almostthereneed help00:00
almostthereis anyone in here ?00:01
barracudano you're in a maze of twisty little passages00:01
blackflowall alike.00:01
k3rn4l_4774ckshould I install virtualbox on ssd?00:21
k3rn4l_4774ckI want to install ubuntu00:22
k3rn4l_4774ckjust for education purpose00:22
rociaWhat's the extend of your "education purpose?"00:33
Grorcohi can anyone help my set up a remote desktop using ssh?00:40
GrorcoI can't seem to figure it out00:40
nmideGrorco: might be able to, can you provide more details about what you are trying to achieve? (example: windows to windows, linux to linux, windows to linux, etc...)00:41
sprashdo you mean how to use "rdesktop"?00:42
nmideis the reason you are using ssh because you need to create a tunnel for the connection00:42
Grorconmide, mint to mint00:42
Grorcordesktop crashes on me00:42
GrorcoI'm trying to remote to my raspberry pi00:42
sprashjust use ssh -X00:42
Grorcosprash, I am, but was looking for a visual desktop00:43
nmideok, I haven't used mint - so...grain of salt, but essentially out of the box most linux systems dont support windows style remote desktop00:44
nmideyou make client connections to an X "server" with applications00:44
sprashlook up tightvncserver00:44
nmideif you want a visual display, ^ yes, something like VNC00:44
Grorcocool! thanks guys :)00:44
GrorcoI don't mind cl but for somethings its just so much easier00:45
Grorcohaving visual00:45
Ben64Grorco: the mint support channel is at #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:45
nmidehey ubuntu folks if I have a fairly major (to me) issue that came up, and I want to determine how to provide information to report a bug, where is a good place to start?00:46
nmideessentially the 4.13 kernels that were automatically installed, all break the x86_64 kvm kernel module in some way00:46
Ben64break how00:47
nmidei had to go to the mainline page and manually download/install 4.8 kernel to get my VM running again00:47
Ben644.8? what os are you running00:47
nmidewell i'm not 100% sure but essentially the x86_64 dir is completely missing from kernel/arch in /lib/modules00:47
Bashing-om!bug | nmide00:47
ubottunmide: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:48
nmideok lsb_release says 17.10 "artful"00:48
Ben6417.10 _only_ has 4.13 kernel. you're doing it wrong by installing 4.800:49
nmidei agree, but this box hosts a VM for a 24/7 web game with hundreds of players00:49
nmidei need KVM to work00:49
nmide(it does now, with 4.8)00:49
Ben64probably should be on LTS then, but you're still doing it horribly wrong00:49
nmidethis is a classic scenario of a machine that's up for a long time, several newer kernels get installed without a reboot - and then when you reboot things brealk00:49
Ben64but 17.10 only has 4.13, it never had anything else00:50
simple_usercould you help me please...00:50
Ben64simple_user: not until you ask a question00:50
nmideok, then unfortunately i can't provide which precise update led to the issue00:50
nmidethat's too bad00:50
Ben64so you decided to break things more, cool00:50
nmidei mean - this machine was probably dist-upgraded at some point, or do-release-upgrade, so there could have been older kernels on the system00:50
nmideagain, i just needed it to work, it does now00:51
simple_userI need to fix my boot;  If I use commands: set root, linux /vmlinuz, initrd, boot00:51
Ben64if that's what you want, go for it00:51
Ben64it's not a bug though00:51
nmideno, what i want is to provide the info that anyone may need to prevent it from happening to other people00:51
simple_userI always boot in grub console and after that I can boot my linux00:51
simple_userHow can I fix it?00:52
thebardianAnybody know why using copy/paste in a libvirt guest would crash xorg in the guest? (this only happens when apparmor is enabled on the host)00:53
thebardian 00:53
nmideare you a developer? or just a helpful user here ben64? I want you to carefully think about how you responded to me here - i'm not looking to criticize anyone...if we boil things down, i'm saying "hey guys automatic updates broke KVM on my system, it won't run any guests and wont load the x64 version of the kernel module, i had to do some wonky stuff to get up and running again, but i'd rather fix things00:54
nmideright or report a bug if its a bug" and your response at its core is esentially "you broke things more, you are doing it wrong"00:55
simple_userWho knows how to fix the boot scenario?00:55
Bashing-omsimple_user: Have you tried the simple thing while booted ' sudo update-grub ' ? See if the initramfs gets re-written .00:55
simple_useryes, I have an error: stage1 not read correct00:55
nmidei'm not an idiot, i double checked that vt-x was still turned on in bios, i double checked a ton of other settings, i was at wit's end before installing the older packages, that wasn't my "goto" solution00:56
simple_userBashing-om: but grub console grub> always boot and I can boot kernel from it...00:56
Bashing-omsimple_user: K; that then implies to purge and re-install grub . Is this a EFI system, or are you booting MBR ?00:57
simple_userset root=(hd1,msdos1); linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb1; initrd /initrd.img; boot00:58
simple_userworks fine00:58
Bashing-omsimple_user: Have you a liveDVD(USB) on hand? And we can try a simple re-install of grub .00:59
simple_useryes, I have00:59
simple_userWhat should I do?00:59
Ben64nmide: you don't even know if that broke it00:59
Ben64and you're happy with your kludge so i don't see the problem01:00
vivekananda_phHi. I had installed Ubuntu 16.0 on uefi on ssd. Worked fine. Today swapped ssd to a new hd to install Windows. On swapping back ssd it says Bootable media not found. How do I repair Efi using live 16.04?01:00
nmidethe machine is a kvm host and an edge router that does nothing but host 1 vm and route IP traffic, your argument is technically correct but not accurate for the purposes of this conversation01:00
nmidei do know that the updates broke it, and i changed nothing but the version of the kernel installed to "fix" it01:00
Ben64you don't know, you said you don't know01:00
nmidedude, i dont care - my interest here is prevent other people from experiencing the same thing, nothing you've said so far is helpful in the slightest01:01
Bashing-omsimple_user: pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu ' so I know the partitoning and I provide the simple re-install from a live environment .01:01
nmidethe old adage "if you can't say anything nice" applies01:01
Ben64and you kept saying how you need it working and it works now, doesn't seem like you actually want to fix it for real01:01
nmideor maybe "if you can't say anything useful" would be better01:01
simple_userBashing-om: How I can add this IRC to another program, since I need to boot on live usb01:05
Bashing-omsimple_user: Unable to advise in that respect . never done it myself .01:07
oerhekslike you found this ?01:07
simple_user__<Bashing-om> I've just boot from live usb01:08
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simple_user__ready! What should I do?01:10
Bashing-omsimple_user__: Great . pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu ' . And we see what we can do :)01:10
Bashing-omsimple_user__: Your ubuntu is on the second hard drive, what is set in bios for the boot priority ?01:17
simple_user__sda, sdb01:18
simple_user__I use custom bootloader and I can select boot device01:18
Bashing-omsimple_user__: And when you select sdb as the booting drive, what results ? Do we really need to re-install grub to sdb ?01:19
simple_user__I think no, When I boot from sdb alway opened grub>01:20
simple_user__I think something happend with grub config01:20
simple_user__when I entered to grub> I can boot my system01:21
vivekananda_ph anyone who can help me?01:22
simple_user__Can I fix this issue?01:23
bazhangsimple_user__, whats the custom grub01:23
simple_user__the custom bootloader is not grub01:24
simple_user__it called01:24
bazhangsimple_user__, so use the ubuntu grub01:24
simple_user__I can rewrite the bootloader, but I can load my system from grub console, so why I can add this commands to config01:25
Bashing-omsimple_user__: K' run from the liveUSB ' sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt ; sudo grub-install /dev/sdb --boot-directory=/mnt ; sudo umount /mnt ' . Reboot into the install and from the install run ' sudo update-grub ' . all good now ?01:25
Bashing-omsimple_user__: osl2000 is not supported here in ubuntu; If you want to use osl2000 please join ##linux, see what we can do there .01:27
simple_user__grub-install /dev/sdb --boot-directory=/mnt01:30
simple_user__Unrecognized option01:30
simple_user__mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt01:31
simple_user__all ok01:31
simple_user__root-directory :)01:33
simple_user__if use root-directory01:33
simple_user__the file /mnt/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly01:34
Bashing-omsimple_user__: Ouch .. as this is non-standated try as ' sudo grub-install /dev/sdb --root-directory=/mnt ' . where it is root vice boot .01:36
simple_user__I've just run this01:37
simple_user__the file /mnt/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly01:38
Bashing-omsimple_user__: Well, maybe we can purge grub .. and re-install from a full change root environment .01:39
simple_user__how to do it?01:39
Bashing-omsimple_user__: What kernel version are you running ' uname -r ' ?01:40
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lmntsi can't install Ubuntu Server via UEFI, everytime i get the message "grub-install dummy failed". this is on a 500MB empty ESP.02:20
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:20
oerhekslmnts, sounds like fastboot is enabled, or  Intel Smart Response Technology .. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:30
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daxI think the last time I had that sort of problem, it ended up being some setting in my UEFI about protecting the boot partition.02:33
lmntsi am using LVM on LUKS, is it needed to make a /boot unencrypted partition? or is an ESP enough02:33
oerheksthis guide says yes https://askubuntu.com/questions/355727/how-to-install-ubuntu-server-with-uefi-and-raid1-lvm02:36
secarideris mint18 help here02:38
oerhekssecarider, no, mint has its own issues02:38
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)02:38
secariderk tankz02:39
lmntsoerheks, that was it. i was using Solus previously and they don't use /boot, instead an initrd on the ESP02:52
ubuntuisworsethis is terrible02:55
ubuntuisworsethis server is terrible02:55
ubuntuisworseirc is terrible02:55
ubuntuisworsefuck this02:55
daxwell alrighty then.02:55
oerheks happy newyear02:56
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barracudafabrique belgique!04:40
mingdaoI have booted with Ubuntu-17.10 on a flash drive, and tried to install it twice. Both times it fails with "The 'grub-efi-amd-signed' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot.04:52
mingdaoIs this a known bug, and is there some way to overcome it/04:53
niruxHello, I'd like to talk to someone about the recent BIOS bug on 17.10, I want to switch to a more stable distro besides Arch and Ubuntu came to mind.04:54
niruxI own a Lenovo v570 but I also have the BIOS on a bootable flash drive which I've had to use before. I'd like to avoid reflashing if possible. Is Ubuntu 17.10 good to use or when will it?04:55
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aaronbmingdoo: Have you tried adding your own UEFI partition to your target install media?04:56
mingdaoaaronb: I am trying to install to an EFI partition.04:57
mingdaoI'm just using the installer icon on the desktop after booting with the flash drive.04:57
mingdaoaaronb: this is blkid output http://termbin.com/ual104:58
mingdaoI chose /dev/sdh1 for /boot04:59
mingdaoanddam: /dev/md126 for /; /dev/md124 for /home; /dev/md127 for swap05:02
mingdaosorry anddam ... aaronb parted before I finished pasting05:02
goonsanyone around with vps experience?05:03
mingdao1226 nicks and no one knows?05:41
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Guest29589My title bar for XFCE won't change when changing the GTK theme05:59
Guest29589Is that normal?05:59
sharkasdfI'm having a problem vnc'ing from Windows to my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop. It was working fine for the past few weeks, but yesterday it started failing. I've changed no settings other than apt-get update && upgrade. I'm unable to connect to Plex server either (ubuntu). When I ping my router on ubuntu I get "ping: sendmsg: operation not permitted". The internet works, the laptop is the correct ip address. I can vnc in right when ubuntu06:00
sharkasdfboots up for about 10 seconds then the connection gets cut. I'm assuming there is a service or firewall setting that is blocking it. Any ideas?06:00
sharkasdfEven with ubuntu disconnected from the vpn it doesn't work06:00
sharkasdfI actually can't ping any device on my network06:01
sharkasdfNevermind, somehow my iptables got corrupted? I ran 'sudo iptables --flush' and that just fixed it all06:05
sharkasdfthat is so bizarre06:05
royal_screwup21I'm on ubuntu 16.04 and going to be changing laptops. What are the most common ways of transferring all of the content on my current laptop to the new one?06:09
barracudaroyal_screwup21: did you not see the answer in ##linux?06:10
royal_screwup21I did, I was just wondering if there were other ways I could do it06:11
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kkremitzkiHi, I was having problems with my `isc-dhcp-server` package, so I tried to do `sudo apt install --reinstall isc-dhcp-server`, but the reinstallation failed. Now whenever I do `sudo apt install -f` I get this error message: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26304600/  How can I troubleshoot this?06:21
kkremitzkiThis is on Ubuntu 16.0406:22
tatertotssharkasdf: are you chatting from the laptop right now? yes or no06:39
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sharkasdftatertots, no, but I fixed it07:17
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analogicalhow do I use the fdisk command to wipe the bootsector on a disk?07:48
ezra-sanalogical: better use "dd" afaik07:57
davetec87Hello.  Has anybody had any luck installing *any* distribution of Linux on a Mac Pro Tower with proprietary PCI bus and propreitary ATI graphics card?07:57
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LafojwolfI have a concern. I have an HP laptop that has an Insyde BIOS. I've heard about the warnings regarding the Lenovo laptops, but should I still be concerned even if my laptop isn't a Lenovo?08:22
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beerstein i need help09:28
beersteinis a AMD E2-7110 APU  good for gnome 16.04?09:29
beerstein1.80 ghz09:29
Ben64sounds pretty slow09:29
beersteinso it isnt good?09:30
Ben64i wouldn't think so09:30
beersteinwhat is the best for this cpu09:30
Ben64beerstein: what09:31
beersteinwhat is the best ubuntu  for this cpu09:31
beersteinthis cpu is = a i3 intel09:32
akikbeerstein: the lightest ubuntu is lubuntu09:33
beersteinand xubuntu?09:33
beersteinis xubuntu light too?09:34
bazhangbeerstein, what are your system specs with regards to cpu ram gpu09:36
beersteinram 4 gb09:39
beersteinAMD E2-7110 APU cpu 1.80ghz09:40
bazhangbeerstein, what about video card and cpu09:40
beersteinGallium 0.4 on AMD MULLINS09:40
sadakoShould the upgrade from 17 to 18 be painless or should I just stick with 16.04 if I'm not sure I need 17 for anything in particular?09:40
beerstein4 gb vram09:40
bazhangbeerstein, up til now, had you been using the gnome ubuntu or something else09:41
Ben64sadako: i'd say stick with 16.0409:41
beersteinno i was using ubuntu 16.04 but i dint like it09:41
ThinkT510sadako: unless you are desparate for newer versions of certain apps then 16.04 should be fine until 18.04.1 comes out09:41
beersteinso i install ubuntu gnome 16.0409:42
bazhangbeerstein, you can try lubuntu and xubuntu by installing the packages lubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop09:42
beersteinok tthanks for you time09:42
GodOfSeaI am getting a wrong fs type, bad option, superblock on /dev/sda109:42
alkisgGodOfSea: and how/when did that happen?09:50
alkisgDoes your disk work if you boot from a live cd?09:50
GodOfSeaI was trying to copy things using basicley09:50
GodOfSeaits in digital ocean09:51
akikbeerstein: gnome is the heaviest of desktop environments09:51
GodOfSeaI had 2TB of images there . (total 4tb) images were important09:51
GodOfSeai checked fsck -N /dev/sda109:52
alkisgI don't know what basicley is and I'm not using digital ocean. What did fsck reply?09:52
GodOfSeait says fsck.ext4 /dev/sda109:52
GodOfSeai wanted to pkill basicley it didnt work . so I restarted it. after restart everything is gone09:53
alkisgtry fsck -f /dev/sda109:54
alkisg!info basicley09:54
ubottuPackage basicley does not exist in artful09:54
alkisgThis isn't an Ubuntu package, so it's not supported here09:55
alkisgI don't know if anyone knows about it09:55
alkisgDoes fsck report any errors?09:55
alkisg(fsck -f)09:55
GodOfSeabasicley is not the problem here.09:55
GodOfSeabtw fsck -f is checking inodes block and sizes09:56
alkisgIf something affects initramfs, it may be a problem. If not, possibly not.09:56
alkisg...or the disk in general09:56
GodOfSearecovering the images are my priority09:56
GodOfSeaalkisg is fsck -f supposed to take a while ?09:57
alkisgSo did fsck find any errors?09:57
alkisgYes, it takes a while if there are many files etc09:57
GodOfSeaoh ok. its 4tb drive09:58
GodOfSeaalkisg it says file system was modified10:03
alkisgOK, does it work now?10:03
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acollinshello, since upgrading to 17.10 my screen flickers. I think it's some sort of brightness auto-adjust10:09
acollinsI've turned off auto brightness in power setting but it still happens. any ideas?10:09
blackflowacollins: which gpu/driver?10:11
=== ianychoi_ is now known as ianychoi
acollinsblackflow, Intel Ivybridge Mobile10:13
HologramCan i ask, is ubuntu better?10:13
bazhangHologram, this is ubuntu support10:14
acollinsblackflow, driver=i91510:16
blackflowacollins: when you say "auto brightness" you mean the blank screen / power options, or the "night light"?10:17
blackflowacollins: check if "night light" is off too (settings -> devices -> displays -> night light)10:17
indistyloabout to fork child process, unable to connect to primary, unable  to create child process, exiting with error code 1410:18
indistyloMongoDB running on ubuntu server having an issue, about to fork child process, unable to connect to primary, unable  to create child process, exiting with error code 1410:18
acollinsblackflow, that seems to be off too10:18
blackflowacollins: no idea then, sorry.10:19
acollinsthe other one was settings -> power -> power saving -> automatic brightness10:19
acollinsblackflow, ok no worries. thanks10:20
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blackflowindistylo: is the service confined with number of procs, files, memory, or something like that?10:21
indistyloblackflow, No i guess not10:21
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
blackflowindistylo: well, you'll have to find out why it fails like that. if it can't fork a process, then it's most likely a resource/limit/permission issue.10:24
blackflowindistylo: is it package native to ubuntu, or is that some custom installation or docker or something else even?10:25
indistyloblackflow, it is open source mongodb edition installed on ubuntu 14.04 installed from source binary/tarball10:31
blackflowindistylo: you should use either the mongodb package in Ubuntu Universe repo, or use official mongo ubuntu repos: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu/#packages10:33
blackflowotherwise you're on your own and have to figure out how to configure it properly to run.10:34
blackflow(I'd go with official mongo repos if I were you. Universe is.... well.... yeah)10:34
purplefartshi devik11:00
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hans__a clean ubuntu 16.04 install from netinst use 76MB ram. the same using the server installer use 99MB ram11:13
hans__where did my 23 megabytes of ram go?11:14
devikhans__: maybe there is some extra services running in background11:15
hans__oh yeah, probably unattended upgrades, the server installer offered it, but i think the netinst didnt11:18
Neo1How to change background on unity? After switch to unity from gnome I can't do it in system setting11:38
Neo1I do but change nothing11:38
Neo1gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.background active true11:42
hans__come to think of it, having unattended-upgrades a daemon is a waste of ram, it should just be a cronjob12:14
alkisghans__: who said it was a daemon?12:16
alkisgIt's not running except when needed12:16
hans__alkisg, well, a clean ubuntu 16.04 from netinst use 76MB ram, installing the same from server installer use 99MB ram, so i wondered where the heck my 23 megabytes of ram went, then i remembered the server installer asked "do you want automatic security upgrades?", but the netinst didn't ask that, otherwise, as far as i could see, the installations were identical, so i thought it must be unattended-upgrades using the 23MB ram12:19
alkisghans__: ps aux|grep apt12:19
alkisgIf apt is not running, then unattended isn't running either12:19
alkisgIt only runs on boot and on cron12:19
alkisgIf you want to see where the difference is, use ps12:20
hans__unfortunately i dont have clean systems to test with now12:20
alkisgIt doesn't need to be clean to see the output of ps12:20
hans__but perhaps ill dig deeper next time12:20
alkisgTo see if apt is running etc12:20
alkisgapt update is called by cron12:20
alkisgIf there are security updates, then apt calls unattended12:21
hans__alkisg, got it, still, i don't have any systems to test with now, ill have to do it later (apt is not running now, but that's useless info at this point)12:23
hans__i don't have a netinst system to compare with12:24
BluesKajHiyas all12:24
mingdaoI have booted with Ubuntu-17.10 on a flash drive, and tried to install it twice. Both times it fails with "The 'grub-efi-amd-signed' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot.12:44
mingdaoIs this a known bug, and is there some way to overcome it?12:44
mingdaoOne time I booted and didn't choose the run w/out installing option, and it *seemed* to install, but did not.12:45
mingdaoI just got the grub> prompt when it rebooted. It did make a ubuntu entry in the UEFI menu.12:45
mingdaoMaybe I should run efibootmgr and see what's there.12:46
alkisgmingdao: what's the output of sudo gparted -l from the stick12:46
alkisgDid you create an efi partition there?12:47
mingdaoalkisg: yes, there was already one there12:47
mingdaolet me get you that12:47
mingdaoin trying to install, it has messed up one of my RAID arrays12:47
mingdaodon't really know how I'd get you "gparted -l", but here is "parted -l" output http://termbin.com/uvxb12:50
mingdaoalkisg: this might be a wee bit more useful for you http://termbin.com/nbmw12:52
NerdyPepperwhat is gparted -l supposed to do?12:52
mingdaoit would open a GUI window with, supposedly partition information12:53
NerdyPepperIs there a cmd line alternative?12:55
mingdaoNerdyPepper: please read what I wrote and click the link to see the output12:56
mingdaoanswer is yes, more than 112:56
NerdyPepperAh thanks.12:57
mingdaoI think the automated installer just can't handle my somewhat convoluted partition layout12:59
alkisgmingdao: this isn't a gpt disk, and it has an iso in sda112:59
* mingdao facepalms12:59
alkisgIt's not a normal uefi installation12:59
alkisgYou can still install grub in efi mode, but it needs to be done manually12:59
mingdaoalkisg: /dev/sda1 is the Ubuntu 17.10 imaged flash disk13:01
alkisgmingdao: yes, and that makes it a non-normal efi installation13:02
mingdaoalkisg: It was NOT trying to install there, as I had selected /dev/sdg113:02
alkisgIt a normal efi installation, you have: gpt/vfat/ext413:02
mingdaoalkisg: So, I know how to make an initramfs; I know how to install grub manually; how to do this with Ubuntu?13:02
alkisgAh, ok, I thought you were trying to install to sda13:03
mingdaoalkisg: I has Arch installed right now; before that it had Gentoo13:03
mingdaoalkisg: no13:03
mingdaoI know how to fix the RAID array that the Ubuntu installer messed up, also.13:03
mingdaoI was wanting to know if this message I posted is a known bug, or just the automated installed can't handle it?13:04
EriC^^mingdao: what message?13:05
jk^Hi all at install it asks me to "Install third-part software for graphic periferics and wi-fi, flash, mp3 and other formats". Have i to select it or not?13:07
mingdao"The 'grub-efi-amd-signed' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot."13:07
mingdaojk^: I've not installed Ubuntu except once last year, but for the initial install you can check or uncheck that box.13:08
mingdaojk^: You may or may not require software from 3rd-party sources, but you will be told later when you install a package requiring it13:08
mingdaojk^: Afaik this is just a convenience, which will download some more software whilst the installer is working in the background.13:09
EriC^^jk^: yeah choose install13:09
EriC^^mingdao: does grub support xfs?13:09
EriC^^what's your /boot partition? there's a 263mb without a filesystem in your output13:09
mingdaoEriC^^: I am not installing grub to a XFS partition, so that point is moot.13:09
mingdaoEriC^^: /dev/sdg1 in the blkid output13:09
mingdao/dev/sdg1: LABEL="ESP" UUID="D22C-B0A5" TYPE="vfat" PARTLABEL="EFI System Partition" PARTUUID="abcaae2c-aec4-407b-9048-606b90c17241"13:09
EriC^^mingdao: 1) less attitude 2) that's just the grub that's loaded by the uefi, not the actual grub13:10
EriC^^where is /boot/grub ?13:11
* mingdao facepalms13:14
BluesKajgood news here https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2018/01/private-internet-access-creator-london-trust-media-acquires-linux-journal/13:20
mingdaoBluesKaj: why is that good news?13:23
mingdaoI'm a LJ subscriber13:23
BluesKajmingdao, read this , https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/linux-journal-ceases-publication13:25
veeruselfI am having problem installing below13:27
veeruselfdpkg: regarding .../e2fsprogs_1.42-1ubuntu2.3_amd64.deb containing e2fsprogs, pre-dependency problem:  e2fsprogs pre-depends on e2fslibs (= 1.42-1ubuntu2.3)   e2fslibs latest configured version is 1.42-1ubuntu2. dpkg: error processing /tmp/qumupackages/e2fsprogs_1.42-1ubuntu2.3_amd64.deb (--install):  pre-dependency problem - not installing e2fsprogs dpkg: regarding .../libpam-modules_1.1.3-7ubuntu2.3_amd64.deb containing libpam-m13:27
veeruselfit is a blocker and not able to proceed13:27
mingdaoBluesKaj: thanks, reading now13:28
veeruselfdpkg: regarding .../e2fsprogs_1.42-1ubuntu2.3_amd64.deb containing e2fsprogs, pre-dependency problem:  e2fsprogs pre-depends on e2fslibs (= 1.42-1ubuntu2.3)   e2fslibs latest configured version is 1.42-1ubuntu2. dpkg: error processing /tmp/qumupackages/e2fsprogs_1.42-1ubuntu2.3_amd64.deb (--install):  pre-dependency problem - not installing e2fsprogs dpkg: regarding .../libpam-modules_1.1.3-7ubuntu2.3_amd64.deb containing libpam-m13:28
BluesKaj!patience | veeruself,13:29
ubottuveeruself,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/13:29
mingdaoBluesKaj: I've been using Linux daily since 2003, but only started reading LJ (and subscribed) in 201513:31
BluesKajPIA is a solid company with a FOSS philosophy, mingdao13:32
mingdaoBluesKaj: that is good13:37
mingdaoBluesKaj: I have to get ready for work, but will finish reading the LJ post, then the first link you posted, later.13:37
snertjongHow do i create a keyboard shortcut to open caja ? it doesnt seem to work13:40
alkisgsnertjong: alt+ctrl+e13:41
snertjongalkisg, not working  (using mate)13:43
kakashi__hi, I was wondering about 'cal' from util-linux in ubuntu, any idea what it is installed as?13:44
kakashi__I was specifically looking at: https://github.com/karelzak/util-linux/blob/master/misc-utils/cal.c13:45
neurehow do i see what places are searched for libraries?13:45
mingdaokakashi__: what do you mean? /usr/bin/cal ?13:46
kakashi__mingdao: no, not that13:46
alkisgsnertjong: mate-control-center, then go to shortcuts,then select the one you want for "open home folder"13:47
alkisg(using localized mate here so the names might not be accurate)13:47
kakashi__the one from util-linux has extra options, I actually want the cal --color option13:47
snertjongalkisg, YESSSSSSS!!13:48
snertjongalkisg, thanks13:48
kakashi__the standard ubuntu comes installed with util-linux, I just can't find where the misc-utils is installed13:48
akikkakashi__: if you wanted to see a package's contents: dpkg -L package13:53
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plytroyeah that14:06
eraserpencilHi! How do I configure custom shortcuts on different keyboards?14:07
coder2hello. I`m trying to use 'onboard' screen keyboard due to my hardware keyboard failure. But keyboard layout switching does not work with 'onboard'. It just keeps typing latin. Please help.14:09
Buckis there any way I can see which packages were updated at the last apt upgrade ?14:43
hateballBuck: /var/log/apt/history*14:43
Buckthank you ball of hate14:44
BuckI hope you feel better soon14:44
afilehitwhy when i join bluetooth headphones wifi speed is 1mb/s ?? ubuntu 16.0414:56
nicomachusafilehit: is your bluetooth and wifi adapter on the same card?14:59
nicomachussomtimes one sucks power from the other14:59
Krennic/ 2415:00
nicomachusis there an easy way to do a slideshow wallpaper on Gnome? I haven't found an extension that works yet, and I set up a python script but when I put it in a cron it doesn't run.15:06
nicomachuscronjob is: */10 * * * *  wal -s -i "/home/xenophilius/Pictures/Wallpaper/"15:07
nicomachusthe command works as a singular command, but not as a cron...15:08
Compy_Good morning/afternoon/evening all. I need a sanity check to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. I have an external hard drive (one of those WD Notebook 2TB externals). I can plug it into an old Lubuntu 14.04 box and it is detected just fine. However, I plug it into an ubuntu server (16.04) box running on an intel NUC and its never detected. lsusb doesn't show it, and dmesg never changes when the drive is15:11
Compy_pulled or inserted. The USB ports work with other hardware just fine. What could I possibly be missing here?15:11
Compy_I thought it could've been some sort of overcurrent protection on the port, but the drive is externally powered.15:12
nicomachusCompy_: USB 2.0 v. 3.0?15:14
Compy_hmmm, good point. The nuc has 2x 2.0 hubs and 1 3.0 hub built in.. as far as the OS can see... One would think that it'd backport fairly gracefully though.15:15
iorianicomachus, try to set the display  -    env DISPLAY=:0   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto#GUI_Applications15:15
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=== w9qbj is now known as TheWoodenRadio
OnlyHumanwas on ubuntu launchpad site gave a popup about my hard drive space froze firefox unless clicked it, is that some sort of hijack?15:28
nicomachusioria: do I set that variable earlier on in my crontab or does it have to be set for each job?15:29
nicomachusioria: and `wal` isn't really a GUI application. :/15:30
iorianicomachus, well, for the slideshow i use a .gif image (convert -delay 100 -loop 0 -resize 300x225 -quality 90 *.jpg image.gif), then i call it with cron in this way: * * * * * xdg-open  /home/user/Pictures/image.gif15:31
iorianicomachus, correct: in this way : * * * * * env DISPLAY=:0 xdg-open path to gif15:32
=== wahyusiaji is now known as gosmoy
iorianicomachus, btw, idk what 'wal' is  :)15:33
=== TheWoodenRadio is now known as w9qbj
t532i did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade then restarted but i still get the message '14 packages can be updated',15:44
leftyfbt532: what version of ubuntu?15:44
t532Ubuntu 16.04.315:44
leftyfbt532: sudo apt full-upgrade15:45
nicomachusioria:`wal` is just a python script that changes the wallpaper and some other theme items.15:46
nicomachusioria: https://github.com/dylanaraps/pywal15:47
t532thats better15:47
leftyfbyou're welcome15:48
iorianicomachus, ah, good to know. and you need cron for that ?15:48
good_cookieswhen i'll get my gtk3.20???15:50
yeatsnicomachus: I've had good luck with the Random Walls and BackSlide GNOME extensions, fwiw15:51
leftyfbgood_cookies: https://www.gtk.org/download/linux.php15:52
nicomachusyeats: was looking for an extension but didn't find one15:54
nicomachusioria: just to run the script15:54
yeatsnicomachus: currently using BackSlide to good effect on two of my stations15:54
NoMoreWindowsI just installed Ubuntu in a Dell XPS 15, but a lot is not working well right now. Need help with drivers... Could you guys help me figure out proper video drivers, and touch pad?15:55
NoMoreWindowsIt also doesn't n off completely. I believe it has something to do acpi settings..15:56
nicomachusyeats: looking at it now. thanks!15:58
yeatsNoMoreWindows: could you pastebin the output of 'lspci -v'?15:58
nicomachushmm... can I install a gnome extenstion from CLI?15:59
iorianicomachus, ok, so setting the  env DISPLAY=:0   right before the cmd ...no use  ?15:59
nicomachusioria: haven't even tried yet15:59
NoMoreWindowsyeats: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26307116/16:01
nicomachusioria: it's 3 hops to get to the machine and I had to update 2 along the way16:02
NoMoreWindowsyeats: I did do 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-384' but I am not sure if that was the best thing, as video is still choppy16:03
yeatsNoMoreWindows: wait, so you have an nvidia card on this station too?16:03
yeatsoh I see it now16:04
NoMoreWindowsyeats: That is the thing, I am not sure...16:04
NoMoreWindowsI just tried something16:04
yeatsNoMoreWindows: you probably need to blacklist nouveau since you have nvidia install16:04
good_cookiesleftyfb, can i upgrade mine gtk on xubuntu 16.04? will it cause on perfomance? i don't want to slow down my poor pc in perfomance16:05
NoMoreWindowsyeats: How do I blacklist it?16:05
yeatsNoMoreWindows: https://askubuntu.com/a/48154016:05
leftyfbgood_cookies: why do you need it?16:05
good_cookiesi want to install newest corebird version client16:06
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leftyfbgood_cookies: you won't get gtk 3.2 on 16.0416:07
good_cookieswill i in future?16:08
leftyfbgood_cookies: not in 16.04, no16:08
leftyfbgood_cookies: updates to LTS's are mainly around security and critical fixes. Not upgrading major components like GTK16:08
good_cookiesso the only way out is to change os? which one i should get then?16:09
leftyfbgood_cookies: GTK 3.2 is available in Ubuntu 17.04 (ending support at the end of this month so not recommended), 17.10 and the next LTS being released in April, 18.0416:09
leftyfbgood_cookies: In my opinion, I would wait till April16:10
hans__ubuntu alpha 2 is released tho16:11
hans__bionic alpha 2*16:11
nicomachushans__: and not recommend for the average user16:12
hans__have they decided which kernel to use yet? for 18.04 ?16:12
leftyfbhans__: unreleased versions of Ubuntu are not supported and should only be used for evaluation and to report/fix bugs.16:12
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest9987
leftyfbhans__: any further discussion on the next, unreleased and unsupported version of ubuntu should be directed at #ubuntu+116:12
CarlFKleftyfb: if they need gtk 3.2 now, why not upgrade to 17.10 ?16:13
NoMoreWindowsyeats: I did all up to 'sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*'.  I am wondering what is meant by stop display manager, specially since after I reboot I will lose this connection. Can you clarify?16:13
=== tom is now known as Guest39516
leftyfbCarlFK: because it's an unsupported version of ubuntu. It's completely up to the user to install it and support themselves with any issues that come up16:14
nicomachusleftyfb: 17.10 is supported.16:14
leftyfbI suggested that above16:14
leftyfb"<leftyfb> good_cookies: GTK 3.2 is available in Ubuntu 17.04 (ending support at the end of this month so not recommended), 17.10 and the next LTS being released in April, 18.04"16:15
good_cookieshow can i upgrade?16:16
leftyfbPersonally, I never recommend non-LTS's. But that's my opinion.16:16
good_cookiesif i i upgrade, i'll lost all my data?16:16
leftyfbgood_cookies: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/10/upgrade-to-ubuntu-17-1016:16
leftyfbfirst result on google16:16
nicomachusgood_cookies: no, you won't lose data. but you should back up any important data anyway just to be safe.16:17
leftyfbgood_cookies: while the upgrade process should just upgrade your OS and keep all your files and most of your settings, you should ALWAYS have backups16:17
CarlFKleftyfb: I think you should make it clear to people you are "helping" that you do not agree with a team of pretty smart people ;)16:18
leftyfbCarlFK: I don't follow16:18
CarlFKUbuntu devs would not do non LTS if they didn't think people should use them16:18
leftyfbCarlFK: in fact, you'd be surprised at the amount of Canonical employee's who stick with only LTS and only recommend LTS. (I was one of them). Also, some departments required to be running LTS for different reasons (my department did)16:20
nicomachusCarlFK: he didn't say not to install the LTS16:20
nicomachusor the non-LTS16:20
good_cookieshow long upgrade will take? i cant wait16:20
leftyfbgood_cookies: if you don't have time/patience for an upgrade, then I would not recommend rushing into it.16:21
good_cookiesim already in this game16:21
leftyfbgood_cookies: how so?16:21
good_cookiesconsole is telling me a lot of things i dont understand16:21
ncompariniCan someone help me?16:23
=== mquin_ is now known as mquin
leftyfb!ask | ncomparini16:23
ubottuncomparini: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:23
leftyfbncomparini: just for completion, the answer to your first question is: yes16:23
NoMoreWindowsyeats: I am back16:24
CarlFKnicomachus: "I would wait till April"  is the only recommendation given, the rest are just dates and such which I don't think help anyone make a decision16:24
NoMoreWindowsyeats: The video seems to be much better, thanks.16:24
ncompariniI have updated Ubuntu to 17.10 and it doesn't recognize my wireless card16:25
good_cookiesi should stop the upgrading process i think then16:25
CarlFKleftyfb: I still think you should let people know your advice is not universally accepted best16:26
CarlFKgood_cookies: I don't know what you are doing, but I doubt you should stop it.16:26
Neo1I'm going to set root instead www-data...16:27
NoMoreWindowsCan someone please help me fix the touch pad?16:27
Neo1in Apache2 we can change www-data on root16:27
NoMoreWindowsI just installed 16.04 in XPS 15 dell, and it doesn't work16:27
leftyfbCarlFK: I do not agree. I would also request data on suggesting non-LTS over LTS releases as being the "universally accepted" solution.16:27
Neo1and we won't have problems with permission16:27
ncompariniHow can i fix it?16:28
leftyfbgood_cookies: depending on how you started the upgrade and where it is in the process, stopping it could be very damaging.16:28
Neo1NoMoreWindows: go to settings, there choose moush and tuchpad16:28
NoMoreWindowsNeo1: I did that. The problem is that it tunes my mouuse (connected via usb) but doesn't detect the touch pad16:29
good_cookiesthis link https://launchpad.net/~ubuntuhandbook1/+archive/ubuntu/corebird says that im able to install newest version than i have now. but when i type "sudo apt-get corebird", it tells me that i already have the latest version - 1.1. but that's a lie! leftyfb: it was on getting something, idk. i just closed the terminal16:29
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: does the XPS have a function key that disables the touchpad? my inspiron does.16:30
=== Guest9987 is now known as cartalker
Neo1NoMoreWindows: system settings -> mouse and touchpad there checktox put in on16:31
Neo1NoMoreWindows: go there16:31
CarlFKleftyfb: I think I made a pretty good case for my suggestion.  feel free to ignore it, no puppies will die.16:31
yeatsNoMoreWindows: glad that appears to have fixed the video issue16:31
brainwashgood_cookies: did you actually add this PPA?16:32
leftyfbgood_cookies: you cannot install the latest version of corebird on 16.04. Full stop. You'll need to upgraded to 17.10 or wait till April to upgrade to 18.04.16:32
leftyfboh wait, maybe you could try the snap16:33
good_cookieswhat is snap?16:33
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: I know what you are talking about, but I don't see it in the XPS. In fact, it seems that fn may not be working so well. Brghtness, for example is not working...16:34
lotuspsychjegood_cookies: snap find corebird16:34
leftyfbgood_cookies: try: sudo snap install corebird16:34
leftyfbthe latest version available is 1.7.316:34
naccgood_cookies: as to what snap is, it's a different packaging format16:34
NoMoreWindowsNeo1: Not sure what you mean. I am at the mouse and touch pad settings, and there is no way to engage my touch pad from there...16:35
leftyfbgood_cookies: it's a new packaging system developed by Canonical which is cross-compatible with a good amount of distributions of linux16:35
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: what does `xinput list` show?16:36
Neo1NoMoreWindows: In me I can turn off and turn on touchpad from mous and touchpad16:36
konradosHi and happy new year! I wanted to find a "email notifier", i.e. an app which will tell me when I have a new email, and when I google exactly this, i.e. "ubuntu email notifier" I get some weird old stuff, like this: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/mail-notification/ with only one review "...Does not work with 64bit system."  -16:37
konradosam I missing something here? Maybe I should use different keywords when googling? P.s. I use KDE.16:37
nicomachuskonrados: yea you're going to want KDE system notifications, and probably an email app that sends notifications... Thunderbird does by default16:38
NoMoreWindowsnniicommmmmmmaaaaaaachus: Not a whole lot: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26307299/16:38
nicomachuskonrados: what email app are you using?16:38
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: and there is this weird issue with the keyboard16:39
konradosnicomachus: none, I used to use thunderbird but now only web based16:39
NoMoreWindowsthat prints 1000 letters in sequence...16:39
alfacalcidoljust use thunderbird16:39
Pinkamena_Din ubuntu 17.10 the .tar.gz option is missing in the compress dialog, is there a way to get it back?16:39
Neo1I've read 221 pages of the ubuntu server guide and understood nothing...16:39
lotuspsychje!info rar | Pinkamena_D16:40
ubottuPinkamena_D: rar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:5.4.0+dfsg.1-0.1 (artful), package size 292 kB, installed size 798 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)16:40
nacclotuspsychje: rar shouldn't be needed for tar.gz16:40
naccPinkamena_D: which dialog?16:40
leftyfbgood_cookies: installing corebird via the snap might not be as clean a solution as I thought16:40
Pinkamena_Dnautilus > right click something > compress16:41
lotuspsychjenacc: thought he would need nautilus/right mouse16:41
naccPinkamena_D: i don't see it as well (on 17.10); possibly it has been removed in Gnome.16:41
Neo1ubuntu is good, here you have one editor one browser and translator and nothing that is can distract your attention like in windows16:41
good_cookiessnap didn't help me. the most latest version i could get was from ppa16:41
leftyfbNeo1: quite the opposite is true16:42
Neo1lack apps and you are more focused on work16:42
NoMoreWindowsNeo1: I don't have that option...16:42
Pinkamena_Dnacc: it used to have many options even besides that in a dropdown, any idea where I can install the older version or something?16:42
naccPinkamena_D: no idea, sorry, presumably you can install 16.04 if you wannt16:43
naccPinkamena_D: or maybe google around a bit to see if it's tweakable in the gnome settinngs16:43
Neo1leftyfb: what the opposite? In windows I have and use 3 editors for each action here only one sublime3 for all, have 2 FTP clients here one. and many many others small utilites, here they are not exists simply16:43
Pinkamena_Dnacc: perhaps its a noob idea, but I thought the file roller/compress dialog was part of nautilus, not the desktop environment (gnome) ?16:44
Neo1NoMoreWindows: I can't make screenshot and show my option, screenshoter is broken recent, sorry, don't won't customize it now16:44
naccnautilus is part of gnome16:44
naccPinkamena_D: nautilus is part of gnome16:44
leftyfbNeo1: That is because that is how you chose to set it up. Ubuntu and other Linux distributions are more customizable and certainly more available options than Windows.16:44
Neo1NoMoreWindows: there unity desktop?16:44
naccPinkamena_D: it *might* be a nautilus setting too, but i would consider that part of the gnome settings :)16:45
NoMoreWindowsNeo1: I believe so, since I think that is what comes with Ubuntu. Unless that has changed, which I actually heard it was going to happen16:45
Pinkamena_Dnacc: found this that looks promising: https://askubuntu.com/questions/969650/how-to-make-nautilus-use-file-roller-in-17-10-like-in-17-0416:45
naccPinkamena_D: fyi, fedora report, but https://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?312452-No-more-tar-gz-compression-option16:46
naccPinkamena_D: ah sure16:46
konradosalfacalcidol - thanks, but I don't want to use a full email client only to get notifications....16:46
Neo1leftyfb: no, windows has pleasorea of apps ) I used for ctr+c app for buffer, for choose coler other app, I have only in beckground 5 - 10 run apps, now only translator16:46
good_cookiesncomparini> what is your wireless card?16:46
jk^At installation/setup it asks me if i want to "Install software of third-part for graphical peripherics and wi-fi, flash, mp3 and other formats". Have i to select it or not?16:46
Neo1NoMoreWindows: 16.04 probably with unity comes16:47
CarlFKjk^: I wold start with No.  you can add it later if you need to.16:47
leftyfbjk^: I would add those. It'll install any proprietary drivers you might want/need. They might be disabled by default but especially for wifi, you'll want it downloaded already to enable, otherwise you'll have to find another way online to download them.16:50
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: `xinput --test 2` in a terminal, then move your touchpad and see if text flies down the terminal16:52
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: it says   ''unable to find device '2''16:53
NoMoreWindowsAnd that is even before trying to use the touchpad16:54
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: ok, try 4 and 6 also16:54
good_cookiesflatpak says 'Names must contain at least 2 periods'. im typing 'flatpak update corebird'. what's wrong?16:55
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: that doesn't print anything at all16:55
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: not when you move your touchpad?16:56
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: correct16:56
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: ok, let's try `gconftool-2 --set --type boolean /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled true`16:57
leftyfbgood_cookies: who suggested using flatpack?16:57
good_cookiescorebird developer16:57
naccgood_cookies: you're not using the correct name16:57
naccgood_cookies: e.g., https://github.com/Gahshomar/gahshomar/issues/2216:57
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: Did that, but nothing happens. Touchpad still not working16:58
naccgood_cookies: you'd need to give it to the fully-qualified app name or url16:58
courrierHey guys, on nautilus 3.12.3 I could change the sorting method by clicking a field e.g name or modification date *during a search*16:58
courrierThis feature disparread on nautlius 3.26.0 (Ubuntu 17.10), we cannot click on column titles during a search16:58
courrierDo you know any workaround to get this back? Maybe installing nautilus=3.12.3?16:58
good_cookiessoftware updater comes to me with and update, which i think, he downloaded when i started upgrade session. i'm cancelling it, but after some time, it comes back. how to disable this updates?16:59
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: then it's gonna get real tricky. Go throught his and try whatever works: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection16:59
good_cookiesit's huge with much megabytes in it16:59
lotuspsychje!latest | courrier16:59
ubottucourrier: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.16:59
good_cookiesand files16:59
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: I remember trying this, but got a startup without graphic interface (terminal only) and ended up reinstalling. Still, there    coooollllllld be some useful info here?17:01
good_cookiesnacc, it says me, 'name can't contain :' when i type the link on the repository on github17:02
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: I'm out of ideas. Not really my specialty. It may be a kernel bug, but I don't think that's likely. They sell the XPS with Ubuntu installed so it should work OOTB17:02
good_cookiesok, im install an updates17:03
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: Thanks for the help!17:03
NoMoreWindowsMakes sense it should work17:04
NoMoreWindowsAnd it is a bunch of things that seem to influence it too. Even the acpi setting...17:04
NoMoreWindowsyeats: Do you know how to make xinput detect the touchpad?/////17:05
=== Amis is now known as Guest87310
yeatsNoMoreWindows: no, sorry, I've never faced that issue before :-/17:07
NoMoreWindowsIs installing xserver-xorg-input-libinput and/or xserver-xorg-input-synaptics a good idea to make touchpad work in a Dell XPS 15? I tried it last time and it kind of ruined my startup17:08
yeatsNoMoreWindows: you might dig around in the BIOS settings to see if there's anything relevant17:08
NoMoreWindowsyeats: Thanks anyway17:08
=== Guest87310 is now known as Amis
leftyfbgood_cookies: I have the latest version of corebird running on Ubuntu 16.0417:09
NoMoreWindowsyeats: I believe that acpi setting plays a role, but I have no idea how that works. Currntly, I set it to off at start up, but I have seen it advised to set it to force to make sssoooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeethhhhhhhhhhings work17:10
AmisHello! Are there any GUI application out there that allows changing scroll speed in Ubuntu? I only found outdated one and I really don't want to tinker with xinput for such a trivial user setting.17:10
good_cookieshow did you achieve this?17:10
NoMoreWindowsyeats: and there is this weird thing with my keyboard taht seems to have tourets17:10
lotuspsychjeAmis: perhaps gpointingdevices might have that17:10
Amislotuspsychje, it's said to be outdated and forgets settings on reboot so I'm unsure about that17:11
AmisMaybe for only scroll speed it could work?17:11
good_cookiesleftyfb, tell me the secret17:12
AmisThe app is not even in the repo anymore (I guess because of the mentioned problems)17:12
lotuspsychjeAmis: hmm seems likes removed from repo indeed17:12
yeatsNoMoreWindows: you might keep a terminal window open running 'sudo journalctl -f' so you can see if any useful messages related to the issue happen17:12
AmisI guess that means as a "normal" user I cannot adjust mouse scroll speed in Ubuntu :(17:13
nicomachusAmis: which DE?17:13
leftyfbgood_cookies: I already did install with the snap. But you'll have to also install the gnome snap runtime as it tills you the first time you try to run corebird from the terminal.17:14
lotuspsychjeAmis: how about tweak-tool for the right flavor?17:14
lotuspsychje!info unity-tweak-tool | Amis try this17:14
nicomachusAmis: DE=Desktop Environment. Gnome, Unity, etc?17:14
ubottuAmis try this: unity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.7ubuntu4 (artful), package size 362 kB, installed size 2722 kB17:14
leftyfbgood_cookies: sudo snap install corebird gnome-3-26-1604 ; sudo snap connect corebird:gnome-3-26-1604 gnome-3-26-160417:14
ash_workanyone know how to change the prompt when starting asciinema?17:15
good_cookiessounds like very 1337 cheat codes17:15
ash_workthe docs say "ASCIINEMA_REC=1 is added to recorded process environment variables. This can be used by your shell’s config file (.bashrc, .zshrc) to alter the prompt or play a sound when shell is being recorded." but I don't really understand where they're going with that17:16
Amisnicomachus, the default Ubuntu? and a MATE, both 16.0417:16
leftyfbgood_cookies: no, it's installing 2 packages using snap and then connecting the gnome runtime snap to corebird17:16
ash_workI guess add ASCIINEMA_REC=1 to your bashrc and then you can put whatever you want it there, "ie: PS1="$ "17:16
nicomachusAmis: ok, MATE is what I was looking for. that's your Desktop Environment. (and that is not 'default ubuntu')17:17
Amisnicomachus, I'm talking about two installations17:18
AmisSo a solution for either17:18
ash_workno I mean, it loads the bashrc anyway it seems17:18
Amisnicomachus, I'm on MATE currently and I have another one freshly installed which I'm not on at the time. This scrolling issue affects both and I'm trying to figure out a user friendly way of adjusting it instead of tinkering with profile files and xinput17:19
AmisBecause that is not something a home user should do in this case17:19
nicomachusAmis: are you trying to adjust scroll speed for specific programs?17:20
Amisnicomachus, global17:20
good_cookiesleftyfb it didn't worked for me17:20
leftyfbgood_cookies: define "didn't worked"17:20
good_cookiesit's still 1.5.117:20
AmisI assumed there would be an option under mouse settings as in Windows OS-es but I have yet to find one. The internet suggest manual editing of files that can break stuff so...17:21
nicomachusAmis: idk about any GUI programs for global settings. `imwheel` may be as close as you get17:21
nicomachusimwheel is simple enough. http://www.webupd8.org/2015/12/how-to-change-mouse-scroll-wheel-speed.html17:22
leftyfbgood_cookies: How did you install 1.5.1?17:22
good_cookiesvia ppa17:22
ash_workoh I get it17:22
good_cookiesfrom that article on site above17:22
leftyfbgood_cookies: remove it17:22
leftyfbgood_cookies: sudo apt-get remove corebird && sudo snap install corebird gnome-3-26-1604 && sudo snap connect corebird:gnome-3-26-1604 gnome-3-26-160417:23
nicomachusleftyfb: ppa-purge?17:23
leftyfbnicomachus: sure, shouldn't matter though.17:24
* nicomachus likes clean sources.list files17:24
leftyfbnicomachus: removing the package from apt will allow the snap's binary to become the one in $PATH17:24
* nicomachus doesn't understand snaps and refuses to learn when apt works fine17:25
leftyfbyeah, that too. Though at this point, installing from the ppa might be a good backup solution17:25
good_cookiesleftyfb should i just copy this liners and paste to the terminal? seems like something wrong there17:25
leftyfbnicomachus: snaps are kinda nice actually. It is a bit frustrating having 2 sets of packages/systems but it works out pretty well17:25
leftyfbgood_cookies: yes17:26
good_cookiesonly one last liner then?17:26
leftyfbgood_cookies: if you get errors, please paste them to pastebin.ubuntu.com and paste the link here17:26
leftyfbgood_cookies: sudo apt-get remove corebird && sudo snap install corebird gnome-3-26-1604 && sudo snap connect corebird:gnome-3-26-1604 gnome-3-26-160417:26
good_cookiesleftyfb https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26307689/17:28
leftyfbgood_cookies: perfect, now type: corebird17:29
leftyfbgood_cookies: we can clean up the other packages that aren't needed after we confirm everything works17:29
leftyfbgood_cookies: do it again ... for some reason it took 2 tries for me  as well17:30
good_cookieswait, something happened17:31
good_cookieswow, you're magician. very thanks17:32
nicomachushi aziz, I love you on Parks & Rec17:32
good_cookiesit's now 17317:32
azizi love you everywhere baby17:32
nicomachusDo you have a support question?17:32
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apb1963Once upon a time, I had a program installed that displayed my IP address on my desktop/menu bar.  Sadly, I don't remember what it was called or where to find it.  Anyone?17:39
gtrmtxapb1963, you could check out gkrellm17:41
nicomachusapb1963: in Unity there was something called indicator-sysmon that would show it.17:42
apb1963 0 results for gkrellm17:42
nicomachusapb1963:I'm sure there's an extension in Gnome for the same.17:42
gtrmtxapb1963, google17:42
apb1963gtrmtx, that is correct17:43
apb1963nicomachus, looking17:43
gtrmtxapb1963, http://gkrellm.srcbox.net/17:43
apb1963nicomachus, that's interesting.. but not what I was looking for17:45
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
apb1963gtrmtx, that appears to display everything in the world... except the IP address which is the only thing I want.17:46
oerheksthere is a gnome extention, https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/941/show-ip/17:47
NoMoreWindowsHey guys, thanks for the help in solving many issues with my new ubuntu installation. However, when I try to enable my touchpad by installing xserver it kills my startup. It either comes with no keyboard, or no graphics, and then I have to reinstall ubuntu. So I was hoping I  could solve the touchpad issue before messing with anything else. Can someone help me with that specifically? I am on a dell XPS 1517:47
gtrmtxapb1963, my bad17:48
apb1963oerheks to the rescue again! That appears to be exactly what I wanted.  Thanks!!17:48
WalexNoMoreWindows: on an XPS 15 things should "just work", unless it is very recent, but I would be surprised.17:49
apb1963gtrmtx, no worries.  Thanks for trying :)  You too nicomachus.  Thanks!17:49
yeatsWalex: NoMoreWindows: yeah, I have an XPS 13 that Just Works™, so I'm surprised about these issues too17:49
nicomachustbf I did say there's probably a gnome extension....17:50
apb1963oh... random tip for today.. there's an alarm clock applet that sits on the desktop/menu bar.  Works great - needs more features, but works great.  Recommended.17:50
NoMoreWindowsWalex: I am surprised how hard this whole thing is taking me. I know, someone mentioned it even comes with ubuntu sometimes, but for some reason, it is not working for me... I linked to a person having a similar issue, claiming that installinng a few xserver pakcages and setting acpi=force solved their issue, but that is the one that kills my startup... Ref: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=237621317:51
apb1963what do you know.. here's the link for the alarm clock.  http://alarm-clock.pseudoberries.com/17:52
NoMoreWindowsyeats: could you send me the link for preventing the bad video drives from running? I believe you sent me that moments ago, but I lost the chat history...17:54
thxffowhat is the current kernel version with ubuntu17:58
WalexNoMoreWindows: I don't have an XPS 15 unfortunately, but had an XPS 13 that "just worked"17:59
daxdepends on what version of Ubuntu you're using and whether you're using a HWE stack17:59
WalexNoMoreWindows: is that a laptop with dual GPUs perchance?17:59
NoMoreWindowswalex: I don't know about the dual gpu. How do I check?18:00
WalexNoMoreWindows: nVidia sticker?18:00
nicomachus`sudo lshw -C video`18:01
NoMoreWindowswalex: I don't see that. The only sticker I have is intel i7 one18:02
WalexNoMoreWindows: if you are at the Ubuntu console try as 'nicomachus' suggested18:02
NoMoreWindowsThere are some people mentioning BIOS updates to fix taht, but flashing the bios seems extreme to me18:03
NoMoreWindowswalex: What part? I lost the chat history...18:03
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: `sudo lshw -C video`18:04
apb1963oerheks, i'm confused... it says "To control GNOME Shell extensions using this site you must install GNOME Shell integration that consists of two parts: browser extension and native host messaging application."  I don't recall having done that before as it seems like a fair amount of effort. Plus, the wiki link it refers to is for installation into chrome. This doesn't seem right at all.  What am I missing?18:04
courrierlotuspsychje: what do you mean with this "latest" def? Should I switch to another distro version? Or another nautlius version? (sorry for the delay, I'm talking about my column sorting issue during search)18:04
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good_cookiesi want to make chromium shortcuts somewhere, i followed this article and nothing works! https://askubuntu.com/questions/493142/can-i-put-two-chrome-different-users-on-my-launcher18:06
good_cookiescant find where permissions i should change in properties18:06
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus, walex: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26307911/18:06
nicomachusapb1963: which browser are you using?18:06
apb1963nicomachus, firefox18:06
apb1963nicomachus, but that's irrelevent; or should be at least.  The IP displays on the desktop.. that's kind of the point.18:07
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: you have an Nvidia GPU which is currently disabled with no driver.18:07
apb1963nicomachus, kind of why i'm confused.. browsers shouldn't be involved at all.18:07
nicomachusapb1963: gnome installs extensions though the browser. I know, it's dumb. For firefox, you need to install this extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/gnome-shell-integration/18:08
nicomachusapb1963: then you also have to install chrome-gnome-shell from terminal18:08
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: Yes. Last time we fixed the video with your suggestion. Do you think this has anything to do with the touchpad issue?18:08
nicomachusNoMoreWindows: no, not likely, but you didn't "fix the video". it's disabled.18:09
WalexNoMoreWindows: actually *you* reported that related to the touchpad.18:09
nicomachusapb1963: that just allows you to install extensions through extensions.gnome.org18:09
WalexNoMoreWindows: "However, when I try to enable my touchpad by installing xserver it kills my startup. It either comes with no keyboard, or no graphics"18:11
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: I did fix it at the time (Ibelieve). It is just that I reinstalled it, and I havent fixed it yet again :) just figured I would do it after fixing the touchpad this time, since it is likely I will lose ubuntu again trying to make it work.18:11
WalexNoMoreWindows: I think that you have a very clear situation, but the convention on IRC that I follow is that we respond to the questions you ask, not those you should ask.18:12
NoMoreWindowsWalex: I believe those are two separate issues: the video one was solved by nicomachus. The touchpad one I have no solution, and when I try something that is suggested online, it kills my startup18:12
nicomachusI did not do anything with video18:13
nicomachusI did not solve that.18:13
WalexNoMoreWindows: you see the problem -- you know better.18:13
apb1963nicomachus, yeah... I don't recall doing any of that. Perhaps the same program exists in a different form?  Something non-extension like, but essentially works the same?18:14
apb1963sort of :)18:14
nicomachusapb1963: maybe, but this is what we've got.18:14
NoMoreWindowsnicomachus: you pointed me to this thread: https://askubuntu.com/questions/481414/install-nvidia-driver-instead-of-nouveau That solved it . Maybe it was yeats, now that i think about it.18:14
apb1963nicomachus, I should also point out that I'm using Unity (I think)... I don't know how that relates to Gnome.  I've just avoided gnome for the most part.18:15
apb1963Except for those cute little garden gnomes.. those are cool.18:16
nicomachusapb1963: well then gnome extensions won't work for you at all.18:17
interservehello , i need help with squid on ubuntu vps18:18
lotuspsychje!squid | interserve18:19
ubottuinterserve: squid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org18:19
apb1963nicomachus, Is that because I'm using Unity?18:20
nicomachusapb1963: yes18:20
apb1963ok well there's an app that looks pretty much exactly like that extension... and I had it installed and working at one time in the near past.18:21
nicomachusapb1963: I used this one on Unity: https://github.com/fossfreedom/indicator-sysmonitor18:21
apb1963how can I verify if i'm using unity or gnome?18:22
leftyfbapb1963: https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+unity&hl=en&tbm=isch&gws_rd=ssl18:22
leftyfbif it looks like that it's Unity18:22
apb1963leftyfb, this is what mine looks like... https://snag.gy/DMxcko.jpg18:25
leftyfbapb1963: I think that's gnome shell. How is it you don't know which desktop environment you're running? What did you install?18:26
apb1963leftyfb, I installed ubuntu 16.0418:26
leftyfbok, then that's Unity18:27
leftyfblooks like you did some customizations?18:27
apb1963I changed the background18:27
leftyfbapb1963: is there a reason you're asking which one it is?18:28
apb1963leftyfb, so that I know if I can use gnome extensions or not.  But... my ultimate goal is to display my IP address up there near the alarm clock and such.18:29
apb1963whether that be by extensions, apps, widgets, or other... I don't really care.18:29
leftyfbapb1963: why do you need that?18:29
apb1963leftyfb, is that an important consideration?18:30
leftyfbi'm just curious18:30
apb1963It makes life easier for me.  I used to have it, I lost it.  I want to find it again.18:31
apb1963I still have the old partition where it was working... I can mount it.  How can I find programs that are "registered" to sit on the menu bar as in my above screenshot?18:38
apb1963not really menu bar but I don't know what it's called.18:39
apb1963The top strip18:39
nicomachustitle bar18:39
nicomachusYou have unity and gnome options that I have sent now18:40
apb1963I missed the unity option18:40
nicomachusapb1963: I used this one on Unity: https://github.com/fossfreedom/indicator-sysmonitor18:40
apb1963oh... yeah.  Better than nothing, thanks.  I was hoping for the one I used to use, it was ideal for me.18:41
apb1963How can I look at what's registered on the title bar?18:41
leftyfbapb1963: did the one you used before display the ip address in your panel better?18:43
apb1963leftyfb, On the title bar, it looks pretty much exactly like the gnome extension18:45
apb1963this one.  https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/941/show-ip/18:45
nicomachusis there any other way to display text on a title bar...?18:46
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apb1963Yet, somehow... it (or one virtually identical to it) I was able to install and run with Unity.18:46
leftyfbthat's gnome, not Unity. And it's the panel/shell bar. Not title bar. The title bar is at the top of every individual window on your desktop18:46
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apb1963Yes... that's my point. It's gnome, not unity.  And yet... somehow... I had an app/applet/widget/program in Unity that displayed exactly like that extension in gnome.18:48
nicomachusI'm not linking it again. Indicator-sysmonitor can do that in Unity. It's literally exactly what you're asking for.18:48
apb1963Yes, but that program has all kinds of other doodads I'm not looking for.18:49
nicomachusso you turn those off. you can do that.18:49
nicomachusyou asked a question, you got a solution.18:49
nicomachustake it or leave it.18:49
apb1963I don't like installing ppa's.  I've been bitten and burned once too often.18:50
nicomachusok then. leave it. do you have another support issue?18:51
leftyfbI just install it. I changed the display from cpu/mem to only show my public ip. Works just fine and simple18:53
leftyfbI might keep it18:53
ubu-catI'm having a problem fill out a pdf form. it's supposted to be you can fill it out online and submit it but the error says it isnt supported.  What do I do?18:54
leftyfbubu-cat: try a different browser. Disable any blocker extensions. Contact the support team for the organization hosting/providing the pdf form.18:54
lotuspsychjeubu-cat: online pdf readers are not really an ubuntu issue18:55
lotuspsychje!pdf | ubu-cat18:55
ubottuubu-cat: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)18:55
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=== albech1 is now known as albech
ubu-catwhat does it take to fill out a pdf form online and submit it when I using ubuntu??  This really has nothing to do with ubuntu and I get turned away from any help?  I have a need to fill out the form and submit it and all i see on the internet is problems (not solutions).  I try install acrobat reader and that doen't work..  Don't you people care?19:23
ubu-catOr it about you $19:23
leftyfbubu-cat: what money do you see being exchanged here? We're all volunteers19:25
ubu-catIf I had $ id use it to file a lawsuit and publicize to the public to see what people outsid here think about it (not buy software)19:25
leftyfbubu-cat: Ubuntu is free19:25
leftyfbubu-cat: also, thanks for the threats. You are welcome to /part now.19:25
leftyfbubu-cat: also also, I gave you a couple suggestions which you completely ignored19:26
ubu-catI'm running ubuntu (I'll never run anything else) ben on it for over 13 years but when I  need help do something I expect to find it.  I volunteer my time too - even if it isn't in the same way as you.  So why I get told I'm screwed when I need help19:26
BenderRodriguezubu-cat: you mean to script it?19:26
BenderRodriguezi.e. automaticaly download a PDF, write data to it, save it?19:27
leftyfbubu-cat: If you're running Windows and your keyboard has it's wire cut, do you threaten to file a lawsuit against Microsoft?19:27
ubu-catleftyfb: ok ty - I didn't see that19:28
leftyfbubu-cat: what you don't understand is, you have an issue that is unrelated to the support medium you're asking for help from. Your issue could very well exist on Windows or Mac or *BSD.19:29
lilwizDoes the default installation of Ubuntu (and grub) interfere with a current Windows 7 installation on another harddrive?19:29
ubu-catthe problem not viewing the pdf in the browser it's filling out and submitting the form via that method.  The person providing the form on they website created it to be done that way and it is big institution they don't get it wrong. the problem is with my end not them19:29
alkisglilwiz: yes, it may overwrite the windows boot loader. You'll still be able to load windows from grub of course, but it might be best to remove the second drive while installing ubuntu19:30
leftyfbubu-cat: incorrect19:30
ubu-catso I installed adobe reader by dl the deb from they site and opening with software center/ install.   It crashes wehn you try to open the application19:30
leftyfbubu-cat: Adobe reader is a reader, not an editor19:30
lilwizalkisg, thanks!19:30
alkisgubu-cat: the feature you request is implemented by adobe acrobat reader, which stopped linux support since version 9. So if you want to complain somewhere, it would be to adobe19:30
NoMoreWindowsHey guys. Touchpad is somehow working now!19:31
alkisgubu-cat: for more information, it's this subsection: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Document_Format#Forms_Data_Format_(FDF)19:31
NoMoreWindowsVideo isn't that great though19:32
NoMoreWindowsDo you know how to find the optimal driver for my Nvidia ?19:32
alkisgubu-cat: the open source pdf readers, including the ones embedded into browsers, don't cover the advanced form features that some instututions require. You can also complain to the institution to use the simpler version of pdf forms.19:32
NoMoreWindowsVideo is choppy now...19:32
leftyfbubu-cat: also, you have not been running Ubuntu for 13 years19:33
ubu-catleftyfb: that's where there is a disagreemtent.   We all know what right in our own heart.   If somone come to me and aks me to help and I am able to do so - I do  "."19:33
ubu-catWhen it all said and done I get screwed by refusing to help w something you can help with if you chose to19:34
ubu-catNow I'm not talking about anything but choices adn what I'm saying is it is wrong (have nothing to do with the problem talking about now)  --  it is wrong to refuse help you are able to give "."19:35
NoMoreWindowsI have the 3D controller, and I was wondering what is the proper driver for Ubuntu 16.0419:35
YourFriendNoMoreWindows: the official nVidia drivers are pretty good: http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html19:36
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, which nvidia card ?19:36
leftyfbubu-cat: This is #ubuntu where we help with Ubuntu related issues. Your issue is not Ubuntu related. We cannot be expected to help with everything anyone comes here and asks for. That's out of the scope of this channel and is totally an unreasonable expectation.19:36
NoMoreWindowsBluesKaj: description: 3D controller        product: NVIDIA Corporation        vendor: NVIDIA Corporation        physical id: 0        bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0        version: a1        width: 64 bits        clock: 33MHz        capabilities: pm msi pciexpress bus_master cap_list rom        configuration: driver=nvidia latency=0        resources: irq:141 memory:ec000000-ecffffff memory:c0000000-cfffffff memory:d0000000-d1ffff19:37
leftyfbNoMoreWindows: please use pastebin for those sorts of things19:38
pikapikaAre these weaknesses still present? https://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/faq.html#no-ctl-alt-bs19:38
NoMoreWindowsYourFriend: Thanks. I assume I should get one from the session  Linux x86_64/AMD64/EM64T. How can we figure out which?19:38
NoMoreWindowsleftyfb: Will do going forward!19:38
Ben64NoMoreWindows: you probably already have it, and if you didn't, nvidia.com isn't the right place to get it for ubuntu19:38
leftyfbBen64: the official drivers from Nvidia will in fact work19:39
Ben64sometimes, maybe19:39
NoMoreWindowsBen64: I was having that impression too. Ideally I would like to have some command for the terminal19:39
Ben64alternatively, they exist in the ubuntu repositories19:39
NoMoreWindowsBen64: Do you know which one to use?19:40
leftyfbBen64: not always the latest version. It's pretty good at keeping up, but not always19:40
Ben64NoMoreWindows: the bit you posted includes "driver=nvidia" which means it's using the nvidia module already19:40
NoMoreWindowsBen64: What does that mean then?19:40
Ben64that you already got it19:40
NoMoreWindowsBen64: Should I just get some ppa for Nvidia, and it will know what to do?19:40
Ben64no, you already got it :|19:41
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: nvidia says " Note that many Linux distributions provide their own packages of the NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver in the distribution's native package management format. This may interact better with the rest of your distribution's framework, and you may want to use this rather than NVIDIA's official package." .19:41
YourFriendthe 'Long Lived' branch is usually pretty good19:41
NoMoreWindowsBen64: But video is choppy... Choppier than I had it today before I reinstalled the system19:41
Ben64try mpv19:41
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: So you are saying that what I have with Ubuntu is the best I can get already?19:42
alkisgNoMoreWindows: sudo ubuntu-drivers list19:44
alkisgShows the list of proprietary drivers that you have, and those that are available19:44
alkisgAnd, the gui to manage them, is software-properties-gtk19:44
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: No, not at all . Is the correct driver installed , are there driver conflicts ? how new is the card ?.. maybe better results installing a driver from our trusted PPA .. and the list can go on . Installing from OEM is the means of last resort and not for the faint at heart .19:45
bizhatapt not allowing me to update -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/26308398/ how i recover from this ?19:46
NoMoreWindowsalkisg: nvidia-384, and intel-microcode. I deliberately installed the nvidia one, so it may not be the right one!19:46
bizhati just want apt update work19:46
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: See my comment to alkisg. What is OEM?19:47
nicomachusbizhat: looking19:48
bizhatnicomachus: thanks19:48
nicomachusbizhat: are you trying to downgrade mysql?19:48
bizhati installed a program virtualmin. that tried to install mysql..19:49
bizhati already had maridb.. i just need apt work now..19:49
nicomachusbizhat: does 'sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade' work?19:49
bizhatnicomachus: not working https://paste.ubuntu.com/26308422/19:50
nicomachusbizhat: do you need that mysql-server?19:51
bizhatno, i can remove it19:51
naccbizhat: you have installed mariadb19:51
bizhatyes, i have mariadb, i don't need mysql19:52
jk^where are the screensaver settings in lubuntu?19:52
naccbizhat: and it won't let you downgrade from mariadb to mysql by default19:52
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: Well, let's see what the hardware is, and what drivers are installed. Pastebin " lspci -k|grep -iEA5 'vga|3d' - dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia " .19:52
nicomachusbizhat: wait, what is this 'https://download.webmin.com/download/repository sarge'?19:52
jk^i can't stop the screensaver19:52
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, don't worry about intel microcode for now , just the nvidia-384 driver ...you'll need to reboot after installation19:52
pikapikaWhat is the safest lockscreen I can use? Currently I use the default xscreensaver with xfce.19:53
bizhatnicomachus: i have deb https://download.webmin.com/download/repository sarge contrib19:53
bizhatwhat caused problem was virtualmin install19:53
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: That outputs: grep: dpkg: No such file or directory19:53
bizhatnacc: i am fine even if i can remove both maria and mysql, i don't have any data, can reinstall19:54
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: Verify there is no typo dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia . otherwuse " that ain't good " .19:54
bizhatnicomachus: that deb line is what webmin provide.. i don't know why sarge..19:54
bizhatnicomachus: http://www.webmin.com/deb.html says "sarge", it is not problem with webmin, it worked fine.. it was virtualmin.. that cuased all problem..19:56
apb1963nicomachus, oerheks, leftyfb, et al: I'm reasonably positive this is the program/indicator I had installed before.  https://www.maketecheasier.com/display-ip-address-system-tray-ubuntu/#comments19:57
apb1963So now you have that.  Thanks for all the pointers!19:57
leftyfbapb1963: that's part of PPA19:57
apb1963leftyfb, Yes.  But, there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice.19:57
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: Not working... Do I need to install anything, perhaps, related to dpkg?19:57
leftyfbapb1963: except the previous one we suggested. Also from a PPA19:58
apb1963leftyfb, yes.  It's a good suggestion, it's just not what I was looking for.19:58
leftyfbapb1963: and you had it installed before. So your argument of "I don't like installing ppa's.  I've been bitten and burned once too often." doesn't really holf19:58
apb1963leftyfb, fair enough.  I forgot it was from a ppa and yes, I do on occasion make exceptions.19:59
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om, BluesKaj: Should I do 'sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*', and then sudo apt-get update/upgrade to see if something better is installed?19:59
apb1963leftyfb, that doesn't change the fact that I do not LIKE installing ppa's.  But likes and needs are two different things.20:00
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: Well as a check, what returns ' dpkg -l apt ' . but look'n like a bad nvidia driver install . and we have yet to know if nvidia is even part of the equation .20:00
jk^i say it better, i can't avoid that system is blocked after inactivity, but i already set "never", maybe is the block which happens togheter the screensaver20:00
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26308493/20:02
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, no, try this to see what is installed, lspci -k|grep -iEA5 'vga|3d'20:03
BluesKajinclude the quotes20:03
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: Nothing wrong with dpkg :) .. pastebin now : lspci -k|grep -iEA5 'vga|3d'  . we see what the hardware is .20:03
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, then do,  lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use' , include the quotes20:05
NoMoreWindowsBluesKaj, Bashing-om: I get only a prompt with a '>', but that is it, nothing else.20:08
redlegionNoMoreWindows, you probably forgot a quote somewhere20:09
NoMoreWindowsBluesKaj: Kernel driver in use: i91520:09
skulltiphi, i find wordpress to be overkill and complicated. i want to host a simple php server between myself and a couple of teammembers.. maybe have thumbnails, and share images, large zip files up to 4Gb which would include source graphics and media.20:09
omber_Offtopic: you know the joke about putting people in front of a terminal running VIM and watching them struggling to exit. I'm like that with nano (default visudo editor)20:09
nicomachusintel, yay20:09
nicomachus!ot > omber_20:09
ubottuomber_, please see my private message20:09
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: Kernel driver in use: i91520:09
skulltipalmost want to write my own php server, any recommendations on an easy to set up and use server for ubuntu? using apache as the server20:10
nicomachusskulltip: you can set up a very simple webserver with Apache on a raspberry pi20:10
BluesKajBashing-om, looks like an optimus intel/nvidia gpu setup20:10
nicomachusomber_: to exit nano, hit CTRL+X20:10
Kon-Are there any kernel people here? What's going on with this? https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/7nl8r0/intel_bug_incoming/20:11
Kon-: "The kernel flag is named X86_BUG_CPU_INSECURE and its description is "CPU is insecure and needs kernel page table isolation"20:11
nicomachusomber_: but first CTRL+O to save20:11
Neo1I can't register on ubuntu.com http://storage4.static.itmages.com/i/18/0102/h_1514923873_7275346_3da30516ee.png20:11
Bashing-omBluesKaj: O am sure that will be the case . once we know the hardware next we want to know what gpu-manager has to say .20:12
nicomachusKon-: maybe try one of the kernel channels.20:12
skulltipwelll got it on a minitower @nicomachus.20:12
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, is this a laptop with 2 gpu graphics system aka Optimus ?20:12
nicomachusKon-: like #ubuntu-kernel20:12
NoMoreWindowsredlegion: You are right! https://paste.ubuntu.com/26308553/ BluesKaj Bashing-om20:12
Kon-nicomachus, thanks20:13
Neo1bad name20:13
omber_nicomachus, thank you20:13
daxNeo1: it's complaining about the red-outlined box underneath the text, not the one that you screenshotted20:13
Neo1dax: yes, I've been confusing, I thought it relate to over field )20:14
ubottuUbuntu uses nvidia-prime to support optimus videocards.20:15
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, ^ , nvidia-prime should be installed by default20:16
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: BluesKaj , the 384 driver should be fine for that card . Bext we want to know wgat the graphic's manager relates. NoMoreWindows pastenon ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' .20:19
NoMoreWindowsBluesKaj: That might be the case, but I installed the current one on top of whatever was there before. How can I reinstall it?20:20
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26308583/20:21
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, run sudo apt install nvidia-prime20:25
NoMoreWindowsBluesKaj: I already have that, apparently20:27
BluesKajok have you rebooted since installing the nvidia driver?20:28
NoMoreWindowsI did. But I can do that again, if that helps20:28
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: BluesKaj : I do not know what to make of : Invalid /sys/class/dmi/id/product_version="" . what shows ' cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_version ' as it is an ASCII text file .20:29
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, so you still have graphics issues?20:30
NoMoreWindowsBluesKaj: Yes. I got this computer because I liked the video quality, specially compared to what I had on my previous ubuntu. Maybe that is just better with windows though, but I am pretty se I d great video just today when I installed some driver I can't find again... I can see part of the pages deforming as I scroll up and down, and it is choppy tween ferent takes of a video. Somewhat chopppy in other parts too20:34
doom_hola saludos a todos20:34
NoMoreWindowsBluesKaj: Also, this keyboard sucks :)20:34
doom_x favor me pueden ayudar con un problema en lubuntu o me dicen donde ir soy re nuevo20:35
robotnikztry it again in eglish :)20:35
EriC^^hi doom_20:36
EriC^^!es | doom_20:36
ubottudoom_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:36
EriC^^!pt | doom_20:37
ubottudoom_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:37
doom_ohh thank you, very weel20:38
EriC^^doom_: you're welcome20:38
BluesKajNoMoreWindows, I guess you've seen this but it looks like your only recourse. Bear in mind you need to use the correct driver recommended by software-properties-gtk https://askubuntu.com/questions/858030/nvidia-prime-in-nvidia-x-server-settings-in-16-04-1/85803720:39
BluesKajI have to leave20:41
Bashing-omBluesKaj: NoMoreWindows ,y last .. also be a good idea to verity ther are no driver conflicts ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .20:42
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26308689/20:43
doom_ehh good I came back, please can you tell me where to go, link, whatsapp, g +, hangouts to solve a problem installing lubuntu?20:44
doom_I would be very grateful in the Spanish channel there is no one20:44
doom_writing from bolivia, :)20:45
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: That does look like a lot of drivers20:45
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: What would happen if I removed every video driver, and reinstalled?20:46
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: A lot of pieces .. all correct . I dio not know else to advise about the glitches . Might swotch the driver . what shows ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' Give it some time to search .20:48
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: nvidia-384, intel-microcode20:50
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NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: If I want to try others, how do I know what drivers I can try, and teh right commands?20:50
doom_I have windows 7, do not install lubuntu correctly, I want to go back to windows 720:51
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: Well, without adding a PPA, so much for that thought to switch drivers. Still concerned about the: Invalid /sys/class/dmi/id/product_version="" .20:52
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: What does that mean?20:52
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: As advised above . I do not know . pastebin ' cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_version20:53
NoMoreWindowsBashing-om: That came out empty.20:54
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: Ouch . A point of failure, but Above my skill set now to know what to do about it .20:55
RonWhoCaresI am getting the error "exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: unknown filesystem type 'iso9660'" when inserting the DVD of my weekly backup into the DVD drive.  Any idea how I can access the DVD?20:57
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: My result " sysop@x1604:~$ cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_version >> System Version " .20:58
Ben64RonWhoCares: try mounting somewhere manually21:00
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NoMoreWindows_Bashing-om: I see. Do you think uninstalling, and installing again could help?21:08
NoMoreWindows_Bashing-om: I logged out and back in. Maybe that is why there is an underscore after my name21:09
NoMoreWindows_I can't play netflix in firefox. Any suggestions?21:14
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows_: Honestly, I do not know what to do - above my skill level at this point .21:14
NoMoreWindows_Don't worry. I will figure it out. Thanks!21:15
leftyfbi'm pretty sure you can21:16
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows_: I will ne most interested in knowing . Now if you do not mind borking your system we can mess about .21:16
Bashing-omI will be most *21:17
leftyfbi'm playing a movie on it right now21:17
nicomachusyou have to enable DRM21:17
leftyfbyeah, it bugs you the first time21:17
leftyfband I think even walks you though the process21:17
nicomachuswell, it gives you a popup that says "click here" and then you click there21:18
skinuxI need some help. I'm trying to run Steam but keep getting libGL errors that it cannot load driver radeonsi_dri or radeonsi or swrast21:18
NoMoreWindows_Bashing-om: Right now I don't mind, since I dont have anything in the system yet. I am just figuring out the best parameters for the system21:18
skinuxI've been searching online, but so far not finding answers.21:18
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows: My result " sysop@x1604:~$ cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_version >> System Version " . // might see what happens if you make that file so . ( but I am not an optimus system ! )21:19
blackflowBashing-om: +1 on 'sysop' unpriv user :)21:21
NoMoreWindows_Bashing-om: What do you mean if I make that file?21:24
skinuxOkay, I found the SO files, I think Steam is just looking in the wrong place. How do I find out where I should symlink to?21:24
baTedHello. My Ubuntu (1 hour install) refuses to boot with kernel 4.13.0-21, instead it boots fine with 4.13.0-16. How can I delete -21 and avoid upgrading to that version ? Thank you!21:25
Bashing-omNoMoreWindows_: Never the mind . too much here I do not understand - messing about in my system . Will take greater skills than I posess .21:26
nicomachusbaTed: you could install the 16.04 LTS version instead, which is still on 4.4.0-10421:30
baTedI don't get well with unity, and i'd like to test 17.10 to see the gnome integration21:31
baTedthe problem started after installing nvidia restricted driver21:31
nicomachusbaTed: you can install ubuntu-gnome-desktop on 16.04, which is what I have here.21:31
baTedI'll do that, but afaik I had simmilar problems with nvidia restricted drivers21:32
baTedthank you for your help21:34
daedelothi have 10gb available for /var, but for some reason it's filled up. when i use baobab to check what is taking so much space, I only see 2,9gb21:46
xNanonicomachus: not sure if you're aware, but nvidia drivers do not work with Wayland (if it matters)21:48
Neo1how to check mysql version?22:15
Neo1mysql -v didn't help22:15
Neo1I want reconfigure mysql and change root pasword22:16
Neo1ubuntu server guide has this line22:17
Neo1sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.522:17
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Guest35911what is happening in Iran and Russia?22:20
shadoxxAnyone use salt-cloud for templating?22:33
shadoxxTrying to figure out an issue where the salt-bootstrap script restarts all services. I'm manually changing the hostname at some point in that process, and I think the NetworkManager restarting, coupled with a changing honstame22:34
shadoxxis causing the machine to lose its ip address.22:34
shadoxxAnother reboot fixes it, but it's causing issues with my provisioning22:35
shadoxxI've created the Ubuntu template myself. Deleted the persistent network scripts in udev22:35
shadoxxnot sure where to begin22:35
DanielK_WMDEhi all! in 17.10, how do I add a KDE app like Konversation to the launcher/dock/panel/thingy-on-the-left?22:44
DanielK_WMDEIt does not offer the "add to favorites" option that other applications offer.22:44
DanielK_WMDEI have seen the same with other KDE applications like Kate.22:45
raidghostKate is a nice girl:)22:46
DanielK_WMDEall I found in the FM was either about Unity (this is Gnome, if I underrstand correctly) or about Menu editors (which do not help, this is not the application menu)22:46
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: what does means FM?22:46
DanielK_WMDENeo1: "FM" as in "RTFM"...22:47
ikoniagrow up22:47
Neo1shadoxx: what is sald-cloud for templating?22:47
ikonia"the documentation" is what you're trying to say22:47
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: what is RTFM?22:47
DanielK_WMDEikonia: never!22:47
DanielK_WMDENeo1: google it22:47
ikoniaDanielK_WMDE: there is no need for that sort of approach to asking for help, just talk in clear English, describing the problem please.22:48
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: RTFM read the fucking manual?22:49
DanielK_WMDEikonia: the problem is: some applications do not allow me to add the mto the launcher-thingy oon the left of the desktop permanently. Gnome applications offer a "add to favorites" option there. other applications do not. how can I fix this?22:50
DanielK_WMDEIn unity, I could manually create a .desktop file and drag it to the launcer-thing. this no longer works.22:50
DanielK_WMDEso, what'S the solution in 17.10?22:50
oerheksjust drag it, perhaps? i don't see it, as i am still on unity22:50
DanielK_WMDEall documentation i could find about this seems to be for older versions of ubuntu22:50
DanielK_WMDEoerheks: nope, no drag&drop support. i see the icon while the application is running. but there seems to be no way to make it stick.22:51
shadoxxNeo1: salt-cloud is for building a system from a VM template that exist in your cloud provider22:51
DanielK_WMDEikonia: i was referring to the "FM" to show that I did some reasearch, and did not find anythign helpful in the Fine Manual.22:51
shadoxxie, i have a VM that's just a minimal install of ubuntu server, then i create other vms from that single one22:52
Neo1yes, I've installed tor and have left it on desktop instead on panel :)22:52
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: this functionality  not supported, better create on desktop where you will store all your installed by yourself apps22:52
oerheksDanielK_WMDE, maybe this page is any help, https://askubuntu.com/questions/967409/cant-add-custom-desktop-files-to-dock-17-1022:52
oerheksmake sure the launcher is valid22:53
Neo1shadoxx: it's like docker? What the VM virtual box?22:53
Neo1I tried to learn docker and then have dropped it22:54
DanielK_WMDENeo1: that'S rather sad. I actively avoid seeing the desktop, or putting anything on it - it tends to become a complete mess.22:54
DanielK_WMDENeo1: maybe I should go for a classic gnome shell then. i woould expect it to support standard .desktop files in panels.22:54
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: no, I don't now, default as we can see it's not support, but probably you can add it somehow22:55
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: in gnome the same22:55
shadoxxNeo1: I'm using VMWare as my hypervisor right now.22:55
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: I've moved to unity from gnome, have been using gnome for 2 days, this is enough for me22:55
JonelethIrenicuswill the amd64-microcode help with anything on threadripper?22:55
shadoxxThe issue is that when I change the hostname of the machine, then restart all services, the machine fails to get its IP again, even from DHCP22:55
shadoxxBut if I reboot, it grabs its own IP and has the proper hostname...22:56
DanielK_WMDEoerheks: that seems to be exactly my proplem, yes. thank you!22:56
shadoxxAlso, Neo1, Docker is a really great way to learn virtualization technologies, once you understand how Docker is layered22:57
DanielK_WMDEoerheks, Neo1: ah! when I *search* for conversation, i can right-click in the ressults and makr is as a favorite from there! that seems to work, though a bit awkwardly...22:57
ikoniashadoxx: you can't change hostnames on the fly22:57
DanielK_WMDEthanks for the link!22:57
Neo1shadoxx: good, what do you want to do? to do some virtualization like docker does?22:57
ikoniadocker is not virtualiztion22:57
ikoniait's containers22:57
shadoxxIt's a type of virtualization22:57
ikonia(which yes, is a virtual platform, but it's not virtualization)22:57
shadoxxAddress space is virtualized, along with disks and network22:57
ikoniait's very specific22:57
shadoxxSo you're saying KVM isn't virtualization either?22:58
ikoniafar from it22:58
shadoxxWhat would you qualify as virtualization then?22:58
Neo1shadoxx: great only on words, there difficult something to do, I wanted run ubuntu on docker VM and couldn't, should learn much22:58
ikoniaI've just said kvm is22:58
shadoxxikonia: containers are literally "container based virtualization"22:59
shadoxxThey are a type of virtualization.22:59
Neo1DanielK_WMDE: worked not for all apps, for torborwser it didn't work in gnome, thus I put it on desktop22:59
Neo1with ubuntu better use minimal apps, 5 enough23:00
shadoxx"Containerization -- also called container-based virtualization and application containerization -- is an OS-level virtualization method for deploying and running distributed applications without launching an entire VM for each application."23:00
Sean_McGanyone around with a Ryzen running 16.04 Xenial?23:00
oerheksSean_McG, if someone does, he/she would have HWE enabled as ryzen is pretty new23:01
Sean_McGI'm wondering if it's generally safe to use the HWE kernel or if I should be rolling my own of 4.13.x or 4.14.x.23:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:01
oerheksyes, i would advise you to use HWE23:01
Sean_McGhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1690085 is causing me some concern -- I haven't seen the issue but I haven't really stressed this sytem much yet23:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1690085 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ryzen 1800X freeze - rcu_sched detected stalls on CPUs/tasks" [High,Confirmed]23:02
Sean_McGI bought this R5-1600 in November so it's probably not from an early batch23:03
Sean_McGalso, what sort of vulnerabilities do I risk if I disable ASLR?23:04
Neo1Sean_McG: Ryzen in last AMD CPU? I have fx8300, and this is very powerfull, what you will run in linux for load wholly this CPU?23:05
gordonjcpSean_McG: pretty much none23:05
gordonjcpSean_McG: it protects against people running things they shouldn't when they've managed to somehow trick your PC into accepting it as part of something else23:06
Sean_McGNeo1: I'm a developer, so presumably large/lengthy compiles -- but I have been wanting to experiment with KVM as well.23:06
gordonjcpSean_McG: if you're not running something like a server directly connected to the Internet, you've not really got anything to worry about23:06
Sean_McGgordonjcp: ah OK.23:06
gordonjcpSean_McG: like, it's handy, but turning it off isn't going to turn you into a botnet magnet instantly23:07
gordonjcpwe got along pretty good without it for 20-odd years :-)23:07
Sean_McGfair point.23:07
Neo1Sean_McG: ok, Razer is better than fx 8300 and I never load it wholly, less then 50% always evne in games video card 100% CPU I forgot how much no more than 5023:07
Neo1Sean_McG: Just interesting can linux load that CPU or not, windows can't23:08
Sean_McGthanks everybody.23:14
oerhekshave fun23:14
Neo1I've read about tasksel. is it useful utility?23:24
electricmilkNeo1,  It is super useful for installing LAMP23:24
Neo1there I see plesore  of apps23:24
Neo1electricmilk: and not only23:24
Neo1electricmilk: I can install large selections of font packages23:25
Neo1or other ubuntu23:25
electricmilkNeo1,  I've only used it for LAMP but it lets you very easily install services23:25
electricmilkNeo1,  Another great command is sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras23:25
Neo1electricmilk: need to save this comand23:25
baTedIs there any known problem with Applications Menu Gnome Extension on Ubuntu 17.10 ?23:26
electricmilkubuntu-restricted-extras will install Microsoft fonts23:26
Neo1baTed: problem? Gnome has bigger windows than unity, for small screens 15inch better unity23:27
Neo1baTed: or you can install extension hide panel23:28
Neo1baTed: no, gnom works good, I didn't see any lags23:28
baTedI am reffering to : https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/6/applications-menu/23:28
baTedThis specific extension doesn't work on my setup (17.10)23:29
baTedI've installed but nothing happens when I click the "Applications" menu created by this extension.23:30
Neo1baTed: good, use search and choose on that site needed extension for you, hide panel is good, or docker to panel23:30
baTedNeo1, https://i.imgur.com/DvyWkRf.png23:31
Neo1baTed: probably, if in your browser installed special addon you can manage your desktop from site, there should be buttons for change settings23:31
baTedI have installed it. Now it gives me ~ERROR~ on the extension page, and the extension doesn't work.23:32
Neo1baTed: yes, you see error, you can't use it23:32
Neo1baTed: yes, use other, that will work, there is plasore of extensions23:32
baTedwhat other extension ?23:33
baTedand how can I remove this one ? (disabling from Gnome tweak doesn't remove the button)23:34
Neo1baTed: don't know, I'd been using it for 2 days, and moved to unity23:34
Neo1baTed: tweektool?23:35
baTedtweak tool23:35
Neo1baTed: type tweektool, there in windows choose extension tap23:35
kenrinYou hit the off button the website23:35
Neo1and there seek that extension, there will near button remove23:36
JonelethIrenicuswhat does the amd64-microcode address?23:36
kenrinIf chrome or whatever browser you are using doesn't work try firefox23:36
JonelethIrenicusis it needed for threadripper?23:36
JonelethIrenicusor is no information provided?23:36
Neo1baTed: if that extension is installed it should be in list23:36
baTedkenrin, I do not have a OFF button on the website. I have an ~ERROR~ button23:36
baTedI now manually deleted it23:36
Neo1baTed: use tweektool in your ubuntu, not in website23:36
baTednothing happens when I disable the extension from the tweak tool.23:37
baTedI will reboot now23:38
Neo1baTed: It means it's usual behavior for this23:38
Neo1there all is not perfect23:38
Neo1after perfect windows difficult accept poor linux, I hope with time will easier )))23:39
Neo1or better will buy 240 GB ssd and will have fullfladget two OS23:39
Neo1or 3 :)23:40
Neo1I interesting how we can install mac? I want to try it on VM23:41
Neo1couldn't find instruction23:41
leafybasilAnyone know if it's possible to use yabar internal-options with custom scripts?  I have read the documentation but I can't see any answers23:46
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