians subcontracting back to USA16:49
greg-grecommendations for a good task tracker for a volunteer group (they're planning a big conference)?18:10
rick_hyea, trello is a basic easy for all kind of start18:14
cmaloneyYeah, I'd go with Trello18:17
cmaloneyIf you have a high bias toward OSS with hosting I'd go with Taiga.io18:17
cmaloneybut it's not as intuitive as Trello18:17
greg-gcoolio, thanks all18:18
* greg-g looks into Taiga.io18:18
cmaloneyTaiga is very developer-oriented though. Things are "user stories" and have points18:21
* greg-g nods18:22
jrwrensounds ghastly.18:22
cmaloneyNah, it's not that bad.18:23
greg-gjrwren: come on, don't you do weekly task estimation with your team using playing cards?18:23
cmaloneyThey use the pub suds methodology18:24
cmaloneyGo to the pub, get some beer, put the tasks on a dart board, and throw darts. ;)18:24
jrwrengreg-g: no, and I'd be looking for new work if I did.18:25
jrwrengreg-g: scrum is terrible.18:25
cmaloneyScrum is really optimistic18:25
jrwrenis it?18:25
cmaloneyplanning two weeks in advance can be tricky18:25
cmaloneyand invariably it makes people feel terrible when they don't meet their optimism two weeks before18:26
jrwrentricky? I'd say for many teams it can be impossible.18:26
jrwrenits also very wasteful.18:26
cmaloneyI understand why folks graviate towards it but Scrum always feels grafted on and unnatural18:27
jrwreni don't understand other than believing the sales folks18:27
jrwrenam tip: never believe the sales folks.18:28
greg-gisn't it 1:30 over there?18:28
cmaloneyHonestly the biggest issuw with any of these issue tracking boards is getting folks to use it18:29
cmaloney(he says about the Trello board that about half of the MUG board uses)18:30
* cmaloney coughs18:30
brouschcmaloney: Approx. 4 people use the copy of your board I made for GRPUG20:34
brouschNope, only 320:34
cmaloneyThe Trello board?21:50
brouschI vopied the mug board for grpug21:51
cmaloneyOh for the topics?21:52
cmaloneyOr just the layout?21:52
brouschThen cut out a couple of columns22:47
brouschHaving to add people to Trello is the biggest hurdle22:48

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