cmaloneygreg-g: I think so?02:50
cmaloneyWhatever Alt - [minus] does02:50
cmaloneygreg-g: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26310396/02:52
cmaloneyThat's my settings02:52
rick_hbrrrrrr f@#$@#14:11
rick_hand morning14:11
cmaloneyYeah, it's really cold out there14:29
rick_hyea, had to get the boy to his thing and working from the coffee shop this morning. The truck did not warm up fast enough14:30
rick_hwidox: how's stuff down in the city?14:49
widoxfreezing :)14:49
widoxglad I have no kids and work from home!14:49
widoxbut, having a hard time keeping the house warm. furance in overdrive lately...14:49
rick_hyea, I'm not liking the nest telling me how many hours the furnace is running14:57
rick_hand I'm getting the hint I need to set aside a bunch of $$ for new windows/insulation/etc soon :/14:58
widoxheh. yep, same15:00
cmaloneyYeah, no kidding15:05
brouschwidox: Run a cryptocurrency miner in each room of your house17:52
jrwrenrick_h: are you basement rim joists insulated?17:58
rick_hjrwren: no :( the basement insulation story is sad here. 1/2 the basement is finished (walkout basement) and they didn't insulate the walls they put in against the dirt sides which gets DAMN cold18:07
jrwrenpoured concrete or blocks?18:12
jrwrenpoured concrete is itself a damn good insulator. my walls aren't insulated, but I got my rim joists done a couple years ago and that has been very nice.18:12
rick_hjrwren: poured, except that the kitchen pipes run behind the wall they put in and it's frozen once or twice18:19
jrwrenoh my!18:27
rick_hyea, always cranky at how they put that together18:28
rick_hwould have cost not much to toss insulation in there when they added the walls...18:28
cmaloneyrick_h: Ugh18:30
cmaloneyAt least ours are inside the walls18:30
jrwrenprevious owners?18:30
rick_hjrwren: yea, I think so18:30
rick_hjrwren: they were built unfinished18:30
rick_hanyway, room for improvement in the house for sure18:31
jrwrenits endless.18:31
widoxI just insulating our rim joists over the holiday break. fun times19:32
widoxwe're half basement half crawl. and we just got the crawl encapsulated like 3 weeks ago. that's really helped with the draft's and such19:33
widoxold wood floors == drafts from below :)19:34
cmaloneyYeah, that's no fun19:53
cmaloneyOur previous house had a crawl19:54
greg-gso yeah, air gap all your computers :/23:09
Scary_Guypretty much23:18
jrwreni don't get it.23:55
jrwreni guess i didnt realize aslr was so critical23:58

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