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EdShello... I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, since it's systemd and snap related, but it can't hurt to ask! I have canonical kubernetes deployed using Juju and MAAS. We have a problem with kube-proxy and want to increase the log level. I have tried to adjust this by adding arguments to the ExecStart line in the systemd config file that starts the snap service.12:04
EdSRestarting the snap doesn't seem to make any difference, it is still running with the settings from before, no change in log level.12:05
EdSDoes anyone have any idea how to change this sort of thing? I lack experience with snap and systemd and hadn't expected to dive quite so deep into the automatically provisioned systems!12:06
tvansteenburghEdS: so `journalctl -u snap.kube-proxy.daemon.service` doesn't give you enough info?13:59
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EdStavnsteenburgh: unfortunately it's telling me that kube proxy is unable to watch the api server, over and over. Next debugging steps appear to be raising the logging level, that['s where I'm stuck.16:53
EdSsorry, I've been AFK most afternoon, thanks for getting back to me16:53

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