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ahasenackwith whom can I speak about dep8/excuses/autopkgtest test bed setup?12:24
ahasenackI have a failure in armhf that, according to my research, only started happening when the test bed moved from lxc to lxd12:25
ahasenackthe other architectures are not using lxd and are using vms, where the error doesn't happen12:25
ahasenackhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/trusty/update_excuses.html#iproute2 armhf "regression"12:26
ahasenackin autopkgtest (first line with a red)12:27
didrocksahasenack: hey! this is basically a question for L_aney but he's on holidays until next week AFAIK12:32
didrocksIIRC, the wiki only mentions vms (to test on armhf), so can't really help you there12:33
ahasenackdidrocks: which wiki? Maybe I can get more information there12:33
didrocksahasenack: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration/AutopkgtestInfrastructure12:33
ahasenackdidrocks: thanks12:33
didrocksahasenack: and http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/auto-pkg-test.html#executing-the-test12:35
didrocksthat was the one I was looking for (but using VMs)12:35
ahasenackall fails since the switch to lxd12:37
ahasenacklast green was with lxc12:38
didrocksahasenack: maybe you can try as well with s_tgraber (unsure when he's back)12:38
rbasakIn their absence, I wonder if it would be acceptable to force-badtest tests that ahasenack locally confirms pass in lxc.12:39
ahasenackrbasak: I was just about to ask you to import autopkgtest into git :)12:40
rbasakPerhaps a little difficult with armhf though12:40
ahasenackmh, yeah, I don't have my arm board here12:40
didrocksmaybe try the above setup in a qemu vm? ^12:40
rbasakahasenack: OK importing12:40
ahasenackI tried arm in qemu once, wasn't sucessful at all12:41
didrocksbeen a long time I hopefully didn't need to do that as well ;)12:41
ahasenackhad to work around some things in autopkgtest, but in the end it wouldn't boot12:41
ahasenackrbasak: did you pay attention to the authentication request from lplib this time? :)12:49
ahasenack(wrt importing autopkgtest)12:49
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rbasakahasenack: haven't had one yet. It may still happen at the end!12:59
ahasenackit's waiting for then you are not looking12:59
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* ahasenack -> snack13:15
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jbichadoko: would you be interested in doing some python GNOME2 removals like LP: #1739800 and LP: #1731725 ?14:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1739800 in x-tile (Ubuntu) "Please remove gnome-python from Ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173980014:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1731725 in pygtksourceview (Ubuntu) "Remove pytgtksourceview from Ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173172514:16
ahasenackrbasak: how's the autopkgtest import going?14:19
rbasakahasenack: it was stuck on the LP auth :-)14:25
rbasakahasenack: it's now (apparently) pushing.14:25
rbasakahasenack: it was the zombie hang bug. Something should be pushed now, at least.14:37
ahasenackrbasak: confirmed, I was able to clone it14:39
xnoxdoko, apw - could you please help me to understand what is the current next step for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amd64-microcode/+bug/1521174 ? it's an old bug, which got recently resurrected, and it seems like it is being ignored.15:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1521174 in amd64-microcode (Ubuntu) "[MIR] amd64-microcode (multiverse -> restricted)" [High,Triaged]15:09
xnoxwhat's next todo for it?15:10
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slangasekinfinity, kees: do we have a TB chair today?20:02
keesslangasek: oop! I can, one sec20:05
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NewGnuGuyWhat is the process for moving a package from multiverse into universe if it is fully freely licensed? I'm asking specifically about the package redeclipse.21:25
rbasakNewGnuGuy: ask an archive admin. I think. If you can't find one here, you can file a bug and subscribe ~ubuntu-archive to it.21:30
NewGnuGuyThe upstream Debian package is in Debian main which should in and of itself qualify the package for the universe repository.21:32
cjwatsonIt's just that it was in Debian contrib when it was first introduced, which automatically shunted it into multiverse.  As rbasak says, file a bug and subscribe ~ubuntu-archive, should be easy.21:34
NewGnuGuyHow do I file a bug and what do you mean by "subscribe ~ubuntu-archive"? I've never done this before21:37
cjwatson(you'll need a Launchpad account, if you don't already have one)21:37
cjwatsonthen after you've filed it, you'll see "subscribe someone else" at the right-hand side; click that and enter "ubuntu-archive"21:38
* rbasak wonders what ?no-redirect does21:47
daxstops it from redirecting to the "how to use apport" wikipage, iirc21:47
rbasakHmm. I've never seen that behaviour. Or is that because I'm special somehow?21:48
wgrantrbasak: ~ubuntu-bugcontrol is exempt from the redirect.22:01
rbasakI see. Thanks.22:07

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