PilotBob42Anybody using 17.10 with an old EeeBox eb1012p?03:24
PilotBob42or an Asus EeePC netbook?03:26
noahwheelerHaving trouble connecting raspberrypi to pixhawk ubuntu mate on raspi ?03:37
PilotBob42Not able to help ya on that, but after a quick Google that seems kinda neat.03:42
PilotBob42Do you fly?03:42
noahwheelerOne lesson in piper 140 other than that working on programming drones03:43
PilotBob42Sweet, you got your drone FAA cert?03:44
PilotBob42I'm a Private Pilot here03:44
noahwheelernot yet03:44
PilotBob42on a long shot I might be able to help, what's your problem?03:45
noahwheelerI was able to run the dronkit file and connect with raspian on ttyS0 at 57600 baudrate03:46
noahwheelerBut Raspian kept losing the wi-fi connection and I would have to reinstall the os03:46
noahwheelerSo I finally gave up on Raspian after ten reinstalls , and installed ubuntu mate on the raspberry pi03:47
noahwheelerSo i reset the the serial 0 to ttyAMA0 and the serial 1 to ttyS003:48
noahwheelerBut now when I try to connect with the autopilot with mavproxy it won't allow the connection03:49
PilotBob42it won't allow the serial connection?03:50
noahwheelerI try to run the dronekit scripts , and also won't connect03:51
PilotBob42any kind of messages?03:51
noahwheelercan you log on and try it you can see for yourself03:52
PilotBob42are you coming off the GPIO connector to the Pix hawk?03:53
noahwheelerlike I say it was connecting with Raspian but so far not with mate03:54
PilotBob42Have you come across this document in your searches?03:55
noahwheelerI guess ttyS0 was for the bluetooth so I went in to nano file and set to miniuart bt03:55
PilotBob42I've been doing something similar with a Pi3 running an LCD display off of the GPIO for an Asterisk linked UHF repeater, but I'm not sure that's similar enough for me to be able to help you.03:57
noahwheelerprobably and I tried to run the mavproxy.py --master=/dev/ttyAMAo baudrate 5760003:57
PilotBob42what version of the Pi is it? Original, 2 or 3?04:00
PilotBob42"On newer versions of Raspberry Pi 3 the uart serial connection may be disable by default. In order to enable serial connection on the Raspberry Pi edit /boot/config.txt and set enable_uart=1. the build-in serial port is /dev/ttyS0."04:01
noahwheelerright it is set up that way but I changed it because the youtubers say that ttyS0 is the bluetooth and the true seril port is AMA0 so I reset it but still no connection .04:03
PilotBob42you might have better luck figuring out why Raspbian was dropping wifi.04:04
noahwheelerso now the ls -l /dev tells serial0 as AMA0 , and serial1 as ttyS004:05
noahwheelerNo because now I have run the Mate for two days -ssh -remote desktop etc... no problems at all I think I can eventually connect just have to keep at it04:06
PilotBob42well, good luck. I hope you get it, but you're over my head. I know it took me about a week to get my Pi3 talking to my LCD right on Arch Linux, but I did eventually get it. I'm sure you will too.04:09
noahwheelerif you youtube the video "Connect a Raspberry Pi to a Pixhawk running Ardupilot/PX4" you will see what I'm trying to do04:09
noahwheelerThanks nice talking to you Bob I know this is the OS for the Raspberry pi , and I will make the connection eventually04:11
noahwheelerCheck out that video if you ever get a chance the guy is good04:12
PilotBob42I do see a part where they talk about preventing Raspbian from taking control of the serial port. Not sure how to accomplish the same thing on Ubuntu Mate.04:12
PilotBob42Will do, good luck.04:13
noahwheeleryeah everytime it found a new wi-fi connection I coukld no longer ssh from windows pc ? Had to go to the wpa_supplicant.conf file and delete the new wi-fi and eventually it just wouldn't connect ssh ?04:15
noahwheelerSo I gave up on it04:15
PilotBob42I'd have a better chance helping you solve that wifi issue then this serial one. sounds like it was auto joining open wifis.04:16
noahwheelerIt got so bad It wouldn't even find the original wi-fi connection ???04:17
noahwheelerand adding them to the wpa_supplicant file ???04:17
noahwheelerI couldn't figure it out04:17
PilotBob42do you have more than one sd card for the pi?04:19
noahwheelerI could get another one no problem04:19
PilotBob42Was gonna say you could explore both issues in parrallell, since the PixHawk commuity seems to be more Raspbian based you might have more luck on that front.04:20
noahwheelerI'm running the 32 gig samsung04:20
PilotBob42I can tell you that my Pi3 on Arch has been rock solid on connecting to wifi.04:21
noahwheelerwell like I said with Mate no problems so far ! What I really wanted to do was to use my phone as a wi-fi hotspot and ssh to the terminal with my phone in the field so I could run python from terminal04:22
PilotBob42Sounds reasonable. totally geeky, but reasonable.04:23
noahwheelerAway from my home pc . I try to add my phone as a wi-fi hotspot , and the whole system crashed04:24
noahwheelerI lose ssh to phone , and pc ??04:24
PilotBob42really? that's not what I'd expect. nothing unusual about your hotspot or mobile provider? No funky APNs or anything?04:24
noahwheelerno but for some reason I set up the hotspot and the ubuntu mate won't even show it in the is -l /dev list04:26
noahwheelerI need the hotspot so I can ssh the terminal , and run the python script away from home !04:27
noahwheelerI don't know of any other way to start the python ?04:28
PilotBob42*confused* why would you expect to see the hotspot in /dev???04:28
noahwheelerunless I'm in my backyard with a laptop04:28
noahwheelernot /dev wherever you can see all the wi-fi available I can't remeber the command I wrote it down somewhere guessing the one I entered was it04:30
PilotBob42what kind of encryption on your hotspot WPA2? ow WEP04:31
noahwheeleriwlist ??04:31
noahwheeleryes WPA204:31
PilotBob422.4 or 5ghz?04:32
noahwheelereither i set it to 504:32
noahwheelerIf you watch the video you will see you have to start the script with python . The only way to do that with the raspberry pi on the drone is to ssh with a smartphone via wi-fi04:34
PilotBob42Well, the hardware must be good for it otherwise it would never connect under Ubuntu Mate. I'd try configuring Raspbian to use your hotspot, but I'd make sure it was the first and only SSID it ever connected to.04:35
PilotBob42If you've never connected to another SSID then your hotspot should be the only thing it autoconnects to04:35
noahwheelerIf you are not right beside your home pc with Raspian ??? I can't really fly an HMF u580 in the house ???04:35
PilotBob42connect to you hotspot with the pi in your house, but only your hotspot. don't let it connect to your regular SSID04:36
PilotBob42then take the setup mobile.04:37
PilotBob42it should still connect to that hotspot SSID exclusively04:37
noahwheelerYes I agree with you ! that was my other question ???  How to add a second ssid without losing the whole works ?04:37
PilotBob42somewhere along the way it's been given permission to connect to to open SSIDs. That's my best guess.04:38
noahwheelerI tried to just run the mobile hotspot but couldn't ssh with the pc ?04:38
noahwheelerI tried adding the mobile hotspot , and lost the whole works04:38
PilotBob42And the hotspot let's you SSH when under Ubuntu Mate?04:39
noahwheelerUbuntu Mate can't find the hotspot yet ?04:39
noahwheelerI just loaded it yesterday04:40
PilotBob42Ah, so it's never worked under either?04:40
noahwheelerno ! it worked with raspian but corrupted the interface ?04:40
PilotBob42gotcha, but Ubuntu Mate has never connected to the hotspot succesfully? At least not yet?04:41
PilotBob42I'm worried you phone isn't allowing SSH traffic to pass laterally amongst connected clients.04:41
noahwheeleryeah so far it hasn't detected the hotspot04:41
noahwheelerI was able to ssh with raspian and run the python in the terminal on my phone ! but lost ssh to the pc everytime ???04:43
noahwheelerI'm not sure why ?04:43
PilotBob42before going any further on the serial issue, I'd make sure Ubuntu Mate can connect to the hotspot and that you can SSH, Cuz if you can't then it's all for not anyway.04:43
PilotBob42is your phone rooted?04:44
noahwheelerSo how can I get Mate to find the hotspot ?04:44
noahwheelerI can root it though ! I've rooted Samsung before04:45
PilotBob42you might be SOL here, carrier hotspot features aren't meant to allow this sort of thing by default. they only support client web browsing really. your phone has to pass the traffic laterally, it's got to be able to be a router for your clients04:46
noahwheelerokay i will root it tomorrow04:47
PilotBob42That alone won't be enough.04:47
noahwheelerreally ?04:47
PilotBob42You pay your carrir for a hotspot feature on your phone right?04:48
noahwheelerwhat do I have to do ?04:48
PilotBob42Ok, so this is not for the faint of heart. If you brick your phone I'm not responsible... You have been warned... but...04:49
PilotBob42you'll probably need some sort of third party firmware for it. Cyanogenmod, Lineage OS, or something else. that means wiping your phone of all info and starting over.04:50
noahwheelerYeah I'm listening04:50
PilotBob42what phone is it?04:50
noahwheelerSamsung Galaxy S804:51
noahwheelerLet's brick this phone04:51
noahwheelerI love bricking04:52
PilotBob42S8 or S8+?04:52
noahwheelerjust S804:52
noahwheelerI love cyonegenmod04:53
PilotBob42OK, here is a good forum on rooting and third party ROMs for the S8. The Lineage OS 14.1 thread is probably a good place to start.04:54
PilotBob42Warning! you about to follow a rabbit hole that has no bottom! be preapred to spend days (if not weeks) learning all there is to know about this stuff!04:55
PilotBob42And you'll (at a minimum) lose all data on your phone (and you may brick it) trying to do this.04:55
PilotBob42but I think you'll find the build in tethering functionally in these ROMs unhindered as compared to your carrier's firmware.04:56
noahwheelerso what will be the benefits ?04:56
noahwheelerahh!! I see04:57
noahwheelerwell I found the site ! Do you think the mate will find the hotspot ?04:57
PilotBob42Not going to lie to you, you may go through all this trouble and still have the same problem. No guarantees.04:58
noahwheelerI'm a geek gotta try it right ?04:59
PilotBob42But I run a custom ROM on my devices and the carrier doesn't even know I can hotspot (let alone being able to restrict it)04:59
noahwheelerSo how do I start the root process been a long time05:00
noahwheelerOn the site all I see are thousands of decisions to try to make ?05:01
PilotBob42It's different for every device and I'm not a Samsung guy, so I'm not familiar with it, but all the info is there on XDA for it and that community is HUGE. Reasearch the ROMs well and choose something stable (as this is your PHONE) and follow the directions in that thread.05:02
noahwheeleryou got a good starting point ?05:02
PilotBob42Start with the ones marked "[ROM][STABLE]..."05:03
PilotBob42OK, I'm off to bed. As a fellow pilot, I wish you luck in your endeavors!05:04
noahwheelerOkay , I will be back tomorrow night to tell you how I did ! But we still have to connect pi to pixhawk ? with Mate ... Maybe in the meantime you could watch that video , and see what I have to do ? I will be looking for you tomorrow after work ...05:04
PilotBob42okey, I'll try to get back on, but if the ROM makes your hotspot work then I suggest going back to Raspbian (perhaps using another SD card so you don't lose your place on Ubuntu Mate).05:05
noahwheelerOkay sounds like a plan I will grab one on my way home 64 bit this time05:07
noahwheeler64 gig05:07
PilotBob42Roger, good night05:07
noahwheelerRoger that05:08
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Guest58936Im a new user and i need Help08:44
Guest58936Can someone help me08:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:44
alkisgYou ask and then you wait for answers, sometimes minutes some times even hours08:45
Guest58936I need apps like Zipgenius and Steam , but i didn't finded the right download for Ubuntu08:45
diogenes_Guest58936, afaik steam should be available.08:47
diogenes_no clue about the other one.08:47
FaultsYup, Steam is available in Boutique08:48
baimafeimaHi I am wondering if someone can give me some tips on which file system to use on an external SSD drive09:57
baimafeimashould I go for NTFS or ext4?09:57
diogenes_baimafeima, if you go with ext4, then it will not be detected on a windows machine.10:04
baimafeimadiogenes_, I know but I have also heard that ext4 can be problematic by writing log files onto the SSD, thereby potentially shortening its life span?10:04
diogenes_baimafeima, I haven't switched to ssds as yed, don't really wanna trust my data to an ssd so, can't tell you for sure.10:06
baimafeimadiogenes_, I see, is there a greater risk when using an external SSD for data storage as opposed to an HDD? I thought HDDs are less durable10:10
diogenes_baimafeima, they are not less durable, you just have to learn how to use them right and they will serve you 10+ years, the problem with SSDs is that they can die instantly without a warning, unlike HDDs, When a HDD is about to die, it becomes slow and there you have a chance to backuo your data, not the case of SSDs10:11
diogenes_besides, SSDs have limited write time, you can't forever write data and delete.10:12
baimafeimadiogenes_, I see, this is really good to know, now I have a thought...would it make sense to format my external SSD in such a way that I have two partitions, one NTFS and one ext4, and whenever I need to access one file in Windows I can copy it from ext4 to the NTFS partition or will this be problematic?10:14
diogenes_baimafeima, first of all do experiments, make two partitions, write some random data on both (NTFS and ext4) try to attach it to different machines and see how that works.10:15
diogenes_if it works fine, then copy your data on it.10:16
baimafeimadiogenes_, ok, will try that10:16
KhanHello, does anyone know whats going on with the still not disclosed Intel kernel bug? The webs I've read say it will force OS patching....10:24
sixwheeledbeastDidn't even know about it. Another blunder on top of the management engine one.10:28
KhanUp to 30% performance drop if this is patched. Affects Virtual Memory, it seems. But its hard to know since Intel hasn't say much10:28
baimafeimaI just tried to create a partition of 512 GB on my external SSD but it says error creating partition, failed to meet partition size...do I need to leave some empty unallocated space in order for it to work?10:31
baimafeimawhen formatting the drive in disks, I selected MBR/DOS, should I have chosen "no partitioning" there?10:31
alkisgbaimafeima: are you using gparted to do that?10:32
sixwheeledbeasthow are you doing this?10:32
sixwheeledbeastyeah ^10:32
baimafeimaI use gnome disks10:34
alkisgTry gparted, personally I trust it more than gnome disks :)10:35
baimafeimawhen formatting the external SSD drive which I only intend for data storage (films, pictures, data)...10:35
baimafeimaI get three options: format without partitioning, with MBR/DOS or GPT10:35
baimafeimaalkisg, I tried gparted but found it too complicated...not that disks is easier..10:35
alkisgbaimafeima: ok, try with gparted now and ask whatever questions you have about it usage10:36
alkisgI'd go with mbr + a small vfat partition in case I want it bootable under uefi + an ntfs partition, if you're using windows that much10:37
baimafeimaalkisg, in case I only want it for data storage, it is safe to just go without MBR or GPT?10:55
alkisgbaimafeima: no, you need a partition table10:56
alkisgGPT is the newer one, MBR is the older and most compatible one10:56
alkisgSo if for example at some point you want to plug it to some TV and watch movies, with MBR you have the best chances10:56
baimafeimaalkisg, would I need a partition table (I suppose that is what MBR or GPT is) when I only use it for data storage of my documents?10:58
alkisgbaimafeima: you need a partition table in any case, yes (except extreme cases which are not the normal)10:59
baimafeimaalkisg, I see...but still intuitively this sounds strange as I don't want to "boot" from the SSD11:00
alkisgbaimafeima: partition tables define the partition, they are not there for booting11:01
alkisgSo MBR says "I have 1 partition" or "I have 4 partitions, there"11:01
alkisgIt's been like that for the past 40 years :D11:02
baimafeimaalkisg, ah I see...when I compare gparted to disks...I see that my drive has 476 GB unallocated space11:04
baimafeimain gnome disks it says 512...11:04
baimafeimahow am I supposed to know how to partition exactly so as to use the full available space for the partition?11:04
alkisgThe difference there is gigabytes = vs giBIbytes = 1024*1024*102411:05
alkisgYour disk is 512 GB or 476 GiB11:05
baimafeimaah ok11:05
alkisgIf you see that "i" between, it's gibibytes, not gigabytes, i.e. binary counted11:05
baimafeimaI want to try with gparted..11:05
baimafeimaas I always get an error with disks..11:06
baimafeimaalkisg, can you help me to create an ntfs partition? how would I do this best with gparted?11:06
alkisgGo to the menu, create partition table, mbr, apply11:07
alkisgThen create new partition, ntfs, apply11:07
alkisgThat's all11:07
baimafeimai have the partition table now, selected msdos11:09
baimafeimawhen creating the new partition, do I have to align to MiB, cylinder or none?11:10
baimafeimait seems I have to select one of these three11:10
baimafeimaalkisg, and create as primary or extended partition?11:12
alkisgbaimafeima: use the defaults, they're best11:12
alkisgThe default is primary which is best as well11:12
baimafeimaalkisg, did all this just now, and now trying to access it in nautilus file manager but I get this error:11:15
baimafeimaunable to access 512 GB volume: no object for d-bus interface11:15
alkisgbaimafeima: do you see any errors in `dmesg`?11:16
baimafeimaalkisg, how can I find dmesg?11:16
alkisgYou run it in a terminal11:16
alkisgWith this command, you share it with us: dmesg | nc termbin.com 999911:17
baimafeimaalkisg, https://hastebin.com/xiqisupaji11:20
baimafeimacan you see it?11:20
baimafeimaalkisg, not sure if it worked to upload it, otherwise I can copy it in here as the nc command doesn't work on my laptop11:23
FaultsÄrf... I try to switch Print Screen button so that Shutter takes screenshot instead Gnome Screenshot. I fail miserably, how I can do this?11:46
baimafeimaalkisg, do you know what could be the problem?11:48
baimafeimaI get two error messages when trying to access the drive, either unable to access or unable to unmount11:49
alkisgbaimafeima: did you close gparted before trying to access it?11:51
alkisgFor good measure, do a reboot11:51
baimafeimaalkisg, yes, I did11:51
baimafeimaalkisg, reboot of my laptop?11:51
alkisgYes, in case things were mounted while you were formatting etc11:52
baimafeimaalkisg, ok, will be back soon11:54
baimafeimaalkisg, rebooted and it was auto-mounted in nautilus this time, strange...wonder what was the case and hopefully the drive is okay12:04
baimafeimaalkisg, it looks like it is working, thanks for your help...the only question that remains it seems is that the unused drive now shows 512 GB unused, but 83 MB used space12:17
baimafeimadoes the partition table need so much space?12:18
mizzuhi guys can any1 please tell me how to install the squid client or an likely program12:18
alkisgbaimafeima: the 83 MB are part of the file system, map of free space etc12:25
alkisgIt's not related to the partititon table. The MBR is just 512 byes.12:25
baimafeimaalkisg, then it sounds like all is good12:27
baimafeimagparted actually worked while disks didn't..12:27
baimafeimastill not sure why, but I think I'll stick to gparted from now on12:27
alkisgI trust gparted code more than all other formatting tools12:28
alkisgIt's more mature, takes care of more extreme cases etc12:28
baimafeimaalkisg, but it's also more complicated, or let's say with more options that are not explained12:28
alkisgIMHO gnome-disks is more chaotic12:29
alkisgIt doesn't have the actions where I would expect them12:29
alkisggparted UI is well designed; of course if someone doesn't know what GPT or MBR is, he won't understand those menus anyway12:30
baimafeimaalkisg, yeah, I'm happy to learn this stuff though12:30
baimafeimawhat do you guys think about this?12:49
mizzuhow to make andriod phones respond to my proxy rules cuz always they get on the internet through the applicaitons but browser is correctly of13:20
FaultsThere might be other ways, but I have used AdGuard called Extension/Android App. You can configure DNS / DNSSEC + Proxys + AdBlocking for whole Android phone. App costs like 10$ for lifetime.13:43
chavalinHello world!19:49
TaZeRubuntu says hello19:54
semitones_rexhello :)21:08
semitones_rexi know mate is supposed to automatically mount inserted sd cards and usb drives, but if it doesn't should I just manually mkdir /mount/foobar; mount /dev/sdb1 /media/foobar ?21:09
alkisgsemitones_rex: to mount as root, yes21:11
alkisgTo mount as the user, you use udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb121:11
alkisgAnd it automatically makes the mount dir etc21:11
semitones_rexthanks alkisg! that is what i was looking for21:11
alkisg2 helps so far :P21:11
FaultsYou are ace! :D21:12
semitones_rex2 great helps!!!21:14
semitones_rexi'm researching how to rsync if I want to make a backup that I can restore later. This is my command so far (i used a GUI to construct it choosing options that sounded good :) udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb121:15
semitones_rexloool rsync -r -n -t -p -o -g -v --progress -l -H -D -s /media/patrick/boot /mnt/patpi2p121:15
alkisgMounting as the user blocks the suid bit, so it's not good for ext4 backups21:16
alkisgIf it's just data, it's fine, if it's an installation of an OS, use sudo instead21:17
semitones_rexit is an OS,so I will add sudo to that21:18
semitones_rexbut the other options are to make sure that it copies symlinks as symlinks, hard links as hard links, treats special files as special files, preserves permissions and ownership, etc etc etc.,21:19
semitones_rexI think may need to add a --delete in there, unless it is already doing that with -D21:19
semitones_rexI wonder if rsync -av --delete /src /dest is sufficient?21:25
semitones_rex*sudo rsync -av --delete /src /dest21:26
semitones_rexalkisg, does that ^ look sufficient to you?21:27
alkisgsemitones_rex: I'm using cp -a to clone OSes, not rsync. I think the rsync params I was using were something like -xaHA21:28
alkisgIt's been a long time since I read its man page though21:28
alkisgIn general I don't backup OSes frequently as I make sure I can reinstall them quite easily21:29
alkisgE.g. I keep an apt command that reinstalls all the programs I need, I keep the /etc things I change...21:29
semitones_rexalright. I was thinking rsync might be faster because it ignores files that have not changed?  -- that is a good idea, and I did keep a log of what I did when I installed this new system. So maybe I will just make this one backup, and if the SD card gets corrupted, restore that. And if it doesn't restore right, just reinstall and setup everything again. Maybe not deal with incremental backups :P21:30
daro2hi, i am trying to install ubuntu-mate on a somewhat older (32bit) laptop and the machine seems to have got stuck at some point (the installer says 'target system is being configured' or something like that atm). anyhting I could do about that?22:21
sixwheeledbeastI assume you are using the 32bit image?22:41
daro2at least i assume so, yeah22:57
sixwheeledbeastwhen you download it you need to download the 32bit iso ending in i38623:12
noahwheelerOkay I'm Back , and I can connect to mobile hotspot now . But when the raspberry pi connects to the mobile hotspot it changes the IP adress on the pi and when I try to ssh or remote desktop with the new adress ? connection refused everytime until I hook up a monitor , keyboard , and mouse . Restart and log back into the original wi-fi network then I can ssh with the pc or remote desktop with the pc ... But I did get the23:44
noahwheelerhot spot connection ...23:44
noahwheelerI didn't have to root the phone ! just change some settings . And I think I'm going to stick with the Ubuntu Mate23:47

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