thumperaxw: got some time?02:24
thumperaxw: I need to talk through some crazy02:24
axwthumper: sure02:24
thumperaxw: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/broken-magic02:25
thumperaxw: you might be right on that stashing thing02:54
axwthumper: what did you find?02:54
axwI haven't found anything yet...02:54
thumperI just ran again on lxd02:54
thumperand before the machine could come up and write in, both had been set02:55
thumperso something else must cut in for it to operate differently02:55
thumperit is just a deduction thing,02:55
thumperthere must be something02:55
axwthumper: can you pastebin that output for me?02:55
axwthe ops you showed me before02:56
thumperaxw: https://pastebin.canonical.com/206750/02:56
thumperoh... yeah02:56
* thumper gets them02:57
axwthumper: yup, the "u" field gets decoded as a bson.M. https://paste.ubuntu.com/26323241/03:14
thumperthe stash'll do it then03:14
axwit's a wonder it ever worked03:14
thumperprobably a "feature"03:15
thumperfor the bson.D that is03:15
thumperaxw: pretty weird though that what it said it did, and what it actually did were still different.03:18
thumperaxw: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/825903:20
thumperaxw: mgo.v2/bson/encode.go:21903:56
thumperslices of DocElem types are treated like key, value pairs of a dict03:56
thumperthen bson.decode gets the bson.M back out03:57
thumperanyway, patch landed03:57
thumperI'm at EOW03:57
thumperhave a good one03:57
axwthumper: thanks, you too03:57
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