tsimonq2wxl: OH SHIT01:52
tsimonq2wxl: OHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT01:52
tsimonq2wxl: READ GITTER01:53
lubot<VikingRedwolf> What?!01:53
tsimonq2Meant to PM01:53
lubotcarriewst was added by: carriewst04:36
lubot<carriewst> hi simon04:37
lubot<tsimonq2> Hey, nice to see you here :)04:37
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @carriewst, o/10:04
lubot<VikingRedwolf> :)11:44
lubot<VikingRedwolf> (Photo, 1280x719) https://i.imgur.com/3LnZRxN.jpg11:44
lubot<carriewst> @VikingRedwolf, Nice ;_;11:46
lubot<carriewst> Btw, where do you guys host the lubuntu source code?11:46
lubot<VikingRedwolf> you mean the packages from Launchpad?11:46
lubot<VikingRedwolf> or the desktop specific apps?11:46
lubot<carriewst> I do android development, they fetch repos and modules from git via "repo" in the manifest11:47
lubot<carriewst> @VikingRedwolf, Basically yeah the basic pacakges11:47
lubot<VikingRedwolf> we use both Git and Launchpad for now11:47
lubot<carriewst> Lubuntu is essentially a slimmed down Ubuntu right? And with a different env11:47
lubot<carriewst> @VikingRedwolf, Nice :311:48
lubotIs launchpad a code host service?11:48
lubot<VikingRedwolf> yyes11:48
lubot<carriewst> Oo11:48
lubot<VikingRedwolf> and yes11:48
lubot<carriewst> @VikingRedwolf, I'll search it up11:48
lubot<VikingRedwolf> :)11:48
lubot<carriewst> I'm actually pretty hyped to contribute but I'm not very experienced with distro devving11:48
lubot<carriewst> I do everything android though11:49
lubot<carriewst> @carriewst, Kernel, roms, apps, mods etc11:49
lubot<VikingRedwolf> nice11:49
lubot<carriewst> But speaking in terms of ubuntu rootfs11:51
lubot<carriewst> @carriewst, Gimme a sec i lost my train of thoughts11:52
lubot<VikingRedwolf> o___o11:52
lubot<carriewst> What compilers do you guys use? Do you need them?11:53
lubot<carriewst> I know the kernel requires a toolchainbu11:53
lubot<carriewst> But how bout distros?11:53
omairqazi <lazr.restfulclient.resource.Collection object at 0x7f7693a4e210> in python12:03
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @carriewst, What?12:05
lubot<VikingRedwolf> It's Linux12:05
lubot<carriewst> Ooh12:06
lubot<carriewst> I'll read up more before asking12:07
lubot<VikingRedwolf> :)12:07
lubot<carriewst> Thanks for the help @re12:08
lubot<tsimonq2> @carriewst, Lubuntu is built modular in that the components are built at different times and it's all swappable with the proper configurations.13:12
lubotSo yeah we use GCC at the core and there's a wiki page for it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ToolChain13:12
lubotBut you'd use something like sbuild anyways which takes all the precompiled packages as build dependencies: wiki.ubuntu.com/sbuild13:12
lubot<carriewst> Ooh thanks simon13:22
lubot<carriewst> (Sticker, 512x500) http://vps.tsimonq2.net:8080//file_333913:22
lubotJazz_bender was added by: Jazz_bender14:50
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @Jazz_bender, o/15:16
lubot<Jazz_bender> Brasil ✌️15:17
lubot<carriewst> @Jazz_bender, Hi there16:32
lubot<Jazz_bender> Hi17:10
wxlwhat's up @Jazz_bender17:16
lubot<Jazz_bender> 😁👍17:21
wxlMeltdown/Spectre-fixed stable kernels now out https://lwn.net/Articles/74324619:06
teward"There are apparently known (or suspected) problems with each of the releases, which Kroah-Hartman is hoping to get shaken out in the near term. For example, the 4.4.110 announcement warns"19:27
tewardfor obvious reasons you should tread lightly with these :P19:27
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