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frankbancjwatson: hey, is it possible to get a buidl to run in lp? https://launchpad.net/~yellow/+archive/ubuntu/theblues-unstable/+build/1421875313:40
cjwatsonfrankban: Is it security-critical?13:40
frankbancjwatson: no it's not13:41
cjwatsonfrankban: OK, it would be best for it to wait until we have the build farm back up and running generally then13:42
cjwatsonsorry for the inconvenience13:42
frankbancjwatson: no problem, do you have a date already? 9th?13:42
cjwatsonfrankban: Hopefully earlier but it's hard to say yet13:43
frankbancjwatson: ok ty13:44
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