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balloonswxl, thanks :-) I do remember, but it was last year! :p03:19
wxlballoons: don't make me slap you :)03:19
omairqaziwxl there?05:45
Acceleratorwxl: Hello....are you free now?06:23
omairqazihi Accelerator12:01
omairqazipopey flexiondotorg there?12:01
omairqazipopey https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/configure-repo-for-automatic-publishing-into-edge-on-commit/338312:01
Acceleratoromairqazi: Hi there12:01
popeyomairqazi: can you change the category to the store category please12:02
omairqaziok popey done12:04
omairqazipopey i am trying to register the snap name instantnews but today it is giving me a different error "registration failed". earlier error was "snap name is already taken"12:05
popeyright, what does it say to do next?12:06
popey(You need to do this before the store team can transfer it)12:06
omairqazipopey nothing it just says failed. what should i do?12:06
popeygo there12:07
popeyattempt to register it there12:08
omairqazipopey https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26312607/12:08
popeyhuh, interesting12:08
popeyah, someone else has it already12:09
omairqazipopey i did so. now it says pending name dispute reviews12:10
omairqazipopey i did so. now it says pending name dispute review12:10
popeyhang on. let me look into this12:11
omairqazipopey i did it in the mornig12:11
popeyhttps://github.com/shivam043/instantnews has it registered12:11
popeyso we need to change tack12:12
popeyI will reply on the forum.12:12
omairqazipopey ok12:12
popeyreplied, thanks. Sorry for the confusion!12:14
omairqazipopey its ok. so i have to make a pull request to https://github.com/shivam043/instantnews12:19
omairqazipopey uploads are diabled12:24
omairqazipopey https://github.com/shivam043/instantnews/pull/2112:35
ubot93Pull 21 in shivam043/instantnews "Add files via upload" [Open]12:35
omairqazipopey why all my posts are flagged on the snapcraft forum12:42
daniellimwsheber, hi, I've made the changes as asked for, are you free to have a look?14:10
m4sk1nwhen will some new tasks be added? (somebody said that it’s a good idea to make tutorial tasks based on tutorial requests) :)14:25
heberdaniellimws, sure14:34
AcceleratorBut i don't want more tutorials :(14:44
m4sk1nwhy, Accelerator? :P14:44
Acceleratorm4sk1n: No offense to anyone...but i find them a little boring.14:47
m4sk1nBut they are really useful for users14:49
AcceleratorI understand but what's the point of putting all the tutorials in a single year for GCI?14:50
Acceleratorwe have like a dozens of tutorials pending lol14:51
m4sk1nthere are lots of non-tutorial taske14:51
Acceleratorm4sk1n: Not for me :)14:57
daniellimwsm4sk1n: trying out riot :)15:16
daniellimwsahh man got kicked off the leaderboard already15:22
kyrofadaniellimws, time to crank out some snaps?15:24
daniellimwskyrofa: I did some of the follow snap creation tutorial tasks, once my current task is approved I'll just submit them and climb back up15:26
kyrofadaniellimws, are the mentors for the task being responsive?15:26
daniellimwskyrofa: yea just got a review 2 hours ago. waiting for my next one15:26
kyrofaVery good15:27
omairqazii am facing some problem while building an electron snap15:27
daniellimwskyrofa: by the way, have you tried building the snap for coala that I linked few weeks back?15:28
kyrofaAh, I forgot about it over the holidays, actually :(15:29
daniellimwskyrofa: haha it's ok :) holidays are more important15:30
omairqaziwxl tsimonq2 there?15:32
daniellimwsomairqazi: what problem are you having?15:36
daniellimwssame thing we had last time?15:36
omairqazidaniellimws: sorry not electron it is nodejs15:36
daniellimwsomairqazi: is it the follow nodejs snap creation tutorial task?15:39
omairqazii am trying snap this package15:44
omairqazibut whenever i run the command i get an error https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26313564/15:45
omairqaziplease see daniellimws15:45
omairqazielopio there?15:46
daniellimwsomairqazi: according to this, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40421825/how-to-use-object-values-on-server-side-in-node-js/4042217115:51
wxlok i'm here i'm here what's up people?15:51
daniellimwsit is a very new feature, perhaps check your node version again?15:51
daniellimwsor use a vm as wxl suggested15:51
omairqaziya i will do that15:51
omairqaziwxl please take a look at my submission https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5390375717961728/15:52
omairqazielopio there?15:55
omairqazidaniellimws: thanks for telling me it is a version issue15:56
omairqaziwhen i looked into the parts folder of my snap15:56
daniellimwsomairqazi: solved it?15:56
omairqazii found the the nodejs plugin installs v6 node15:56
omairqaziand this feature needs v715:56
omairqazii will file a bug15:57
elopiohello omairqazi15:57
omairqazithanks again bro15:57
daniellimwssure no problem15:57
omairqazielopio snapcraft plugin nodejs installs v6 node15:57
elopioyes, you can use node-engine to choose a different version15:57
elopiosnapcraft help nodejs15:58
omairqaziso while snapping a nodejs snap i get this error elopio https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26313564/15:58
omairqazioh thanks elopio15:58
omairqazithen no need to file a bug right?15:58
omairqazielopio can you please tell me how to use plugin specific keywords16:00
elopiojust put them inside the part section.16:00
elopioomairqazi: https://github.com/Storj/storjshare-daemon/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml#L2016:01
omairqazithanks elopio16:02
daniellimwsheber, hi are you free to look at my merge request? hopefully I can get this approved before sleep so that don't need to wait another day16:07
omairqazii installed a snap but whenever i run it it says command not found16:28
daniellimwscheck if its in /snap/bin?16:32
omairqazino i just restarted the terminal and it worked thanks anyway16:35
daniellimwsoh lol16:36
omairqazielopio popey finally i registered the name upstream name and now i dont need to prefix my name16:38
wxlbudgie ISO QA task is now a non-beginner https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/5865742723448832/16:41
omairqazithanks for the info wxl16:44
wxland now xubuntu https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/4876280774262784/16:45
wxland ubuntu https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/6236497185341440/16:47
konrad11901That's really, really great!16:47
konrad11901oh and by the way, wxl16:48
wxland mate https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/6042166826631168/16:48
wxlhm wonder if that link is wrong for ubuntu16:48
wxlnope it's right16:49
konrad11901I'm doing this task about improving Lubuntu bug reports, but the problem is that many bugs marked as "New" are quite old (some of them are even a few years old). Can I select a bug which is, let's say, one year old?16:49
wxlsure, konrad11901. check to see if it applies to the current release. if so you can probably assume (although it's best to check) it applies to every release since the one originally reported. if it doesn't apply to the current release, does it apply to any other *SUPPORTED* release? if not, it can basically be marked as fixed, since we won't fix issues on non-supported releases.16:52
konrad11901Ok, thanks for explaining!16:52
wxlmay i just say in general what a delight it has been, so far, to work with you all? i do hope to see your smiling f̶a̶c̶e̶s̶ emojis around here more often once gci is over17:00
daniellimwswxl: it's great to be able to learn so much in such a short period and know everyone here17:03
daniellimwsby the way, how did you make the cancellation17:03
wxlah you mean the strikethrough?17:04
wxlit's unicode17:04
* wxl is a hardcore unicode geek, so be forwarned17:04
wxlthere are a variety of unicode characters that aren't meant to stand on their own but meant to be combined with other characters17:04
wxlthey're called "combining diacritics"17:04
daniellimwsah my friend told me once17:04
wxlthis, U+0336 is one of them17:04
daniellimwsthis also allows for different emoji colours right?17:05
wxlwell, it's not exactly the same but it's applied similar17:05
wxlbut here's an interesting example ☺⃞17:06
wxlthat might display funky depending on your font17:06
omairqaziwxl: i agree with daniellimws. i learned so much in such a short period of time. thank you mentors and everyone here17:07
daniellimwsyup I just see a square next to the smiley emoji17:08
wxlit should be on top17:08
wxlagain, font issues17:08
wxlbut you can, for example, add accents to your favorite emoji17:08
wxlhave fun :)17:09
* m4sk1n uploaded an image: Screenshot_20180103-180924.png (189KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/jkxRGixIxxAFVlZHWGhffTcv>17:09
Acceleratori have a emoji cheatsheet lol17:11
wxlemoji cheatsheet? that's no fun. use the compose key!17:12
daniellimwswhat compose key17:12
wxlwell close enough i guess m4sk1n :)17:13
m4sk1n__kenvandine: I don't understand something related to appstream17:14
wxldaniellimws: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey17:14
wxlso for example, i do Alt : ) and get ☺17:15
daniellimwsoh something I need on my computer definitely17:16
wxlit comes out of the box with a set of predefined keybindings, but you can make your own, for whatever you want17:16
wxlfor example17:18
wxl<Multi_key> <X> <X>                     : "☠"   U2620   # SKULL AND CROSSBONES17:18
wxlthat's in my .XCompose XD17:18
wxli also really like vertical ellipsis17:18
wxland of course, lambda. λ λ λ17:19
m4sk1nthere should be task to create valid testcase for Lubuntu Alternate (no network)17:23
wxlm4sk1n: i agree. make @tsimonq2 do it :)17:23
AcceleratorGuys wouldn't it easier to have an emoji cheatsheet?17:26
wxlit might take less effort to set up17:26
wxlbut in practice, i don't find it easier17:26
Acceleratorbtw will the mentors be still here even after GCI is over?17:27
wxlespecially if your goal is dealing with unicode in general as opposed to just emoji17:27
wxlwell i never left here since uhhh 2015 so yeah probably :)17:27
wxlbut i would recommend moving any other discussion to the appropriate channel17:28
wxlneed a channel list?17:28
Accelerator_Sorry about that guys....frequent power outage due to thunderstorm17:30
Accelerator_wxl: I would like that actually17:30
wxlAccelerator_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:32
Accelerator_Ok thanks17:32
wxlif you're not sure where to go, #ubuntu-community-team is always a good place to start :)17:32
wxlwell off to work17:32
Accelerator_Ok thanks17:33
Accelerator_kyrofa: If you are free do take a look at my task...😅😅17:33
kyrofaAccelerator_, will do, just need to finish writing a little17:35
kyrofaAccelerator_, note that the channel for snapcraft/snap-related things in #snappy17:35
kyrofais, rather17:35
kyrofa(just saw your question above)17:35
Accelerator_ok thanks btw for this link https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/HACKING.md17:36
kenvandinem4sk1n, what's your appstream question?  I don't know much about it, but i can try to figure it out17:36
omairqaziwhy my snap says command not found17:36
Accelerator_kyrofa: i think there is a missing step(cd snapcraft) before installing  snapcraft (and its dependencies) on the link: https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/HACKING.md17:38
kyrofaAccelerator_, yes, you're right!17:39
Accelerator_Please edit it so that other participants won't get any difficulties17:39
kyrofaLog a bug, and I can mark it as bite-sized so you can fix it if you like17:39
m4sk1nkenvandine: I can see that in upstream some packages already have screenshots addresses in .appstream.xml, but I can’t see them in GNOME/Ubuntu Softwate17:40
Accelerator_Um kyrofa..where do i log the bug actually? I'm a beginner😅17:40
kenvandinem4sk1n, which ubuntu version are you on?17:41
kenvandinegnome-software in 16.04 is pretty old17:41
Accelerator_Ok thank u kyrofa17:41
kenvandineit might not utilize appstream yet17:41
tsimonq2wxl: Tag you're it no tagbacks17:42
elopioomairqazi: you need to give us more information than that. What command are you running, what do you have in your snapcraft.yaml file, what is the error message...17:44
omairqazielopio https://github.com/omairqazi/git-ddiff/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml command git-ddiff.git-ddiff error is command not found17:50
wxlsince i changed ALL of the freaking ISO QA tasks, no, tsimonq2, it's you.17:51
m4sk1nkenvandine: 17.1017:52
kenvandinem4sk1n, good, can you give me an example app that you see the screenshot in the appstream data upstream?17:53
omairqazielopio please reply here https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6091379543375872/ bye17:53
m4sk1nnot in debian source package, but in bleachbit source17:54
daniellimwswxl: I'm looking at this task but haven't claimed yet, may I ask some questions?17:55
daniellimwsscp -P 2222 arpuser@ .17:55
daniellimwsoops wrong paste17:55
wxlwrong paste17:55
wxllove the name tho17:55
daniellimws https://codein.withgoogle.com/tasks/4966855116587008/?sp-organization=5133577048031232&sp-is_beginner=False17:56
wxlplswork.wav XD17:56
wxloh yeah17:56
wxl"The Doozy"17:56
daniellimwsmay I know what is the extent of configuring phabricator17:56
wxljust follow the installation guide. it's pretty comprehensive17:57
wxlyou need LAMP, basically17:57
wxlinstructions are provided for your choice of db and web server17:57
daniellimwsthere seems to be and endless amount of "next steps"17:57
kenvandinem4sk1n, gnome-software isn't even finding bleachbit17:58
daniellimwswxl: I got LAMP set up already17:58
wxlnot everything *HAS* to be configured17:58
wxlyou will want to set up basic auth, though17:59
kenvandinem4sk1n, what does "apt-cache policy bleachbit" show?17:59
wxlcuz you'll want to have an account on there17:59
wxlif you use normal username/password, you'll need to set up mail17:59
kenvandinem4sk1n, wow... nevermind17:59
kenvandinem4sk1n, it just finally found it :)17:59
wxlso i'd just use some other provider18:00
daniellimwswxl: so I should be expecting a phabricator website running on my server right?18:00
wxlusing twitter, e.g., would be really good since it's also oauth118:00
* m4sk1n uploaded an image: Screenshot from 2018-01-03 18-58-46.png (40KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/vewXxmhzKtedtfRsIFBrAJzH>18:00
wxlthat's right @daniellimws18:01
daniellimwsI think the tutorial is old? because according to apache website there is no longer httpd.conf18:01
daniellimwsor maybe not, forgot where I saw that18:02
kenvandinem4sk1n, i've confirmed that with appstreamcli bleachbit does have screenshot uris18:08
kenvandineappstreamcli dump bleachbit.desktop18:08
wxldaniellimws: tsimonq2 did set up our phabricator, so if you have questions, you can always ask him specifically18:09
daniellimwsok, thanks. I have some questions but I'll ask them tomorrow since it's late here already.18:10
kenvandinem4sk1n, others do seem to work though, like gedit18:10
m4sk1nok, thanks, it’s too hard for me XD18:11
m4sk1nbtw wxl, look, my typical desktop looks less polished than my VMs :)18:13
wxlthat's a strange trend m4sk4n XD18:13
konrad11901wxl: I submitted my work for review a while ago (this task about improving Lubuntu bug reports). If you have some spare time, you can take a look at it :)18:47
* Accelerator_ is going to sleep19:07
konrad11901good night Accelerator_! :)19:08

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