blahdeblahaxw: was that your cricket impression? :-)00:21
axwblahdeblah: yes :)00:29
blahdeblahaxw: If your crickets want something to do, I've just created https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1740815, which seems like a race condition in status retrieval.03:39
mupBug #1740815: ERROR model "modelname" has been removed from the controller, run 'juju models' and switch to one of them. <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1740815>03:39
axwblahdeblah: ok, thanks. fixing tests atm, will take a look in a little while03:40
blahdeblahaxw: Thank you! :-)03:40
axwblahdeblah: which version of juju is that?03:40
blahdeblah2.2.6 client, 2.2.8 agents - I'll add that to the bug03:41
axwthere have been some fixes in this area03:41
blahdeblahupdated now03:41
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thumpermorning folks19:09
* thumper goes through the mountain of email and creates a new year todo list19:10
hmlmorning thumper19:10
thumperhey hml19:11
thumperhow was your break?19:11
hmlthumper: good - only now it’s cold at home.  you?19:11
thumperpretty good, very relaxing break away from the laptop19:12
thumpernow I have lots of email to look at19:12
hmlalways the problem with a break - the email19:12
thumperhml: looking at the holidays in hr, not many of us working this week19:28
hmlthumper: half the team?19:29
thumpersorry, over half not working19:29
hmlnice easy start to the year then?19:30

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