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jose-phillipsif i want to install openstack pike on ubuntu xenial21:28
jose-phillipsi have to add openstack-origin: cloud:pike21:29
jose-phillipson each command i execute?21:29
jose-phillipsjuju deploy?21:29
thumperjose-phillips: there is probably an openstack bundle that you would deploy, but I've not done this myself22:05
thumperjose-phillips: found any docs?22:05
jose-phillipsexsist a way to destroy a controller22:30
jose-phillipsor force the destroy22:30
jose-phillipsis always keep on Waiting on 1 model, 3 machines, 12 applications22:30
pmatulisjuju destroy-controller -y --destroy-all-models22:30
pmatulisotherwise, try 'juju kill-controller'22:30
pmatuliskill will always try destroy unless they changed something recently22:31
jose-phillipswork with kill23:02
jose-phillipsanother question i having some issues23:02
jose-phillipswith mysql package23:02
jose-phillipswhen i deploy the package i have the issue that i can't connect to mysql23:02
jose-phillipsHost 'xxx.xx.xxx.xxx' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server23:02
jose-phillipsi add on allowed-networks23:03
jose-phillipsand still can't connect23:03

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