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hbogert_Anyone experience with using maas/juju/kubernetes-core ? My node with kubernetes-worker went down. Now I'm trying to add a new kubernetes worker, simply by doing: `juju add-unit kubernetes-worker` but that never finishes. Looking on the node itself it fails to start kubelet and kube-proxy because it's missing files in /root/cdk/, e.g., kubeconfig and kubeproxyconfig12:22
gunixhey stokachu13:10
gunixare you around ?13:10
gunixwe had a chat a month ago a month ago about juju, ubuntu, rancher, kubernetes and so on13:11
gunixyou told me to try everything else on the market and after that come back to you when i am dissapointed :D13:11
hbogert_gunix: well I've been there and here as well, and I'm still disappointed :P14:13
knobbyhbogert_: I use kubernetes-core and added a worker just as you described, but everything was cool and went well. Was the juju status stable?14:44
catbus_Juju bootstrapping on a maas cloud stops at 'Running machine configuration script...' for long. What does it do there? Running juju command with --debug doesn't give much info.14:50
gunixhbogert_: this should be done manually14:55
gunixi mean in theory it is possible, but there is not example online14:55
knobbycatbus_: juju debug-log --replay might help15:27
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hbogert_gunix: what is manually in this case?16:01
hbogert_knobby: yeah it used to work for me as well. But can you confirm that you alsof went from zero to one worker?16:08
Stormmoremorning juju world!16:27
agpradoMorning Sotormore16:36
jose-phillipsis posible when i use manual deployment17:00
jose-phillipscreate a container on a remote machine with the network configuration17:01
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knobbyhbogert_: a good distinction. I replaced a worker, but I still had workers when I did it.17:13
Budgie^Smoreso we use the Gerrit Trigger plugin, is there a way of configuring that in a Jenkinsfile?19:25
gunixhbogert_: manually is just manually installing every service and manually configuring every network interface19:32
Budgie^Smorefor the record, I am trying to use a Multibranch Declarative Pipeline that should trigger off any changeset / commit19:32
catbus_knobby: juju debug-log needs to reach juju api server for info, at that point, the juju api server isn't up yet.19:53
catbus_I am running juju 2.3.1 on xenial. I have never seen this 'Running machine configuration script...' before.19:55
jose-phillipshi im installing openstack-dashboard21:59
jose-phillipswith juju but the themes are not working21:59
jose-phillipsbecause im getting 40321:59
jose-phillipsim installling on xenial using openstack-origin cloud:xenial-pike21:59
kwmonroejose-phillips: i haven't used openstack-dashboard, but could it be you're hitting the wrong url?  from the readme, looks like you'll need to use http(s)://<ip>/horizon.22:17
kwmonroeBudgie^Smore: generically, there seems to be some 'lightweight checkout' option that looks related with the gerrit trigger plugin: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46204276/how-to-execute-jenkinsfile-with-gerrit-trigger-plugin-for-changeset-in-jenkins22:22
kwmonroe^^ or are you asking for a way to configure plugins via the jenkins charm deployed with juju?22:22
koapshey guys, does anyone know the channel for the openstack charms?22:25
kwmonroekoaps: @openstack-charms22:25
koapsceph is giving me issues22:25
kwmonroenot possible!22:25
koapsseems like the install is broken22:25
koapstrys to use the python modules before they are installed22:26
Budgie^Smorekwmonroe, no actually posted that question in the wrong channel :-/ I want to write my triggers into the Jenkinsfile as I am using Multibranch Pipelining22:26
Budgie^Smorethanks for responding though22:27
kwmonroeheh, no worries.  good luck with your big words!22:27
Budgie^SmoreInfra-as-Code FTW ;-)22:30
kwmonroejose-phillips: you disconnected at the totally wrong time :)  i sent this shortly after you dropped re your dashboard issue:22:33
kwmonroejose-phillips: i haven't used openstack-dashboard, but could it be you're hitting the wrong url?  from the readme, looks like you'll need to use http(s)://<ip>/horizon.22:33
kwmonroealso jose-phillips, for the container question, you can deploy stuff to containers on remote juju units like this: juju deploy ubuntu --to lxd:022:34
kwmonroe^^ that deploys the ubuntu charm to a container on machine 0.22:34
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