bluesabrelightdm development moved to github https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/lightdm/2017-November/001094.html05:55
flocculantochosi: ppa picked it up - that looks better :)06:24
flocculantthanks :)06:24
ochosiflocculant: nice, so another issue we can close :)08:29
ochosi(i need to draw a nicer icon still...)08:30
slickymasterWorkthe replacement of evince, file-roller and gnome calc for atril, engrampa and mate-calc has a minimum impact in our documentation09:56
slickymasterWorkfrom the three, just evince is referenced, in one line on chapter five09:56
knomeslickymasterWork, yep10:40
flocculantochosi: :)17:55
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Unit193ochosi: ...notifyd does weird things with notifications, namly putting some type of hex for chars.22:21
bluesabreUnit193: that sounds amusing22:42
Unit193bluesabre: Well, makes the spam from #freenode even longer. :P22:44
Unit193bluesabre: I don't suppose you'd know about plans for ubiquity or the installer Ubuntu plans to use?23:10
bluesabreUnit193: I know absolutely nothing about that23:11
Unit193bluesabre: Also, regarding at-spi-core, it should be recommends usually, since it's GNOME's Accessibility interface.23:12
Unit193Eg, something to have by default, sure.  But nice to allow uninstallation.23:13
Unit193Also yey conflicts in xubuntu.bionic! :D23:13
bluesabreUnit193: aha, recommends where?23:14
bluesabreand I guess I should undo my sorting23:14
bluesabreGuessing all this means I have mail somewhere.....23:14
Unit193bluesabre: atril hard depends on it.23:15
Unit193bluesabre: Nonono!  I mean locally!  For me.23:15
bluesabreUnit193: ah, missed that23:15
Unit193I had done sorting and removed something, remember?23:15
Unit193and bzr crapped all over the repo, with files like core.THIS, what the bloody heck were those people thinking?23:16
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Unit193I'm going with "whatever I had couldn't have been *that* important.", unless krytarik can dig up my paste. :P23:20
krytarikI also know of nothing!23:21
bluesabreI've definitely lost it.23:21
bluesabreUnit193: need anything from me?23:21
Unit193bluesabre: Pardon?23:22
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/pxXqdG5WFXfwNbCQRrCA/ was it! \o/23:22
Unit193> app-install-data-partner  that's not needed anymore.23:22
bluesabrethat's it23:22
bluesabreThought I removed that23:22
bluesabreGuess I missed it :)23:22
bluesabreWill knock that out tonight/tomorrow unless you beat me to it23:23
Unit193If I start looking at the seeds, I'll likely want to tidy more. :323:33
Unit193BTW: Description-en: Ubuntu modifications for Firefox23:35
Unit193 This package currently ships no functionality, but may be used again in23:35
Unit193 the future to display a restart notification after upgrading Firefox.23:35
bluesabreUnit193: by all means! :D23:36
bluesabreand dang, what a silly extension23:36
Unit193xfce4-indicator-plugin shouldn't be in core..Oh.23:39
Unit193The panel gives a popup when a default panel item isn't installed, right?23:46

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