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axwthumper: are you able to add agprado to juju-qa on launchpad or whatever is required to get him access to cloud-city?00:04
thumperis that his lp id?00:05
axwthumper: yes00:07
* thumper headdesks00:11
thumperaxw: what are you up to?00:11
axwthumper: standup atm. fixing bugs otherwise00:11
thumperaxw: I have a doozy for ya00:12
thumperaxw: ping me when you are done00:12
thumperaxw: agprado should have access now00:13
axwthumper: thanks00:28
axwthumper: done00:28
wgrantthumper: Is this the doozy that will make me very happy? :)00:29
thumperwgrant: one of them is00:29
thumperaxw: with you shortly, just composing an email00:29
thumperaxw: 1:1 HO?00:40
axwthumper: ok, brt00:40
thumperaxw: I suggest we just skip the tech board today03:00
axwthumper: I had unconsciously skipped it anyway. sounds good03:00
* thumper nods03:01
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hmlrick_h: are you back from vacation?17:20
rick_hhml: wheee17:20
hmlrick_h: hope you had a good holiday!17:21
rick_hhml: always good to send some time with the fam17:21
hmlrick_h: i have two invites for the juju show - now on competing weeks17:21
hmlnot sure which is which :-)17:21
hmlwanted to forward to our new guy agprado17:21
rick_hhml: my bad, I moved it to next week...poorly I see17:21
agpradohello rick_h17:22
agpradoI hope your vacation was good!!17:22
rick_hhml: hmm, I don't see two, just one.17:22
rick_hagprado: what's your first/last so I can invite you via calendar?17:22
hmlrick_h: maybe i just didn’t clean up my calendar then - so the one next week?17:22
hmlit’s for a full hour instead of a half?17:23
rick_hhml: rgr, too short a runway this week17:23
rick_hhml: meh, we aim to do 30min but sometimes it runs long so I think we just block out the time17:23
rick_hagprado: you should have an invite17:24
hmlthx rick_h!17:24
rick_hhml: ty for the sharing17:24
hmlagprado: the juju show is a video chat on various juju topics - previous editions can be found on youtube -17:26
agpradoI've been watching the juju-show during this vacation17:37
agpradorick_h: Adrian Prado. So you can add me via calendar17:38
rick_hagprado: cool you should have an invite your way18:07
agpradothanks rick_h18:07
agpradoinvitation accepted!18:08
hmlagprado: how’s it going today?20:31
agpradoit's going good20:41
agpradoI am in the process of compiling juju20:42
hmlwhich version of go are you using?20:42
agpradoand writing down all the little friction points that I found in the way20:42
agpradomaster branch head20:43
agpradoif you prefer I can pull the tags, and compile a specific version20:43
hmlshouldn’t be any friction points….20:43
hmltry develop instead20:44
hmlfor a branch - that’s where most work is done20:44
hmlwe don’t really use master any longer20:44
hmlmost work is in develop - unless you are backporting or on a specific bug20:45
hmlwhat sort of issues are you seeing?20:47
agpradoit is not related to juju directly, but when I have time, I want to create a rule for the firewall so it is possible to just uwf allow juju20:48
agpradoand compiling it is more a problem of my golang environment than juju itself. I am lacking packages, and dependencies20:48
hmldid you set JUJU_MAKE_GODEPS=true?20:49
agpradonothing that should take too long to fix, and have a development state20:49
agpradonope :)20:49
hmlwhat version of GO are you using?20:49
hmlsetting JUJU_MAKE_GODEPS will help with the dependencies etc20:49
hmlmake will use it for godeps, or you can check the Makefile for godeps20:50
hmlI think we’ve moved to go 1.9 now… we do hit issues with differences in the compile version from tiem to time20:50
agpradoI can update to 1.920:52
hmli use the go snap - it’s a little easier to find the versions you need - at least to me20:52
agpradoI found goenv20:54
agpradoa small application similar to pyenv (manages python version and virtualenvironments)20:54
agpradowith goenv you an install and mantain different versions and I guess that environments too20:55
hmlah - we’ve started to use snaps for lots of stuff - including go and juju20:55
agpradosnap it is :)20:55
rick_hthumper: are we chatting today?22:00
thumperjust coming22:00
rick_hthumper: ok omw22:00

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