wxladd yourself as a mentor to this task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/5680903613317120/02:10
wxl@tsimonq2: ^^^02:10
wxlalso that one is for you to work on konrad11901 ^^^02:10
tsimonq2wxl: booom02:11
heesenelopio,could you please take a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5800996720607232/?sp-page=207:02
omairqaziwxl as i wanted to reclaim the lubuntu upgrade task i abandoned previous ubuntu task. will that affect the quality of my work?07:30
omairqazipopey as i wanted to reclaim the lubuntu upgrade task i abandoned previous ubuntu task. will that affect the quality of my work?07:40
popeyGood morning everyone08:10
heesengood morning08:16
konrad11901good morning :)08:16
daniellimwsheesen: hey your pull request did not pass the static tests08:17
m4sk1npopey: so, any plans for the lxd translation task?08:43
popeym4sk1n: yes, when i get a moment09:03
omairqazihi can someone explain me this HINT: install in a virtual machine, take a snapshot, upgrade, then revert the snapshot and upgrade again to keep from having to install twice. why do we need to install twice09:14
omairqazirelated to lubuntu upgrade task09:15
konrad11901Lubuntu Upgrade task asks you to do the whole "Upgrade Lubuntu" testsuite. It has four testcases, two of them ask you to upgrade from 16.04, and the other ones - from 17.10. Without creating the snapshots, you'll have to install the OS four times (2x16.04 and 2x17.10), while with snapshots you'll have to install Lubuntu twice (1x16.04 and 1x17.10).09:20
konrad11901For example, you can install the 16.04, make a snapshot, do an upgrade with update-manager, restore the snapshot and do an upgrade with an image09:22
omairqazithanks man!09:23
konrad11901np :)09:25
omairqaziwhere can i get the lubuntu 18.04 image11:54
omairqaziplease ignore11:56
TejuJust saw a task on Google code in.12:12
daniellimwsheber, hi are you free?12:33
heberdaniellimws, in a couple of minutes12:41
daniellimwsheber, would it be better if I left a comment in the code in task website or just mention my concerns here?12:50
rvcool855hiiii every budy i am harsh and i am gci student12:52
daniellimwshi rvcool85512:52
rvcool855hey i want to know about GCI more can you all help me12:54
daniellimwssure, do you have any questions?12:55
=== Rama is now known as Guest29395
daniellimwsheber, may I know if there are any online tutorials or guides for autopilot? I can't seem to find any13:18
daniellimwsthere is a weird problem with the tests, everything does not work, unless the search button is clicked13:19
daniellimwsi'm thinking that the app may not have been "ready" until someone clicks onto it13:19
daniellimwswhat do you think?13:19
heberdaniellimws, it is ok to comment here and in the task as well. I will read your comments now.13:25
daniellimwsok thanks13:26
heberdaniellimws, regarding the tutorial. In autopilot repo you can find some tutorials in "docs" folder13:27
m4sk1nthese tutorials are more for Qt, not gtk :/13:36
daniellimwsm4sk1n: which are you referring to?13:37
daniellimwsthe autopilot docs?13:37
daniellimwsright they are for Qt13:38
m4sk1ntutorial is only about testing Qt app13:42
daniellimwsm4sk1n: yea but most concepts are actually similar13:42
m4sk1ntesting gtk apps isn’t very different, but there should be some good reference13:42
m4sk1nis it idea for another task? :D13:43
daniellimwshaha would be something good to have13:43
m4sk1nfor example, I don’t know how to check for styles13:45
daniellimwsheber, is there anyway to check whether an object is "seen" on the screen13:54
daniellimwssomehow the "visible" property is always true even if the item is not there13:54
heberdaniellimws, for sure there is any property that changes when it is seen in the screen13:57
daniellimwsheber, really can't find any :(14:02
heberdaniellimws, which element is that?14:11
daniellimwsheber, the gtkflowbox for categories14:11
daniellimwsheber, can't seem to find a differentiating property for the category items when the arrow button is clicked14:12
daniellimwsif I check for visible=True, then it will also be a pass, not sure if that will be a false positive14:12
daniellimwsheber, are you able to find a property that works?14:32
heberdaniellimws, let me try. The problem is when you expand the categories to see more?14:32
daniellimwsheber, yes, for both when it is expanded or not, the "visible" property is still true14:33
daniellimwsheber, for this task, is it ok if I don't convert every single manual test to automated ones?14:52
daniellimwsfeel that I've spent too long on this, wanna move on to other tasks..14:53
FaraazHi I just claimed the read tutorial task15:05
daniellimwsheber, hi I've made a merge request and submitted the task on code in15:45
cpt_n3mohello anyone16:02
nick-obrienHello elopio, kyrofa, sergiusens, popey and flexiondotorg! I'm Nick and I'm working on the "Package and publish your first nodejs snap" on google code in16:45
kyrofaHey there nick-obrien, welcome!16:45
nick-obrienThank you!16:45
elopionick-obrien: hello!16:45
elopionick-obrien: do you want me to recommend a nice one to start?16:45
nick-obrienYes please16:45
elopionick-obrien: how about https://github.com/marionebl/svg-term-cli ?16:48
nick-obrienThat looks really interesting. I'll give it a try!16:49
elopiothanks nick-obrien, let us know if you have any questions16:52
balloonswxl, looks like the lubuntu test tracker task is much better written than the others. Could we make them all read nicely?16:53
nick-obrienThank you16:54
daniellimwselopio, kyrofa: I remember some time ago, there was a task about snapcraft stats17:02
daniellimwsif someone claimed it, may we know the repo that has it?17:03
elopiodaniellimws: https://github.com/elopio/random-scripts/pull/117:03
ubot93Pull 1 in elopio/random-scripts "Add gathering data from github" [Open]17:03
elopioomairqazi: hello17:03
omairqazihow are you elopio17:04
omairqazihappy new year17:04
elopiohappy new year omairqazi. I'm good, thank you. Are you starting to contribute with ubuntu?17:05
omairqazielopio yes17:06
elopioomairqazi: welcome! Here you will find other people on the same journey. Feel free to leave any question you might have.17:06
omairqazielopio chatting you for the first time17:06
omairqazielopio well i think i am old now but new to you17:07
omairqazii am here before 20 december17:07
elopioah, yes, I was away for a couple of weeks.17:07
daniellimwselopio: is it this one? https://github.com/DeniskaMazur/SnapGatherer17:08
elopiodaniellimws: yup17:09
omairqazielopio i heard about you while i was completing the publish python snap and i wanted you to transfer my snap name17:09
elopioomairqazi: for that, you have to talk to popey or flexiondotorg, they are the admins of snapcrafters.17:10
* popey looks up17:10
popeyno, transferring names is done via the forum17:10
wxlballoons: i did ping people like a million times in here and on the hub to alert them of that but yeah sure i can do it :/ XD17:10
omairqazioh guys i did not notice i am in the current leaders. well quantity<quality17:11
omairqazidoes someone know when balloons comes online17:11
omairqazinever saw him here17:12
daniellimwsomairqazi: balloons was here 30 mins ago17:12
elopiopopey: well, the first step is to ask you to fork the repo17:12
popeywell, no.17:12
elopioI will propose a small change on the checklist to mention that it has to be done through the forum17:12
popeyask the store to transfer and then we can17:12
popeyno point us forking when we can't push to the store because we dont own the snap17:13
daniellimwselopio: what does the snapcraft stats script do exactly? I tried to run main.py but just got stuck at Extracting repository urls17:14
m4sk1ngci-leaders.netlify.com everyone knows about this nice leaderboard?17:14
daniellimwsand it now even links to some people's github17:15
elopiodaniellimws: the idea is to count the number of features being used by snapcraft.yaml files in github.17:15
wxlwow lots of familiar names up there :)17:15
daniellimwsnumber of features?17:16
omairqazim4skln i know i am also there :)17:16
m4sk1nomairqazi: I see17:16
elopiodaniellimws: yes, how many snaps use a git source, for example. How many use a bazaar source, how many use a version-script, how many use each of the plugins17:17
m4sk1nbut maybe some of us only know about the official one17:18
daniellimwselopio: oh, so it literally searches through every repo in github that has a snapcraft.yaml?17:20
elopiopopey: https://github.com/snapcrafters/fork-and-rename-me/pull/5/files what do you think?17:21
ubot93Pull 5 in snapcrafters/fork-and-rename-me "Split the transfer step" [Open]17:21
elopiodaniellimws: only the ones that have a successful build in build.snapcraft.io17:21
daniellimwsoh ok that's quite cool17:23
daniellimwselopio: currently are there any more plans for snapcraft tasks? seems to be running out already17:24
omairqazican i discuss a lubuntu problem with someone here?17:24
elopiodaniellimws: not really, we have had our hands full reviewing the tasks.17:24
elopioI don't think we can handle more. But after the contest ends, we can think of following up the mentorships in case you are interested.17:25
wxlomairqazi: fire away or there's always #lubuntu-devel17:25
elopiowe can define a training path with you, to focus on the things that you would like to learn.17:25
daniellimwsok in that case at the meantime, I'll try to expose myself to other things17:26
daniellimwselopio: that'll be great, thanks17:26
omairqazielopio: i was talking about this. https://github.com/omairqazi/omairqazi-instantnews my task is already approved as kyrofa told me just to release my snap to stable17:26
elopiodaniellimws: there are many more tasks in the ubuntu org, and there are also many more free software orgs in need of contributions :)17:27
daniellimwsany ideas when will didrocks be back?17:27
elopioomairqazi: nice. I agree with kyrofa that the snap should be called just instantnews, no need to prefix it.17:28
daniellimwswould like to try out ubuntu desktop tasks while theres still some time left17:29
popey+1, don't prefix snap names17:29
popeywe only end up having to re-register and rename them17:29
elopioomairqazi: and I didn't like that you changed the README template, it would be a lot easier for snapcrafters to contribute if it follows the same structure.17:29
omairqaziya elopio: popey filed a bug as i was not able to register snap name instantnews17:30
omairqazielopio: so i didn't need to change the README17:30
daniellimwskenvandine: hi, may I know more about this https://codein.withgoogle.com/tasks/5411356859695104/?sp-organization=5133577048031232&sp-is_beginner=False is there any relevant repo to apply to patch onto?17:31
elopiodaniellimws: according to the calendar, didrocks is already back. Probably, catching up with tons of emails and requests but if you write to him, he should answer soon.17:31
daniellimwselopio: ok thanks, I'll ask when my current task gets approved17:31
omairqazielopio: so what should i do in the README now. remove the checkmarks?17:34
elopioomairqazi: your REAMDE should look like this one: https://github.com/snapcrafters/offlineimap17:34
elopioyou see that the screenshot is not at the bottom, and there's a section called snapcrafters that is not in yours17:35
elopioomairqazi: you can just check the differences between yours and this one: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/snapcrafters/offlineimap/master/README.md17:35
omairqazielopio: thanks!!17:36
daniellimwselopio: if you are free now, can you have a look at this? https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/python-snap-fails-to-import-module/323717:36
daniellimwsnot urgent though17:36
omairqaziwxl: please take a look at my submission https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5390375717961728/17:38
omairqazielopio: why python snaps does not work in ubuntu 17.1017:38
popeyWe should make all snap tasks very clear they should be done on 16.04 IMO17:40
elopiodaniellimws: I will try to check it later today, but it might be related to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/171263417:41
ubot93Launchpad bug 1712634 in Snapcraft "It is not possible to build a python snap that has setup.py requirements" [High, Triaged]17:41
Acceleratorpopey: You made it clear enough17:41
daniellimwsomairqazi: it's because snapcraft uses a different version of glibc than the host machine, I think, correct me if I'm wrong17:42
daniellimwselopio: ok thanks17:43
omairqaziAccelerator: I know. I was just asking why17:43
daniellimwsomairqazi: have you tried snapcraft cleanbuild before?17:44
daniellimwsstill possible to package python snaps on 17.10 if you use that17:44
daniellimwsperhaps not as good as doing it on 16.04, as you need to download bunch of stuff17:45
omairqazisomeone suggested me but i thought it would be better to use 16.04 for now17:45
omairqaziyes it takes a long tim17:45
omairqaziif i abandon some task will that affect the quality of my work17:45
daniellimwsI'm not sure, if you abandon, won't the quality be 0?17:46
elopiopopey: I updated the package and publish tasks to mention 16.0417:48
omairqazielopio: is this correct? https://github.com/omairqazi/omairqazi-instantnews/blob/master/README.md17:50
omairqazihi popey fork my repo (https://github.com/omairqazi/omairqazi-instantnews) into github.com/snapcrafters, transfer the snap name (omairqazi-instantnews) to snapcrafters, and configure the repo for automatic publishing into edge on commit17:52
popeyomairqazi: as I mentioned earlier, transferring the name requires a post in the store category on the forum17:52
omairqaziok popey17:53
elopioomairqazi: yes, that looks better. You can remove the [ ] from the name of the snap. And for some reason, all your text is bold. You might have left an open tag or something.17:53
popeyI would register instantnews and change the yaml so it isn't prefixed with your name17:53
omairqazithanks popey17:53
omairqaziif i reclaim an abandoned will that affect the quality17:54
elopioomairqazi: you are missing the text "This is the snap for instantnews, "17:54
omairqazicause lubuntu upgrade task was not working before17:54
omairqaziok elopio17:54
daniellimwsomairqazi: i think if your task is done properly generally the quality should be there right?17:55
daniellimwseven though you abandonned it before17:55
omairqaziok thanks17:55
elopioomairqazi: newsapi.org should be a link. And on the snapcraft.yaml, I don't understand why you chose version:
elopioomairqazi: you could use version: '1.2.4' and on the part, source-commit: de233b38a7ed8a6ed440e1700f02c1ef65f581a717:57
omairqazithank you very much elopio17:57
elopiothanks to you omairqazi17:58
omairqazielopio: how is it now? https://github.com/omairqazi/omairqazi-instantnews The rest i will do tomorrow(IST)18:03
elopioomairqazi: there is an <"/p> in there, but it's looking good18:04
omairqazielopio: how is it now? https://github.com/omairqazi/omairqazi-instantnews18:05
elopiolooks good to me.18:07
omairqazithanks everyone! bye! will come tomorrow18:07
omairqazifor now i will sleep18:08
konrad11901Does anyone know if Launchpad has some technical problems? I can't confirm any bug (timeout error) :/21:46
m4sk1nit's pretty common here22:00
konrad11901wxl: are you there?22:04
konrad11901or tsimonq2?22:06
tsimonq2konrad11901: yo22:07
tsimonq2Holy heck, I gotta pick up wxl's slack here :P22:08
tsimonq2konrad11901: Reviewing22:08
konrad11901oh umm22:08
konrad11901what are you reviewing?22:08
* tsimonq2 just sort of assumed things needed reviewing and checked the dashboard only to find four things ready22:10
tsimonq2konrad11901: Anyways, what's up? :)22:10
konrad11901one question22:10
konrad11901about the "Imrpove Lubuntu bug reports" task22:10
konrad11901should I do something like I did here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxtask/+bug/1722901?22:10
ubot93Launchpad bug 1722901 in lxtask (Ubuntu) "lxtask can not change priority of process" [Undecided, Confirmed]22:10
konrad11901I just want to be sure if I'm doing this task as I should before moving to other bugs :)22:11
tsimonq2So, the point of that task is to get three bugs ready to be worked on.22:12
tsimonq2(By whatever means, through providing more info, editing descriptions, etc.)22:12
tsimonq2But I think that counts for one, yeah.22:12
tsimonq2(Because you're helping be a lot more specific with the description.)22:13
konrad11901ok, thanks a lot :)22:13
tsimonq2Thank YOU for working on the task and helping to make Ubuntu better. ;)22:13
wxlsorry busy at work konrad11901. but did you notice your bug about the release upgrader is now assigned? should be fixed soon :)22:20
konrad11901yes, I noticed it22:23
Abhi_Hi, I have just started. So I installed ubuntu-desktop today and I am trying to get familiar with it.23:56

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