waldo323good morning14:20
waldo323cmaloney, getting back to you re cron scheduling, we have some tasks on particular days weekly, some on particular schedules.  I'd be most interested in spacing/neatly scheduling the weekly jobs which need to be run on particular days14:22
waldo323happy new year!  wondering when I14:22
waldo323will write 2017 instead of 2018 first14:22
_stink_when you writ eyour first check of 201814:26
_stink_funny right, writing a check?14:26
waldo323not yet, I don't typically write them though, and I make use of things like date +%Y_%m_%d which should save me from messing it up for a while15:05
jrwrendate -R 4 lyfe yo.15:07
cmaloneyGood morning15:49
cmaloneywaldo323: I think you might want to check into a job scheduler15:49
jrwrenisn't cron a job scheduler?15:50
cmaloneyIt is, but something with a little more smarts than what cron has15:50
jrwrenbecause its not just multiple things needing schedules, it is state-interdependant multiple things needing schedules.15:51
cmaloneyYou also might want to look into something like Luigi: https://github.com/spotify/luigi15:51
waldo323thank you17:12
goat-gyeah, time of execution sounds like a needed bit here17:33
goat-gbrousch: I got an email from joindiaspora re your birthday on the first :) assumed it was a fake bday17:34
jrwrengoat-g: why are you a goat?17:37
jrwren`man timeout` limit the time something runs.17:40
goat-gjrwren: I decided to transition from irssi to weechat+glowing bear over break, not 100% happy with the config yet, so irssi is running with my real nick over in screen 0 :)17:42
* goat-g switches nicks17:43
=== greg-g is now known as greg-goat
=== goat-g is now known as greg-g
jrwrenyou could use `timeout -s STOP` and then manually examine why it took so long and stopped and then `kill -s CONT` to continue if you wanted to let it keep going.17:44
greg-gmeh, me just kills irssi17:44
* greg-g pours one out17:45
jrwrengreg-g: poor irssi. I'm not ready for the leap just yet.17:45
greg-gI know, and I just put this awesome irssi sticker on my new laptop (well, in Aug)17:46
cmaloneyI've been rather happy with Weechat greg-g so if you need some pointers I might be able to help with the transition18:14
cmaloneyand as always, dumb looks are free18:14
cmaloneys/dumb looks/blank expressions/18:15
greg-grubby ducky mode? :)18:18
greg-gI don't want to rub anything18:18
greg-gcmaloney: what are your buflist settings?18:19
greg-g/set buflist.*18:20
cmaloneyI don't think I did anything special in there18:23
* greg-g nods18:24
greg-gdoesn't look like it18:24
greg-gwhat frontend do you use?18:24
greg-g(if any)18:24
* greg-g nods18:24
greg-gright right. Was wondering if you were a 100% glowing bear or whatever person18:25
cmaloneya what?18:25
cmaloneyNo, I'm 100% terminal18:26
cmaloneyvia ssh18:26
cmaloney(though Glowing Bear looks rather nice)18:26
greg-gyeah, I'm doing glowing bear on my phone, and -curses via mosh+screen :)18:30
cmaloneyAlso - Pro-tip: Do not accidentally substitute * for % in Python: print("foo %s" * bar)18:32
cmaloneyThat does not end well18:32
jrwrenjust more evidence that static type checking is good.18:44
cmaloneyNah, I likke juggling with fire. :)18:47
Scary_GuyBut what advantages does cmaloney++ have over regular cmaloney?  Also, will Microsoft put out its own version of cmaloney#? :P20:39
greg-gcmaloney: do you use the smartfilter for filtering out most joins/parts?22:47

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