MooDoohowdy all07:04
daftykinshappy new year to you sir07:06
MooDooand to you :)07:06
* zmoylan-pi cracks whip made of cat 5 cables... 07:19
zmoylan-piback to work!!07:19
daftykinsah the ol' cat o' 5 tails :D07:20
MooDoobeen here since 5:45 :)07:20
daftykins:O someone's keen07:20
daftykinsfamily drive you that mad? ;)07:20
zmoylan-pihe's in work foraging for any last terry's chocolate oranges that might be there... :-P07:21
daftykinswoot 275GB SSD for £5807:23
MooDoolol just my time to be in early today, get to finish at 2 :)07:23
knightwisehey guys , I wanted to know : What is the correct telegram equivalent of this channel ?08:54
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:04
MooDoomorning brobostigon10:04
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:04
foobarryknightwise: is there such a thing? is it popular?11:51
foobarrythis chan is basically dead now11:51
MooDoo it's certainly not as busy as it used to be11:52
foobarryand the ubuntu community ppl who used to be here have essentially left11:52
MooDooeveryone moved on when they got made redundant11:52
zmoylan-piso many channels, so many users...11:53
foobarryis there a lively telegram chan then?11:54
knightwisefoobarry: where did they go ?14:32
knightwisehey czajkowski longtimenoC14:44
czajkowskiI know14:47
czajkowskiI am here14:47
czajkowskijust foroget to say hi14:47
knightwisefoobarr was just mentioning the fact that this channel has become very quiet of late14:47
foobarrymainly since that spinach loving sailor left14:52
knightwiseI looked around on telegram to see if they moved over the chatter over there but there is just a podcast channel with the announcements of new shows and tha tis it14:55
foobarryever felt there's a party happening somewhere but u aint invited?14:57
czajkowskithere is an Ubuntu telegram chat15:07
czajkowskiI have it on mute as it can get very chatty which is nice15:07
ali1234which is best, epub or mobi?16:52
knightwiseali1234: i perfer epub because its more universally accepted18:18
zmoylan-pihaven't seen a mobi reader/file in ages...18:18
nucc1Hi guys, i've just spent thepast 2 hours trying to get an ubuntu install working on my Nvidia powered UEFI system and I can't help but wonder: Why doesn't the installer automatically set "nomodeset" in the grub file when it knows i'm using nvidia?20:24
* nucc1 sighs :(20:26
nucc1the little paper cuts that make for a very frustrating experience. anyhoo. time to reboot now that i've installed nvidia drivers. Hopefully, these drivers know what to do to get my display working.20:30
m0nkey_Installing Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store feels... wrong.20:41
* zmoylan-pi dusts off some 3.5" floppies for m0nkey_ 20:57

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