zerothishttp://pastebin.com/GQDghaLJ chrome held on long engh to post that. the page crash, chrome did not. leafpad segfaults, abiword does not00:01
zerothistemp @ 37° , chrome vanished without provication00:04
FurretUberIt is not the same error I had00:04
zerothisFurretUber: thank you. that's something00:05
FurretUberIt is noticeable in the dmesg the many ACPI warnings. The temperatures are of which component?00:06
FurretUberAs, apparently, your machine has a Nvidia card, it should have its own temperature. I have seen some cases where a machine would have problems due to misconfiguration/lack of drivers for Nvidia cards00:07
FurretUberAnd they would overheat (95°C+) while the rest of the system was at 40°C00:07
zerothisnvidia GPU at 37°, how do i get CPU temp in command-line?00:08
FurretUberHere I can use the sensors command (my machine is Intel)00:11
FurretUberWith no arguments it should show all devices00:11
zerothiscrashed, now desktop says: Failed to connect to socket /run/usr/1000/ bus:connection refused00:16
zerothiswell, i'm gonna try to install an older ubuntu00:19
pizzaburgerTJ-: alright. Any specific time frame I can find you around?00:23
TJ-pizzaburger: usually 13:00 UTC through 23:59 or later :)00:26
rawruwheard that ubuntu is against TCP Wrappers? Why?00:26
rawruwdebian supports them well.00:26
TJ-pizzaburger: I'm still researching this; it's a rabbit-hole that heads into systemd, PAM and elsewhere!00:26
rawruwpizzaburger: repeat your question. That looks like my field. I just got here.00:28
rawruwTJ-: I'm researching it too.00:28
rawruwTJ-: as we speak.00:28
pizzaburgerTJ-: so much for going to bed huh00:28
pizzaburgerrawruw: Xubuntu 17.10, encrypted drive and home folder. I changed my users login password through User Settings GUI, ran into issues runing admin services, rebooted, and couldnt log in anymore00:29
FurretUberzerothis: this is beyond the cases I've seen, maybe Xenial will work better on this machine00:30
rawruwpizzaburger: don't understand your situation completely. But if your stuff is encrypted with a password you need that password to decrypt. Otherwise you can just login as root and set the password for any user? If root passwd forgotten, just start in rescue mode.00:31
TJ-pizzaburger: there is a bug in systemd's handling of keyrings reported in Arch distro, that looks to affect the 17.10 Ubuntu version,  which might explain this. What it doesn't do is explain why it worked before you changed the password.00:31
TJ-rawruw: it's nothing to do with user password; the problem is ecryptfs cannot mount the encrypted dirs because it's not finding the encryption key in the session keyring, despite the key being there00:32
TJ-pizzaburger: please don't change anything with regard to the user's password now that is fixed, else we won't know where we are!00:33
pizzaburgerTJ-: roger, not touching anything until you tell me00:34
rawruwTJ-: uh oh.. session key ring. Don't that mean that it can go any second? like.. after 5 minus or so00:34
TJ-pizzaburger: can you show us "pastebinit <( ls -l /etc/pam.d/ )" --- there's mention that pam_keyinit.so might be involved. Want to see if your system has it called00:35
TJ-pizzaburger: you've been logging in directly at the PC's console, not via SSH, is that correct?00:36
pizzaburgerTJ-: one moment. Yes, logging in through ctrl+alt+f200:37
pizzaburgerTJ-: why are you guys so invested into this issue?00:39
TJ-pizzaburger: you've got a serious bug that could cause data-loss. We ought to understand it so it can be prevented.00:41
pizzaburgerTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26001612/00:41
pizzaburgerTJ-: I see. But it seems to me that any normal or even a power linux user would just shrug it off or report the bug to the devs00:42
pizzaburgerTJ-: instead of skipping dinner and not going to sleep00:42
TJ-pizzaburger: I'm a dev amongst other things00:44
TJ-pizzaburger: let's see if there's any difference in the different keyrings: "pastebinit <( keyctl show @s; keyctl show @us; keyctl @u )"00:46
pizzaburgerTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26001645/ and outputs "unknown command"00:48
pizzaburgerTJ-: thats cool. I wish I know as much as you do00:48
TJ-pizzaburger: oh fooey! missed out the 'show' on the last keyctl! can you redo the command for me?00:48
pizzaburgerTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26001651/00:49
TJ-pizzaburger: interesting!! you see how the session keyring is owned by UID 0 (root) but the user-session is correct (UID 1000) and all have the UID 1000 user keyring linked, with your ecryptfs keys attached00:50
TJ-pizzaburger: so all the links between rings are there, and yet e.m.p complains it can't find the key in the 'user' keyring00:51
TJ-pizzaburger: right, I've looked at the source-code that prints that error message and tested here and it looks like we can manually reproduce the search it does for the key. So try this: "keyctl search @u user 769688550d78ced9" and tell me what it reports. I'm expecting it to be "125967354"00:59
pizzaburgerTJ-: that is correct01:01
TJ-pizzaburger: Grrr, I was hoping that'd fail the same way!!01:01
rawruwwish I could help, but sorry I can't. At work. If I was home I'd take the time to research it even if it took us hours.01:02
pizzaburgerrawruw: no problem, TJ- has been on it for 7+ hours, talking about dedication01:04
TJ-pizzaburger: OK, I noticed the program that is called is a SETUID binary, so if on your system it is not setuid it'd fail. Let's check: "pastebinit <( ls -al /sbin/mount.ecryptfs_private; grep nosuid /proc/mounts )"01:05
pizzaburgerTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26001770/01:08
TJ-pizzaburger: nothing untoward there either01:12
TJ-pizzaburger: can you show me "pastebinit <( cat $HOME/.ecryptfs/Private.sig )" -- these should be same as is in the user keyring01:20
pizzaburgerTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26001864/01:21
TJ-pizzaburger: YAY!!!! *dances*01:22
TJ-pizzaburger: the signatures the mount tool reads aren't the same ones as are in the user keyring!!01:22
pizzaburgerTJ-: the mount tool is up to something fishy then01:23
TJ-pizzaburger: Let's try backing up that file like we did the wrapped-passphrase and then setting the signatures we know into a replacement file.01:23
TJ-pizzaburger: no, it's doing what it is programmed to do, but when the password changed and the wrapped-passphrase was updated, for some reason these signatures weren't updated... I think :)01:24
TJ-pizzaburger: so, "sudo mv $HOME/.ecryptfs/Private.sig /root/"01:25
pizzaburgerTJ-: okay01:26
TJ-pizzaburger:  then " printf "%s\n%s" "769688550d78ced9" "782cb407b85d0079" | tee $HOME/.ecryptfs/Private.sig " ... make sure you don't make any typos!01:27
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pizzaburgerTJ-: ">"01:29
TJ-pizzaburger: did you mistype a double-quote somewhere... that prompt means you've got unbalanced quotes01:30
TJ-pizzaburger: try typing one " and Enter.01:30
TJ-pizzaburger: remember not to include the quotes I use to surround the entire command line01:30
pizzaburgerTJ-:  yup, sorry. Output "769688550d78ced9" and now I'm "769688550d78ced9a1@a1:~$"01:32
TJ-pizzaburger: check the file content: "cat $HOME/.ecryptfs/Private.sig"01:32
TJ-pizzaburger: should be those two signatures, one to a line01:32
TJ-pizzaburger: I'd expect you to see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26001962/01:33
TJ-pizzaburger: if not, redo the command carefully :)01:34
pizzaburgerTJ-: whoops, I led you wrong. After " printf "%s\n%s" "769688550d78ced9" "782cb407b85d0079" | tee $HOME/.ecryptfs/Private.sig " it was "782cb407b85d0079a1@a1:~$"01:35
TJ-pizzaburger: OK, check the file as above with the 'cat' command against the pastebin link I gave you. If they're the same we should have fixed it01:36
pizzaburgerTJ-: only gives me the first line01:37
TJ-pizzaburger: redo the command then. make sure you've got all the balanced " marks, that's probably what made it fail01:37
TJ-pizzaburger: i tested it here first so I know it's not my typo :)01:38
dedzeHi TJ- I found this in my router logs, how can I investigate it? Inbound TrafficBlocked - Remote administrationICMP type 8 code 0> on ppp001:38
TJ-dedze: what is there to investigate?01:38
digcloudIn Ubuntu 17 desktop, I can't see normal tray things. Is there some way to show the tray so I can access things like parcellite settings?01:39
pizzaburgerTJ-: still only the first line01:41
TJ-pizzaburger: it should print the first line, the second line and *without a new line* the shell prompt on top of the 2nd line01:42
TJ-pizzaburger: as in the 2nd line being "782cb407b85d0079a1@a1:~$" or similar01:43
pizzaburgerTJ-: yes that is it01:43
TJ-pizzaburger: it's because the file doesn't end with a \n linefeed01:43
TJ-pizzaburger: OK!!!!! right, here's fingers crossed: "ecryptfs-mount-private"01:44
dedzeTJ-: I think I'm hacked for sure this time, internet died while I asked you the question oO01:47
TJ-dedze: I doubt it, you'd be bleeding all over if you were :)01:47
pizzaburgerTJ-:  back to "a1@a1:~$"01:48
TJ-pizzaburger: Ooooo! check for your files with "ls -al  $HOME/"01:48
pizzaburgerTJ-: wall of text01:49
TJ-pizzaburger: directory names, filenames, that make sense?01:49
pizzaburgerTJ-: a lot of "?"01:49
TJ-pizzaburger: really? oh grrr01:49
TJ-pizzaburger: that means the 32-digit hex key you found is the wrong one!01:50
TJ-pizzaburger: OR you typed it incorrectly01:50
pizzaburgerTJ-: yeah, a lot of lines scrolled by, the bottom 50 or so include a lot of "?"01:50
TJ-pizzaburger: let's unmount it so we don't make any damage: "sudo umount /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.Private "01:51
pizzaburgerTJ-: "/home/.ecryptfs/a1/.Private: not mounted."01:53
TJ-pizzaburger: hmmm. check if any are with "grep ecryptfs /proc/mounts"01:54
TJ-pizzaburger: if it is mounted you'd expect to see 1 line which mentions /home/a1 in the 2nd column01:54
pizzaburgerTJ-: one long line with /home/a101:55
TJ-pizzaburger: right, does it start /home/a1/.Private ?01:56
pizzaburgerTJ-: yes01:56
TJ-pizzaburger: if so, the unmount command should be "sudo umount /home/a1/.Private"01:56
pizzaburgerTJ-: ok01:56
TJ-pizzaburger: right! so now we've got to figure out what to do. We either return those backup files and leave it in the original state where you don't know the unwrap password, or we re-try the writing of the replacement wrapped-passphrase file once again to ensure te 32-dight hex key is 100% accurate.01:58
TJ-pizzaburger: other than that, if you can afford to lose whatever data is in the home directory, you can reinstall. I now know what the issue is there so there's no more diagnostic data to be had01:58
TJ-pizzaburger: probably don't need to reinstall actually; removing and recreating the user account would be sufficient01:59
pizzaburgerTJ-: well the 32 digit hex sequence I have HAS to be the one from installation02:00
pizzaburgerTJ-: i must have typed it wrong02:00
TJ-pizzaburger: or, create a second user account and use that for now leaving the temporarily inaccessible account 'a1' aas is02:00
TJ-pizzaburger: yes, that's what I think. So why not create a 2nd user account for now, and then we can give it another go when we've rested some :)02:00
dedzeTJ-: My internet died twice since I sent you the first message and that I changed my routeur settings, isnt it the sign of a hack ongoing?02:00
TJ-pizzaburger: now we know the process I can give you a script to do it in 5 seconds02:01
TJ-dedze: why are you fixated on a 'hack'? No, it isn't, it's a sign you've got a bad connection!02:01
pizzaburgerTJ-: I successsfully logged in through the GUI to a1 but its a fresh new user it seems02:05
TJ-pizzaburger: to create a new user called 'a2' without encrypted home directory, do "sudo adduser --add_extra_groups a2" and follow the instructions02:05
TJ-pizzaburger: No it isn't, but either the ecryptfs hasn't been mounted so you only see those few ecryptfs entries, or it has mounted and you'll just have garbage filenames on show02:06
TJ-pizzaburger: if it has mounted you're running the risk of causing corruption because things will be written into there02:07
pizzaburgerTJ-: well everything is missing and all the settings like display arrangement has reset. Okay, I logged out02:08
TJ-pizzaburger: create that 2nd user for now. You'll need to add it as a sudo user once you've created it. To add it to sudo group do "sudo adduser a2 sudo"02:09
TJ-pizzaburger: 'missing' etc, means the config files aren't there, either because it didn't mount the ecryptfs, or because it did but it mounted garbage as you saw in the terminal earlier with all those ?????02:10
pizzaburgerTJ-: okay, logged in to a202:13
dedze_TJ-: sorry I keep getting disconnected, isnt that worrying that my internet keep dying, it's the 6th time in 20 minutes??02:14
dedze_Right when I'm trying to secure my routeur more02:14
dedze_I factory reseted the routeur, and it still disconected 2 times after it02:14
TJ-pizzaburger: I'll write a script tommorrow to automate the setting of the wrapped-passphrase, etc, and let you have it next time we see each other. It'll prevent all this back and forth and should do the job in a few seconds02:14
TJ-dedze_: is the router losing the ISP connection?02:15
dedze_TJ-: How can I find this out?02:15
pizzaburgerTJ-: alright, awesome, thanks a million for helping me out so much!02:15
TJ-pizzaburger: you're welcome; it's been an interesting challenge02:15
dedze_TJ-: I just deactivated and it seems to not disconnect now, only my father's phone was connected through it02:16
dedze_deactivated the wifi02:16
pizzaburgerTJ-: one last q.: do you have some formal education in programing, linux, etc, or all self learned knowledge?02:16
TJ-dedze_: you'd need to check the router admin interface, maybe it keeps logs02:16
dedze_It does, I'm right into them right now02:17
TJ-pizzaburger: all self-taught through coding and experimentation02:17
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TJ-pizzaburger: I've been coding since 1981 though :)02:17
dedze_TJ-: Is it safe to share the logs in a pastebin here?02:17
TJ-dedze_: sure02:17
dedze_TJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26002279/02:18
TJ-dedze_: well it seems to know what's going on, all those repeated "No IP for NAT - connections may fail"02:19
pizzaburgerTJ-: soo much knowledge, its awesome. I wish I had better computer literacy.02:20
TJ-dedze_: so you need to find out what that means - it may mean the ISP's link dropped so the router lost it's public IP address, or it may mean something about the internal LAN-side config. If you've been changing any router settings that'd be the first place to look02:20
TJ-pizzaburger: it's thousands of hours spent chasing down issues like this, digging into the source code, to understand it02:20
dedze_TJ-: Look at the kind of logs I had before resetting the routeur : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26002289/02:20
pizzaburgerTJ-: yeah theres no way i would have kept my sanity if I had tried to solve this issue on my own02:21
TJ-dedze_: so something in the router config is bad then. Maybe you need to work through it ensuring all the basics are done. do a web search for that "No IP for NAT - connections may fail" error along with the make/model of the router and you may find some clues02:22
TJ-pizzaburger: it was beginning to make me feel the same way!02:22
TJ-pizzaburger: but I've learned you jsut keep following the scent, check every last bit, and you'll find evidence eventually that leads to an explanation and/or solution02:22
TJ-pizzaburger: right! I'm off to bedski... 02:22 here02:23
pizzaburgerTJ-: Good advice. Anyways im off too, 0423 here. Thanks a ton again!02:23
TJ-pizzaburger: g'night02:24
pizzaburgerTJ-: bye!02:24
Aaaaandalkisg: I downgraded to firefox 56 and all works fine, hope it will get fixed soon..02:27
AaaaandI can't be the only one with the issue02:28
Aaaaandalkisg: Also upgraded to ubuntu 17.10, thought that might have been the issue but it wasn't02:31
Aaaaandupgrading to 17.10 wasn't really smooth either but I think I fixed most of the things by now02:32
Aaaaandand apparently dash is gone02:33
Aaaaandkinda preferred that UI, now it takes the entire screen02:34
dedze_Would a TCP reset attack kill my ability to acess internet?02:35
tatertotzdedze_: is it possible your "inability" to access the internet is related to something else?  Weren't those TCP reset attacks occurring while your internet was working flawlessly? Oh ..you didn't have any reason to look because all was fine eh02:40
tatertotzdedze_: go back and look...you had TCP resets long before you had internet problems02:41
tatertotzdedze_: is it possible it's a coincidence02:41
tatertotzdedze_: these are some things you might want to look more closely at.02:42
dedze_tatertotz: so what should I do now? :(02:46
dedze_tatertotz: Skype can't access the front camera on my phone anymore, if it's not the ultimate sign that something is wrong02:46
tatertotzdedze_: open terminal02:47
dedze_tatertotz: it's open02:47
tatertotzdedze_: in terminal>   sudo apt install inxi sosreport pastebinit02:47
tatertotzdedze_: let me know when it's done02:48
dedze_tatertotz: BTW my router keeps getting spammed from an IP in the netherlands02:48
tatertotzdedze_: take a screen shot of it. do you know how to take a screen shot?02:49
tatertotzdedze_: let me know when it's done02:49
dedze_tatertotz: Yes I know but I think it's easier to paste in a bin, I've been monitoring the logs of the router for a few hours and it keeps spamming02:49
dedze_A hundred connection attempt in 3sec02:50
dedze_Few minutes break02:50
tatertotzdedze_: oh..you want your "own brand" of help....then i suggest you create your own recipe "from scratch".02:50
dedze_tatertotz: No sorry :'( Im just trying to share the information i gathered02:51
tatertotzdedze_: share that later..maybe after following the steps02:51
leftyfbtatertotz: there's no need for the attitude02:51
tatertotzthat wasn't attitude, what type of super human abilities is it you have that let's you detect emotional intent over the internet?...that's not a real question...just try to keep perspective02:52
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dedze_tatertotz: Should I take a screenshot of the terminal?02:55
tatertotzdedze_: no02:56
dedze_tatertotz: I entered the command, it asked my password, I put it then it asked my confirmation, I wrote Y then it finished and nothing else happened02:57
tatertotzdedze_: in terminal>    inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit02:58
tatertotzdedze_: share url/link here02:58
tatertotzdedze_: if you do not get a url/link...say so02:59
dedze_tatertotz: It worked!! http://paste.ubuntu.com/26002473/03:00
dedze_tatertotz: BTW it is a fresh install from a few days ago, and I didnt do much with it except installing skype and firefox extensions03:02
tatertotzdedze_: your internet connection is going out periodically? yes or no03:03
dedze_tatertotz: yes, but not everyday03:03
dedze_tatertotz: It died about 10 times in an hour03:03
tatertotzdedze_: do you remember about what time of day or about what time the symptom occurred?03:04
dedze_Today, less than an hour ago I would say03:04
dedze_And a few days before, like 503:04
tatertotzdedze_: in terminal>    sudo sosreport03:04
tatertotzdedze_: press enter to skip any questions that you cannot answer03:05
tatertotzdedze_: you won't be able to answer %100 of them03:05
dedze_tatertotz: This ubuntu install was done on the 16th I think03:05
tatertotzdedze_: let me know when done03:05
dedze_tatertotz: It's asking my first initial and last name03:07
dedze_I never entered my real name when installing ubuntu03:07
dedze_So what should I put?03:07
tatertotzdedze_: your first initial is "d" lastname is "edze"03:07
tatertotzdedze_: your first initial is "d" lastname is "edze"= dedze....get it?03:08
tatertotzdedze_: make sense now?03:09
tatertotzdedze_: ;)03:09
dedze_tatertotz: I understand yep but is it asking for my real life name or the name I gave the computer when installing Ubuntu?03:09
tatertotzdedze_: ok now try not to read too much into it...its really not that serious03:10
tatertotzdedze_: you can read about it online by using a search engine later today or tomorrow03:10
tatertotzdedze_: is it done?...or are you still struggling with the two questions it asks?03:11
dedzetatertotz: It's finished03:15
tatertotzdedze: sudo chown 1000:1000 /tmp/sos* ; mv /tmp/sos* ~/03:16
dedzetatertotz: What will it do?03:16
tatertotzdedze: allow me to try to elaborate...and don't be offended03:17
dedzetatertotz: Don't worry I wont be offended I think03:18
tatertotzdedze: i have to get information to help you that you would never speak, that you would never type.....if you had the "key" in your brain..you would have solved the issue or opened the "hypothetical LOCK" without needing to come here and all by your self....get it?03:18
dedzetatertotz: I get it but I googled and it says sudo chwon will change the ownership of some files, it doesnt sound like something I'd want to do03:20
tatertotzdedze: i understand03:20
tatertotzdedze: then don't do it...we stop here...it's that simple03:20
dedzetatertotz: Well oki, thank you for your time ^^03:21
masterasiaso if I encrypt my ssh key - the keyfile will store the encrypted version(with the decrypted version only in memory)?03:51
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:08
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alkisgGood morning lotuspsychje, hi all :)06:19
lotuspsychjehey alkisg06:19
lotuspsychjealkisg: FF 57 is slow on my side, blue dot keeps loading and hangs at TLS handshakes load etc06:23
* alkisg just realized that he hasn't restarted firefox since 56 :D06:24
lotuspsychjealkisg: let me know what you feel06:32
alkisglotuspsychje: I don't see any big changes, except for the toolbar. I'm sure servo has a lot of differences, but nothing that I notice in a few mins of surfing... No delays in handshakes either06:34
lotuspsychjealkisg: how much ram are you on?06:35
alkisglotuspsychje: 8 GB, but I'm using a lot of it in VMs and other programs06:36
lotuspsychjealkisg: im testing from 2gig ram & ssd06:36
alkisglotuspsychje: does `free` show swap use?06:36
lotuspsychjealkisg: used: 006:37
alkisgThen RAM isn't the issue06:37
lotuspsychjealkisg: previous 56 FF went just fine06:38
alkisgYeah I heard others needing to downgrade to fix issues...06:38
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SlashLife^workMorning :)08:03
SlashLife^work16.04: When I lock my screen, sometimes for no apparent reason the password field starts to fill itself and lock up. There are no keys pressed on the keyboard, nor is it a keyboard malfunction. I can switch to a text console and use it just fine.08:05
SlashLife^workAny idea how to fix this, or at least what is causing this?08:05
cuddlesquidwould anyone be able to assist me, after installing cuda toolkit 9 with my gtx 280, i get a The system is running in low-graphics mode upon reboot08:10
alkisgSlashLife^work: also mention your desktop environment, e.g. unity, gnome, lxde, kde, mate...08:17
SlashLife^workalkisg: Ah, sorry; plain Ubuntu installation; I think that's Unity?08:19
alkisgSlashLife^work: in 16.04, yes I think it's unity.I'm not using unity, but it'll be helpful for someone that is, so that they have more info to answer08:19
SlashLife^workSure; I know how IRCing works. Thanks for pointing out that bit. :)08:20
hateballcuddlesquid: seems gtx280 depends on 340 series (legacy) driver, so make sure you havent installed anything newer with cuda08:20
cuddlesquidhateball, hmm i have used the toolkit version 9, by legacy driver meaning i need an older toolkit yes?08:20
cuddlesquidwill this be Ok to install on Ubuntu 16.0408:21
cuddlesquidThank you hateball !08:21
cuddlesquidhateball, oh i havent installed any other driver, but the cuda toolkit, now im a little confused :/08:22
mohshamihey guys, I'm trying to log in as a user with su, but when I try to do so the user is getting logged out immediately, this is the error I see in /var/log/auth.log "pam_systemd(su:session): Cannot create session: Already running in a session", any idea what could be causing this?08:22
hateballcuddlesquid: you need the nvidia binary driver installed for CUDA to work08:22
hateballcuddlesquid: you can install it from a tty using the "ubuntu-drivers" command08:22
cuddlesquidhateball, that is strange i did not have to do that with my nvida 1050 or the 760, could it be something preinstalled on ubuntu 16.04 to recognize 1050 and 760 but not the 28008:23
hateballcuddlesquid: But as far as CUDA itself goes, I have no idea which versions are compatible with what version of nvidia driver08:23
hateballcuddlesquid: If you check the "install additional stuff" during install, it will fetch the nvidia blob. 1050 and 760 uses the newer series of driver also08:24
cuddlesquidthe thing is cuda itself is a driver though08:24
cuddlesquidi did not check additional stuff08:24
cuddlesquidthe cuda itself should be a driver08:25
SlashLife^workmohshami: Sounds like https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=82594908:25
ubottuDebian bug 825949 in libpam-systemd,login "pam_systemd(su:session): Cannot create session: Already running in a session" [Normal,Open]08:25
mohshamiSlashLife^work: Thanks, I saw the link, but couldn't find a solution08:26
SlashLife^workSeemingly neither could they. :(08:26
mohshamiSlashLife^work: Ouch :(, what to do now?08:27
mohshamiany idea where the systemd sessions are stored?08:27
alkisgmohshami: does sudo work?08:29
mohshamialkisg: sadly no08:30
alkisgmohshami: try asking in #systemd...08:30
mohshamialkisg: that is the error I get when I run sudo su08:30
mohshamialkisg: will do, thanks :)08:30
alkisgNot sudo su08:30
alkisgsudo -i -u blabla08:30
alkisgNo need to use both sudo and su08:31
alkisgEither use su - user, or sudo -i -u user08:31
simonhi. I've attached two monitors to my docking station and 'arandr' detects them, but for some reason nothing shows up on the third screen. it did some days ago. I'm using XFCE4.08:31
mohshamialkisg: I can switch to root without issues, it's switching to that user that doesn't work08:31
alkisgmohshami: there are 2 programs to switch users, sudo and su. Don't use both of them at the same command.08:31
alkisgmohshami: try this line: sudo -i -u user. Without writing "su" anywhere.08:32
simonI'll try and use another window manager.08:36
soinneri want to install ubuntu (any OS actually) on my computer, but i cant get it to load from USB. can't enter my bios settings either (error: could not set efi variable 'osindications'. how can i fix this if at all?08:38
soinneralso, i don't have a working OS on that computer as of now so i'm stuck in a grub menu08:38
oerhekssoinner, see the UEFI manual, disable secure boot and Intel ME, etc ..08:44
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:44
mohshamialkisg: sudo -i -u edxapp ls returns nothing08:51
mohshamisorry, wrong window08:53
alkisgsoinner: how did you get this grub menu, from some previous ubuntu installation in your disk that is now broken?08:54
soinnerprevious installation, yes..... it's not really broken, i just deleted the wrong files and now i can't use my mouse/touchpad or keyboard08:55
soinnerbasically removed the libinput i think08:56
soinnerbut still, obviously something wrong with my uefi08:56
alkisgsoinner: if you press "c" in grub, you get a console, from which you can type: set root=(hd1,msdos1) <enter> configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg etc etc, and load grub from a live cd or stick08:59
alkisgSo you bypass the need to find how to boot a live stick from your uefi09:00
soinnerthanks  alkisg09:19
soinnerhow do i mount an USB disk in the grub console?09:20
alkisgsoinner: set root=(hd  ==> press tab there, it should already list your stick09:22
alkisgtab 2 times to autocomplete09:22
soinneralkisg that's the think, it only lists hd0 with two partitions and cd009:22
soinnerbut, i have a ubuntustudio distro which does not have mouse/keyboard in X11.... maybe i can boot to the CLI of my existing system and fix it from there?09:24
alkisgsoinner: hrm, then your uefi doesn't give access to the stick, sorry. It normally does. You probably disabled it somewhere in its options.09:24
alkisgsoinner: sure, you can try that09:24
soinnermy stick never gets access09:24
soinnerdamn it09:24
alkisgsoinner: you can even add options to your existing grub, for network booting, or from booting from an .iso inside your hard disk09:25
ducassesoinner: is this a laptop or desktop?09:25
ducassesoinner: you might get your firmware working again by clearing the nvram, but i would ask for advice in ##hardware first09:27
soinnerso, sorry for being quite ignorant of these matters, but set root= then tab basically lists my /folder?09:28
bazhangsoinner, you currently have a working ub untustuido install?09:28
soinnerbazhang yes it's working, but keyboard/mouse is not working under X1109:28
soinnerits autologin and i can't get it to give me a CLI terminal no matter what i press during boot09:29
bazhangsoinner, whats to stop you from installing a lubuntu-desktop09:29
soinnerbazhang my intellect09:30
soinnerbazhang but i can't get my uefi to boot from usb09:30
soinnerand i can't get access to uefi/bios09:30
alkisgsoinner: in grub, you select recovery mode, then go you go to a recovery menu. Does the keyboard work there?09:30
bazhangsoinner, get into the ubuntustudio, then apt install lubuntu-studio09:30
alkisgbazhang: he can't type. No keyboard.09:31
soinneralkisg yes it works there09:31
soinnerbut my options are highly limited09:31
alkisgsoinner: ok, select (1) enable networking, (2) root shell09:31
alkisgThen, type: apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade09:31
alkisgSee if that fixes your install after rebooting09:31
bazhangalkisg, he can or cannot09:31
alkisgbazhang: he can type in recovery, but not when the desktop boots09:32
alkisgSo I'm giving him instructions for the recovery09:32
bazhangalkisg, thus my suggestion09:32
soinnerallright i enabled networking and am in root shell prompt now09:32
alexasi am having the ubuntu iso downloaded, how to record it as installable program to the medium of usb drive, from shell?09:32
alkisgType apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade09:32
alkisgsoinner: if you see any errors, do tell09:32
soinnermy network doesnt work apparently09:33
soinnerfailed to fetch, falure resolving etc09:33
alkisgsoinner: nano /etc/resolv.conf09:33
alkisgPut "nameserver" as the last line09:33
alkisgCtrl+O to save, Ctrl+X to exit09:33
alkisgThen try again09:33
soinnersorry, didn't catch it the first time: grep: /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory09:34
alkisgNever mind type this: echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf09:34
soinnerNo such file or directory09:35
ThinkT510nano would create the file if it doesn't exist09:35
soinnermaking it now09:37
soinnershould i just leave it empty and save it?09:37
soinneror put in nameserver
soinneryeah i cant save either09:38
neurei try to take a screenshot of menu09:38
neurebut menu always disappears and does not show up in screenshot09:38
oerheksneure, gnome-screenshot ( standard) got a timer function09:39
neureah that did, thanks09:40
soinnernow i've got the lubuntu install usb mounted. is it possible to boot to this from recovery mode?09:41
Asad2005Someone please help i can not access my terminals (TTYs) with alt+ctrl+Function keys, i reset all shortcuts from keyboard settings still same ubuntu 17.1009:44
soinnerwould it be possible to get some dpkg file for libinput so i could copy it and install it in recovery mode?09:44
Asad2005gnome 17.1009:45
alexasAsad2005: ubuntu 17.10 use Unity as GUI09:48
alexasanyone know how to flash usb pen drive with ubuntu.iso from ubuntu istelf?09:48
ThinkT510no, 17.10 uses gnome by default09:48
alexasThinkT510: can you helpme with my quetion, please? I thought it Unity, I read it somewhere, sorry.09:49
oerheksalexas,  tons of tutorials online, https://askubuntu.com/questions/372607/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive-from-terminal09:49
alexasi just want one single shell command, am extremely lazy =) oerheks but thanks, will check09:50
oerheksdon't forget the 'sync' part after that09:50
oerheksalexas, yes, you are lazy09:50
ThinkT510alexas: i like to use dd. make sure there is nothing on the pen you want to keep09:50
alkisgsoinner: when you enable networking, it remounts / as read-write. It sounds like you didn't enable networking. Can you `touch /hello`, or does it say read-only?09:51
DishonoredHello, I'm trying a fresh install of lubuntu over my previous opensuse install. I choose to wipe the whole hard drive and install lubuntu but grub cannot be installed. Grub is already installed before. Is it the reason?09:52
soinneralkisg: touch hello?09:52
alexasoerheks: thanks for confirming that!09:52
soinneralkisg: i tried to edit resolv.conf but can't write to it so yes... read-only09:53
soinnerso, i try enable networking again09:53
soinnerunknown group power in message bus09:53
soinnerand grep: /etch/resolv.conf: no such09:54
Asad2005ThinkT510: What shortcut keys to use to access TTYs in gnome ?09:54
alkisgsoinner: when you selected "enable networking" in recovery mode, did it show any errors?09:54
soinneryes, "unknown group "power" in message bus...."09:54
soinnerand "grep: /etc/resolv.conf: no such file or directory"09:55
alkisgHm. Anyway, try: mount -o remount,rw /09:55
alkisgtouch /hello09:55
alkisgDoes that work now?09:55
soinnerhowever, my recovery menu now states: (filesystem state: read/write)09:55
soinner2 sec09:55
soinnerno it doesnt work only gives me help instructions for mount09:56
Dishonoredgrub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot. " this is the error I received.09:56
alkisgsoinner: try again, you misstyped something09:56
soinner-o is lower case letter o right?09:57
soinnersorry tried them both in one line09:57
ThinkT510Asad2005: ctrl+alt+function keys is what I thought. I don't know if that needs to be enabled somehow or if wayland changes anything in that regard09:57
soinnerboth commands typed, no error message alkisg09:58
alkisgsoinner: ok, now type: rm /etc/resolv.conf09:58
alkisgecho "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf09:58
alkisgapt-get update09:58
alkisgAny success?09:58
Asad2005ThinkT510: I am not using wayland as i have nvidia card09:59
soinneryeah still can't download index files alkisg09:59
alkisgsoinner: type: dhclient09:59
alkisgsoinner: then: ping
alkisgCan you ping it?10:00
alkisg(Ctrl+C to stop the ping)10:00
soinnerno response on dhclient10:00
ThinkT510Asad2005: by default 17.10 uses wayland unless you've logged into a xorg session. i think nouveau supports wayland so it would work with a nvidia card10:00
friendlyguyhi there10:00
soinnerfuck it10:01
soinnerfuck this10:01
soinnerthanks for your help10:01
soinnerbut i'm not up for it10:01
bazhangsoinner, no cursing here10:01
friendlyguyi am wondering whats the correct way to get a new dhcp lease?10:01
soinnerdidn't know10:01
alkisgNo response => maybe disconnected cable...10:01
alkisgfriendlyguy: what are you trying to achieve?10:01
friendlyguyits 16.04 xenial10:01
friendlyguygetting a new dhcp lease :)10:01
alkisgfriendlyguy: your router will give you the same dhcp lease10:02
alkisgfriendlyguy: leases are for a couple of days, usually10:02
friendlyguyi changed some parameters on the dhcp server... so there will be a difference ;)10:02
DishonoredCan somebody help me10:03
alkisgfriendlyguy: if you want to do a test request, you can use `/usr/lib/klibc/bin/ipconfig -n eth0`10:03
friendlyguydhcp isnt on a router here... dedicated dhcp server10:03
friendlyguynope, i want a new lease :)10:03
alkisgOtherwise, you can just re-click the connection on network-manager10:03
friendlyguyits a server without de10:03
alkisgOK, then `service networking restart`10:03
alkisg#ubuntu is mostly for desktop, while #ubuntu-server for servers10:04
alkisgYou can also just unplug/replug the network cable10:04
friendlyguyoh, whoops :)10:04
friendlyguyyeah, but that would involve to walk to the datacenter ;)10:04
alkisg(12:03:58 μμ) alkisg: OK, then `service networking restart`10:05
friendlyguyaah, restarting the service did work10:05
friendlyguyi tried: sudo dhclient -r; sudo dhclient10:05
Lavinhogood morning10:05
friendlyguydidnt work though10:05
Falklanhello! I am seeking help with a closed ports problem on 16.04.10:06
LavinhoI installed ubuntu 17.10 on acer es1-132 but I can only boot with the refind live usb10:07
LavinhoI already installed the refind on the esp partition (efi)10:08
Lavinhobut no bootable device10:08
Lavinhohelp me please10:08
friendlyguyalkisg: thank you!10:08
friendlyguyhave a nice day10:08
FalklanLavinho did you set the HDD or SSD as the boot device in the boot options in your BIOS?10:09
alkisgfriendlyguy: np, same to you :)10:09
przemoHi, I need some help installing a dual boot Ubuntu alongside windows 10. I have an SSD which windows is currently installed on, and a 1TB HDD which is currently NTFS, I want to resize the HDD and create a partition for Ubuntu install on it. GParted doesn't allow me to create an extended partition, only a primary one. What do I do10:10
alkisgprzemo: it sounds like it's gpt, not mbr, so it doesn't have extended10:10
alkisgprzemo: output of sudo parted -l, to make sure...10:10
przemoalkisg https://pastebin.com/Rmz3tihA10:11
alkisgprzemo: yup, it's gpt. They don't need/support extended partitions.10:12
przemoso creating a new bootable usb with mbr enabled (yes i have set it to be GPT only) should make it work?10:12
przemoi used rufus10:12
LavinhoFalklan: help  me please10:12
FalklanI'm thinking10:12
DishonoredIs there any problem if EFi partion is /dev/sdaX10:13
alkisgprzemo: grub will go in your EFI partition, sdb2. The stick can be anything that your firmware supports booting from, either mbr or gpt.10:13
przemookay i'll try again and come back in a while if it still doesn't work10:14
alkisgprzemo: ok, make sure you check the "uefi" option in rufus10:15
FalklanLavinho have you used anything to check the HDD?10:15
Shibeguys is there any ppa for latest snappy from git?10:15
Lavinhowas well ?10:15
Lavinhoas well10:16
bazhangShibe, why not ask in #snappy10:16
FalklanLavinho if its old enough to have jumpers, are the jumper(s) set correctly?10:16
FalklanYes i would use the manufacturer's app to test it.10:16
Lavinhoone week10:17
FalklanI would test it just to confirm that it is functioning properly10:19
FalklanYou have the OS installed, you have it set as the boot device in BIOS so it should be working right?10:19
Falklanand I just resolved my closed port problem... :)10:20
Lavinhoefi 500 mb10:21
Lavinhoext4 rest disk10:21
Lavinhorest of the disk10:21
Falklani would check it10:22
Lavinhoi verified10:23
Lavinhobut pc only uefi10:23
Lavinhodisable secure boot10:23
Lavinhobut no boot10:23
Lavinhomessage no bootable device10:24
Lavinhoonly boot refind10:24
GolynxHow do I replace Xubuntu with Ubuntu and keep my apps and data?10:24
Lavinhousb stickl10:24
Falklani would check the HDD10:24
Lavinhono hdd10:24
GolynxDo I have to back up the apps?10:24
Falklanoh sorry I wasnt paying attention to the emmc.10:25
GolynxHow do I clear the Xubuntu partition and replace it with Ubuntu?10:26
Ben64you can just sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop10:26
GolynxIt's currently dual boot Windows 10 and Xubuntu10:27
Falklansorry Lavinho, I have no experience with that hardware setup.10:27
Golynx@Ben64 will that install the Ubuntu UI?10:28
Ben64Golynx: yep10:28
Golynx@Ben64 i'm assuming that option will keep the current Xubuntu install and I just choose Ubuntu on login screen right?10:29
oerheksinstall *-desktop, logout, switch, login10:29
Golynx@oerheks @Ben64 thanks10:30
roryI use rsync to back up my home directory to an USB flash drive, but it is still writing for some minutes after. I ran "sync" command but it has been hanging for 10 mins10:34
roryIs there some way to use rsync in such a way that the data is immediately written? Or can this be achieved via mount option?10:34
psavDoes anyone know if there is a kernel issue with brightness controls on a Lenovo P50?10:38
alkisgrory: what do you mean "after", that rsync finished and you have the shell prompt back, yet the stick is still writing data? That doesn't happen by default for sticks...10:38
jnorhi, question regarding terminal background colors,  I use urxvt term which has background color set in ~/.xdefaults, but I also use byobu and when I try to change background color in .byobu/color it does not register, any idea? would like normal urxvt session to be one color and byobu another10:38
roryalkisg: It's happening here. I got the shell back, but if I try to unmount it says a process is using it. if I use lsof I can see it's an rsync process10:41
roryit finished now but it took about 15 mins for 80 gig of data10:41
roryalso my flash drive is HOT10:41
alkisgrory: then you have a script that puts rsync to the background?10:41
alkisgit's strange for rsync to finish AND have a process  in ps...10:41
roryno I just used rsync, rsync said process finished10:41
roryhence my question ;)10:41
roryI think it doesn't show as a flash drive or something. it's a microSD adaptor10:42
alkisgAFAIK, those drives get mounted without cache enabled10:42
alkisgSo, the question is mostly "why rsync returns when it hasn't finished"...10:43
alkisgAre you using some "weird" rsync option?10:44
alkisg(like, --daemon or something...)10:44
roryno just -av10:45
roryI'm going to chalk it up to some MATE weirdness, which I know isn't supported here10:45
roryto do with mounting drives10:45
alkisgUbuntu MATE is supported here too10:45
alkisgAnd, drive mounting is the same in all flavors10:46
tomeaton17I am trying to add a script to my startup. I added it to init.d and tried to run update-rc.d scriptname.sh defaults 100, but I get lots of errors about permission being denied. How do I fix this?10:47
rorymight need to set the executable permission: sudo chmod +x /path/to/scriptname.sh10:47
alkisgtomeaton17: eh, "use sudo", but... why are you using init.d now with systemd?10:49
ShutterFoxI thought that was a+x?10:49
tomeaton17I already gave the perms. Not sure why Im not using systemd, is that the best way to do it?10:49
alkisgtomeaton17: what does the script do, why do you want it to run at boot?10:50
alkisg(e.g. you might _think_ you want to run it at boot, when you really want to run it inside the user session...)10:51
tomeaton17alkisg: It starts my vpn server10:51
tomeaton17So I think I do want it running at boot10:51
alkisgtomeaton17: Indeed. The best way would be to create a systemd unit.10:52
alkisgDon't bother with init.d nowadays, it's only for legacy stuff10:52
tomeaton17Ok, I ended up installing a version of my vpn that works with systemctl11:00
alexashen i work in a tty terminal my system shut down the computer because it thinks that it is in no activity state according to the power settings, what is the simplest solution to this problem?11:21
alexasoops, mine was a question not a reply or something directed at hen =)11:41
BluesKajHi folks11:42
ShutterFoxHow's you?11:43
BluesKajwho me?11:49
znullhi, anyonne know about the problem with reboot and select proper boot device? do i need to regenerate grub on my usb stick? or somethijng ?12:02
BluesKajznull, m,ake sure grub is installed on the device your booting into, unless your usb ci=obntains ani iso/OS image for installation12:12
ShutterFoxI've given up on getting any sort of bootloader setup, resorted to the boot selection menu on my POST screen12:14
BluesKajShutterFox, , what do you mean?12:20
ShutterFoxI mean whenever I try to get both windows and Linux appearing in the grub boot selection screen it never works12:21
BluesKajbet grub is installed, autoboot is probly enabled so the grub bootloader doesn't show12:21
ShutterFoxBut then again I pretty much new to Linux.12:21
ShutterFoxLast time I tried it was with Antergos and it's bootloader showed but couldn't find windows12:22
BluesKajare you on windows ?12:22
ShutterFoxAnnoying thing was, pages I found online about it all assumed you had both os on the same drive12:23
ShutterFoxNot anymore, switched to Ubuntu over the weekend. Gonna reinstall windows on my other drive for games that don't work on Linux, but that's low priority12:23
ShutterFoxAtm I'm tweaking my i3-gaps setup mainly12:24
BluesKajok ShutterFox try running sudo os-prober, then sudo update grub in the terminal12:24
oerheks17.04 kernel update, 4.10.0-40, reboot, brb12:25
BluesKajsudo update-grub12:25
ShutterFoxBluesKaj: I did on Antergos and it didn't detect it12:28
ShutterFoxMaybe I'll have more luck with Ubuntu12:28
BluesKajyeah, maybe12:29
ShutterFoxHave to reinstall windows first12:29
ShutterFoxStupid windows only games12:29
BluesKajsince UEFI was introduced os-prober is iffy12:29
=== aOssed is now known as passOe
ShutterFoxAh I see12:30
BluesKajShutterFox, but if you install windows to a different drive, then it mifght work12:31
ShutterFoxWell, it didn't on Antergos but I dunno, I could've just as easily been missing something simple12:33
ShutterFoxSo long as their on separate drives I've always got the boot selection from POST to fall back on12:33
BluesKajrather than having to change the boot drive sequence everytime you want to change OSs12:34
Doc-SaintlyMy VNC connection to my linux server refreshes very slow... each frame takes ~3 seconds, but my connection to download via SCP is ~300 KBps... any ideas?12:35
kazuma_archneed help12:46
kazuma_archmy retarded cousin deleted lots of files from /boot12:46
kazuma_archon my server12:46
kazuma_archhe didnt know apt autoremove is how you get rid of 100% space on /boot12:46
kazuma_archproblem is I can't seem to install the files he deleted back12:47
kazuma_archvia 'history' i found this: https://i.imgur.com/yrgMDm2.png12:47
kazuma_archseems he deleted, abi, config, initrd, system.amp, and vmlinuz12:48
oerheksuh oh, more than just old kernels.. backup data, and try to reinstall ubuntu-desktop ?12:48
Ben64don't give other people sudo on your server12:49
* oerheks gives Ben64 root @ oerheks-desktop12:50
kazuma_archits a ubuntu server12:50
kazuma_archheadless no DE12:50
kazuma_archand I didn't give him sudo12:50
kazuma_archhe used my laptop when i was vomitting12:50
kazuma_archthe idiot tihnks he's a genius with his A+12:50
Ben64don't leave computers unlocked and alone12:50
hateballthose files are all related to the kernels anyway, so I don't see the issue unless you dont have a single working bootable kernel12:51
hateballwhich apparently you do since you can run history12:51
hateballyou can just run apt autoremove after manual rm to update apt12:52
kazuma_archthanks for the help12:53
akikwell that box won't boot if all the kernels are gone12:53
Neo1I output phpinfo() and have got path to php.ini /opt/php56/etc, but this folder is empty....12:54
oerheksakik, does his story does not ring a bell ?? he didn t gave him sudo ..12:55
=== passOe is now known as aOssed
Neo1Who know where places php.ini file? I've tried this etc/php but thre only 7 version and my version is 5.612:55
Ben64where did you install php from12:56
hateballakik: hence the "unless you dont have a single working bootable kernel", so if this was on a live system they'd have needed to reinstall a kernel package before rebooting12:56
hateballbut since they left, now we wont know12:56
Ben64nothing should be referencing /opt for php12:56
oerheksin /opt/php/56/apache2/php.ini ?12:56
Neo1oerheks: opt folder is empty13:00
Neo1there none of files13:00
oerheksNeo1, then i have no clue with that custom install13:02
Neo1oerheks: usual install on VPS13:02
Neo1default maybe13:02
oerheksadvise you to move to php7, as you should anyway some day13:02
Neo1php7 doesn't work with old code13:02
Neo1I have old code and need 5.613:03
oerheksyou stated that it only finds php7 ? so you have downloaded and copied 56 yourself13:03
Neo1oerheks: from ISPmanager I see php5.6 and there installed php 5.613:03
Neo1oerheks: see my phpinfo() http://kselax.ru/13:03
Neo1oerheks: yes, on server I see only php7 and in phpinfo php 5.613:04
oerheksit says php.ini is in /opt/php56/etc/13:04
oerheksbut if the folders are not there, there is something odd going on13:05
Neo1there empty13:06
Neo1oerheks: oh now appeared13:07
Neo1oerheks: something strange is happening in your forest13:07
oerheksare services running with a lot of clients? maybe you need to upgrade your VPS to more ram/cores13:08
Neo1oerheks: thre 2 core and 1Gb RUM13:08
Neo1oerheks: it's more than enough, I am thinking more my site to digitalOceean for 5$13:08
Neo1oerheks: there 500Mb RAM and 1 core, but 20Gb SSD disc, now I've got only 3Gb and not SSD, and for 10$, it's much13:09
oerheks.. slower?13:10
Neo1lazy learn new interface13:10
Neo1oerheks: What is slover? Server on SSD disks is faster13:10
Neo1just I use long time this host host-food.ru and lazy more13:11
oerheksno, not always true, 500 mb ram can be the bottleneck13:11
cesdohello all13:11
Neo1shared host used there long time and bought recent VPS13:11
EriC^^Neo1: 3gb 1 core cpu?13:11
oerheksanyway, you got the location, have fun!13:11
Neo1oerheks: there my site with 100 visitor per/day ))), more than enough13:12
general_ghesthello all13:12
Neo1EriC^^: in this host-food also existing cheaper, on cheaper doesn't work correct ISPmanager, They advised me to buy this for 10$13:13
Neo1oerheks: yes got, but there doesn't work other things and all should costomize myself, I used to use shared hosting. It was without problem13:14
dingiri have a question somewhat technical13:16
EriC^^Neo1: ah i see13:16
dingiri have an encrypted usb stick with a 8gb partition, can i make an image of that 8gb /dev/sdb1 to a file image.bin using dd, then using dd again, put that image.bin file to another usb stick and will it work13:17
dingirdo i have to copy it over an exact same size partition?13:17
dingirwhat happens if write that .bin file which is 8gb to a 16gb partition?13:17
dingirhaving a 8gb filesystem over a 16gb partition, is this ok?13:17
EriC^^dingir: why dont you copy the whole disk13:18
Neo1while I was seeking that php.ini I've forgot what I wanted change.... :(13:18
EriC^^dingir: if you just copy the partition/fs then it's not going to boot on another usb out of the box without installing grub or making an efi partition etc13:18
dingirEriC^^ the whole disk?13:19
BluesKajdingir, create a partition on the target device slightly larger than the source partition13:19
EriC^^dingir: yeah using dd with /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda113:19
dingiri have /dev/sdb   /dev/sdb1 is the only partition, it is encrypted13:19
dingirslightly or i just dont care if its bigger?13:20
EriC^^dingir: well to answer your question, no it wont boot out of the box, grub will be missing from the mbr13:20
dingirno its encrypted with veracrypt.. its to make a backup of it13:20
dingirand shoot it to the cloud13:20
dingiri would make a .bin image of that sda device13:20
dingirso i can dd if=image.bin of=/dev/sdb13:21
dingirif it was from a 8gb usb stick, its gonna work to put it on a 16gb usb stick?13:21
BluesKajtoo many cooks13:22
alexashey guys what is the quickest way to make a mirror image of ubuntu ssd?13:27
EriC^^alexas: dd it13:28
EriC^^sudo dd if=/dev/sdx of=/dev/sdy bs=4M status=progress && sync13:28
oerhekslazy people install clonezilla13:28
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
EriC^^dingir: i've never used veracrypt, assuming it doesn't use something related to the actual disk then yeah it should work, you'll have an image of it bit for bit, as for the size if it's a 16gb then you'll be losing 8gb as unallocated space but it'll work13:30
dingirEriC^^ thanks man im gonna buy a usb stick and try it out13:30
alexasEriC^^: thanks chief, i can install it later in another frive and get a full system back in case of emergency, right?13:30
dingiryou would say to dd if=/dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1 ?13:31
EriC^^dingir: yeah, use sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdx bs=4M status=progress && sync13:31
EriC^^alexas: yup13:31
dingirwhy block size = 4m ?13:32
EriC^^dingir: it's faster13:33
EriC^^(way faster)13:33
dingirjust no arguments, would it work ?13:33
Neo1I got this error Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '' (include_path=13:33
EriC^^yeah but it would take a lot longer, by default it's bs=512bytes, so imagine how many times it'll have to do it13:33
general_ghesthello all13:39
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alexaswhat is ubuntu live usb default password? it requested it13:50
Mr_Panalexas, no pasword on live13:51
=== abc1234 is now known as mitmf
EriC^^alexas: just press enter and leave it blank13:52
alexaswell it got me to password prompt when i took try ubuntu and just press enter did not work13:53
alexasok it works now13:54
alexasnever mind13:54
=== [Q] is now known as Sven_vB
alexashow to make ubuntu load libre office writer app with specified document and display it to the user on the startup?14:11
ubottuIf you want to edit your Autostart programs, open the Unity dash and search for Startup Programs. If you're on XFCE, use menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup, if you're on KDE, use Kickoff -> Computer -> System Settings -> Autostart. For more details see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup14:11
alexasok thanks hateball14:12
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
hateballalexas: you can use the path to the document as a parameter14:21
hateballalexas: so just "loffice yourdoc.odt"14:21
Neo1hey, I long thinking what is permitting should installed?14:32
Neo1I set 77714:32
Neo1just if 775 my plugins aren't updating14:33
Neo1or less14:33
Neo1there anywhere default of set 75514:33
Neo1for my plugins can update I should set 777?14:34
psavNeo1, I'm not sure to what you are referring but generally 777 is considered a bad security practice14:34
Neo1Wordpress ask me  input login name and password, I created ftp account that is relate to my www-root and14:35
Neo1psav: I know, it's allow anybody write files to my server folders14:35
zomaartrying to check if any card listed in the dvb card list will work with my card, but modprobe saa7134 loads saa7134_alsa and I can't unload it.14:36
Neo1psav: there exists 775 it's allow write only users and owners, but I don't understand why my user can't write when I type ftp login and password?14:37
lolBananaanyone here familiar with openstack, kubernetes, docker?14:37
zomaardo you suppose there is any way to unload saa7134_alsa?14:37
orgasmixcause the files created by the web server have their owner set to www-data, which you are not14:38
zomaarI got the stuff blacklisted now but now I have to reboot again...14:38
gnostikoiHi, I'm trying to install ubuntu as a guest OS in virtualbox on windows, and I'm wondering what ubuntu iso to use. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_as_Guest_OS this guide reccomends using the server image, while https://linus.nci.nih.gov/bdge/installUbuntu.html this one says to just use the regular image. Ultimately I want to install the xubuntu desktop, but if I use the server image I'd just do a apt-get install xubuntu-des14:41
zomaarI think if you don't care about having a bit more, the regular image is probably nicer14:41
auronandacegnostikoi: you could just use the xubuntu image14:42
gnostikoithank you14:42
zomaarBut if you want to see what stuff you need to install manually you could do server.14:42
gnostikoithe xubuntu-desktop package should pretty much include everything I believe14:42
gnostikoiThis is what it says on the ubuntu wiki:14:44
gnostikoi>Important: note this step carefully! Select the minimal virtual machine installation mode: >Click the F4 (modes) key -> Install a minimal virtual machine ->14:44
gnostikoiThat's the only reason I was considering using the server image14:44
auronandacegnostikoi: what are you using the vm for?14:44
zomaarEverything may not be everything you are used to but I don't know.14:45
zomaarE.g. Kubuntu comes with more applications than just the kubuntu-desktop meta.14:45
gnostikoito use dektop apps mainly, like hexchat, firefox, but also terminal apps and python programming14:45
zomaarSo there's a lot of stuff I needed to install manually when I tried that.14:45
zomaarSo been there, done that :p.14:46
Neo1I've read all file should be 644 and all directories 75514:46
auronandacegnostikoi: then the most straightforward thing to do is use the xubuntu image if you want to default to xfce for the desktop14:46
zomaarNormally they are unless you want to protect your files from prying eyes14:46
gnostikoialright, thank you auronandace14:46
zomaarNeo1: But the risk of making stuff 640 and 750 is that some programs won't be able to traverse into the required directories.14:47
Neo1zomaar: and now they can't rich dirrectories14:47
zomaarNeo1: So in that case you can make your directories 751 and there are less problems.14:47
Neo1zomaar: without 777, maybe I should create group with 777 and put name and password when update site14:48
ub_ubuntuHello, how can i install wayland on ubuntu 17.1014:48
zomaarwhat do you mean14:48
auronandaceub_ubuntu: wayland is installed and used by default on 17.1014:48
ub_ubuntuThe ubuntu wayland session is not launching properly from the login screen.14:49
Neo1zomaar: see wordpress ask me enter ftp or ssh login and password but anyway with it programs don't update14:49
zomaarNeo1: You mean it uses ftp to update its own installation and install addons.14:49
ub_ubuntuI can see that /usr/bin/Xwayland is present14:49
Neo1zomaar: I don't know what I mean14:49
Neo1dont know , will break down google14:50
zomaarIf wordpress accesses ftp there should be no difference between it and your regular login.14:50
zomaarIf it wants to write directory on the server then usually an application needs group write permissions14:50
zomaarFor certain files14:50
zomaarThen it becomes 664 and 77514:51
zomaarFor example Drupal wants the site.conf or something like that, to be group writable during updates.14:51
zomaarAnd you would have to chmod g+w sites/default/site.conf or something like that.14:52
zomaarAnyone knows how to unload an alsa module? I assume it got used by alsa itself...14:53
Neo1who know how to create script that will set up permission for easy?14:55
Neo1find /path/to/your/wordpress/install/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;14:55
zomaar755 is not enough for modifications by group14:55
zomaarbut yeah that's a script...14:56
zomaarYou wanted to share it?14:56
zomaaruse 775 if you want to ensure writes by e.g. apache14:57
Neo1zomaar: I want don't type always those long strings, I want have one file where I will put all my commands with shorthands14:57
zomaarSo put it in a file14:57
zomaar#!/bin/sh and then your command14:58
jpeAnyone know how to write the contents of a file into a screen session?14:58
Neo1zomaar: and that will available anywhere?14:58
Neo1zomaar: is it calling bash?14:58
zomaarread into what?14:58
zomaarIt would ordinarily call dash14:58
zomaarYou have to make it available in some ~/bin directory and then add that to your path14:59
zomaardo echo $PATH to see the current path14:59
Neo1zomaar: and see how to do administrators, I doubt they remember or learn all those commands...14:59
zomaarIt's painful that's true :p.14:59
Neo1zomaar: and this coding called shell?14:59
zomaarYeah that's shell15:00
Neo1zomaar: yes, I guessed, It's impossible remember all15:00
Neo1zomaar: and why was created shell?15:00
zomaarIn that case you only use the find command and the chmod command15:00
Neo1zomaar: for fast and useful manage all those commands?15:00
zomaarNeo1: because shell links programs together, while regular programs link libraries together but that's a lot more time-intensive to make.15:01
Neo1zomaar: but I can add there many commands, for expample I today sought how to restart appach15:01
zomaarYou can also make functions15:01
Neo1zomaar: I want putting all new command there and make my own help15:01
Neo1zomaar: just see when I need something I look at help and write keyword that will fire a needed command15:02
Neo1zomaar: ok, I don't understand it, It's my fantasy....15:03
zomaarNeo1: If you type this:   restart_apache() { sudo apachectl restart; } and then later type restart_apache, it will execute that command15:05
zomaarbut not permantently yet15:05
Neo1zomaar: or do as my_apache_restart15:06
Neo1zomaar: and you can in this way create many command yes?15:06
zomaarsure but that's long15:06
zomaarbut you need to save them in .bashrc15:06
zomaaror something you include in .bashrc15:07
zomaarso you can make file "my_functions.sh" and then in .bashrc you do at the end    . ./my_functions.sh15:07
zomaarNote the dot15:07
zomaarYou can also do "source myfunctions.sh"15:07
Neo1zomaar: I don't understand what that means, should watch video lessons about ubuntu, I'm going to install near windows15:08
zomaarinclude file into other file15:08
zomaar.bashrc is loaded every time you log in15:08
zomaarSo all of the functions you define there15:08
zomaarWill always be available to you15:08
ShutterFoxCan you put xrander commands into .bashrc?15:09
zomaarso if you put    commands() { echo "my_apache_restart"; echo "other_command"; } into .bashrc, you can then type "commands"15:09
Neo1zomaar: I watched in video there one guy explained that you can create any variables and it will accessible globally15:09
zomaarShutterFox: I don't think so15:10
Neo1zomaar: ok understood15:10
zomaarShutterFox: but there should be a way to call startup scripts in e.g. Kubuntu etc.15:10
Neo1I'm trying later15:10
zomaarShutterFox: However it should be possible as long as X is already running but it will repeat those commands every time you open a new shell15:11
ShutterFoxAh reet. Yeah I got a few xrandr commands in my i3 setup file to sort which screen's primary etc15:11
EriC^^for user stuff there's the startup apps program15:11
zomaarShutterFox: to do it only at login you need to use .bash_profile or .bash_login or .profile15:11
zomaarShutterFox: but that doesn't make a lot of sense from X...15:12
ShutterFoxRight I see. To be fair, it's working fine as is, with it at the top of my i3 config. Unfortunately no matter what I do, I can't get the same results with lighten, which manages my logon screen15:13
zomaarShutterFox: You can however create a /dev/udev/rules.d file that will get executed every time a screen (monitor) changes, but that won't get executed upon desktop start15:13
ShutterFoxLightdm, not lighten15:13
saladmonktried to install nfs-kernel server but it won't install, it can't be started15:13
ShutterFoxSadly on my phone atm, so I'm at the mercy of autocorrect15:14
zomaarWhat is 3?15:14
ShutterFoxTiled windows manager15:14
saladmonkjournal tells a filed dependency but there is nothing15:14
zomaarsaladmonk: what exact error?15:14
ShutterFoxzomaar: that link is what I got15:15
zomaaroh ok.15:16
ShutterFoxThat's running mostly fine, but when it's on the login screen it's done with lightdm, and I can't seem to configure that to say that the monitors are the other way round physically and that the other monitor is the primary15:17
ShutterFoxEven followed some guides to no avail15:18
ShutterFoxBut it's not a major issue really so it's back burner stuff15:18
zomaarSo you would need to wait until it has created the X server15:18
ShutterFoxX server?15:19
ShutterFoxSorry, I'm almost total beginner15:19
ShutterFoxI'll Google it15:19
zomaarlightdm would create a temporary X session or seat that basically already fires up something you can execute xrandr on15:20
zomaarxrandr can also be executed by another user (root) as long as you have the number of the X session (:0) or :115:21
zomaarand the .Xauthority file to go with it (usually in $HOME after you are logged in)15:21
zomaarShutterFox: before you log in there should be a /tmp/.X11-unix directory that contains the name of the server in the form of "X0"15:22
zomaar /tmp/X11 or actually /tmp/.X11-unix I think.15:23
zomaarThat means you can use xrandr with DISPLAY=:015:23
zomaarLike: DISPLAY=:0 xrandr ...15:24
zomaarBut unless you are authorized (which you would be as root, and need the required .Xauthority file)... but I guess this is too much info.15:24
ShutterFoxI won't lie, I only followed about half of that. Don't apologise though, its people like you who help me learn xD15:26
zomaarShutterFox: lightdm creates a version of the final thing before you log in15:27
zomaarShutterFox: so xrandr can effect it.15:27
zomaarShutterFox: But in order to do so you would need either lightdm to execute it itself, or for you to do it in the background.15:30
ShutterFoxRight I see15:30
zomaarShutterFox: If you type "vdir .Xauthority" in your home directory you will see a file that contains a token (password) that applications can use to effect your graphical session.15:31
zomaarShutterFox: This token is always required by services or programs not running under your user.15:32
zomaarShutterFox: Or programs and services that were not started from within the graphical environment.15:32
zomaarShutterFox: But so the 2 bits of information any script would need would be $DISPLAY and $XAUTHORITY15:33
naiveaiguyI'm not sure if this is the best place, but I was wondering if anyone had information on the kind of tasks expected for Google Code-In this year?15:33
zomaarShutterFox: In case you wanted to go that route ;-).15:33
zomaarI have to reboot15:34
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wadAnyone here use ubuntu as their email server, with spamassassin and postfix? I've started getting this error: /etc/cron.daily/spamassassin:15:41
wadinvoke-rc.d: initscript spamassassin, action "reload" failed.15:41
wadSome cursory googling didn't show any obvious solution, just checking here before I dive in.15:41
auronandacewad: there is also #ubuntu-server to check, it woud be helpful to provide the version of ubuntu you are using too15:43
=== aOssed is now known as passOe
wadThanks auronandace. I'm on 14.04 LTS, 64-bit desktop edition, running on a VM in a cloud.16:01
auronandacewad: sorry I can't help you as I have no experience with servers but the additional information you have provided should be useful to those who can help you16:02
arunkumar413while typing the cursor is moving to some other position16:03
arunkumar413the issue mostly seem be happening in the browser16:04
auronandacearunkumar413: accidentally brushing the touchpad?16:04
arunkumar413auronandace: no16:04
lucidoHi, has anyone tried ubuntu on an HP z820 workstation?16:05
auronandacearunkumar413: is it only on specific sites?16:05
arunkumar413auronandace: all sites16:05
arunkumar413seems like some keyboard shortcut is getting triggered16:06
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
auronandacelucido: someone might have bu i'm sure you came here to ask something else16:07
=== lingkhang_ is now known as lingkhang
auronandacearunkumar413: have you tried a different browser to see if it is a specific shortcut with a specific browser?16:08
lucidoauronandace, how compatibile is it?16:08
auronandacelucido: i don't know, it would depend on the hardware16:09
=== mkv is now known as m4v
donofriowad, what version are you running 'in the cloud?'16:11
wadUbuntu 14.04 LTS.16:11
wad# uname -a16:11
wadLinux vps2 2.6.32-042stab123.9 #1 SMP Thu Jun 29 13:01:59 MSK 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:11
donofriooh thought you were 14.04 locally16:12
wadNo, locally I run 16.04 LTS. :)16:12
wadBut this server has been chugging along for years now.16:12
oerheks2.6 ... that is not regular ubuntu, but Vagrant?16:14
auronandacewad: a few years seems like an understantement with a 2.6 kernel16:14
oerhekshashicorp version16:15
wadIn addition to email, this server runs a bunch of websites, including their databasen. Completely rebuilding it is something I do infrequently.16:15
wadI'm getting my "money's worth" from the LTS! :-D16:16
wadHmm..... hang on..... so "in the cloud" may be influencing my "uname -a" command?16:16
oerheksfor vagrant you might better join #vagrant for support16:17
oerheks16.04 uses systemd, vagrant not ?16:17
wadSo I don't do any vagrant on it. This machine, though, might be running under vagrant? It's "in the cloud", so it's a virtual machine.16:17
lucidofor the record: looks like it will work. Found a relevant entry here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/284052/i-want-to-install-12-04lts-64bit-on-hp-z820-will-there-be-any-problems16:18
wad"lsb_release -a" --> 14.04.5 LTS16:18
oerheksjups, that is hashicorp/vagrant, it uses the old 2.6 with patches16:18
smclt30p_Does anyone have a ThinkPad with a dock?16:25
leftyfbsmclt30p_: please just detail your issue. We don't tend to take surveys here.16:26
smclt30p_There is no issue, I just need some software tested :)16:27
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anddamI'm on xenial, how can I get a more up-to-date poppler-utils?16:31
smclt30p_do you listen BAJA MALI KNINDZA16:31
smclt30p_? :D16:31
anddamI'd like to use pdfsig but packages.ubuntu.com tells me I need at least zesty16:32
ducassesmclt30p_: so, not a support issue. you can try #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux16:33
Haywardit is kind of support.16:33
oerheksanddam, built it yourself then? https://askubuntu.com/questions/781552/how-to-install-the-latest-version-of-poppler16:33
anddamoerheks: I hoped in a backport-like solution, rathern than source install16:36
ducasseanddam: have you looked for a ppa?16:36
anddamnot yet, checked the xenial-backports package browser16:39
oerheksthat is the downside of stable ubuntu.16:40
hsiktasdo you know a graphical SFTP client which supports sudo-ing the current user if their privileges are not sufficient?16:40
oerhekssettings of priv is done server side, not client side16:41
hsiktasand do I have to allow this somewhere in Ubuntu's sshd?16:41
anddamoerheks: I'm actually on elementary OS so not sure if I can dist-upgrade16:41
ducasseanddam: we don't support elementary16:42
oerhekswhy? if you are unsure, ask in #elementaryos or something like that16:42
ash_workzwhere can I find documentation on addgroup that describes what the -S flag does?16:42
oerheksit has its own issues, you know16:43
anddamducasse: I know, I didn't ask for help with that on purpose16:43
ash_workz`man addgroup` doesn't show it16:43
anddamoerheks: what does have its issues?16:43
oerheksanddam, building is an option for you, and tutorial given.16:43
anddamoerheks: yep, I may go with stow and building from source16:44
akikash_workz: if you don't see it in the man page, where do you see it?16:44
anddamthanks for the info16:44
ash_workzakik: in a dockerfile16:45
ash_workzakik: 'addgroup -g 82 -S www-data'16:45
ash_workzakik: and my manpage doesn't show -g either, but I can infer that's an alias to --gid which it does show16:46
akikash_workz: it could be for alpine linux, not sure16:46
akikash_workz: it's not in ubuntu16:47
ash_workzakik: oh? usually it's just my man pages are pointing to something obscure; I'll ask alpine16:47
ash_workzakik: thanks16:47
ghost2911hi. there is btrfs support in ubuntu 12 ?16:49
akikash_workz: found -S in busybox's addgroup16:49
auronandaceghost2911: 12.04 is no longer supported16:49
CheezUsing 16.04 / Unity 7.4.0 - Is there a way to change the sensitivity of the unity launcher to be even more sensitive than the maximum of the slider? I have the reveal sensitivity set to max but it still bugs me. If my mouse is on the location of the launcher i want the launcher to be showing, no delay, no "push" feedback, just show it.16:49
ghost2911i know, so there is no btrfs right ?16:50
oerheksCheez, do you use unity-tweak ?16:51
ducasse!info btrfs-tools precise16:51
ubottubtrfs-tools (source: btrfs-tools): Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19+20100601-3ubuntu3 (precise), package size 794 kB, installed size 1724 kB16:51
ducasseghost2911: ^^16:51
Cheezoerheks: i have it installed, the slider in both is set to the same place16:51
ducasseghost2911: kind of irrelevant now, but...16:52
ghost2911ok, what filesystem I can use on mac mini to install ubuntu except ext4 ?16:52
ducasseghost2911: are you still asking about 12.04?16:53
ducasseghost2911: don't install that at all, it's dead16:53
oerheksghost2911, don't try it, you have nbo support ( here) nor updates16:53
ducasseghost2911: no bugfixes, no security patches, no help here16:54
ghost2911ok, clear16:54
akikghoti: ext3/xfs are choices. i don't remember the others16:56
Cheezso yeah oerheks, with both sliders set to max, if i have an app open maximised and move my mouse to the launcher location (bottom of screen) the shadow appears, but the launcher doesnt show unless I then move the mouse down more like I'm pushing on it. I'd want it to just show when it shows the shadow part.16:57
oerheksCheez, maybe that happens with hot corners enabled?16:57
oerheksnot sure16:57
Cheezooh, interesting, they are on but I don't use them, lets turn them off and see what happens16:58
Cheezoh yeah, that's sorted it. Thanks :D16:58
oerheksit is in the regular systemsettings IIRC16:58
oerheksgood, thanks for the feedback, have fun!16:58
CheezBeen a bugbear since forever, now I finally got some time to look into it. Just in time for 18.04 lts which iirc is abandoning unity for gnome?17:00
oerheksi am on 17.04/unity, not sure hotcorners are available, and enabled in gnome317:00
oerheksor bite17:01
Neo1I've changed 777 to 755 and directory changed owner17:11
Neo1now it's root and seems before was www-root17:11
Neo1oh no, before also was all of root17:12
oerhekstime to learn filepermissions + wordpress17:14
ducasse!permissions | Neo117:14
ubottuNeo1: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:14
DarkSpartani need help with installing ubuntu arm17:21
DarkSpartanbut no one's on at that channel17:22
puxavidaare there any plans to get onboard to work with later versions of ubuntu that are getting more gnomish.  I tried 17.04 and 17.10 and onboard doesn't seem to work properly like it does in 16.04.17:22
puxavidaonboard starts up, but it doesn't send the keys to the app you might be working on - it's like acting like a different app from others.17:23
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: down load the Ubuntu Mate arm and just flush it to the sd card using ethcher and load sd card to the arm device17:23
DarkSpartanwhich one pavlushka?17:24
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: for Ubuntu Mate, follow this link https://ubuntu-mate.org/download/ and for etcher follow this https://etcher.io/ link17:25
Cursarionhi, is there software that can easily back up a package installation? like, store the files in an archive and handle the meta information somehow that you can revert back to using them easily if necessary?17:26
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: and tell us about the device you want to use the arm device.17:26
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate17:27
DarkSpartanpavlushka: it'll take a while17:27
Cursarionooh, nice17:27
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning17:27
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: yep17:28
DarkSpartanpavlushka: my device's a chinese android psp i brought back in 201417:28
thorsten`Do I understand this correctly, that the ppa of 'cutegram' got dropped and now the only way to install it on ubuntu is to build a package manually?17:29
DarkSpartani thought my device was total bs17:29
DarkSpartanlater, i did a cpu-z hardware test17:29
DarkSpartanexcuse me, ill post the specs in a few mins17:30
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: Do Ubuntu porting on unfamiliar arm devices at your own risk.17:33
DarkSpartanjust got it17:33
DarkSpartanit has a arm cortex A8 processor running at 1.03 ghz17:33
=== Iron_monkey is now known as g2`
DarkSpartanand 512mb ram and about 2gb internal storage17:34
DarkSpartani need suggestion on what image i should install17:34
oerhekssame answer, i guess17:35
DarkSpartanit also has a powerpc gpu17:35
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: follow this https://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/arm17:35
oerheksthat is also an option, server tablet and fiddle around with different desktops17:37
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DarkSpartani apologize for being inexperienced with these stuff17:38
oerheksgo with the 1st answer, ubuntu mate for arm17:38
DarkSpartanbut, will the server one function as same as the normal iso?17:38
Cursarionoerheks: meh, apt-clone saves the metadata of the entire system, while I'd like to save the files and the metadata of a few select packages that might break if I upgrade them17:39
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate17:39
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: for normal arm image http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/16.04.3/?_ga=2.160921406.2012600858.1511199297-1208070277.148748872417:39
DarkSpartanand how will i install it on my psp?17:40
DarkSpartanik how to load the iso onto the sd card17:40
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: choose and try, and you can always re-flash with another arm image17:40
DarkSpartanit wouldn't load17:41
DarkSpartanbrb, gonna post the results17:43
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: for some idea http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/TI811X_PSP_Flashing_Tools_Guide17:43
DarkSpartanpavlushka: need help in identifying this thing   https://gist.github.com/carlos-wong/547619917:47
DarkSpartanand according to http://browser.geekbench.com/geekbench3/compare/2017330?baseline=201733017:48
DarkSpartanmy psp's hardware was manufactured by sunkong17:48
DarkSpartanmost of it*17:48
oerheksit may be not suitable for running linux, did you find other users with experience?17:49
correctIf I don't get the pad version of MAAS, does this mean I can't provision Windows with it?17:49
DarkSpartanoerheks: i didn't find anyone with experience, but since this psp's android system's f**ked, i'm willing to experiment17:50
oerhekscorrect, Windows Server 2012 (windows/win2012) - Windows Server 2012 R2 (windows/win2012r2) - Windows Hyper-V (windows/win2012hv) - Windows Hyper-V R2 (windows/win2012hvr2) ... https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/1.9/en/installconfig-images17:50
correctoerheks: this applies to the free version?17:53
pavlushkaDarkSpartan: Then please do experiment and I guess you need to access the psp flash chip externally17:53
oerhekscorrect, you might want to reask in #maas , but i read this as available, if you have the windows licenses ofcourse17:54
MaxpmDid I report this bug in the right place?  It doesn't seem to have had any attention, and now it's a daily annoyance because the workaround stopped working.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libinput/+bug/172754117:55
correctoerheks: The only reason I am a little confused is because on the home page it says the Free version does not support Windows, RHEL, SUSE, and custom image17:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1727541 in libinput (Ubuntu) "After suspend, three fingers needed for two-finger scroll" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:55
correctcreation and deployment17:55
correctoerheks: I'm in the channel, but it's like nobody's home17:55
oerheksyou could be correct, limitation on the free version :-(17:56
oerheksdidn't know that one17:56
vpndudeAnyone manage to get Google Photo Sync running on Ubuntu?17:58
correctoerheks: it says enteprise support.  I'm not sure if that means support, or capability17:58
pavlushkao/ krytarik17:58
oerheksmy personal maas, grinn17:58
krytarikpavlushka: Howdy.17:59
pavlushkakrytarik: feeling sleepy but I am gonna sleep it out :p18:00
correctoerheks: gonna insltal and find out. I'll let you know18:00
vpndudeAlso what's the status with wayland on Ubuntu?18:02
MaxpmStatus: annoying.  :)18:02
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weeirc8089[m]Language Support doesn't work on fresh installed lubuntu 17.10 x64 in virtualbox (when I click Start -> Preferences -> Language Support the window appears briefly with the message "Checking Available Language Support" and then disappears ...) Anyone know how to fix?18:11
kostkonweeirc8089[m], no, but you can install any language pack manually18:22
oerheksrun updates first?18:22
andirc8000kostkon: how do I install new keyboard layout like russian, without "Language Support" in lubuntu?18:23
andirc8000oerheks: did.18:23
kostkonandirc8000, you can add a new layout in your keyboards prefs18:24
kostkonandirc8000, oh lubuntu. You should have something that resembles keyboard settings18:25
andirc8000kostkon: Start -> Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Keyboard Tab18:26
andirc8000kostkon: no such option there18:26
kostkonandirc8000, you could try this https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/30211218:28
andirc8000What does "Checking Available Language Support" progress bar does so I could do it manually first?18:28
andirc8000through command line18:28
ioriaandirc8000, on lubuntu you need to add an item to the panel, in order to handle the keyboard layout18:29
sylarioI want ubuntu to wait for a mounted disk before starting postgresql, is it possible?18:29
sylarioI am on a 16.04 server18:29
ezra-ssylario: supposedly everything in fstab will be mounted before starting any service18:30
psiquoHi, I have a lenovo yoga 520 and I'm trying to have the rotation screen working, I have installed the iio-sensor-proxy but when running the command monitor-sensor appears Waiting for iio-sensor-proxy to appear, can someone help me?18:30
sylarioezra-s: it seems my mount are not in fstab18:31
ioriaandirc8000, right click on panel, Add - Remove Panel Items -> Add -> Keyboard Layout Handler; then right click on the handler -> settings and uncheck 'keep sys settings' ; Add (on the left) and select your new layout18:31
sylarioezra-s: I think it's something dynamic, as adding a disk to the VPS make it appear in srv after a reboot18:32
andirc8000ioria: ok that works18:34
Bashing-om!cookie | ioria18:34
ubottuioria: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!18:34
ioriathanx Bashing-om18:35
Bashing-omioria: Just to say thanks - for all - .. as I too was lookin at the howto ^ ,18:36
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sylarioIt seems my disks use autoFS, should I do something before adding them to fstab ?18:41
shazbotmcnastyhey there - I'm trying to get it to make it so I can navigate to the hostname of my two ubuntu servers in my webbrowser, rather then the IP of the server. Anyone know how to accomplish this?18:42
lotuspsychjeshazbotmcnasty: perhaps the #ubuntu-server channel might know a trick?18:44
shazbotmcnastyoh they're actually just ubuntu 16.04 mate desktop version18:44
Maxpmshazbotmcnasty: Edit /etc/hosts?18:45
lordcirth_workeither edit /etc/hosts as mentioned, or set up DNS on your router18:45
shazbotmcnastyWhat would one change in /etc/hosts?18:47
shazbotmcnastythe hostname is already in /etc/hosts by defualt18:48
MaxpmThe machine with the browser needs to have the IPs and hostnames of your "two Ubuntu servers" in its /etc/hosts.18:52
brymhi all. tried unsuccessfully last night to install 16.04.3 on a lenovo yoga 510. but the mrs tells me ubuntu is blocked by lenovo and microsoft from certain lenovo laptops. anyone else heard about this / any truth to it?18:54
lucas-argjust try it18:54
MaxpmThe what?18:55
lucas-argdisable fastboot on bios, delete secureboot thing check boot antoher os the bios and just do it18:55
MaxpmOh, the Mrs.  Heh.18:56
Cheguacamoleyour missus?18:56
brymyeah Cheguacamole, she was reading up on it this morning for me18:56
shazbotmcnastyok I'll just add it to my router18:56
Cheguacamolewhy can't you though18:57
lordcirth_workbrym, there is Secure Boot, which prevents unauthorized OS's from loading.  It can usually be disabled.18:57
Avencan a 95% diskspace used slow system down?18:57
lotuspsychjeAven: yes18:58
Avenlotuspsychje: why is that?18:58
brymlordcirth_work: drive's already been formatted from the attempted install though. when i try the built in recovery option, it takes me to grub18:58
Avenit's not even 99%18:58
lotuspsychjeAven: the fuller a hd the slower it gets18:58
JoshuaDI am using ubuntu / xfce. Is there a way to force gnome applications to use the standard window decorations? Screenshot of what I mean: http://joshuad.net/misc/why.png18:59
Bashing-omAven: even linux as a journaled file system, above 90% capaciity the system has to cope with fragmentation .18:59
brymlordcirth_work: i know it had a secure hidden partition before last night, but that seems no longer to be an option19:00
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | Aven try this19:00
ubottuAven try this: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.12-1 (artful), package size 291 kB, installed size 1853 kB19:00
lordcirth_workbrym, what failed during the install?  Probably not Secure Boot if you got far enough to install grub19:01
brymlordcirth_work: there were a few red flags in the journal. mostly seemed to be related to the cpu though... lemme reboot it and take a quick look-see again19:02
brymlordcirth_work: "cpu 0, invalid threshold" shows before it continues onto the ubuntu splash, but ultimately always falls back to emergency mode19:04
brymlordcirth_work: ...where the first red flag is "cpu 0, invalid threshold interrupt offset 1 for bank 4, block 0"19:06
lordcirth_workbrym, yes that seems like a problem.  I would try installing 17.10, since it has a newer kernel, and see what happens19:06
Avenlotuspsychje: Bashing-om thank you19:08
brymlordcirth_work: fair shout. i'll try 17.10 on it.19:09
lotuspsychje!info preload | Aven install also this for speed up19:11
ubottuAven install also this for speed up: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (artful), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB19:11
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heyyahas anyone run into any issues installing MAAS regarding postgresql error.  can't connect to server19:17
lordcirth_workAven, you can also use 'ncdu', 'fdupes', or GUI tools like Baobab to find files to delete.19:17
Lavinhogood night19:29
Lavinhoim not installed refind on disk19:29
Lavinhohelp me please19:30
LavinhoInstalling rEFInd on Linux.... The ESP doesn't seem to be mounted! Trying to find it.... mount: /boot/efi: special device /dev/mmcblk01 does not exist. umount: //boot/efi: not mounted. ////boot/efi doesn't seem to be on a VFAT filesystem. The ESP must be mounted at //boot or //boot/efi and it must be VFAT! Aborting! dpkg: error processing package refind (--configure):19:30
psiquohi guys, I'm having problems setting up the auto rotation on linux 17.10, can someone help me19:30
geniiLavinho: rEFInd is not a program which is in official repositories. If you want to install it then you need to use the original author's PPA at https://launchpad.net/~rodsmith/+archive/ubuntu/refind19:35
lotuspsychje!info refind19:36
ubotturefind (source: refind): boot manager for EFI-based computers. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.4-1 (artful), package size 2877 kB, installed size 4629 kB (Only available for amd64; arm64; i386)19:36
heyyapsiquo: what's the issue19:36
geniilotuspsychje: I don't think it's in anything previous though19:36
Bashing-omgenii: confirmed .. not in xenial .19:37
psiquoheyya the iio-sensor-proxy says that the orientation is undefined19:40
psiquoso the auto rotate doesn't wotk19:40
heyyapsiquo: did you define the orientation?19:42
psiquoheyyaI actually do not how how to do it, sorry but I'm really a newbie19:43
heyyapsiquo: did you read this https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/master/hwdb/60-sensor.hwdb19:43
heyyapsiquo: you might find your answer here https://github.com/hadess/iio-sensor-proxy/blob/master/README.md19:44
heyyapsiquo: you might find your answer here https://github.com/hadess/iio-sensor-proxy/blob/master/README.md19:45
psiquook I read and see if I can come up with something19:45
ioriaTJ-, so,  ecryptfs half-broken on 17.10  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/172382619:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1723826 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu) "Regression in ecryptfs-recover-private" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:58
Allanisioria: Could I please ask what your question was? I came late to the party it seems, but perhaps I am having similar issues (though I have been ignoreing my issue).20:02
TJ-ioria: there's a few glitches. systemd recently changed the way it links session and user keys which broke some aspects. That's not the problem for the user I've been helping though. In their case, the GUI 'change password' code did something weird when rewrapping the ecryptfs passphrase - looks like it didn't use the 'new' user password, but didn't use the 'old' either, so no telling what was used as the20:02
TJ-wrap password!20:02
ioriaAllanis, well , we had an issue yesterday night ... too long  ... check the log on freenode20:03
ioriaTJ-, i see...  btw the workaround works20:04
AllanisI have a new install. And I had encrypted my /home. Though there isn't actually any encryption, though I have noticed something erroring on boot. I have been too lazy to see what the error is, or even to see why encryption didn't take affect. Was it a similar issue?20:04
TJ-coooor! just caused a SIGSEGV in weechat by tapping the 'wrong' key :)20:04
ioriaAllanis, maybe20:04
ioriaTJ-, i see...  btw the workaround works20:05
TJ-ioria: for that issue, yes20:05
TJ-ioria: the reason it works is is links the keyrings correctly :)20:05
ioriaTJ-, yep20:06
psiquoheyya I tried inserting the matrix but when updating i get /etc/udev/hwdb.d/61-sensor-local.hwdb:3: Property expected, ignoring record with no properties20:06
TJ-ioria: meaning that when mount.ecryptfs searches the session keyring for the key signature, it descends the tree to the @u (user) keyring where the key is.20:06
ioriaTJ-,  the point ( i guess) is that also  ecryptfs-recover-private is broken ... so no rescue20:08
ioriaunless you run ecryptfs-manager and exit20:08
TJ-ioria: no, it's fine, all the tools are 'broken' due to systemd not linking the @u keyring to the @s session or @us user-session keyrings20:08
TJ-ioria: you can also fix that with "keyctl link @u @s" and/or ""keyctl link @u @us"20:09
ioriaTJ-,   ecryptfs-recover-private  fails on recovery, on livecd chroot too20:09
TJ-ioria: this has been an ongoing issue since 14.04; Tyler Hicks and myself were trying to come up with a guaranteed solution but there's some corner-cases that make it difficult20:10
ioriaTJ-,   i see ... always this comes up : mount: /tmp/ecryptfs.xxxxx : mount(2) system call failed: No such file or directory.20:10
TJ-I thought we'd got it but then systemd changed again :)20:11
TJ-the long standing issue was Bug #132868920:15
ubottubug 1328689 in sddm (Ubuntu) "ecryptfs-utils does not work with Ubuntu 14.04, neither with 16.04" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132868920:15
ioriaTJ-, personally never had that issue with trusty , but i see the point20:18
TJ-ioria: it depended on the pam modules executed; it showed up with sddm because it created a new session (and therefore session key) which wasn't linked to the user keyring20:20
TJ-ioria: same for ssh in that case20:20
Lavinhogood night20:21
Lavinhoi cant install refind20:22
Lavinhohelp me please20:22
Lavinhoonly boot usb20:22
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pizzaburgerTJ-: Hi! I'll be here every day from now on, so whenever you have time and if you are still willing to help me I'll be here. Thanks!20:29
ioriahere we are20:30
TJ-pizzaburger: OK! I've been working on the script; taking some time as I have to make it bullet-proof so it doesn't make any more of a mess than already exists :)20:30
pizzaburgerTJ-: awesome! Were you able to fix that bug?20:31
TJ-pizzaburger: I've not found the cause of the bad wrap phrase yet; that'll be later. I'm just ensuring you can rapidly regenerate a wrapped-passphrase file and test it20:34
ontoHi! I upgraded my ubuntu 16.04 system this morning (with apt-get upgrade) and now I cannot create/delete lxc containers. The logs show "lvl=eror msg="Failed to mount BTRFS storage pool \"/dev/loop1\" onto \"/var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/default\" with mountoptions \"user_subvol_rm_allowed\": device or resource busy" t=2017-11-20T21:33:38+0100" which persists even after unmounting the volume.20:41
intehello. I have problems with skype 4.3. Is it possible Skype ceased support for the old versions?20:42
inteanyone using skype here?20:43
intei havent used mine for quite some time, so i cant tell if its me or skype...20:43
akikinte: yes. they stopped supporting it last summer20:44
inteok sure that is what ive read20:44
intebut it still worked in ... spring20:44
inteor maybe summer20:44
inteand the new release is so crappy, big, laggy, slow20:44
inteso i stayed with 4.320:44
inteso, more precise: anyone using skype 4.3 here?20:45
inteoh, i have used 4.3 on sept 15th the last time20:46
intejust found an older chat window which skype notifications advising me to update20:46
inteso, 4.3 was still working in september20:47
intei might have updated my system in between so i cant tell if skype stopped supporting depreacted releases in the meantime or if my installation got corrupted20:48
inteldd looks still fine though20:49
timbozemanI have a nVidia 1070 gtx video card. It has 5 holes, but only supports 4 monitors. Is there a way to do more monitors? I tried 2 video cards before I got this one, but couldn't figure that out.20:52
jertimbozeman, yes there is, add another video card20:52
timbozemanjer, could you make it all the same desktop? I was reading about it before and it sounded like you'd have to use 2 X servers or something? It definitely didn't work out of the box20:53
jeryou just need to add two device sections in your xorg config, some extra screen sections, and assign the screens to displays20:54
jertimbozeman, i've never tried multiple ports on multiple graphics cards, but i have tried multiple graphics cards with one port each in use20:54
jerbut with what i mentioned above plus a probably interesting looking screenlayout section, it SHOULD work20:55
inteskype is so crappy even if you convince it to create logs it will create some binary dumps20:56
timbozemanty jer, I shall give it a go!20:57
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SynfulAckcan nauhtilus mount nfs shares yet?21:41
echelon/etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf says DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL=221:50
echelonbut it's N 521:50
echelonwhen i run `runlevel`21:50
echelonhow do you properly change the runlevel?21:52
leftyfbechelon: what version of ubuntu?21:52
echelonleftyfb: https://github.com/parallella/parabuntu/releases/tag/parabuntu-2016.11.121:55
leftyfbechelon: what is that?21:56
echelonit's modified ubuntu for this dev board https://www.parallella.org/21:57
auronandaceechelon: that isn't supported here21:57
echelonauronandace: i dunno, i think i asked a pretty basic questions that can be answered by an ubuntu user21:57
echeloncan you please grep DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL from /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf21:58
leftyfbechelon: https://www.linux.com/learn/intro-systemd-runlevels-and-service-management-commands21:59
leftyfbthat's information on the equivalent to runlevels with systemd in ubuntu 16.04 and up21:59
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auronandaceechelon: i'm sure someone can answer your basic question but whether that applies to parabuntu is another matter entirely22:01
dedzeMy harddisk is supposed to be 500GB, System settings > Details > Overview says my disk is 488GB and sudo fdisk -l says 465.8. What is missing and how can I investigate it? :P22:02
auronandaceechelon: only ubuntu 14.04 uses a different init system to systemd22:02
echeloni appear to have systemd as well22:03
leftyfbdedze: https://www.lifewire.com/drive-storage-capacities-83343522:03
dedzeleftyfb: Thanks! I'm reading this!22:03
KiwifiedLemon"...for each gigabyte that a drive manufacturer claims, it is over-reporting the amount of disk space by 73,741,824 bytes or roughly 70.3 MB of disk space."22:05
echelonso which state should i use if i want all networking services, but no default X login manager?22:05
echelonrather, i don't want X to autostart22:05
leftyfbechelon: sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target22:05
echeloncool, thanks!22:06
leftyfbthen reboot22:06
echelonand i could just do startx if i wanted to?22:06
akikechelon: what does lsb_release -c give you?22:07
echelonCodename:       vivid22:08
akikechelon: ok it has systemctl22:08
leftyfbechelon: that release is extra not supported :)22:09
binaryhermitIsn't vivid now unsupported?22:09
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and https://ubottu.com/y/vivid22:09
binaryhermitor what he/she/they/preferred pronoun said22:09
echelonleftyfb: anyway, it works.. no X :)22:10
akikechelon: can you update the os to 16.04?22:11
echelonnot to my knowledge22:12
echelonit runs on a epiphany 3, risc soc22:13
echelonso a lot of stuff is customized22:14
=== pauljw1604 is now known as pauljw
leftyfbechelon: it's also very unsupported. Someone should tell them to update it to an LTS release. Maybe start working on 18.04 right now and be ready by April and be supported for the next 5 years(after April).22:18
user401i have an ubuntu installation in a hdd with corrupted sectors  which i fixedusing  e2fsck -cc. how do i repair the installation22:28
inteso obviously, noone using skype here :(22:29
leftyfbuser401: I would look through dmesg of your running OS from the drive or simply after mounting it. If you have I/O errors, the drive is bad and no amount of fsck'ing or software is going to fix it.22:30
leftyfbinte: what do you need help with?22:30
intei only need confirmation if skype 4.3 stopped working eventually or if its just my installation?22:30
akikinte: i told you microsoft stopped its support22:31
flying_sausageshey guys, I just tried installing landscape and it screwed up all my websites, is there any way I can find out what it did to my apache config?22:31
flying_sausagesreverting to the .save did not help anything22:31
inteakik: yes but it was still working for more than a year22:31
inteuntil recently and today its not22:31
akikinte: so what do you think you can do ?22:31
inteso that is why im asking if its only not working for me or in general22:31
user401leftyfb: ok..will buy a new hdd22:32
intewell, id try reinstall if it was still working for someone else22:32
akikinte: good luck22:32
inteif not, it wouldnt be worth the efforts22:32
leftyfbuser401: yeah, I personally wouldn't take the chance otherwise22:32
inteim only asking if someone else ran into the same problem. no need to be rude22:32
akikinte: who is rude? i told you the facts and said good luck22:33
akikinte: you can get the update here https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/22:35
inteatik are you a troll?22:43
leftyfbinte: no, atik is not a troll. You're asking for help with an unsupported version of an application. Your only option is to download the latest version and install that.22:45
flying_sausagesinte, https://i.stack.imgur.com/eosYI.png22:45
flying_sausagesif you had it working after that you were maybe just really lucky22:45
intewhich I told you i have installed already and yes its working22:46
inteand yes i sucks22:46
intethe old release could still work since it still was a month ago22:46
inteor two montha ago22:46
intei only want to know if it does22:46
flying_sausagessorry can you repeat your queestion/mission with 4.3 again22:47
leftyfbinte: non of that matters. It's not supported. By Microsoft of Ubuntu.22:47
inteim not even using ubuntu22:47
inteand i dont want support22:47
leftyfbinte: Then you have no business asking for help here22:47
flying_sausagesthis is a room for ubuntu22:47
inteI  was only asking if someone here is using this version or not and i made my question clear22:48
leftyfbinte: we don't take surveys22:48
flying_sausagesinte, second answer might clear things up https://askubuntu.com/questions/938234/skype-4-3-old-for-16-04-lts?answertab=active#tab-top22:48
inteflying_sausages: thank you that answers my question defineately22:49
flying_sausagesglad that's resolved22:50
intenow im still somewhat sad thoug ;-(22:50
flying_sausagesalthough I would kindly like to tell you that I found this by one google query.22:50
flying_sausageswhat is so bad about 5.x?22:51
intebut i neednt spend time trying22:51
inteflying_sausages: yes ok but well hidden i guess. i probably missed the correct search terms since i only found hits of the announcment from last year22:52
intecompared to the old release, the new release is quite laggy22:52
inteand i really dont like the new interface design22:52
inteits like a website22:52
intenot an app anymore22:52
flying_sausagesany chance this would be a suitable alternative? https://github.com/EionRobb/skype4pidgin/tree/master/skypeweb22:53
flying_sausagesinte, I am now leaving work so I hope you figure something out in the end. good luck22:55
inteoh thank you i didnt know that22:55
inteflying_sausages: yes thank you, i will look into it22:55
inteim mostly using riot nowadays anyways but some people still stick with skype22:56
massproghi, I installed xubuntu desktop on ubuntu and then I delete it but still show up when turn on or off computer22:57
* extor wonders if anyone here is familiar with the dante socks server23:03
josephbAnyone know anything about XFCE4 here?23:08
jmalonejosephb, I know a little.23:11
jmaloneWhat do you need?23:12
josephbAny idea why my sleep button doesn't work as expected, I've reconfigured xflock4 to run slock when I want to lock my screen, however, when the lid closes or the laptop naturally sleeps then the screen goes black (backlight and laptop still on) and I can't get back into a GUI without rebooting the laptop23:13
josephbThe lock screen button works fine, however, the sleep after a certain period and lid closing don't activate the lock23:14
jmaloneI'm not sure about using slock with xflock4. I've never used it before. xflock4 has always worked for me with xscreensaver which is how I use it.23:19
josephbhmm i'll look at using xscreensaver then, it has a password login right?23:20
josephbOkay thanks :)23:20
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
JoshuaDI tried shrinking a lvm using system-config-lvm. It seemed successful, but when I restarted that computer, the system wouldn't boot back into ubuntu. Now, that same tool won't let me restore the size of the lvm. Any ideas / suggestions?23:41

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