metathinkWhat am I suppose to install to be able to create a VPN connection using the network gui?07:46
hateballmetathink: what type of VPN?07:47
hateballmetathink: think you may need network-manager-openvpn-gnome then07:48
metathinkThank you07:51
jk^hi all13:04
jk^how to unmount a drive? i try to "right click on drive" but it doesn't appear "Unmount"13:04
hateballjk^: it wont umount if you have things open, like a file or a terminal inside a directory etc etc on whatever is mounted13:17
jk^my usb drive has not open13:25
jk^it hasn't anything opened13:25
jk^but by right click on its icon on the desktop, in the context menu that appears, there isn't a command to unmount13:25
jk^and even for trash, there isn't a icon to delete by one-click all its content13:26
hateballI dont have an LXDE system handy atm to check myself I'm afraid13:28
ThedarkbOh, turns out my CPU has PAE but doesn't report it to the OS.14:41
ThedarkbFor some reason.14:42
leszekyeah you need fake pae then14:45
ThedarkbHow do I do that?14:49
Thedarkbhang on.14:49
ThedarkbYeah, forcepae did the job.15:23
ThedarkbOnly complaint is that it's using half of my RAM idle.15:25
ThedarkbIf I were to apt-get remove gvfs, would everything break?15:26
ThedarkbI'm trimming the fat so to speak.15:26
tewardThedarkb: probably.  You wouldn't be able to mount drives, etc. anymore15:28
ThedarkbNot even with mount?15:28
ThedarkbMy last distro didn't have it.15:28
teward"your last distro"?15:29
ThedarkbI switched back to Lubuntu due to stability issues.15:29
teward@Thedarkb: i presume you want to plug in a USB drive and *not* have to use superuser to mount the drive every time?15:29
ThedarkbI don't really care honestly.15:29
tewardif the answer to that is "Yes I don't want to have to do `sudo mount ...` every time I connect an external drive, then you can't remove gvfs.15:30
ThedarkbI wrote a script to do it for me.15:30
tewardbut you can remove gvfs if you WANT to, I just don't recommend it.15:30
tewardthere's very little 'fat' in the Lubuntu distro15:30
ThedarkbI have 256mb RAM.15:30
tewardor rather it's default packagesets.  At least, in my opinion15:30
tewardthen you should run a headless Linux.15:30
Thedarkb101 is used with nothing open.15:30
teward256MB RAM is going to give you issues with *any* GUI15:30
ThedarkbIt was fine with IceWM15:31
ThedarkbWhich I'm installing now.15:31
ThedarkbI like IceWM.15:34
ThedarkbIt comes with themes out of the box to make it look like OS/2 or Windows 95.15:34
ThedarkbHmm.... seems like it's only in the 64 bit repo.15:34
jk^help https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LFN9EEr01Ssx6_RpxiTdDemL_JqeI8re15:35
ThedarkbI'll just download it elsewhere.15:35
ThedarkbYeah, with IceWM I have it down to where I want it.15:59
Thedarkb76mb used is alright15:59
ChunkzZThedarkb, just get a new system, 256mb is not usable for lubuntu. :P16:06
ThedarkbWith IceWM it is.16:06
tewardthat's not his point :P16:06
ThedarkbI'm going to put more RAM in it eventually.16:06
ThedarkbIt's DDR16:06
ThedarkbThe 256 is just what's soldered onto the mobo.16:08
ChunkzZagain, 256mb... you need a new system. :)16:09
tewardThedarkb: any *particular* reason you're so attached to such an ancient board/system?16:09
tewardbecause DDR is obsolete.16:09
ThedarkbIt's an X40 ThinkPad.16:10
ThedarkbThey don't make 4:3 laptops anymore.16:10
Thedarkbplus I like it's size.16:10
ThedarkbIt's smaller than an X200 but it feels big thanks to it's screen.16:10
ThedarkbI have an X200 too.16:10
Thedarkb-X40Is there a tool for making custom Ubuntu remixes?16:54
Thedarkb-X40I like what I have going here.16:55
Thedarkb-X40IceWM+idesk running HexChat and with 3 tabs open in seamonkey is only using 130mb RAM.16:56
Thedarkb-X40Oh yeah, the Lubuntu installer murdered my FreeDOS installation.17:04
Thedarkb-X40FreeDOS is where it should be on the disk.17:20
Thedarkb-X40GRUB just won't boot it.17:20
wxlyou can try a GRUB repair17:23
wxlfwiw "the Lubuntu installer" is nothing more than the installer that all of Ubuntu uses17:23
wxlassuming it's the Desktop version. that's ubiquity17:23
wxlin the event you have the Alternate version, it's debian-installer, which is only used by Server in the Ubuntu world but is, obviously, used all over Debian17:23
Thedarkb-X40I know, I recognized it from when I installed debian on my server.17:27
Thedarkb-X40Can I run GRUB repair from the desktop.17:27
wxlwell you can run it in terminal so you can run in desktop :)17:28
Thedarkb-X40That's what I meant.17:28
Thedarkb-X40wxl, What command am I looking for? grub-repair isn't listed.17:29
wxllike honestly update-grub might do it alone17:29
Thedarkb-X40Hey, update-grub found FreeDOS on /dev/sda117:30
Thedarkb-X40I'll reboot and report back.17:30
Thedarkb-X40wxl, That didn't work.17:33
Thedarkb-X40How to I run grub-repair, it's not listed in the tab completions.17:33
wxldumb question, Thedarkb-X40: is your machine UEFI capable? and if so, did you use it to boot the ISO?17:39
Thedarkb-X40My machine was made in 2005.... so no.17:39
Thedarkb-X40I just booted the ISO off of a flash drive and installed it.17:40
Thedarkb-X40I then switched to IceWM because LXDE was a bit too RAM hungry.17:40
wxlEFI existed before 2005 (that's when Intel quit working on their own thing and started working on the United EFI)17:41
wxlso again, are you sure?17:41
Thedarkb-X40Yeah, there's no EFI.17:41
wxlcuz that would make some things really unhappy17:41
Thedarkb-X40No EFI here.17:42
wxlanyways boot-repair is a thing, but an unsupported thing17:42
wxlso you're on your own on that one17:42
wxlotherwise you have https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting17:43
Thedarkb-X40Yeah, it looks kind of sketchy to me.17:43
Thedarkb-X40I hate fiddling with GRUB.17:43
Thedarkb-X40I always break it.17:43
Thedarkb-X40Every. Single. Time.17:43
wxlusually avoiding dual booting helps XD17:43
Thedarkb-X40I do for my main machine.17:44
wxldoes the FreeDOS even show in the GRUB menu?17:44
Thedarkb-X40It shows in the GRUB menu but it leaves me at a blank screen with a blinking cursor.17:44
wxlmaybe try reinstalling freedos17:44
Thedarkb-X40How do I do that without breaking my Lubuntu install?17:45
Thedarkb-X40All the system files are still there.17:45
wxlask FreeDOS?17:46
* Thedarkb-X40 joins #freedos17:46
Thedarkb-X40wxl, It's worth noting that GRUB is supposed to chainload FreeDOS18:05
wxlwell here's one thing i'll suggest if you don't get anywhere with FreeDOS, Thedarkb-X40: join #ubuntu and ask there. this is a general GRUB issue, if anything. not Lubuntu-specific. you'll get more people listening in there.18:19
Thedarkb-X40I'll ask in GRUB18:21
wxli'm not sure i'd suggest that18:21
wxlgenerally upstream projects will only support current releases and most likely we're behind18:21
wxlwe usually are18:21
wxldebian more so18:21
vijuWhere is the GUI for setting up proxy in Lubuntu 16.0418:27
Thedarkb-X40Sorry, got dropped.18:27
wxlNetworkManager should be able to do that for you, viju18:27
vijuI tried looking there but I am unaware where to make changes.18:28
vijuOpened network connection for the router I am connected to. It has 5 tabs - general, wi-fi, wi-fi security, ipv4 settings and ipv6 settings.18:30
vijuAm I looking at wrong place?18:30
wxloh nevermind it doesn't handle proxies. hold on18:35
wxlviju: looks like you need to edit /etc/environment https://askubuntu.com/questions/175172/how-do-i-configure-proxies-without-gui18:39
vijuwxl: one more; for those proxy I need to supply credentials as well.18:42
wxlviju: i think the second answer discusses dealing with that, no?18:43
wxlviju: one problem is i don't use a proxy so i can't help too much.18:43
vijuOka I got it.18:43
RandomGuyOnIrcHow do I take a screenshot? prntscreen doesn 't work19:57
Thedarkb-X40Print Screen doesn't work the same way as it does in Windows.19:58
Thedarkb-X40It puts the image in your home directory.19:58
RandomGuyOnIrcOK I see now19:59
RandomGuyOnIrcit asctually was working19:59
RandomGuyOnIrcbut it is quiet19:59
Thedarkb-X40There's no sound19:59
RandomGuyOnIrcand doesn't make a popup or anything19:59
RandomGuyOnIrcI see the files now that I look19:59
Thedarkb-X40It really could be better implemented.19:59
RandomGuyOnIrcwell IRC, lets people learn the magic20:00
krytarikWell, that's 'scrot' for you. :P20:01
ChunkzZor you can use gnome-screenshot, I believe that has sound iirc20:29
Thedarkb-X40scrot isn't working on my machine.20:35
Thedarkb-X40Might be my window manager.20:35
Thedarkb-X40I think I'll switch to my X200.20:37
ChunkzZThedarkb, why are you using an old system? I paid £30 and have a system with 2gb ram... lol makes no sense.... :P20:51
ThedarkbMine was €520:51
Thedarkband I have a decent system too.20:51
ThedarkbWell, an X200.20:51
ChunkzZyeah but it's not really usable for you, no?20:56
ChunkzZnever heard of ice-wm20:56
=== versatile is now known as Murii
ThedarkbChunkzZ, It's perfectly usable.21:48
ThedarkbIceWM is a nice window manager.21:48
ThedarkbIt's not very well supported by distros though.21:48
ThedarkbI can run IRC, I can play Quake, what more can a man want?21:50
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=== barista is now known as genii
RandomGuyOnIrcHow do I eject a usb stick in lubuntu?22:50
ThedarkbRandomGuyOnIrc, Right click on it in PCManFM.22:56

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