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GolynxHow do I replace xubuntu with ubuntu and keep my installed apps?10:22
TheTalkingYogurtGolynx, not sure this would deal will conflicting services, but I think the idea is "apt install ubuntu-desktop"10:28
Golynx@TheTalkingYogurt thanks10:30
Golynx@TheTalkingYogurt that will just add a Login option to choose Ubuntu UI right? So I don't have to remove Xubuntu?10:31
GolynxAh, great thanks :)10:35
rosesI sudo chmod -R 777 /media/sherman/367D-0DEB/ to change its permissions, but if I go to the file manager (gui), it still lists the whole unit as read only for all other users. I want it to be, read and write12:07
roseswhat did I do wrong?12:07
rosesxubuntu 17.1012:07
rosesback in 40 minutes, feel free to answer12:09
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rosescan you read my last question about permissions?21:29
rosessecond question21:29
rosesa friend passed me his these on a pdf, 300 pages, I have to look for errors.21:30
rosesIf I only have the pdf file, can I somehow annotate mistakes or make commentaries, as I do with libreoffice documents?21:30
drleviathan roses I don't know the answer to your question but: perhaps you should research "how to edit pdf file on linux"22:22
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puffHi, I'm setting up an xubuntu box to be used by a nontechnical user to remote into a win10 box using Remmina on the xubuntu box and Remote Desktop on the Win10 box.  I'm trying to figure out how to prevent xubuntu from going into screensaver or locking the screen.  I'd likke it to stilto still power the screen down after 10-15 minutes, but not do anything that might confuse the nontechnical user.23:22
puffI've gone into Settings/Power Management and turned everything off except blanking the screen after 15 minutes.23:27
puffI've gone into Settings/Screensaver and seleced "Disable screensaver" as the screensaver.23:27

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