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emWhat's going on with the Intel CPU bug is there anything that a Kubuntu user with a laptop using Intel should be doing?01:20
ubottuSpectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/01:21
daxtl;dr: updates are coming through the normal Ubuntu update process, may as well just wait01:24
JackFrostCanonical also has that weird service for servers, you may get updates for the running system using that.  Not sure at all.01:25
daxThere won't be a Livepatch for this one.01:25
freetownooh finally some action on this channel for that.01:26
user|40967After reading about the news with regards to Meltdown, I was wondering how one would go about getting the patch01:59
user|40967Currently running Kubuntu 17.0401:59
daxIt's not out yet, it'll come through the normal security update process once it is.01:59
daxhttps://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/ has a list of all Ubuntu security updates, so if you want something to subscribe to for notifications, it'd be that.02:00
user|40967Alright, thank you02:01
daxalso, 17.04 goes EOL this month, I strongly recommend updating to 17.1002:01
dax(17.04 and 17.10 are both non-longtermsupport releases. 18.04, coming in April, will be the next LTS release and that one gets several years of support)02:01
user|40967I will get on that soon02:03
user|40967Short of re-downloading the installation media and installing the os, is there a way to do those kinds of upgrades from within the desktop?02:04
daxyep, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ArtfulUpgrades/Kubuntu02:05
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redphantomcan anyone tell me how to turn off the GUI (temporarily) to free up some processing power03:20
redphantomis this even possible to do?03:23
eruditionhmm, the gui shouldn't really be using processing power if it's not doing anything03:25
eruditionswitch to a tty03:25
eruditionCtrl+Alt+F3 or so03:26
eruditionyou could always kill the display manager from there, like `systemctl lightdm stop`03:27
redphantomerudition i ask because i am mining crypto03:28
redphantomerudition: so does going into tty mode actually help free up some gpu speed? e03:29
eruditionno, but it will help make sure you don't let the GUI consume any03:30
eruditionthis is assuming you have nothing on the GUI running that needs calculating03:30
eruditionbut again, you could always stop and restore the GUI entirely as described03:31
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jbuhi all: I have kubuntu 17.04 and kernel  I am aware that there's a new kernel version (4.14.11) released to fix the kpti issues.  I have not seen any notification in my notificcation center to get the newest patch...should kubuntu be doing this automatically?06:31
freetowneh? aren't kernel matters outside the purview of the kubuntu team?06:36
Scytale89@jibu I think 17.04 is now out of support. Upgrade to 17.10. . But i dont know if 4.14.11 will come to Ubuntu 17.10. I am at 4.13.0-21 right now06:37
cojackI have problem with dolphin, when I try to do fish://myhost08:43
cojackI got an information that I can not connect to this server08:44
cojackhow can I debug this connection problem?08:44
cojackbtw, I have a setup this myhost in ~/.ssh/config08:45
cojackso when I do ssh myhost it just connect08:45
hateballcojack: try fish://user@host09:06
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BluesKajHowdy folks11:33
yotkaHi, any ideas how to get correct LESS highlighting in KDE 4 on Kubuntu 16.04? It seems it has been fixed for KDE 5: https://cgit.kde.org/syntax-highlighting.git/commit/?id=ca846fbda3185f1c13cb0e423631033d64c2ff7b12:16
yotkaIn my case it's especially about @media queries containing variables12:25
BluesKajKDE 4 on Kubuntu 16.04?? the default is kde/plasma 512:26
kenshiwaraHello! ~ Please can anyone help me with this question - https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php/72838-Kubuntu-17-10-is-freezing-at-random-times12:32
BluesKajkenshiwara, have you check the logs , /var/log/syslog for errors ?12:38
yotkaBluesKaj: Sorry, I meant Kate 4 (I think it's 4 at least)12:39
BluesKajyotka, kate use kde frameworks 512:40
BluesKajor it should , but I'm not sure about 16.0412:41
hateballkenshiwara: using nouveau or nvidia blob? have a look in ~/.xsession-errors also12:42
yotkaBluesKaj: Maybe I got the versions wrong. The problem is that LESS highlighting is not working correctly.12:43
kenshiwaraBluesKaj - Thank you for your reply. The /var/log/syslog contains over 6000+ lines. Would you like me to paste them using an online bin for you to check them? The lines are not much readable for me.12:43
BluesKajkenshiwara, not really, best to check immediately after those symptoms you describe, occur12:45
kenshiwarahateball - I am using NVIDIA binary driver - version 387.34 from nvidia-387 (open source).12:45
BluesKajkenshiwara, yes, but which nvidia gpu, let's make sure the corrct driver is installed12:46
hateballGTX1050 as per his thread, it's good12:47
hateball!paste | kenshiwara you can paste the syslog here12:48
ubottukenshiwara you can paste the syslog here: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:48
kenshiwaraBluesKaj, I am using - Graphics: 3840x2160 - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 - The X.Org Foundation.12:48
hateballkenshiwara: oh also what HDD or SSD is it?12:49
kenshiwarahateball - please check the contents of syslog at this link - https://paste.ubuntu.com/26325448/12:52
BluesKaj 3840x216, that's the res capaboility or is that what you're using , kenshiwara?12:52
hateballSo a Hitachi spinning disk12:54
kenshiwaraBluesKaj - It is the resolution capability and what I am using.12:54
hateballkenshiwara: assuming the freezing occurs when the machine starts swapping, perhaps there's some issue with the HDD. You can check its health with "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda"12:54
hateballkenshiwara: and in case you have a lot of RAM, you might want to tweak vm.swappiness12:55
BluesKajpretty high rraphics load as well12:56
kenshiwarahateball, I greatly appreciate those tips. Please, how to tune the vm.swappiness in my case? what do you recommend I should do apart from running a health check for the HDD?12:56
BluesKajgraphics even12:56
hateballkenshiwara: well there's no real errors in the syslog so it's hard to know the actual issue12:56
hateballkenshiwara: run "sysctl vm.swappiness" and it should probably return 6012:57
hateballgiven that you have a lot of RAM (16GB) you can safely change vm.swappiness to 1012:58
kenshiwarahateball, running sysctl vm.swappiness is returning the value of 10 - [vm.swappiness = 10].12:59
hateballand looking at your forum post, the memory actually does get full, it's not just pre-mature swap13:00
kenshiwarahateball, it is indeed... The idea is that I have been using the same OS and the same programs for so long without any issues. I did not do any changes to my system apart from the routine updates that Kubuntu is providing.13:02
hateballkenshiwara: if you keep "top -o %MEM" running, can you see if something leaks?13:02
hateballit's a bit difficult if it is something like chrome that splits itself into many processes13:02
hateballkenshiwara: you can also run "journalctl --priority 2..3" to filter out errors from journald, makes it easier to read if there is something there13:04
kenshiwarahateball, plugging "top -o %MEM" - is printing the processes and so far there is nothing abnormal since I am using the same machine now to chat on here.13:05
kenshiwarahateball, after plugging "journalctl --priority 2..3" > I am getting the following: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26325512/13:06
hateballkenshiwara: the first errors could be due to buggy BIOS, so you could look for firmware updates for that... but that should have nothing to do with the system leaking memory13:09
BluesKajkenshiwara, do you use file indexing with baloo and use a database server like akonadi for kmail etc ?13:09
hateballkenshiwara: did you run smartctl to check HDD status yet?13:10
kenshiwarahateball, I don't know how to check those firmware updates. Please, let me know how to check up with those. I am going to run the  HDD check right away, I was missing few libraries that I needed to install to run the command. I will run it now.13:11
kenshiwaraBluesKaj, I don't use kmail at all but I think baloo is active.13:11
hateballkenshiwara: BIOS updates would be from the motherboard vendor13:13
kenshiwarahateball - I just ran the command for the HDD check - the results are as follows: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26325550/13:13
hateballkenshiwara: HDD looks fine13:14
BluesKajkenshiwara, baloo indexing shouldn't affect your computer load with those specs tho13:18
hateballkenshiwara: did you look in ~/.xsession-errors ?13:19
BluesKajgotta be some seriously large hidden loads affecting the computer13:20
hateballkenshiwara: if you have a misbehaving plasmoid or something it can go bananas, but it should log to ~/.xession-errors at least13:20
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kenshiwarahateball, the contents of the ~/.xession-errors are as follows: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26325618/13:25
hateballkenshiwara: hmmm, nothing out of the ordinary there either13:27
kenshiwarahateball, the Kubuntu artful-backports are enabled on my system - could it be that some recent updates are causing those issues?13:29
BluesKajkenshiwara, i have the backports enabled on Artful as well, but i haven't had any freezes or slow downs13:31
hateballkenshiwara: well at this point it could be anything :p13:31
hateballall logs look fine, hardware checks out fine etc13:32
hateballbut application logging on a user level isnt very verbose13:32
BluesKajand my specs aren't even close to yours ...i still suspect the gpu driver is not as stable as it should be13:33
kenshiwarahateball, would replacing the HDD help? or maybe formating the whole system and installing a fresh copy of Kubuntu? ~ The issue is happening at random times without any fixed interval.13:33
hateballwell, I run 387 without issues in my 107013:33
hateballkenshiwara: nah I doubt that13:33
hateballI mean the base issue is that something fills up your memory and then starts to swap, perhaps at a speed the HDD cant handle13:34
hateballbut it shouldnt ever get to that point at all, thats the real problem13:34
hateballkenshiwara: I can't say regarding backports, I do not use them on 17.1013:35
kenshiwarahateball, I am currently having this issue 2 to 3 times everyday at random times. My PC runs almost for 12 hours everyday. What do you recommend I should do at this stage? It has been over 5 days with this issue - It is greatly delaying my work. Overall though, I greatly appreciate all your time up here!13:39
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BluesKajkenshiwara, did you say you're using the nvidia driver from the nvidia website ?13:43
BluesKajkenshiwara, you should be using the nvidia driver recommended in system settings>driver manager13:44
kenshiwaraBluesKaj, I am using the latest one that is shown in the system settings driver manager indeed.13:49
kenshiwaraI did not download any files from nvidia13:49
BluesKaji had to ask13:50
kenshiwaraBluesKaj, thank you for your help regardless of the end result. I might try to format my whole system and give it another shot. I will wait for another week for that forum post to drop to page 2 before I do so. If after formating the problem persisted, then it might be a hardware issue and a technical consultant will be required in that case.14:02
kenshiwaraIs there any paid support for Kubuntu? like a technician who would debug the problem as a paid job?14:03
BluesKajGeForce GTX 1050 Ti gpu uses the 384 driver from all my google searches , perhaps a slightly less edgy driver would help, because ai have seen some problems with higher end nvidia cards/drivers previously . Rather than re-install the OS, try the 384 driver first14:06
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BluesKajyour pc shouldn't be freezing with all that RAM14:07
kenshiwaraBluesKaj, I was using the 384 driver when I first started having those issues. Then I updated it thinking that might solve the issue but it did not. I highly doubt returning it back to 384 would resolve the problem since the problem started with that number.14:08
BluesKajok, so the 384 wasn't stable either ...bummer14:09
kenshiwaraI have lots of RAM and I don't use any heavy applications at all. No games, no real time streaming, no uploads/downloads. I am just a web programmer, I use text editors on this machine with 16GB of RAM.14:09
BluesKajright, however i have seen some HW probs with some hi-end nvidia gpus and they weren't easy to solve ...hateball may be right about a memory leak, but my suspicions still remain with the gpu driver and X.14:14
hateballI'm not ruling out GPU/X either, but looking at his post the machine *is* out of memory14:16
hateballif that then leads to crashing, who knows, there are no logs indicating that14:16
hateballkenshiwara: if you have a time when these issues started, I suppose you could have a look in /var/log/apt/history* and see what, if any, packages got updated then14:17
kenshiwarahateball, I will be waiting now until this issue happens again then I will list the processes and how memory they are consuming to see what's going on. This was your suggestion as well as the suggestion on another top contribute at Kubuntu based on the latest reply to my forum post.14:29
kenshiwara*of another top contributor14:30
hateballkenshiwara: yea there's sadly not much more to go on, at least not that I can think of14:32
kenshiwarahateball, BluesKaj, thank you for all your time and help today. Without you, I would have been still lost without any direction on how I should debug the issue.14:32
hateballkenshiwara: You're welcome, hope you find the root cause so it can be solved14:33
kenshiwarahateball, I will do my best. I will also post about it in the forum for all members up here to benefit from this experience and avoid it in the future in case we managed to find the root of it.14:34
BluesKaj kenshiwara well, we await proceses list and memeory consumption details when have those pissues again ..they may give some insight into the underlying problems14:35
BluesKajerr  issues :-)14:35
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BluesKajhmm, not a real hi-end card, but above average ..most userd spend less than $200 pci-e gpus14:49
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slawekhello all15:45
slawekI seems to have some problem with couple of .doc and .xls files, that I have backuped from another (windows 7) PC15:47
slawekwhen copied to kubuntu, first two lettersof each filename changed to ~$15:48
slawekand they have only some uncomprehensive garbage inside15:48
slawekdo you have any idea what might have gone wrong?15:49
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YujiAnyone else ever have issues trying to install Kubuntu to an external USB3/3.1 drive? As soon as Kubuntu creates the ext4 / on the disk (33%) it stops responding to the host. Linux-related. Tried booting Live USB with usb autosuspend off (is off, checked), but it doesn't help. dmesg (snipped): https://pastebin.com/QWArqaLP16:40
YujiKubuntu 17.10.*16:40
Yuji(This is also without downloading updates/hardware etc)16:41
BluesKajYuji, UEFI or BIOS on the pc ?16:46
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:47
YujiI've booted from another Live USB (UEFI).16:47
YujiI can also see the efi vars.16:47
Yuji(SecureBoot is also disabled)16:48
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