tgBot<G> does 15.04 r3 has convergence ?00:03
Fardale@G what do you means by convergence ?00:08
FardaleYou can plug it in a screen with a mouse and keyboard00:09
Fardaleand use windows app instead of fullscreen app00:09
tgBot<dohbee> Yes, depending on hardware00:17
tgBot<G> @dohbee, I have a Nexus 5, however when I plug in the slimport adapter , it just blows up the screen , doesn't launch the unity shell01:04
tgBot<dohbee> You need to connect BT mouse/kb too.01:07
tgBot<Javacookies> You mean it just mirrors your screen? You have to toggle desktop mode from thr system indicator, however onscreen touchpad isn't currently working on Nexus 5 so yeah you need BT mouse/kb01:08
tgBot<G> @Javacookies, That explains it, thanks01:08
tgBot<Javacookies> If it detects a mouse and external display, I believe it automatically switches to desktop mode01:08
tgBot<dohbee> yeah, not sure if it automatically switches when trying to use the fake touchpad via phone01:09
tgBot<samzn> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/YDAutY6R/file_345801:11
tgBotFardale was added by: Fardale01:17
tgBot<exar_kun> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/eJnRYw01/file_3459.webp01:46
tgBot<exar_kun> That's neat01:46
tgBot<wayneoutthere> that is01:56
tgBot<samzn> rip that marketing campaign03:03
tgBot<samzn> I made the one with the big workstation transforming into a Nokia N903:04
tgBot<samzn> shame canonical went the other way for their stakeholders03:04
tgBot<Jyoti> Hello. I installed UBports 16.04 today on my tablet BQ M10 and it works. Will there be 16.04 support for this tablet?03:31
tgBot<technicalbird> @Jyoti, Do you mean you installed 15.04 and will it get 16.04?  β€¦ Answer is yes!03:45
tgBot<Jyoti> I installed the 16.04 directlly03:46
tgBot<Jyoti> With ubports-installer03:47
tgBot<technicalbird> Ok.. But 16.04 is experimental.. it's not stable get03:47
tgBot<Jyoti> Yes, very early version03:48
tgBot<Jyoti> Now, i dont know what to do. Just keep it and whait for upgrades or go back to 15.0403:50
tgBot<vanyasem> 203:53
tgBot<tsimonq2> 305:02
tgBot<Daniel> Happy New Year to all of you! I have one question: in the system settings, safety and privacy, diagnosis (somethinglike that, I use the phone in German), one can choose to send diagnosis information  about crashes to canonical. Does it make any sense to have this enabled? Does it really point to canonical or to ubports?06:00
tgBot<Mr_Doge> @Daniel, diagnosis dont go to canonical06:45
tgBot<Daniel> @Mr_Doge, Does it go to ubports? Is there any point in havingthis option applied?06:51
tgBot<Mr_Doge> @Daniel, no07:17
tgBot<Daniel> Ok07:18
tgBot<Mark> (Photo, 503x703) https://irc.ubports.com/xBqNc7d4/file_3461.jpg07:31
tgBot<Mark> (Photo, 503x703) https://irc.ubports.com/dF0TKiW0/file_3461.jpg07:32
tgBot<Mark> Only my sense of humour not a political comment. Happy new year! :)07:35
tgBot<tsimonq2> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/jtXfG8HM/file_3462.mp407:36
tgBot<Schyken> @Mark, Lol, it actually just reminds me of the ship wheel from WALL-E πŸ˜†07:36
tgBot<Mr_Doge> @Mark, you can read the code07:37
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tgBot<mariogrip> (Photo, 2560x1440) https://irc.ubports.com/jhzqFUGR/file_3464.jpg08:49
tgBot<mariogrip> Unity8 runs wayland apps!! :D08:50
tgBot<DylanVanAssche> πŸ‘08:50
tgBot<Ben> Nice :)08:51
tgBot<BronzoKTM> good08:51
tgBot<bhushanshah> @mariogrip, \o/08:53
tgBot<stefanomelchior> (Sticker, 360x512) https://irc.ubports.com/MlcPFFAS/file_346508:54
tgBot<j2g2rp> @mariogrip, yuuuhuuuuu! … That could means that we will can use kde apps in phone?😁08:56
tgBot<mariogrip> @j2g2rp, I guess most kde apps is qt so they should work native08:56
tgBot<mariogrip> @bhushanshah confirm? ^08:57
tgBot<bhushanshah> ack.. yes08:57
tgBot<j2g2rp> that would be great 😊08:57
tgBot<popescu_sorin> @mariogrip, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!09:02
tgBot<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/n93WJPMC/file_346609:03
tgBot<popescu_sorin> this is YUGE!09:09
tgBot<popescu_sorin> this + snaps09:09
tgBot<popescu_sorin> i think i could use unity8 as a daily driver09:09
tgBot<devsigma_bot> @mariogrip, Omg!09:09
tgBot<popescu_sorin> muhahahaha09:09
tgBot<popescu_sorin> MUHAHAHAHAHA09:09
tgBot<devsigma_bot> @bhushanshah, Omg omg omg!!!09:09
tgBot<rogieroudshoorn> ship it! :)09:10
tgBot<devsigma_bot> This would be gr09:11
tgBot<devsigma_bot> I promise to myself not to hype anymore about technology, I have failed09:12
tgBot<Flohack> @mariogrip jezz how many repos you created last weeks ^^09:13
tgBot<mariogrip> @Flohack, many :P09:13
tgBot<Flohack> BTW the core apps need also some love, I was thinking to create proper xenial and vivid branches in all of them.09:14
tgBot<mariogrip> @Flohack, yes09:14
tgBot<tleppiniemi> @Flohack, +109:16
tgBot<peternerlich> And sometime in the future, when the most important points are done and there's a bit more leisure... (haha, as if)09:21
tgBot<peternerlich> ...I would like to have apps and themes get some attention09:22
tgBot<peternerlich> I'm already on suru dark, but it's near unusable because often colors are partly hardcoded, like the font color in the browsers navigation bar and menu... which end up the same as their respective backgrounds...09:24
tgBot<Stereofont> Joan is working on icons but people keep making new apps πŸ™„09:42
tgBot<Stereofont> 😁09:42
tgBot<peternerlich> Oh and by the way, I have two Nexus4 lying around here. As far as I can tell and remember they work, just that one has a busted screen and touch is dead and the other has an unusable battery. Could these still be of any use for somebody?09:49
tgBot<peternerlich> Then again, Nexus4 could be a device you still have most of...09:49
tgBot<peternerlich> Or any tip on how easy I can replace the battery and use it after all? 😁09:50
tgBot<Stereofont> Guessing Turkey would be the best destination but they have crippling import taxes09:50
tgBot<peternerlich> even for "scrap electronics"?09:51
tgBot<Stereofont> Appears so. A very closed market09:52
tgBot<Ringo KΓ€tzel> btw who is responsible for the ubports forum?10:02
tgBot<Jyoti> Hi!. Iinstalledthe 16.04 in my bq M10 tablet. Will be some upgrades soon? May i just keep it and whait for upgrades or go back to 15.04?10:08
tgBot<Stereofont> @Jyoti, 16.04 is for sightseeing the construction site. Wear a hard hat and do not expect running water. Otherwise, only for serious work running test regimes10:15
tgBot<Stereofont> 15.04 is for normal use where (almost) everything works10:15
tgBot<Stereofont> If you have two devices, you can 'play' with 16.04 on one of them and follow daily progress10:16
tgBot<Jyoti> I installed the 16.04 because i wanted to have the last updates n upgrades... :-)10:18
tgBotPraveen7682 was added by: Praveen768210:20
tgBot<Stereofont> Before OTA3 on Stable channel, there was a good reason to use Development, for some early fixes. With 16.04 you have gone backwards with functionality10:20
tgBot<Jyoti> I have another tablet with android. I am not in a rush, i may whait. Will be regular updates of the 16.04? Or it is very slow changing?10:20
tgBot<Stereofont> 16.04 is a development channel, so nightly builds10:21
tgBot<peternerlich> Hi @Praveen7682! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!10:22
tgBot<Jyoti> In a way, is very interesting to see how the 16.04 is changing.. :-)10:22
tgBot<Javacookies> Do OTAs already work in 16.04? Last time I checked on my Nexus 5, it detects no new update although there's already a new build10:23
tgBot<mariogrip> @Javacookies, you may need to correct you clock10:23
tgBot<mariogrip> since the OTAs uses ssl and that require an up to date clock10:23
tgBot<ebetonro> @peternerlich, It is fairly easy you will need a small cross screwdriver a new battery and a plastic tool, that in most cases come with the new battery, to open the phone10:23
tgBot<Javacookies> and BTW, 16.04 is partly advance and partly behind 15.04...some fixes/features are only in 15.04 but some are only in 16.04 like dash background opacity which is really cool!  ;)10:24
tgBot<Jyoti> There is buttons for updating and some updates, as the file explorer update starts, but they fail at the very end of the process10:24
tgBot<Javacookies> @mariogrip, Oh I see.... that's why, I can't set it to automatic, perhaps I'll try manually setting it Thanks!10:24
tgBot<Jyoti> The 16.04 has still the canonical app manager on the apps scope :-)10:26
tgBot<peternerlich> @ebetonro, Yeah I looked it up again after writing. Had thought there was some difficulty like being glued to the casing, why I didn't want to try it back then. I'll probably order a battery and a opening tool pack today, it's fairly inexpensive10:26
tgBot<Stereofont> @Javacookies, I meant functionality as overall experience but yes the 50% that works probably works much faster 😜10:27
tgBot<Jyoti> As i am not in a rush, i think i will keep the 16.04 installed for some weeks, just to see the process. Anyway, is possible to come back to 15.04 at any time.10:32
tgBot<Jyoti> Is interresting tha the 16.04 is working in my BQ M10 tablet. Atthe begining, i thought that only works in core devices, but no, also in the BQ tablet10:32
tgBot<Stereofont> @Jyoti, M10 is a core device10:37
tgBot<Stereofont> Probably we need some guidance on resetting the clock, for those who are trying 16.04. I don't know how that is done10:38
tgBot<Javacookies> @Jyoti, it was announced some days ago that all supported devices will get 16.04 (almost? Nexus 7 2013 currently doesn't have builds)10:41
tgBot<Petr MaΕ‘ek> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/csPt6v0R/file_3467.webp11:24
tgBot<SALPHA8506> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/dAAFAUBm/file_3469.jpg Anyone have idea ?😢11:25
tgBot<JBBgameich> Are the device specific repositories really  there?11:41
tgBot<JBBgameich> Ok, they are .. your envsetup shows that11:41
tgBot<JBBgameich> For which Android Version is your device tree?11:42
tgBot<Stereofont> For long discussions of detail, a Lab room is useful11:42
tgBot<Stereofont> Invited both11:45
tgBot<JBBgameich> Cool, thanks11:47
tgBot<technicalbird> @Stereofont, Any update?11:59
tgBot<Stereofont> @technicalbird, ?12:11
tgBot<technicalbird> @Stereofont, ??12:11
tgBot<dohbee> @Mr_Doge, Yes it does. It's just crash reports. Nothing special12:12
tgBot<Stereofont> 1. Lab rooms are useful for overspill chat. 2. Updates on 16.04 need clock correction. So Howto?12:13
tgBot<SALPHA8506> @JBBgameich, CM 14.112:15
tgBot<dohbee> @peternerlich, Take good battery from bad screen phone, put in phone with bad battery?12:18
tgBot<peternerlich> @dohbee, WAIT. mind blown12:19
tgBot<Flohack> @Ringo KΓ€tzel, We are working on registration mails not coming through12:49
tgBotDieter Johannsmeier was added by: Dieter Johannsmeier13:15
tgBot<Stereofont> @Dieter Johannsmeier, Hello Dieter. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-botβ„’ Ask, chat, explore!13:17
tgBot<Stereofont> http://t.me/UBports_Deutsch13:18
tgBotGautam Jayasankar was added by: Gautam Jayasankar13:25
tgBot<peternerlich> Welcome Gautam! Please take a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!13:29
tgBot<Stereofont> https://t.me/UBports_India13:29
tgBot<wayneoutthere> A Brand New Language Focus Group has been started - SUOMI|FINISH.  Be sure to get the information right away on our dedicated News Channel:  https://t.me/ubports_news13:33
tgBot<Ben> @wayneoutthere, nice :)13:33
tgBot<petya230> @Stereofont, Why they talk in english? XD13:34
tgBot<dohbee> So is Nexus 5, 5x, 6, etc13:35
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Schyken, YUMI the UBports Robot looks like Eva from Wall E so its... a theme ;)13:35
tgBot<dohbee> Basically every ubports device is, except fp213:36
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @mariogrip, waaaaaayland?13:36
tgBot<Ben> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/TJphAhaK/file_347113:36
tgBot<Dion> @dohbee, Waste. They should foucs on one table and two different phones13:37
tgBot<Stereofont> @petya230, True. It is an exception but reflects device availability, Linux clubs, national carriers, popular YouTube channels etc13:37
tgBot<fireplay> Any bacon owners in here?13:37
tgBot<dohbee> @Dion, Nope.13:38
tgBot<Dion> @dohbee, That is why OS cant be completed for forever.13:39
tgBot<dohbee> @Dion, Nope. This is not a problem13:39
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @petya230, because they have 22 languages and I think they decided on English. it is kind of lol-material to me too....13:40
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @petya230, I was hoping for a little Sanscrit action...13:41
tgBot<Dion> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/riOFgGJ0/file_3473.webp13:41
tgBot<petya230> @wayneoutthere, Hm.. I see, okay! :D … Hungary has group too?13:41
tgBot<bhushanshah> @wayneoutthere, for starters.. you don't spell it that way13:41
tgBot<bhushanshah> :P13:41
tgBot<bhushanshah> hides13:41
tgBot<wayneoutthere> correct me buddy.  show me.  i like learning13:41
tgBot<wayneoutthere> and then get in the India group and start using it13:41
tgBot<bhushanshah> s/c/k13:42
tgBot<bhushanshah> err13:42
tgBot<wayneoutthere> hmm13:42
tgBot<bhushanshah> I mean well ... Sanskrit13:42
tgBot<Stereofont> @petya230, No Hungarian group yet. We need a language lead13:42
tgBot<technicalbird> @bhushanshah, +113:42
tgBot<petya230> @Stereofont, Im waiting for it! :D13:42
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @bhushanshah, rrrrrright.  well... did you know that "Finnish" is "Suomi"?  Take THAT13:42
tgBot<nfsprodriver> I think we should link to the language groups on the ubports.com website. There's just the supergroup link yet.13:43
tgBot<Javacookies> can I have my own group? I'm the only member, LOL13:43
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @petya230, don't wait for it. BE it.  Contact me if you want to be Captain Hungary13:43
tgBot<Ben> @petya230, we can make it ^^ You write in hungarian and i write in german ^^13:43
tgBot<Stereofont> @Javacookies, Which language?13:43
tgBot<peternerlich> @nfsprodriver, It's in https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome13:43
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Hi all. I reponded to this topic with my idea about how to fix the "can't flash Pro 5 to upgrade the baseband":13:43
tgBot<TartanSpartan> https://forums.ubports.com/topic/823/pro-5-basebands/1813:43
tgBot<dohbee> Lots of words in Hindi just sound like English anyway13:43
tgBot<nfsprodriver> Oh I see thanks!13:43
tgBot<TartanSpartan> If anyone has new informatioΓ± to share about that, please go right ahead.13:44
tgBot<TartanSpartan> *special n highlight not intended :)13:44
tgBot<Stereofont> Dosh, Cha13:44
tgBot<Javacookies> @Stereofont, I'm just kidding :) ....it's Filipino which I don't think anyone else here knows aside from me :P13:44
tgBot<peternerlich> @nfsprodriver, It's just that the first join should be the supergroup, not a language group or even the Newcomers Room, else the community is probably doomed to drift away from each other13:44
tgBot<petya230> @wayneoutthere, I dont have Ubuntu touch capable phone yet :(  β€¦ So I cant help in UT questions :/13:45
tgBot<fireplay> @Javacookies, ano ba ang asong babae?13:45
tgBot<nfsprodriver> @peternerlich, πŸ€” Makes sense πŸ˜„13:45
tgBot<fireplay> Sup13:46
tgBot<fireplay> @fireplay, .13:46
tgBot<dohbee> @Javacookies, Togalog?13:46
tgBot<Stereofont> @petya230, Language groups are about social, local conditions, helping those who struggle with English. Language lead doesn't have to be a UT 'expert'13:47
tgBot<Javacookies> @dohbee, Tagalog is the main dialect of Filipino ;) … we have a lot of dialects.....7000+ islands LOL13:48
tgBot<RoccoOPO> Like sicilian13:48
tgBot<peternerlich> @Javacookies, Oh, but are you interested in translating for that language? There might be others that aren't an active part of the community yet for whatever reason, but would appreciate UT in their language. We would need to ask someone to add it to the languages: https://translate.ubports.com/projects/ubports/system-settings/ (I don't know the process of that and how new languages get decided on to include, though)13:50
tgBot<technicalbird> @dohbee, I bet you have never heard proper Hindi..13:51
tgBot<malditobastardo> (Photo, 1920x1080) https://irc.ubports.com/JLxyTrAI/file_3475.jpg13:52
tgBot<Javacookies> @peternerlich, I would but I believe it's not a supported language in UT and actually we use English in most things aside from oral13:53
tgBot<dohbee> @technicalbird, Would probably be easier to follow a TV show then, with subtitles.13:55
tgBot<Flohack> @Dion, I also dont agree on this. … First of all we got different skills in the community/foundation, so there are people specialized on ports. Putting them on the core OS wont speed up anything. Instead lets have them explore new and old devices. … Then, focusing on only a small range of devices will constrain the number of potential users, and we will fall behind the market. We have cycles of 12 or 18 months still in mobile industry, so any fo13:58
tgBotcertain device makes things very unflexible. … Rather we should how to enable more devices in a generic way, trying to get as much out of them as possible.13:58
tgBot<tsimonq2> I've created #ubuntu-qt (bridged to Telegram at https://t.me/joinchat/DH6s1A5_bOpAVbiu9QzvVg ) for packaging and transition-specific Qt-only discussion. Anyone is welcome to join. :)14:01
tgBot<RoyNL> @fireplay, I have one14:08
tgBot<RoccoOPO> Me, also14:13
tgBot<RoccoOPO> Me too14:14
tgBotAndy πŸ¦„πŸΆπŸ₯ was added by: Andy πŸ¦„πŸΆπŸ₯14:16
tgBot<Stereofont> @Andy πŸ¦„πŸΆπŸ₯, Hello Andy. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-botβ„’ Ask, chat, explore!14:17
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Will Anbox come to the Xenial development channel for the MX4? At the moment, my MX4 has been relegated by the Pro 5 and M10 to a backup device if the others are charging or otherwise occupied. So would be happy to help test Anbox if it runs for Xenial. @Flohack @mariogrip @UniversalSuperBox14:20
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Otherwise, I'll be selling it on soon.14:20
tgBot<Flohack> Basically Anbox will require only 16.04 - So the question is, will MX4 get 16.04, and we currently think: yes ;)14:20
tgBot<mariogrip> @TartanSpartan, Im not 100% i personly do not own a MX4 so i cannot do much development with that device14:20
tgBot<Flohack> @mariogrip, Be more positive ^^14:21
tgBot<Gautam Jayasankar> @fireplay, Hi!14:21
tgBot<dohbee> @Flohack, It requires kernel changes too14:21
tgBot<mariogrip> aka it probobly will get supported14:21
tgBot<Flohack> @dohbee, Happy backporting14:22
tgBot<Flohack> πŸ˜†14:22
tgBot<Callie_Cacophony> Hi guys, i bought an pro 5 with ubuntu out of the box, but with the end of canonical support ubuntu touch i switched to flyme. What is the best way to switch to the UBports?14:22
tgBot<dohbee> @Flohack, Only backporting I want right now, is some of the summer heat14:23
tgBot<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, You were asking about twrp 2.x the other day, right?14:24
tgBot<Stereofont> @Callie_Cacophony, Not sure about OEM with Flyme?  May need to shift to Lineage first? Not sure on that14:28
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Is Anbox storage-intensive?14:30
tgBot<TartanSpartan> @dohbee yes. Are you asking because @Callie_Cacophony wants to move to Ubports?14:31
tgBot<dohbee> You need correct partitioning, but there are docs somewhere for flyme->ubuntu14:31
tgBot<Flohack> @Callie_Cacophony, You need to flash back to Canonicals Ubuntu Touch probably, and then change with our tool to UBports14:31
tgBot<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, No, I found a twrp img on my disk, but for hammerhead14:32
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Ok, why do you ask in that case?14:32
tgBot<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, Well, Android apps aren't small.14:32
tgBot<TartanSpartan> I could install them piece by piece to test :)14:33
tgBot<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, Couldn't remember who was looking for it, or which device14:33
tgBot<dohbee> So now I can delete it since I know :)14:33
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Yes, the forum topic I linked to upthread explains the likely next steps we'll have to take to upgrade the Pro 5's baseband, with or without TWRP.14:34
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Based on my best guesses of course.14:34
tgBot<dohbee> Yeah. Just couldn't remember if was you, or someone with n5 issues, looking for the older twrp14:35
tgBot<TartanSpartan> πŸ‘14:36
tgBot<TartanSpartan> But the Anbox framework itself isn't heavy on storage, you mean?14:40
tgBot<dohbee> I don't know how big it is14:44
tgBot<dohbee> But, well, it's a jvm and the Android libs14:45
tgBot<dohbee> So probably a gig or three14:45
tgBot<TartanSpartan> I guess we'll wait for @mariogrip to comment with a precise figure. I'll probably have to purge Libertine and other stuff, but no big deal on a non-daily driver and with a small screen to boot.14:52
tgBot<salarelv> @AresMinos, https://dekkoproject.org/get-involved/14:58
tgBot<TartanSpartan> As for Libertine on Xenial, does it have up to date programs in it's repos? E.g. Libreoffice 5.4?15:02
tgBot<Stereofont> Perhaps Calligra, if Wayland is on the way15:09
tgBot<Javacookies> @salarelv, thanks! didn't know that site exists! I will definitely donate for Dekko. I support it and its convergence efforts :D15:13
tgBot<TartanSpartan> British sarcasm overdose eh @Stereofont ? :P15:16
tgBot<samzn> Banter15:17
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Stereofont, It's on the Wayland...15:21
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Why go to Disneyland when you can go to Wayland?15:21
tgBot<salarelv> @Javacookies, Or you could use this fancy url: dekko.email :)15:23
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @salarelv, with convergence coming one day.... it's interesting to think i could replace my thunderbird with Dekko one day.. ;)15:24
tgBot<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, 16.04 has LO 5.1.6 in the archive15:33
tgBotRikWolf was added by: RikWolf15:41
tgBot<peternerlich> Hi @RikWolf! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!15:43
tgBot<TartanSpartan> @dohbee not bad, hopefully they introduced cloud functionality by that version. Or I could try a different repo.15:44
tgBot<Stereofont> @TartanSpartan, Not at all. Calligra is the KDE package, not Libre16:08
tgBot<TartanSpartan> My mistake, I thought it might refer to something as simple as a new font. I see now that it's an alternative to Microsoft Office and Libre Office.16:31
tgBot<Stereofont> Always assuming that KDE does become the new default16:35
tgBotGerald was added by: Gerald16:57
tgBot<peternerlich> Welcome Gerald! I'm part of the UBports Welcoming Team! Please look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!17:03
piggzhi, does your version of anbox have any patches/mods on top of upstream?  do you have a repo for it?17:36
tgBot<peternerlich> @piggz, I think this is not a question to meaningfully answer on this date, because it is still so far away17:38
tgBot<peternerlich> at the moment, I think, word was only about getting it for UT 16.04 devices in general17:39
piggz@peternerlich asking from the POV as a sailfish-porter ... and wondering if there is a collaboration possibility17:40
tgBot<peternerlich> Aand that's beyond my knowledge πŸ˜„ Anyone else, feel free to fill us in17:42
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> The code isn't out yet, but I assume that it includes changes so that it talks to Mir17:44
tgBot<Paktosan> Hey, can you guys tell me, what device is currently recommended to get? I was considering buying a Nexus 5 but I believe that it might be a bit too old...17:50
tgBot<TartanSpartan> #Pro5AllTheWay17:50
tgBot<Mr_Doge> @Paktosan, one plus17:52
tgBot<Stereofont> Nexus 5 is fine still. The range of choices will probably look quite different in six months but right now, any of those. There are potential version issues with the Meizu though and not so many other users, so tread carefully with that17:55
tgBot<Michele> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/QsX0iZht/file_3485.webp17:56
=== Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass
tgBot<Georgecloon> @Stereofont, Would it be best to wait with getting a new device then? I have an E5 now which is fine, but I'd rather have a core device with all the features.18:00
tgBot<ebetonro> @Georgecloon I think is best to wait a few more monts if you can ...18:02
tgBot<Stereofont> If you gave an E5 which is working fine, I think it would be a mistake to switch. In six months you might fancy an LG or a OnePlusThreeT?18:02
tgBot<Georgecloon> Alright, I'll wait then18:03
tgBot<Stereofont> The only exception is if you have a strong principled desire for a Fairphone18:04
tgBot<Georgecloon> @Stereofont, Not really, I mostly get second hand phones18:04
tgBot<Stereofont> Disclaimer: 6 months is not a promise 😁18:05
tgBot<Georgecloon> I just think ot would be a shame if I bought an OPO and a few months later something like a OnePlus Two would be available for use with UT18:06
tgBot<Georgecloon> @Stereofont, No I know18:06
tgBot<ebetonro> Or even 3T18:06
tgBot<Stereofont> Unless you got your money back18:06
tgBot<Stereofont> Then there is BQ to consider18:07
tgBot<Georgecloon> Uhh, I don't think people want their phone back a few months after I bought it18:08
tgBot<Stereofont> I meant reselling18:08
tgBot<Georgecloon> Oh18:08
tgBot<ebetonro> @Georgecloon, With UT on it and not with Android please :))18:08
tgBot<dohbee> @Stereofont, Fairphone is a decent match on principle, but not on hardware, unfortunately :-/18:09
tgBot<Georgecloon> @ebetonro, Of course πŸ˜„18:09
tgBot<dohbee> @Stereofont, Well, Purism Librem 5 is supposed to be shipping in 12 months :)18:09
tgBot<Stereofont> @dohbee, If Lego made a phone …18:10
tgBot<Georgecloon> @Stereofont, I kinda loath reselling 😬18:10
tgBot<dohbee> it'd be awful and made from slave labor?18:10
tgBot<Stereofont> @dohbee, True. Bad example18:10
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee, I still don't think they will manage but I want to be wrong this time18:11
tgBot<Flohack> @dohbee, How many fingers you are crossing ^^18:12
tgBot<dohbee> i don't doubt they'll ship a black phone sized box with the proclaimed hardware18:12
tgBot<dohbee> it definitely won't have an OS on it that competes with android/ios18:12
tgBot<dohbee> but it won't require android, and you can run upstream kernel, so should be fairly plausible to get ubports running on it very quickly18:13
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee, That is what I meant they will have something like ubports or full opensource as they say it will be?!18:13
tgBot<dohbee> oh it'll be full open source18:13
tgBot<dohbee> they plan to release schematics for the phone too, and for their laptops (i understand there are some legal barriers for the laptops they are working through though)18:14
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee, This is what I still need to see18:14
tgBot<dohbee> you don't think it will be open source?18:14
tgBot<ebetonro> Yeap18:14
tgBot<ebetonro> To many legal issues18:14
tgBot<dohbee> nope18:14
tgBot<ebetonro> They said it will be open source18:14
tgBot<dohbee> it's not a qualcomm or exynos or mtk SoC18:15
tgBot<dohbee> the only thing that won't be open source i think, is the baseband modem18:15
tgBot<ebetonro> But they didn't said how they will manage to do that18:15
tgBot<dohbee> everything else pretty much already has drivers in the upstream kernel18:15
tgBot<dohbee> they're building it on mx6/mx8 chip, and using only components which have open drivers or which can have open drivers18:16
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee, There is no full opensource then18:16
tgBot<dohbee> don't be a pedantic troll18:16
tgBot<ebetonro> First I'm not18:16
tgBot<dohbee> first everything i said is clearly mentioned on their web site18:17
tgBot<ebetonro> I am a backer of the ptoject18:17
tgBot<dohbee> they never said there would be an open source baseband18:17
tgBot<dohbee> they said as much as possible, which means pretty much everything but the baseband18:17
tgBot<dohbee> and you're on here arguing about whether you think they will do that or not, because the baseband won't be open18:17
tgBot<ebetonro> Let me search for their first video they released18:18
tgBot<ebetonro> And after that I will let you make me a troll18:18
tgBot<TartanSpartan> Now that you mention it because I've never considered: is it possible to develop an open source baseband?18:18
tgBot<dohbee> no18:18
tgBot<dohbee> well, technically yes18:18
tgBot<ebetonro> If they did said full opensource18:18
tgBot<dohbee> legally i think not18:19
tgBot<dohbee> the baseband will have a hardware kill switch18:19
tgBot<dohbee> and the schematic will be released18:19
tgBot<dohbee> so you can have a "fully open source phone" which doesn't work with GSM radio, or you can build one yourself18:20
tgBot<dohbee> you're not going to get a "fully open source phone" with GSM radio anywhere18:20
tgBot<dohbee> now, their goal is obviously to push the industry to that point18:20
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee, I agree with you man don't get me wrong18:21
tgBot<TartanSpartan> It wouldn't help myself and others either way, the problem we have is the method of flashing the baseband.18:21
tgBot<ebetonro> But I know what THEY said in their first videos they released18:21
tgBot<dohbee> Todd has always said the goal is to have a fully open source phone, but if the baseband can't be, it won't be, but it will have baseband because it's something people need18:21
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @dohbee, he is not a troll.  he is a great guy18:22
tgBot<dohbee> but i guarantee you if a baseband modem appears between now and april, that is open source, they will almost certainly switch to it18:22
tgBot<delijati> how to run a app qith `qmlscene Main.qml` on ubports i get a mir connection error ...18:22
tgBot<dohbee> @wayneoutthere, great guys can sometimes be trolls too18:22
tgBot<wayneoutthere> not this one18:23
tgBot<Stereofont> @wayneoutthere, +118:23
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee so I'm wrong and right in the same time I can live whit that18:23
tgBot<wayneoutthere> I however am a great guy and will troll you to the park and back ;)18:23
tgBot<ebetonro> Guys calm down if thr man is right i bow myself18:24
tgBot<ebetonro> We just talk here18:24
tgBot<wayneoutthere> I may be joking....18:26
tgBot<ebetonro> Maybe language barier is strong but if he is right then why not to listen to him18:26
tgBot<ebetonro> @wayneoutthere ... You stalker18:26
tgBot<wayneoutthere> 😱18:26
tgBot<wayneoutthere> 😍18:26
tgBot<dohbee> what i'm afraid of for the purism phone is that it might just be empathy and telepathy-ofono for the dialer/sms support18:28
tgBot<TartanSpartan> The world needs a little more empathy these days though, eh? :)18:29
tgBot<dohbee> yes and no18:29
tgBot<bhushanshah> @dohbee, ?18:29
tgBot<dohbee> empathy the software i would be happy to do away with18:30
tgBot<dohbee> @bhushanshah, ?18:30
tgBot<bhushanshah> Oh well yeah but telepathy ofono?18:30
tgBot<dohbee> yeah, how else would empathy talk to the hardware?18:31
tgBot<dohbee> (i mean, we use telepathy-ofono on ubuntu phone, but the integration is way better than what empathy is)18:31
tgBot<bhushanshah> Well we also use telepathy-ofono on plasma mobile but empathy is something I hear for first time18:32
tgBot<dohbee> empathy is the gnome im app on top of telepathy18:34
tgBot<bhushanshah> Oh well .. at least plasma mobile edition of it won't use empathy πŸ˜‚18:34
tgBot<dohbee> well sure, neither will android18:34
tgBot<dohbee> but my understanding is they want to ship gnome by default as the "PureOS" option there18:35
tgBot<bhushanshah> Well, I doubt so after response from gnome devs18:36
tgBot<dohbee> well they didn't switch to plasma on their laptops as a result of that18:37
tgBot<dohbee> anyway :)18:37
tgBot<bhushanshah> Laptop might be different story18:37
tgBot<dohbee> back to the baby steps of getting my system to where "ubuntu personal" should have gotten (but without snappy and some other things)18:44
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @mimecar this might be interesting for you with your book: https://api-docs.ubports.com/UbuntuTouchAPIDocs.epub18:58
tgBot<mimecar> is an API doc?18:58
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Right. The API docs are at api-docs.ubports.com18:58
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> That epub is built alongside them18:58
tgBot<mimecar> Is the same doc used by Canonical?18:59
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It's built from all the documentation in the relevant packages18:59
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> So... yes, but it's different18:59
tgBot<mimecar> Okay. At the moment I don't know if the Qt version of UBports and Ubuntu Touch is the same.19:00
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @bhdouglass has the exact specifics on how it works19:00
tgBot<mimecar> I'll check it out. It may be good for the course. Now what I was using was basically Qt's documentation and at specific times, Canonical's documentation.19:00
tgBot<mimecar> thanks πŸ˜‰19:01
tgBot<bhdouglass> It should be using whatever version is being used on ubport's ubuntu touch as it's using the same repos & ppas19:11
tgBot<samitormanen> Is there any guide how to modify ubports kernel, build and install it?19:14
tgBot<padraic7a> @dohbee, Mind if I ask what you are planning?19:41
tgBot<dohbee> @padraic7a, i want to get rid of debs19:42
tgBot<padraic7a> So you are going for Ubuntu core and snaps? Is that not the direction the distro is going too? What are you looking to do differently?19:43
tgBot<dohbee> no, snaps are insufficient, and snapd does a lot of things i don't wnat19:43
tgBot<dohbee> snapd turned into being a lot like a secondary systemd19:44
tgBot<dohbee> which is definitely not nice19:44
tgBot<dohbee> snaps are not nice for user level things either. it's kind of a bunch of hackery for it to work the way it does now under xorg/wayland, and the dependency handling bits are meh (the contracts are for IPC, not ABI)19:46
tgBot<dohbee> a full ubuntu core system also requires you to log in to ubuntu sso to even use the system. it doesn't really have local users19:47
tgBot<rogieroudshoorn> i don't think windows or unix really solved this problem area any better19:47
tgBot<rogieroudshoorn> guess we'll have to wait a while for someone to enlighten me ;)19:48
tgBot<Mr_Doge> snaps make linux more "windoey"19:48
tgBot<rogieroudshoorn> trust me, windows class loading is god damn awful19:48
tgBot<rogieroudshoorn> if you want to support too many things, you'll end up there19:49
tgBot<dohbee> a bunch of windows is awful because you can take an app built for windows 1.0 and run it on windows 1019:50
tgBot<rogieroudshoorn> not sure you can run pre-xp stuff in windows without "compatibility" (=VM) mode19:51
tgBot<dohbee> @Mr_Doge, snaps don't make linux any more like windows than 8.3 filenames do19:52
tgBot<rogieroudshoorn> but in general they're quite good at that yeah ;)19:52
delijatisome knows how to run qmlscene Main.qml under terminal in ubports its crashes with a mir error19:58
tgBot<dohbee> @delijati, https://askubuntu.com/questions/642444/how-do-i-simply-run-an-ubuntu-touch-app-from-the-terminal19:59
tgBot<Mr_Doge> can anyone tell me how to add repo to sources.list πŸ˜¬πŸ˜“19:59
tgBot<Mr_Doge> wanna add http://repo.halium.org/caf this19:59
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I sent you commands in the halium group earlier20:00
tgBot<Mr_Doge> really .. lemme check20:00
tgBot<Mr_Doge> thanks... i havent used deb based distro in a while ..20:01
tgBot<Mr_Doge> @UniversalSuperBox, can you help me out at halium group?20:19
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Mr_Doge, Sorry, a little busy right now20:34
tgBot<Mr_Doge> ^^20:36
tgBot<xreactx> @popescu_sorin, Why is this yuge (huge)? Yuge in terms of a bigger app ecosystem?20:43
tgBot<Stereofont> @xreactx, If KDE apps run natively that would be 'huge'?21:12
tgBot<xreactx> Ubports and KDE plasma-mobile should merge?21:13
tgBot<popescu_sorin> @xreactx, oh :D it's huge for me because i'll be maybe able to use 16.04 as a daily driver with wayland and snaps21:17
tgBot<xreactx> (Sticker, 392x512) https://irc.ubports.com/ZKHLdIHg/file_348621:17
tgBot<popescu_sorin> @xreactx, https://community.ubuntu.com/t/next-steps-for-wayland-support/112221:18
tgBot<buio63> (Sticker, 512x454) https://irc.ubports.com/Ltqe9X00/file_348721:33
tgBot<Markus> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/rORcbKbd/file_348821:39
tgBot<buio63> I will try to install UBports on my E45. Many thanks for your job.21:39
tgBot<Stereofont> @buio63, Please visit the Welcome Room. Link is here21:40
tgBot<Markus> Nice Sticker21:41
tgBot<Stereofont> https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome21:41
tgBot<Stereofont> Also for information https://t.me/ubportsitaliano21:42
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @xreactx, I've been preaching this message from day one but I'm not a developer... there may be a reason why they didn't but I don't understand this reason.  I think PureOS, Plasma and UBports should be β€”> UBports/Ubuntu Touch (on steroids and fire)21:45
tgBot<wayneoutthere> many developers say 'variety is better' but I say 'variety doesn't help on the battle field'.  Unity does.21:45
tgBot<wayneoutthere> But I"m just one man.... out there.21:46
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> All comes down to different goals21:46
tgBot<ebetonro> @wayneoutthere, +121:47
tgBot<dohbee> @wayneoutthere, you need both. unified variety of horses, archers, trebuchets, and other things.21:48
tgBot<xreactx> One joint platform with many goals21:48
tgBot<wayneoutthere> i love analogies.21:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> "Stop! I need to load an android app to call my mom" … *whips out anbox on UT* … "Don't shoot!  I need to make my old phone work!" … *whips out Plasma* … "Fire in the hole! Impress the ladies!" … *whips out expensive Purism phone with PureOS21:51
tgBot<ebetonro> @xreactx, I think linux is already what you say and that is good for desktops and laptops but in the mobile world there is such a need for one good plathorm that we need to let asaid differences and find unity but this is me and I am eger to help on any level for this to happend21:51
tgBot<xreactx> (Sticker, 348x512) https://irc.ubports.com/szaDzAPY/file_348921:52
tgBot<dohbee> too little cooperation, not just for mobile21:53
tgBot<JBBgameich> @wayneoutthere, Plasma Mobile is just the GUI. The images available are reference images. The reference images are based on the same things that ubports uses too, but implement Halium more correct currently. What I want to say is that there is not much too merge anymore (assuming UBports will get more Halium compatible soon). Two GUIs are quite nice, not everyone lilkes the same (like different DEs on Desktop OS)21:53
tgBot<dohbee> we should have put ms out of business already21:53
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee, That is more a matter of choice on desktop man but on mobile, at the moment, there are only 2 choices sign with apple and let them control your privacy or sign with google and let them sold your privacy21:55
tgBot<malditobastardo> @wayneoutthere, 😹😹😹21:56
tgBot<dohbee> @ebetonro, a) there is no such thing as a "desktop"21:56
tgBot<dohbee> b) there really isn't any choice there either21:56
tgBot<ebetonro> ok I will not argue again on something with you today21:57
tgBot<ebetonro> you are right21:57
tgBot<dohbee> lol, not trying to argue. just saying if you want to produce multimedia, you use mac. if you want to play games, you use windows. if your a certain class of developer, you might use linux. that's just pretty much how it goes21:58
tgBot<ebetonro> I play games21:59
tgBot<ebetonro> on linux21:59
tgBot<dohbee> and "desktop" is a vague meaningless term.21:59
tgBot<dohbee> me too21:59
tgBot<ebetonro> I produce movies on linux21:59
tgBot<dohbee> not saying it isn't possible21:59
tgBot<ebetonro> and I write code on linux21:59
tgBot<ebetonro> it is my choice21:59
tgBot<dohbee> but some games you can't play on linux21:59
tgBot<dohbee> plenty of software you can't use on linux21:59
tgBot<dohbee> if you're trained in pro tools, logic, photoshop, etc, you're not using linux for it.22:00
tgBot<Flohack> @dohbee, @ebetonro coming back to the legal issues, one of them is restrictions on radio communication devices at all. If you do an open source baseband, and the firmware is open source, someone could change radio frequencies and transmitting power. And that can cause some havoc if you hit the right bands. You will never get an official approval on such a device, if it potentially interferes with government, air traffic, military etc. frequencies. T22:00
tgBotair itself is not "open source" these days...22:00
tgBot<Flohack> So you could not sell it, at least not in Western hemisphere ^^22:00
tgBot<dohbee> yep22:01
tgBot<ebetonro> @dohbee, I use photoshop and corel at work and GIMP at home and let me tell you that gimp has come a long way on many levels22:03
tgBot<ebetonro> @Flohack exactly the point I was afraid22:03
tgBot<ebetonro> and I know that you are right22:03
tgBot<dohbee> @ebetonro, yep, i use only linux. but it means i can't do things like play the new Doom, or Prey, or lots of other games. it means lots of web services don't give a damn about me.22:04
tgBot<dohbee> and this is still a problem, exactly because the open source world is too fragmented22:05
tgBot<Jo_Led> @Stereofont, i cannot seem to clear the cache, but i tried. my cache is also not that full. tried again witht the ubports installer and it now says protocol failure at 8% in adb push22:08
tgBot<Jo_Led> any change that the ubports installer is buggy?22:13
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Protocol failure would indicate that your USB connection is unreliable22:13
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Try a different USB port and cable, see if there's anything in the physical USB port on your phone22:13
tgBot<Stereofont> Or wobbly micro usb port22:14
tgBot<Jo_Led> Filesystem                                   Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on … udev                                         474M  4.0K  474M   1% /dev … tmpfs                                         96M  304K   95M   1% /run … /dev/mmcblk0p7                                12G  1.9G  9.3G  17% /userdata … /dev/mmcblk0p6                               2.0G  1.8G  174M  91% / … /dev/loop0                                   142M  141M  1.8M  99%22:14
tgBotnone                                         4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /android … tmpfs                                        476M  4.0K  476M   1% /etc/fstab … /dev/disk/by-path/platform-mtk-msdc.0-part5  689M  405M  285M  59% /android/cache … none                                         4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup … tmpfs                                        476M   20K  476M   1% /tmp … cgmfs                                        100K    22:14
tgBot/run/cgmanager/fs … none                                         5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock … none                                         476M  112K  476M   1% /run/shm … none                                         100M     0  100M   0% /run/user … tmpfs                                        476M     0  476M   0% /media … tmpfs                                        476M     0  476M   0% /var/lib/sudo … tmpfs                               22:14
tgBot1% /run/user/32011 … tmpfs                                         96M     0   96M   0% /run/user/0 … /dev/mmcblk1                                  30G  6.1G   24G  21% /media/phablet/5C42-05AF22:14
tgBot<Stereofont> Or kinked cable etc22:14
tgBot<Jo_Led> See anything unusual?22:14
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> No, protocol failure indicates something wrong with the connection22:15
tgBot<Jo_Led> Ok, but last time it says something about the cache...22:15
tgBot<Stereofont> Wooden toothpick to fetch dust out of the USB ports also can be good22:16
tgBot<Jo_Led> now other usb and other cable and this:22:25
tgBot<Jo_Led> (Photo, 800x624) https://irc.ubports.com/0PpGEcfD/file_3491.jpg22:25
tgBot<padraic7a> @dohbee, Ok, interesting explanation, thanks. What will what you come up with look like? A distro? A flavour of Ubuntu or a Debian overlay or something else? Or will it be just for you and not distributed?22:26
tgBot<Flohack> @Jo_Led, definitely hardware22:26
tgBot<Jo_Led> @Flohack, as in dust/cable?22:26
tgBot<dohbee> @padraic7a, i don't know 100% yet. but likely not a flavor or overlay. no point since i don't want debs.22:27
tgBot<Jo_Led> or should i throw the phone out of the window, because that idea sounds better and better by the minute22:27
tgBot<Jo_Led> info: Exists /home/johannes/.cache/ubports/images/vegetahd/recovery-vegetahd.img … info: Download complete … info: done downloading(once listener) … debug: fastboot: flash; [object Object] … debug: Running platform tool exec asar cmd fastboot flash recovery "/home/johannes/.cache/ubports/images/vegetahd/recovery-vegetahd.img" … error: Devices: Error: Fastboot: Unknown error:  sending 'recovery' (10046 KB)... … OKAY [  0.473s] … writing 22:28
tgBot(status read failed (No such device)) … finished. total time: 6.408s22:28
tgBot<padraic7a> @dohbee, That's all interesting sounding. Looking forward to hearing about what you come up with. Thanks for answering my questions, and good luck!22:31
tgBot<dohbee> thanks22:31
tgBot<Jo_Led> with the wipe option i come a lot further. it pushes file 1 of 13 until this happens:22:34
tgBot<Jo_Led> debug:  β€¦ info: Adb push, NaN% left … debug: Running platform tool exec cmd adb -P 5038 shell stat -t /cache/recovery//ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz |awk '{print $2}' … debug:  β€¦ info: Adb push, NaN% left … debug:  Error: Command failed: adb -P 5038 push /home/johannes/.cache/ubports/pool/ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz /cache/recovery/ … fai22:34
tgBot'/home/johannes/.cache/ubports/pool/ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery//ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz': No space left on device …     at ChildProcess.exithandler (child_process.js:217:12) …     at emitTwo (events.js:106:13) …     at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:194:7) …     at maybeClose (internal/child_process.js:899:16) …     at Sock22:34
tgBot(internal/child_process.js:342:11) …     at emitOne (events.js:96:13) …     at Socket.emit (events.js:191:7) …     at Pipe._handle.close [as _onclose] (net.js:510:12) … error: Devices: Error: Adb push error: failed to copy '/home/johannes/.cache/ubports/pool/ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery//ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz': No space lef22:34
tgBotDevices: Adb push error: failed to copy '/home/johannes/.cache/ubports/pool/ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery//ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz': No space left on device … debug: Running platform tool exec cmd adb -P 5038 shell stat -t /cache/recovery//ubports-e5cf0885f061c9615931cf863a43f65d8590aa71027315ad71999252ce118868.tar.xz |awk '{print $22:34
tgBotinfo: Adb push, NaN% left22:34
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Please don't paste very long logs into Telegram22:34
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Use a service like Pastebin or paste.ubuntu.com instead22:35
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Is your phone otherwise full?22:35
tgBot<Jo_Led> https://paste.ubuntu.com/26309206/22:36
tgBot<Stereofont> Welcome Room is best for install discussions22:37
tgBot<Jo_Led> @Stereofont, Could you invite me there? Or how can I join there?22:37
tgBot<Stereofont> https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome22:38
tgBot<Stereofont> Cluck on the button there22:38
tgBot<Jo_Led> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/htktGjCa/file_349222:38
tgBotMidhun was added by: Midhun22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, hmmm.... i like what I'm reading here ;)22:51
tgBot<Midhun> Has some one tried installing Ubuntu touch on mipad ?22:51
tgBot<dohbee> it is not a supported device and would require porting. i've not heard of anyone porting to that device22:52
tgBot<Midhun> Ok, thanks22:53
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Midhun, Hi Midhun and welcome to the group!  Here is a lnk to an awesome page to get you started:  β€¦ https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome  β€¦ Here if you need me.22:53
tgBot<Stereofont> @Stereofont, Success 😎23:59

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