cosm1cw00t for 17.10! :D00:45
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dreamon_ochosi, I found solution.  xfconf-query -v -c xfce4-panel -p /panels/panel-0/output-name -s monitor-0 → I can move panel to wanted monitor. Works fine!07:09
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ochosidreamon_: good to hear!09:28
beersteini need help10:01
beersteinis a hp G5 255 Notebook, AMD E2-7110, RAM 4GB, HDD 500 GB10:02
beersteingood for xubuntu?10:02
bazhangI use the full gnome3 with 2gig10:03
bazhangthat will fly with 410:03
beersteinim not worry for the ram but for my cpu10:03
beersteinitz 1.8 ghz10:04
beerstein4 core10:04
bazhangwhat uses did you plan for this10:04
beersteinfro programming10:06
beersteinc++ and java10:06
bazhangI use my 12 year plus thinkpad with all intel for video encoding10:06
bazhangso that will not be an issue at all10:07
beersteinthanks you have been very usefull thanks10:07
bazhanglubuntu might make you seasick10:07
bazhangit would be that fast on your rig10:07
beersteini do not like the look of lubuntu10:08
bazhangthen stick to xubuntu10:08
bazhangthe initial post I saw was you asking about lightweight10:09
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xubuntu95dHello.  Anyone out there?23:04

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