tgBot<Jo_Led> @Stereofont, Thanks again for the help!00:04
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Love thos Welcoming Room guys!  You reduce SG noise by 73.4%00:04
tgBot<wayneoutthere> For those who don't know, you just mjssed 94 messages...00:05
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> What fixed it?00:05
tgBot<Stereofont> Cache00:05
tgBot<Stereofont> Was 30%. Reduced to 2%00:05
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Ca$h always fixes things00:05
tgBot<Stereofont> Lol00:05
tgBot<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/8kfV2vx9/file_3493.mp400:06
tgBot<Stereofont> Though cache reduction was nudged accidentally by MDT to be honest00:06
tgBot<wayneoutthere> That's me fixing your cache00:06
tgBot<Stereofont> However, success is success 😀00:06
tgBot<Fardale> Hi, I have some sysadmin knoledge, I wounder if I can help ubports with it00:08
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Hmm00:09
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Genuine question00:09
tgBot<Stereofont> Welcome from irc 🤗00:09
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> What is a good tool to use to synchronize/manage user accounts on lots of servers centrally?00:09
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Fardale, Aha! A Network Artist!  Welcome!00:10
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Fardale, I'm sure Dalton will have many amazing ways you can help...thanks for your willingness.00:15
tgBot<wayneoutthere> On that note, anyone interested in writing..... blogs.... PM me on the side.00:15
tgBot<wayneoutthere> It's time to start a fury of writing.00:16
tgBot<Fardale> @wayneoutthere Ok thanks, I will wait for him00:17
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @UniversalSuperBox, This was for you Fardale :P00:18
tgBot<Fardale> @UniversalSuperBox What kind of user accounts ?00:19
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> shell user accounts, admin or otherwise.00:19
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Along with SSH keys and that fun00:19
tgBot<Fardale> You can use ldap directory00:20
tgBot<Fardale> But I don't know if you can manage ssh keys with ldap00:20
tgBot<dohbee> @UniversalSuperBox, Openid00:21
tgBot<dohbee> Ubuntu sso with launchapad00:22
tgBot<dohbee> Or GitHub if you prefer00:22
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> That sounds pretty easy00:22
tgBot<dohbee> Since they both have ssh/gpg key handling already, and you can sync pub keys via api00:25
tgBot<dohbee> Also please fix http->https everywhere00:27
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> ?00:28
tgBot<dohbee> system-image.u.c doesn't redirect to https00:28
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Hm. It does for me. HSTS without redirect maybe?00:29
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Yep, that's exactly it00:29
tgBot<dohbee> Didn't last time I opened in chromium00:32
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tgBot<Fardale> @UniversalSuperBox What did you want me to do regarding your question, I don't understand where you want to go with that00:37
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It was a really generic question00:37
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Not a test00:37
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> We need to solve the exact problem I asked about at some point.00:38
tgBot<dohbee> Canonical solved it by writing launchpad00:38
tgBot<Fardale> Ok i will look at what the launchpad is00:43
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tgBot<Fardale> So the goal is to have some thing to replace the launchpad ?01:00
tgBot<dohbee> i don't think that's the goal01:05
tgBot<dohbee> ubports is already on github, so it already replaces most of what launchpad does01:05
tgBot<dohbee> at least, presumably the parts which ubports cares about01:06
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Yep01:06
tgBot<Fardale> Ok, and what is the parts whichi ubports cares about ?01:13
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I don't want us to manage logons per-server, basically01:14
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I would prefer a central store01:14
tgBot<Flohack> @UniversalSuperBox, LDAP01:14
tgBot<Fardale> What are the diferent server ?01:15
tgBot<Fardale> and what are the diferents services ?01:15
tgBot<dohbee> @Flohack, github01:15
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> We've got a-plenty of them, I'm just talking about UNIX logons though.01:15
tgBot<Fardale> LDAP is a classic tool for central account01:15
tgBot<Flohack> @dohbee, Its not always easy to integrate authentication on lower levels with a high level OAuth ^^01:16
tgBot<Flohack> Like: There is no PAM for Github I assume01:16
tgBot<Fardale> Ok then LDAP with pam-ldap is the right tool I think01:16
tgBot<Flohack> @Fardale, LDAP: I hate it, you need a PhD for administration ^^01:17
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> And PHPLDAPAdmin is...01:17
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> woo01:17
tgBot<Fardale> For github, it does not correspond exactly to what Ubport defend01:17
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I think RedHat has some nicer interfaces for LDAP though01:17
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> The question is, could it store SSH keys01:18
tgBot<dohbee> @Flohack, LDAP is a classic tool for enabling alcoholism01:18
tgBot<Flohack> @dohbee, +101:18
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/xOJiwn7S/file_3494.mp401:18
tgBot<Flohack> @UniversalSuperBox, LDAP can store anything01:18
tgBot<Flohack> Thats bug and feature at the same time01:19
tgBot<Flohack> Basically its a Db01:19
tgBot<Flohack> hierarchical01:19
tgBot<dohbee> except qubits01:19
tgBot<Fardale> https://www.fusiondirectory.org/01:19
tgBot<Flohack> lol01:19
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @dohbee, We'll find a way01:19
tgBot<dohbee> qubits + ldap == universe imploding01:19
tgBot<Flohack> I wanted to go to bed but... now ^^01:19
tgBot<dohbee> lol01:19
tgBot<Flohack> Im hyped bc I fixed a long lasting Telegram problem01:19
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Flohack, I still haven't cracked l10n01:19
tgBot<dohbee> oh01:20
tgBot<Flohack> Media/Photo/Sticker download skipped sometimes01:20
tgBot<Flohack> and you got empty frames01:20
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Sphinx will happily build its mofiles correctly... but it won't use them01:20
tgBot<dohbee> i should try to compile telegram01:20
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, nice work coach01:20
tgBot<dohbee> but at the same time i really just want this intel bug to not affect my CPUs01:21
tgBot<Fardale> If you don't like ldap, you can use postgresql01:21
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @dohbee, You crossed the streams with the offtopic group01:21
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> now the world ends01:21
tgBot<dohbee> ugh, qmake01:21
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Fardale, Very interesting. Thanks for the leads!01:22
tgBot<dohbee> or that other thing that apple uses which i can't recall the name of01:22
tgBot<dohbee> but i'm pretty sure it starts with N01:22
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Not-GNU01:22
tgBot<Fardale> There is a pam plugin for psql login on unix01:22
tgBot<dohbee> neigh01:23
tgBot<Flohack> @dohbee, I can share my meds in case you need before01:23
tgBot<dohbee> NSS i think?01:23
tgBot<Fardale> but, it had bad reputation01:23
tgBot<Fardale> I don't what is it status right know01:23
tgBot<dohbee> afaict, integrating with github via api is probably still best for what ubports needs01:24
tgBot<Fardale> I don't know what ubports need01:24
tgBot<Fardale> if it's juste un centralyse account for unix logons, I'm not sure that github is the best01:25
tgBot<Anthony Tonio> Hey! Is there courses to learn qml or make click apps ? Thanks01:26
tgBot<dohbee> @Flohack, wow, this is nasty stuff01:26
tgBot<dohbee> is it because cutegram?01:27
tgBot<dohbee> Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: multimedia01:28
tgBot<dohbee> huh01:28
tgBot<Flohack> @dohbee, eh what are you trying 😆01:28
tgBot<dohbee> ./setup.sh -t desktop -b01:28
tgBot<Flohack> try -d first to build deps ^^01:28
tgBot<Flohack> or, -db01:29
tgBot<Flohack> combined nastiness01:29
tgBot<dohbee> but i have qt5 dev stuff installed01:29
tgBot<dohbee> i don't want it to download/build qt too01:29
tgBot<Flohack> nono01:29
tgBot<Flohack> It needs 2 other specific libs01:29
tgBot<Flohack> libqtelegram-ae and TelegramQML01:29
tgBot<Flohack> its in 3 repos01:29
tgBot<dohbee> ok, well it still complains about multimedia01:30
tgBot<Flohack> did you follow README.md01:30
tgBot<Flohack> https://github.com/ubports/telegram-app/blob/master/README.md01:30
tgBot<dohbee> oh, stupid package naming01:31
tgBot<Flohack> yesss the madness starts01:31
tgBot<Flohack> Im asleep now ^^ its 2.30am here01:31
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> (Photo, 751x157) https://irc.ubports.com/8iicodCq/file_3496.jpg GAH! Still English.01:31
tgBot<Flohack> But ping me tomorrow01:32
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> ```Running Sphinx v1.6.5 … loading translations [de]... done``` … Why does Sphinx lie to me01:32
tgBot<dohbee> @UniversalSuperBox, ich bin ein berliner?01:32
tgBot<dohbee> it didn't lie?01:32
tgBot<dohbee> how are you loading the docs?01:32
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It's supposed to load a .po file and build using that01:34
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It says "Finished" even if there's nothing to load, so there's that.01:35
tgBot<dohbee> meh, a bit of manual intervention and got telegram built, but apparently i'm missing some bits01:39
tgBot<dohbee> i really don't like that you can't do conditional imports in qml :(01:40
tgBot<dohbee> @UniversalSuperBox, didn't it create an index_de.html or something? which one are you viewing?01:45
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I'm trying an entirely different method at this point, though I'm not sure about it01:46
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It's creating separate output folders for every translation01:46
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> But none of them are translated at all, even though I have a file with some translations in it01:46
tgBot<dohbee> hmm01:47
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Irony: Weblate, a Python-based translation tool, has no translated documentation01:48
tgBot<dohbee> i didn't realize irony was a synonym for FOSS01:49
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> BUT01:49
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It does have a guide on doing exactly what I'm trying to do! :D01:49
tgBot<dohbee> lol01:49
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Shoulda looked that up four hours ago01:50
tgBot<dohbee> Q: How to stick a fork in a light socket? … A: Don't.01:50
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> You don't like documentation translation?01:50
tgBot<dohbee> no i do01:50
tgBot<dohbee> i just hate how nothing does it right, and it's always broken01:50
tgBot<dohbee> maybe you should have just used intltool for that ;)01:51
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/devel/starting.html?highlight=sphinx#translating-documentation-using-sphinx01:52
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> welp01:52
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Good thing flo went to sleep, because I need him for all these steps01:52
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It waits until tomorrow01:53
tgBot<dohbee> it's too bloody cold anyway01:57
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Aha!02:09
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> (Photo, 731x150) https://irc.ubports.com/zAYEr1Ag/file_3498.jpg02:09
tgBot<dohbee> lies02:09
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> That was, er, easy02:10
tgBot<alan_morford> (Photo, 903x1129) https://irc.ubports.com/R92QP8wT/file_3499.jpg02:23
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> mun02:23
tgBot<alan_morford> Took this tonight with my Nexus 5 running r3 through my kids $30 telescope02:23
tgBot<dohbee> we posting moon photos now?02:23
tgBot<dohbee> nice02:23
tgBot<alan_morford> Sorry ut related02:23
tgBot<alan_morford> Thought I'd use that as a segue to say great job on UT! Thanks!02:24
tgBot<dohbee> i was gonna post an unrelated moon pic, but i can't find it any more :P02:30
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Fwd from dohbee: hmm, deleting old data which i have no idea why i have, feels kind of good02:32
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I think I know where it went02:32
tgBot<dohbee> lol, no02:32
tgBot<dohbee> (Photo, 720x540) https://irc.ubports.com/0IfeAjxf/file_3501.jpg02:35
tgBot<dohbee> (found it)02:35
tgBot<exar_kun> I was wondering where the moon went.02:39
tgBot<Xorpad> Hi UT03:36
tgBot<Xorpad> @Flohack any news yet on that bullhead kernel work?03:38
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @alan_morford, Cool!03:58
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @alan_morford, You should join our struggling Ubports Parents group :)03:59
tgBot<alan_morford> @wayneoutthere, Struggling?03:59
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Yeah. There are just 2 of us ha04:00
tgBot<alan_morford> @wayneoutthere, Happy to make it a crowd04:31
tgBot<alan_morford> So is the nexus 4 officially supported. The legacy title is a tad confusing.04:57
tgBot<alan_morford> I see it's not a focus device but looks like it gets the 'big' releases yes?04:58
tgBot<Rekols> (Voice, 2s)https://irc.ubports.com/nE0NWMw6/file_350205:00
tgBot<Rekols> 😞05:00
tgBotvyaspranjal33 was added by: vyaspranjal3305:32
tgBot<vyaspranjal33> hello geeks05:32
tgBot<Xorpad> @vyaspranjal33, Greetings05:34
tgBot<Rekols> gays05:35
tgBot<Xorpad> Hey watch the homophobia, that's not cool05:35
tgBot<vyaspranjal33> how can i join ubports spokeperson program05:40
tgBot<bhushanshah> There's no such program?05:41
tgBot<Rekols> hello05:41
tgBot<Rekols> i'm a gay.05:41
tgBot<vyaspranjal33> @bhushanshah, I ve seen on ubports website😅05:43
tgBot<Rekols> no one?05:43
tgBot<Xorpad> @Rekols, good, the worlds got too many baby makers05:44
tgBot<Rekols> what?05:44
tgBot<Xorpad> Lol, 1 reason why gay people are better than striaght people, is overpopulation and the need for less people to make babies... I am random don't mind me05:45
tgBot<Rekols> so i love you?   @Xorpad05:45
tgBot<Xorpad> @Rekols you too bro, ubuntu love yp05:46
tgBot<Xorpad> yo05:46
tgBot<Rekols> love yo ?05:46
tgBot<Xorpad> yeah, i say yo after statements occasionally05:47
tgBot<Xorpad> again, i'm random lulz05:47
tgBot<Rekols> @Xorpad05:48
tgBot<Rekols> 你喜欢男的还是女的?05:48
tgBot<Xorpad> UT should crowd-fund some employees05:48
tgBot<Xorpad> I'm sure kickstart would get some cash flowing05:48
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @alan_morford, Yep. I'm an N4 daily driver man.05:48
tgBot<Rekols> wow05:48
tgBot<Rekols> do you know where am i ?05:48
tgBot<Xorpad> no05:49
tgBot<Xorpad> I don't even know where I am sometimes, let alone other people05:49
tgBot<Rekols> i'm from origin touo05:49
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @alan_morford, Cool. Will send you invite link in morning and anyone else who wants05:49
tgBot<Rekols> I Think my english is very very good.05:49
tgBot<Xorpad> Yes, seems fine to me05:50
tgBot<Rekols> 妈的   不尬聊了05:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @vyaspranjal33, No geeks Here. We are artists and engineers05:50
tgBot<Rekols> i'm artlists05:50
tgBot<Xorpad> @wayneoutthere, Embrace your inner geek05:50
tgBot<Rekols> @will05:50
tgBot<Rekols> @Xorpad 你好啊。05:50
tgBot<Xorpad> I gave up trying to learn traditional chinese characters a long time ago05:51
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Xorpad, No05:51
tgBot<Xorpad> I can read pin-yin a little05:51
tgBot<Xorpad> but not much05:51
tgBot<Xorpad> My mandarin is really bad05:51
tgBot<Xorpad> and no cantoneese05:52
tgBot<wayneoutthere> And this is not the place to discuss adult topics thanks. We have people here who don't appreciate it.05:52
tgBot<Rekols> why gave up ?  @Xorpad05:52
tgBot<Xorpad> What is an adult topic that anyone talked about?05:52
tgBot<Rekols> pin-yin:  ni hao a05:52
tgBot<Rekols> what ?05:53
tgBot<Xorpad> @Rekols because I am bad at it and I don't want to keep trying05:53
tgBot<Rekols> chinese is the hardest language.05:53
tgBot<Rekols> in the world?05:54
tgBot<Xorpad> It's the hardest for an english speaker I think05:54
tgBot<Rekols> I love Russian and English.05:55
tgBot<Xorpad> I can only speak english, a little mandarin but not fluent, and I can read some german but not speak or hear it05:55
tgBot<Xorpad> I'm bad at language skills, like testing has shown that05:56
tgBot<Rekols> wow05:56
tgBot<Xorpad> fortunately the internet is mostly english05:56
tgBot<Rekols> my english is very very bad.05:57
tgBot<Rekols> do you know "尬聊"?05:57
tgBot<Xorpad> no05:57
tgBot<Rekols> "尬聊"is Awkward chat05:58
tgBot<Rekols> yes ?05:59
tgBot<peternerlich> btw., I simply copied over /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/* (or so) from my laptop to have it automatically connect to all the networks I've been in — doesn't seem to work. Can I not do that? Why?06:40
tgBot<Schyken> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/xiTeLb7K/file_3503.mp406:42
tgBot<Schyken> First off, no one is "better" than anyone because of their sexual preference. Furthermore, you can very well be heterosexual without contributing to the population count.06:44
tgBot<Schyken> Take the shit elsewhere. Thanks. 👍06:44
tgBot<Rekols> what are you taking about?06:45
tgBot<Schyken> Read the replied-to message.06:46
tgBot<Rekols> oh07:29
tgBot<Rekols> OMG07:34
tgBot<Gorsh2> @Schyken, I agree.07:41
tgBot<Mr_Doge> can we just stay to the topic?07:53
tgBot<Mr_Doge> https://t.me/ubports_ot here is the ot group07:54
tgBot<Schyken> @Mr_Doge, +107:55
tgBot<Rekols> +1s07:56
tgBot<Rekols> github.com/rekols07:56
tgBot<gurucubano> What client could I use on my BQ E4.5 for matrix.org?08:31
tgBot<Javacookies> uMatrix08:31
tgBot<aadithya_s> Does the ubports installer wipe android and install Ubuntu or does it use dual booting ?09:10
tgBot<sambuccid> wipe android09:11
tgBot<aadithya_s> Thanks. Is there any way to dual boot?09:11
tgBot<Javacookies> there's no official way of doing it but there's a way09:12
tgBot<Javacookies> what device do you have?09:12
tgBot<aadithya_s> OnePlus one09:12
tgBot<Javacookies> not sure if it supports MultiROM but if it does, you can experiment with it09:13
tgBot<Javacookies> so far it works fine n Nexus 5 ;)09:13
tgBot<aadithya_s> Op does have multirom support.09:15
tgBot<aadithya_s> Did you use the app to install Ubuntu?09:15
tgBot<Stereofont> @Anthony Tonio, Yes but I think your question got lost. I can't ping you. Please make a username in Telegram09:18
tgBot<Javacookies> yes but a modified one so it use the image server of UBports09:18
tgBot<Javacookies> have you ever tried UT on your OPO using MultiROM?09:18
tgBot<Javacookies> I'm not sure if MultiROM for OPO has UT support even before with Canonical images09:18
tgBot<sambuccid> @Javacookies, in which channel?09:21
tgBot<Javacookies> I actually tried all 15.04 and 16.04 channels and of course 15.04 stable is the most well "stable" and usable :)09:24
tgBot<aadithya_s> @Javacookies, The thread is xda says to use the app to install UT, but the app doesn't officially support opo09:26
tgBot<Javacookies> what? I don't get it....the app works in OPO or not? well, you can just try MultiROM and see if it works and if it works, you can just search for the modified apk so UBports will be used....I think it's somewhere in the XDA forum of MultiROM for Nexus 4/5   try try the text 1.apk ;) good luck09:28
tgBot<Javacookies> and when you'r ready, install Ubuntu Touch over Android.....wipe it off :P09:29
tgBot<Stereofont> Multirom is ultra flaky and unlikely ever to see any repair. Especially so with Anbox on the way…09:29
tgBot<Javacookies> yeah, but it's a good way to try out Ubuntu especially for those that can't give up Android yet...as long as it works then why not use it ;)09:31
tgBot<Javacookies> BTW, I don't use MultiROM because I can't live without Andorid..... it's just that I like trying things out like different ROMs and OS :D09:32
tgBot<milkor73> Ones installed XDA is not so easy to  uninstall, it keeps some settings, changes there, later it is very difficult to play than with the device no matter what OS you want to flash, and even you succeed you can find bugs others do not have....that is the experience we have from welcome room helping with flashing UT09:56
tgBot<neothethird> https://mastodon.rocks/web/statuses/99285291249721918 we're famous09:59
tgBot<Pgcor> @Ingo_FP_Angel, @Ingo_FP_Angel I tried registering with another email address (one of a more popular provider) and it worked instantly... I've already seen this kind of problem with unusual mail domains while registering in other sites, it may be this10:33
tgBot<Ingo_FP_Angel> Yeah, I'll probably create a one-off address. But I already tried two of the largest German email providers ;)10:54
tgBot<Javacookies> is there a way to stretch/fit an app in xmir? I want to retain the low resolution for better performance but I want it fullscreen :)11:27
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @Javacookies, yes use window manager or wmctrl12:11
tgBotdelmay was added by: delmay12:12
tgBot<Javacookies> is it doable in matchbox?12:15
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i thought that matchbox maximizes windows by default12:15
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> Wmctrl requires a EWMH compliant window manager.  Many of the lightest weight WMs are not EWMH compliant. I dont know if matchbox is12:15
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> a workaround is to have matchbox and run xmir in windowed mode then by resizing xmir window you effectively are also resizing the app.12:16
tgBot<Javacookies> I think if the apps specifies a resolution, matchbox doesn't stretch the app even in fullscreen mode....oh well, not really important....just experimenting :D12:18
tgBot<Javacookies> I'll share something ATU later :D12:18
tgBot<Javacookies> *in ATU12:18
tgBot<Stereofont> @delmay, Hello Serge. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!12:42
tgBotSven Henkel was added by: Sven Henkel13:00
tgBot<Schyken> @Sven Henkel, Welcome!13:00
tgBot<Stereofont> @Sven Henkel, Hello Sven. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!13:05
tgBot<Stereofont> We have a variety of UBports groups in different languages13:06
tgBot<rémus Rome> With a ubuntu phone it's possible to join a new conversation group ?13:08
tgBot<Stereofont> Sure13:09
tgBot<Stereofont> Use the https: version13:09
tgBot<Stereofont> Which one do you want?13:09
tgBot<rémus Rome> In french for example13:10
tgBot<rémus Rome> I can use the https version and the regular app ?13:12
tgBot<Stereofont> https://t.me/UBports_French13:12
tgBot<rémus Rome> Ok... Thanks13:13
tgBot<Stereofont> Normally it links from the browser13:13
tgBotNeo47 was added by: Neo4713:25
tgBot<technicalbird> @Neo47, Welcome @Neo4713:27
tgBot<Jo_Led> So the Openstore App is the new way to update installed Apps. Any chance of an "Update all" button coming to the MyApps cathegory there?13:27
tgBot<Neo47> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/yBKL0271/file_350613:30
tgBot<Jo_Led> Another question: Will it be possible in the near future to save contacts directly to SIM? Because i just wiped my phone yesterday and a lot of contacts are gone because it was only saved on the phone memory.13:40
tgBot<popescu_sorin> @Jo_Led, https://github.com/UbuntuOpenStore/openstore-meta/issues/16513:40
tgBot<popescu_sorin> there is an issue opened13:40
tgBotDiegoliveira987 was added by: Diegoliveira98714:00
tgBot<Diegoliveira987> Diego Oliveira: … Hi, good morning...  … How install Ubuntu Touch on Moto G3? Is possible? can be even an unstable version. Can someone help me?14:01
tgBot<Mr_Doge> @Diegoliveira987, only if someone has ported it to your device14:11
tgBotDaniel Sparti was added by: Daniel Sparti14:12
tgBot<Diegoliveira987> 😢14:12
tgBot<peternerlich> Welcome @Neo47, @Diegoliveira987 and Daniel! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. To get started, please have a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!14:14
tgBot<Mr_Doge> @Diegoliveira987, dont worry you can port it yourself 😊14:22
tgBot<Diegoliveira987> ???14:24
tgBot<alan_morford> @wayneoutthere, Cool man. Love the n4 size though the n5 is barely larger. N4 build quality is superior.14:25
tgBot<nanu_c> Sending attachments with Signal is working now :)14:48
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tgBot<gnumdk> Back to Ubuntu on my MX4, really awesome work guys!15:04
tgBot<peternerlich> Hello @gnumdk! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!15:05
tgBot<peternerlich> Thanks for the praise! Redirecting it straight to the developers!15:06
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tgBot<milkor73> @James, Hello James welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)16:04
tgBot<saidinesh5> @bhushanshah, Tried it a lot for Sailfish.. Backported like 100+ patches from the user namespace branch. Wasn't at all working as those patches seem to depend onother changes to kernel16:46
tgBotRafa was added by: Rafa16:46
tgBot<bhushanshah> Trick is you don't need user_ns16:47
tgBot<saidinesh5> namespace support for filesystem etc.. is also needed16:47
tgBot<saidinesh5> and those patches are all in the same branch iirc16:47
tgBot<saidinesh5> without that ran into crazy issues like ls not working but cd working inside the container16:48
tgBot<saidinesh5> of course we were kind of using overlayfs etc.. too, to save space and simplify development16:48
tgBot<milkor73> @Rafa, Hello Rafa and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)16:51
tgBot<Rafa> @milkor73, Thanks!!16:52
tgBot<milkor73> We have a variety of UBports groups in different languages, are you interested?16:55
tgBot<milkor73> pherhaps : https://t.me/UBPorts_ES16:56
tgBot<delmay> Russian?17:27
tgBot<vanyasem> @delmay, @ubports_ru17:27
tgBot<vanyasem> i don't recommend joining it though.17:27
tgBot<PhoenixLandPirate> @Jo_Led, Update via system settings, that has an upload all button17:29
tgBot<neothethird> @PhoenixLandPirate, s/upload/update17:34
tgBot<PhoenixLandPirate> ^17:37
tgBot<ProsperoDaniele> news about ubports 16.04 for nexus4?17:43
tgBot<dohbee> it exists17:46
tgBot<dohbee> it is still unstable17:46
tgBot<ProsperoDaniele> @dohbee, how can I try it?17:49
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @vanyasem, every group needs more good people.  if there are code violations,  let us know.  every language should have a place to discuss UT freely....17:49
tgBot<vanyasem> @wayneoutthere, leave the group, make the percentage bigger17:50
tgBot<ProsperoDaniele> @dohbee, it is possible try anbox on nexus4 with 15.04 ?17:50
tgBot<vanyasem> (Photo, 461x362) https://irc.ubports.com/GWx45KMj/file_3509.jpg17:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @vanyasem, you are a rude individual17:50
tgBot<dohbee> @ProsperoDaniele, no, anbox requires kernel changes that haven't really been completed on much of any devices yet17:51
tgBot<dohbee> @ProsperoDaniele, switch to channel ubports-touch/16.04/devel17:51
tgBot<Stereofont> @PhoenixLandPirate, It has been said that it is preferable to update apps in OpenStore rather than in Updates. Something about stability. Some clarification of that would be useful17:51
tgBot<ProsperoDaniele> @dohbee, thank you very much17:52
tgBot<dohbee> @Stereofont, IMO, app updates should be removed from system settings. and system updates should be moved to under "about this $device" or such, instead of at top level17:53
tgBot<Stereofont> @dohbee, For design reasons or function?17:54
tgBot<dohbee> @Stereofont, both-ish.17:55
tgBot<Stereofont> I pinged my question to the other group. Having two mechanisms does seem confusing17:57
tgBot<Stereofont> https://github.com/UbuntuOpenStore/openstore-meta/issues/165 Thanks Brian17:58
tgBot<Stereofont> Some feedback just now from a user that a smartwatch that was constantly  disconnecting under Android now connects with no problems under UT18:05
tgBot<dohbee> hmm, tg web being slow today :-/18:15
tgBot<vanyasem> @dohbee, i guess you can run a local copy of it18:21
tgBot<vanyasem> if you really want to18:21
tgBot<Stereofont> @Rafa, Hi. Please return to the Welcome Room 👍19:01
tgBot<Jo_Led> @Jo_Led, I repeat the question because I believe it drowned. Anybody know anything about this?19:54
tgBot<Cesar_Herrera> @Jo_Led, Copy frequently the file: … ~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db20:02
tgBot<Stereofont> If you have a spare Android phone you could do it on there. The import function works on UT20:02
tgBot<dohbee> @Jo_Led, you can't actually store much info on the SIM, which is why pretty much no smart phones really do it20:03
tgBot<kristijantkalec> Hey, I am planing to upgrade my m10 to 16.04. Are there functional OTAs?20:25
tgBot<dohbee> yes, but it is not yet at feature parity with the 15.04 images, and still has some bugs to be worked out20:30
tgBot<kristijantkalec> No problem 😀20:39
tgBot<kristijantkalec> I'll test it a bit and play with it. Let the search for the bugs begins 🤓20:39
tgBot<Jyoti> I installed the 16.04 on my bq M10. Almost nothing is working... maybe with few updates will be working20:48
tgBot<Jyoti> So, do not expect the same you already have with the 15.0420:49
tgBot<milkor73> @kristijantkalec, https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/How-to-install-Ubuntu-Touch-16.0420:49
tgBot<kristijantkalec> @milkor73, Thanks20:50
tgBot<Jyoti> I intalled the 16.04 because i have another tablet, so, i am not in a rush, i can see the progress of the 16.04 without stress20:50
tgBot<Jyoti> The browser, the camera, the openstore, the file manager and other essential app are not working yet20:51
tgBot<Jyoti> So, install it if you know that there are few apps working and just want to see the progress in live-sream :-)20:53
tgBot<Stereofont> @Jyoti, +120:55
tgBot<Jyoti> The 16.04 will be great. But, for the moment, do not expect more than he actually is, or you will be disappointed20:57
tgBot<malditobastardo> hmm I though that the browser was already working21:00
tgBot<malditobastardo> At least from what I understood reading from the forum post about 16.0421:00
tgBot<Jyoti> No, the browser is not working yet ( today, in my bq m10 tablet with the 16.04)21:01
tgBot<Jyoti> I do not know if it works in other devices21:02
tgBot<Jyoti> Let us have confidence in the future of UBports, but without illusions about miracles ... only those who have previously deceived will be disillusioned. We must dream our feet on the ground.21:09
tgBot<Jyoti> We must dream, but with our feet on the ground21:09
tgBot<milkor73> Attention: pls do not drink red bull21:12
tgBot<milkor73> while dreaming about 16.04.21:13
tgBot<Jyoti> I hope the updates of the 16.04 will be many and every week ... :-)21:15
tgBot<AresMinos> @salarelv, Oh wow, that's cool :D22:08
tgBot<Stereofont> @salarelv, Finnish speaker?22:18
tgBot<Stereofont> We have a group for that 👍22:19
tgBot<Jo_Led> @Cesar_Herrera, Thanks, will do. Still at one point it would be good to be able to copy between phone and sim memory, as every phone I had was able to do.22:20
tgBot<malditobastardo> @Jo_Led, i think you can use the google contact to sinc your contacts so its saved all the time in the cloud22:26
tgBot<Jo_Led> @malditobastardo, I prefer Google not having my contacts.22:28
tgBot<malditobastardo> good point22:29
tgBot<malditobastardo> There should be a way to make a backup of the contacts22:30
tgBot<Stereofont> Nextcloud is an alternative22:30
tgBot<malditobastardo> NC is compatible to do this now in UT?22:31
tgBot<dohbee> nextcloud should work already yes22:32
tgBot<malditobastardo> Great news! thank you guys22:32
tgBot<Stereofont> There are two NC apps22:32
tgBot<Stereofont> Three. One is a bookmark saver22:34
tgBot<dohbee> you shouldn't need any extra apps to use nextcloud22:35
tgBot<dohbee> just add an account in online-accounts to sync the contacts to22:35
tgBot<YougoChats> @malditobastardo, Depending on how many contacts you want to manually select, you could export a vcard22:36
tgBot<Cesar_Herrera> @YougoChats, You may use vcard with a script. You have your numbers in a text file.22:38
tgBot<YougoChats> Actually, Contacts app has a select all button. Select all>share with file manager>select location, done.22:41
tgBot<Stereofont> Really we should have a simple UI mechanism for something so basic22:41
tgBot<YougoChats> The other way around, open in file manager, open with contacts, done22:43
tgBot<Cesar_Herrera> @Stereofont, Time ago I made a python script. I invented some index numbers but after that the system corrected them.22:46
tgBot<malditobastardo> @YougoChats, Yeah this was how I imported my contacts from my iPhone22:50
tgBotLukas Wolfskin was added by: Lukas Wolfskin22:57
tgBot<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, Welcome Lukas! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪23:02
tgBot<Lukas Wolfskin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/YhRL1mNe/file_351823:03
tgBot<Lukas Wolfskin> Thanks!23:03
tgBot<Fardale> @UniversalSuperBox For managing user accross servers, for me a good solution will be a openLDAP db to store user and the pam-ldap module for authentification. For the complexity of managing a ldap server there are multiple frontend to ldap so you don't need a PhD to use LDAP as https://github.com/FedeRez/webldap, https://www.freeipa.org/page/Main_Page, https://www.fusiondirectory.org/ or use a binding and code small script for the managment part lik23:11
tgBothttps://gitlab.crans.org/nounous/cldap/tree/wip_peb. The advantage of using LDAP over a other db is that most project have a option to do the auth part throught LDAP. If people realy don't like LDAP, a other solution is to use a sql database and export automaticaly a minimum ldap for authentification.23:11
tgBot<Stereofont> Have you got Ubuntu Touch, Lukas?23:11
tgBot<Stereofont> @Fardale, This would maybe be best as a discussion in the lab?23:12
tgBot<Stereofont> Fardale, can you make a username in Telegram, then people can ping and invite you23:13
tgBot<FardaleM> Like that ?23:21
tgBot<Stereofont> Yes, I added you to the Lab23:23
tgBot<Lukas Wolfskin> Hi Lionel, I had, but it was not keeping up with my social network and professional needs, and so I went back to a backed up image of an Android remix.23:23
tgBot<Lukas Wolfskin> I'm still using my Nexus 523:24
tgBot<Stereofont> Good place for technical discussions. Takes them out of the main group23:24
tgBot<dohbee> i've been here a long time and still have no idea what "the lab" is23:24
tgBot<Stereofont> There23:25
tgBot<Stereofont> Now for a Sysadmins discussion23:25
tgBot<Stereofont> Can have any function, as long as on topic23:26
tgBot<dohbee> eh :-/23:26
tgBot<Stereofont> Users join to sort out a particular subject then leave when done23:27
tgBot<Stereofont> Meeting room23:27
tgBot<Stereofont> We can create multiple labs if needed23:28
tgBot<dohbee> yeah, don't like it. it's exclusionary by design :-/23:29
tgBot<Stereofont> Depends on the subject. Thus one us a specialist discussion about server logins23:35
tgBot<Stereofont> Last was setting up a Finnish language group23:35
tgBot<Stereofont> The whole group is not 'missing out' by avoiding all those messages in the main group. On the contrary23:36
tgBot<Stereofont> Anyone who wants to chat sysadmin is welcome23:37
tgBot<dohbee> you can't know what anyone might be missing out on, when forcing an on-topic conversation to be moved to another room.23:38
tgBot<FardaleM> thanks23:39
tgBot<Stereofont> I didn't force. I did suggest it was more suitable. The alternative is pm with @universalsuperbox who asked for assistance23:41
tgBot<Stereofont> @Lukas Wolfskin, I guess you mean WhatsApp,  so interested in Anbox?23:47
tgBot<wayneoutthere> exactly.... a 'Lab' is a 'public PM'   … A PM is 'exclusive by design' and for a good reason but it excludes others from following along. … The Lab idea was to 'reduce noise'; in the main group (common complaint) in the same way that the welcome group does with Installs and welcoming.   … The current "OT" group is similar, but not everyone's cup of tea.  It allows for 'anything' to discuss - especially stuff that should not be discussed 23:59
tgBot… We are evolving as the group grows but the Lab idea is definite *not* exclusionary - in fact the opposite.  It's a respectful way to include everyone while not disturbing others.   Allow me to use the cocktail party analogy yet again.   … You are in a cocktail party talking about Ubuntu and three guys start loudly talking about KDE.  Nothing 'wrong' with it but the theme is Ubuntu and may bother people who *don't* want to hear about KDE.  At a cocktail 23:59
tgBota) shut up or b) go onto the patio, smoke a pipe and talk about KDE. … I like pipes and conversations23:59

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