thafreakjrgifford: it's going. My server seems to have seen beter days though.14:26
jrgiffordthafreak: what? Server issues? :(15:13
thafreakYeah, the server where I have irssi running...it gets lots of disconnects it seems15:42
thafreakThe machine is almost 10 years old15:42
thafreakI would throw it away, but I haven't actually paid the thing off yet :(15:42
thafreakI bought it and just after I got it deployed to the datacenter, AWS was annnounced...and I was like FUUUUUU15:43
jrgiffordoh dear :(15:43
thafreakDidn't need to buy the damn thing...oh well15:44
* dzho mumbles something about the sunk-cost fallacy16:32

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