SquarkHello folks. I've been having an issue with Xubuntu and web videos. I've tried every solution I've been able to come across with no success. Basically, most streaming videos, no matter the browser I use, tend to go into some sort of skip loop. I checked the "Stats for nerds" and noticed that it drops frames when it's doing that. However, if I keep moving the mouse over the video, the playback doesn't skip. Any ideas?00:58
fudanshii cant even imagine what youre talking about01:11
SquarkI've had this issue before, though it was usually in Windows. This seems to be a new issue for me as I didn't have any problems playing streaming videos in 14.04. It's just annoying to watch a video freeze and the audio plays like a skipping record. "Mary had a li-li-li-li-li-little la-la-lamb."01:22
xubuntu59wHello. Do anybody experience issues with Daily Bionic on VirtualBox?08:07
cfhowlettplease discuss in #ubuntu+1 until it's actually released and supported here08:09
xubuntu46irusiia putin power)\08:39
bazhangxubuntu46i, let us stay on topic here please08:41
xubuntu46iok guy08:44
knomeyou are here.22:25

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