tgBot1<Fabio7891> Hi everybody ! … Before install Ubuntu Touch in a smartphone, is it possible test it in a virtual machine ? Maybe on GNU/Linux00:10
tgBot1<Stereofont> Not really. It is reversible though00:16
tgBot1<Stereofont> Plus it is wonderful 😍00:16
tgBot1<Fabio7891> I have found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/743438/is-there-any-ubuntu-touch-vmdk-iso-for-trying-on-virtualbox00:17
tgBot1<Cesar_Herrera> @Flohack I'd like in Telegram be able to choose in the method of notifications  as in WebTelegram: a simple beep and no more.00:20
tgBot1<dohbee> @Fabio7891, i don't think ubports has emulator builds00:23
tgBot1<Fabio7891> πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”00:24
tgBot1<Flohack> @Cesar_Herrera, Not easy, it will be a global sound setting. But there is a simple beep you can select00:25
tgBot1<dohbee> also the emulator was pretty slow and every really worked reliably anyway00:25
tgBot1<dohbee> @Flohack hey, could you possibly build a fat click for telegram with amd64 support too? ;)00:25
tgBot1<Flohack> @dohbee, No idea how that works ^^ if you tell me I can00:26
tgBot1<Flohack> but there is desktop build00:26
tgBot1<Flohack> you mean that?00:26
tgBot1<dohbee> no i mean so i can install the click in my vm :)00:26
tgBot1<Flohack> aha no idea ^^00:26
tgBot1<Cesar_Herrera> @Flohack, The only problem is that you have to clean the green icon. It is not important. Thanks.00:27
tgBot1<dohbee> @Flohack, ok, built a click locally from the "desktop" build, and finally managed to get it to start, but it crashes trying to log in :(00:43
tgBot1<Flohack> the desktop build is not to be installed. It has not all dependencies inside00:43
tgBot1<dohbee> ?00:44
tgBot1<dohbee> it's only got libtelegram stuff as far as libs go, it seems00:44
tgBot1<Flohack> its not packaged build. libqtelegram-ae and TelegramQML must be installed in /usr/lib prior to execution00:44
tgBot1<Flohack> and the click cant access them probably00:45
tgBot1<dohbee> i set the library path correctly so they load00:45
tgBot1<Flohack> hmm00:45
tgBot1<Flohack> logfile?00:45
tgBot1<dohbee> https://paste.ubuntu.com/26322603/00:47
tgBot1<Flohack> wtf is that: … [20180104 19:41:50.756 EST qml: Searching for u … [20180104 19:41:50.955 EST qml: Searching for un … [20180104 19:41:50.989 EST qml: Searching for uni00:47
tgBot1<Flohack> sry bedtime ^^00:48
tgBot1<dohbee> the first three letters of united :)00:48
tgBot1<dohbee> cheers00:49
tgBot1<Flohack> lol00:49
tgBot1<Flohack> @dohbee, Its abnormal for Telegram ^^00:49
tgBot1<Flohack> n800:49
tgBot1<dohbee> that's what gets spit to the log when you search for the country in the country list00:50
tgBot1<Flohack> ROFL!00:50
tgBot1<dohbee> anyway, night. i guess it is failing to load settings00:51
tgBot1<AresMinos> Are you taking on the would be amazing :D https://github.com/ubports/unity8-desktop-install-tools02:07
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> @AresMinos, Uh... No. That's a script to install Unity 8.02:33
tgBot1<AresMinos> idk why my message was cut off :O02:34
tgBot1<Javacookies> (Photo, 802x625) https://irc.ubports.com/ZzsNg52D/file_3558.jpg I'm stuck with this...was the installer updated? I remember a different UI when I installed UT on my Nexus 7 some days ago05:40
tgBot1<Vijaypraj> Did u install "ubports-installer --devmode" ?06:26
tgBot1<Vijaypraj> Or only "ubports-insaller"06:26
tgBot1<Javacookies> --edge β€”devmode......that's what site said06:30
tgBot1<Vijaypraj> Use --devmode it will work properly06:36
tgBot1<Vijaypraj> Either install deb package of ubports installer06:36
tgBot1<Javacookies> thanks...it seems to work now06:40
tgBot1<Vijaypraj> Welcome06:51
tgBot1<Vijaypraj> 😊06:52
tgBot1omerfaruktemir was added by: omerfaruktemir07:14
tgBot1<omerfaruktemir> I'm Turkish07:14
tgBot1<Rocco> Hi Yorick07:16
tgBot1<milkor73> @omerfaruktemir, Hello Yorick and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    β€¦ To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)07:24
tgBot1<milkor73> As You will see inside thi above link there is also group in your language: https://t.me/UBportsTr07:25
tgBot1<malditobastardo> Today I'm deaf07:52
tgBot1<malditobastardo> Thank you ubuntu touch and the sound level settings07:52
tgBot1<malditobastardo> 😿😿07:52
tgBot1<Lukas Wolfskin> LOL... Still learning how to get around on telegram... Sorry about my non-sequiturs07:56
tgBot1<Schyken> well crap07:58
tgBot1<Schyken> I always click on it πŸ™ˆ07:59
tgBot1<Javacookies> what is it really for? that functionality? what's the use case?08:00
tgBot1<Schyken> I really have no clue. Blue /text is just weird.08:02
tgBot1<Javacookies> LOL08:02
tgBot1<Schyken> πŸ˜†08:03
tgBot1<peternerlich> It has no functionality. I /made it /up08:05
tgBot1<peternerlich> other than, of course, that the telegram interface handles it as a command and you can easily click on it etc.08:06
tgBot1<peternerlich> in that way, /praise_flohack or /praise_mariogrip etc. do not have any other purpose than displaying praise for them in a friendly manner (like, not notifying them about every single time) with the bonus of others tempted to also praise them the same way 😁08:08
tgBot1<Flohack> @peternerlich, Sneaky xd08:26
tgBot1<samitormanen> Hmm, all my notification are kaput?! Am i only one experiencing this..08:31
tgBot1<samitormanen> No gmail, no tg.. 😳08:32
tgBot1<neothethird> @samitormanen, Are you on ota-3?08:37
tgBot1<samitormanen> Yes08:38
tgBot1<samitormanen> N508:38
tgBot1<samitormanen> Yesterday they worked fine, today kaput..08:38
tgBot1<neothethird> Pinging @Flohack08:39
tgBot1<samitormanen> Damn, i just rememred that i am in devel, but it is r271, same day i think what ota3..08:44
tgBot1<samitormanen> After few (5) reboots it seems to work again. Phew..08:57
tgBot1<samitormanen> I think i should reboot my phone more often. Last reboot was over 2 weeks ago 😁08:58
tgBot1<Flohack> @neothethird, Dannggg08:58
tgBot1<Flohack> @samitormanen, Thats good. Buy a FP2, that will do the rebooting for you xD08:58
tgBot1<samitormanen> πŸ˜‚08:58
tgBot1<Flohack> No, serious, it must be a feature. I can live max 1 day without a reboot09:01
tgBot1<Daniel> @Flohack, Confirmed. I counted 12 reboots yesterday09:08
tgBot1<Flohack> Aand it happened again here. But 12 is extreme! Which model do you have, and what apps do you use09:12
tgBot1<Daniel> Which model? FP2 (one of the first 17148 ;-) ) with old screen and new camera modules. Two SIM (removing one doesn't change anything), SD card (removing doesn't change anything). Reboots mostlyoccur when I use the phone (seems heavily related to using the browser) but sometimes also spontaneous when being charged or when resting on the table. No matter whether only wifi or mobile data is used.09:18
tgBot1<Daniel> I use mostly dekko 2, Telegram, browser and Twitter. Sometimes I use the camera or the gallery.09:19
tgBot1<Daniel> Today's count is 4 reboots09:20
tgBot1<samitormanen> I have noticed that if i have a lot of apps open in background, then i try to close them fast by swiping.. Unity crashes. I have to close them quite slow to avoid that behavior..09:21
tgBot1<milkor73> @samitormanen, Confirm09:22
tgBot1<RaphaelItsMe> my reboots were always somhow related to the browser09:22
tgBot1<Stereofont> Raphael in the Welcome Room with a new FP2 reports crashes on browser use09:23
tgBot1<Daniel> Yes, I also have the rebootswhile closing apps, but sometimes also when browsing and scrolling.09:24
tgBot1<Daniel> When it crashes, I somehow get something like two reboots: First I see the Fairphone loge, then ubuntu's splash screen, then it restarts. Fairphone logo, splashscreen, welcomingscreen (the circle).09:27
tgBot1<Javacookies> @samitormanen, I sometimes get that behavior on my bq E5....not too often that I'm not sure if was still Canonical image or UBports10:03
tgBot1<Lukas Wolfskin> N510:10
tgBot1<Lukas Wolfskin> Sorry10:11
tgBot1<Javacookies> perhaps related to memory handling? FP2 has 2 GB right?10:11
tgBot1<Lukas Wolfskin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/0QG0Pyqs/file_356110:11
tgBot1<samitormanen> @Javacookies, I think so too. n5 has 2gb ram ttoo.10:14
tgBot1<Javacookies> well I'm thinking low RAM could be the cause since bqE5 has 1GB  only … I get a lot better performance with Nexus 5 and I don;t remember having this issue aside when using dekstop mode (which uses more memory?) :D10:19
tgBot1<andreasimonetti> i am playing with a nexus5 (devel) from a week.. i haven't see unity crashing.. the only thing is the battery life that got better after i disabled the screen rotation and rebooted the phone... so try it..10:37
tgBot1<Daniel> right, FP2 has 2 GB10:55
tgBot1<Javacookies> I'm very tempted to use my Nexus 5 as my daily driver. So much smoother experience, better multitasking (can open many apps simultaneously) and overall faster....but the big problem is the battery as compared to my bqE5...and of course, my Nexus 5 is my toy to test out many things like 16.04 :D11:22
tgBot1<samitormanen> @Javacookies can you tell me which things works in 16.04 at this moment?11:26
tgBot1<Javacookies> I think there are posts in G+ community about it but in general, it boots and smooth but most apps doesn't work11:28
tgBot1<Javacookies> only terminal and settings work....haven't tried all :)11:29
tgBot1<samitormanen> Ok. Maybe not yet daily driver 😁11:30
tgBot1<Javacookies> definitely not, it's a long way to go but we're all hopeful it'll be soon :D11:33
tgBot1<milkor73> (Photo, 1080x1920) https://irc.ubports.com/OGNswiCD/file_3563.jpg11:38
tgBot1<Desipher> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/TbJp4KRY/file_356411:38
tgBot1<mattbel10> @Javacookies, I'm also experiencing this re-booting behaviour with my BQ E5. I noticed that since probably the Cannonickels OTA 12 or 13 (over a total of 15) then I'm quite sure it is an inherited feature in the actual UBports environment. My BQ works constantly above 65% of the total RAM (1 GB) since the first boot without any app open yet. I think a big effort should be invested in order to fix this issue, in light of the next UT 16.04 version,11:47
tgBot1because this sounds as a priority to me.11:47
tgBot1<Javacookies> @milkor73, tested this already! thanks for this πŸ˜‹12:03
tgBot1<Javacookies> although not sure what's new with the terminal, it looks the same....and the new loading icon looks awesome! 😍12:04
tgBot1<PhoenixLandPirate> @Javacookies, New loading icon?12:05
tgBot1<Javacookies> I don't know how to call it but the loading animation spinning...it's thinner now in 16.0412:13
tgBot1<Javacookies> I believe it was previewed before here or in G+12:13
tgBot1<hanneslindner> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/GQxV3BhQ/file_356413:06
tgBot1<milkor73> @Javacookies, and how it was going, working all?13:30
tgBot1<Javacookies> yeah, they all open now, didn't test them thoroughly13:37
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @Javacookies, hey! this happened to me.  apparently this was because my N7 was the wrong N7... but yeah.  same thing for me.13:40
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> i have another bug that came back I think... my alarm clock stopped waking me up if it's plugged in13:42
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> thankfully my internal clock is really great.  Better than digital13:42
tgBot1<Daniel> 6 reboots13:55
tgBot1<neothethird> @Javacookies, not every device needs every step13:58
tgBot1<Javacookies> anyone tried SSH between two UT devices? I get an error14:11
tgBot1<Javacookies> Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. … Permission denied (publickey).14:11
tgBot1derjasper was added by: derjasper14:36
tgBot1<derjasper> Hey, what is the current way of developing apps? Is the SDK still teh way to go and does it still work at all? If yes, where can I get it?14:38
tgBot1<FardaleM> Did you add your ssh key in .ssh/authorized_keys14:38
tgBot1<FardaleM> ?14:39
tgBot1<DanChapman> @derjasper, The SDK is still installable on xenial and works for the most part. clickable is the new recommended tool for packaging http://clickable.bhdouglass.com/en/latest/14:39
tgBot1<derjasper> @DanChapman, Thanks :)14:42
tgBot1<milkor73> @derjasper, Hello Jasper and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    β€¦ To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)14:47
tgBot1<FardaleM> @Javacookies do you use ssh key for that ?14:54
tgBot1<Javacookies> yup, I copied my publice key to the UT device I want to conenct to15:01
tgBot1<Javacookies> on laptop, it simply worked but between my 2 UT devices, I get those error15:01
tgBot1<FardaleM> from your laptop it is working but not from a other UT devices ? With the same key ?15:02
tgBot1<Javacookies> yeah, laptop to UT works but not UT to UT15:03
tgBot1<exar_kun> Now that the forum is working, here's an interesting task: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/846/help-write-community-update-show-notes … It would also be nice if it could be done in other languages. If anyone else is interested in helping with this, feel free to PM me and we can organize something for tomorrow's event.15:13
tgBot1<Javacookies> (Photo, 1920x1080) https://irc.ubports.com/SqMr0rbC/file_3568.jpg15:22
tgBot1<Javacookies> looks like 15.04 isn't ready for Kate natively LOL15:22
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIGutmeAE3I15:34
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @Javacookies ^^ kate works fine on 16.0415:34
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> even chrome on Xmir works better now15:34
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> used to blink-a-lot15:34
tgBot1<Javacookies> really? I haven't really experimented yet with 16.0415:35
tgBot1<Javacookies> bluetooth seems to be still wonky so I can't really use my BT KB/mouse15:35
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> i am using it on a desktop :>15:36
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> install 16.04 and then15:36
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> https://github.com/ubports/unity8-desktop-install-tools15:36
tgBot1<Javacookies> I don't have a spare ubuntu install right now and I like messing with my devices, it's safer to not lose any data :P15:37
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> :D15:37
tgBot1<Javacookies> regarding, Kate, I think it looks like that because I'm on external display and desktop mode, it doesn't scale well...I'll try it on phone mode15:37
tgBot1<Javacookies> is there already a feature request to add a setting to never lock the screen when plugged-in?15:41
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> i have no idea15:46
tgBot1<malditobastardo> @Javacookies, Do you managed to install chromium in your N5??15:48
tgBot1<derjasper> @DanChapman, I cannot manage to build or run my application.. :/ do i need a kit for that? because that does also not work..15:49
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @derjasper, yes15:53
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @derjasper, from Projects tab on the left15:55
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> and then Add Kit15:55
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> i have 2 kits15:55
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> 1 Desktop15:55
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> and 2 UbuntuSDK armhf 15.0415:55
tgBot1<Javacookies> @malditobastardo, yup, although it's not as smooth as the browser app but it's usable15:56
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/zVCzMe27/file_3570.jpg15:56
tgBot1<derjasper> Ok thanks, I guess the kit is not the problem, but i get this build error:15:58
tgBot1<derjasper> make: *** [/home/jasper/Dokumente/Projekte/UbuntuApps/TankenApp/build-TankenApp-Unbenannt-Debug/po/de.po.updated] Fehler 1 … something is wrong with the translations.. i remeber that i had this problem years ago but do not remember the solution15:59
tgBot1DC7IA was added by: DC7IA15:59
tgBot1<Javacookies> do you use the translations on your app? I don't use it so I disabled it in the build settings16:00
tgBot1<derjasper> yes i use translations :S16:00
tgBot1<DC7IA> Hi there. Great all these devices will stay usable. :) … Do I have to do anything to get updates from UBports instead of Canonical? I feel a bit lost while reading in the documentation.16:01
tgBot1<Javacookies> oh I see, then I won't be of any help sorry :P16:02
tgBot1<JBBgameich> I think switching from the canonical image only works if you reflash the Ubports image. After the initial flashing, you will get updates from the Ubports server16:06
tgBot1<PacoIgnazioTaiboII> Hi guys, is there any plan to introduce voice recognition in Ubports? I see Mozilla is working on an open source voice recognition model and on a voice dataset. So, as you can imagine, I'm wondering if someday Ubports is going to support this feature, maybe adopting mozilla's speech recognition tools ... πŸ™„ https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/11/29/announcing-the-initial-release-of-mozillas-open-source-speech-recognition-model-and-voice16:06
tgBot1<DC7IA> @JBBgameich, Tried flashing with magic-device-tool. Now I'm stuck with the Ubuntu logo on bootup (E4.5)16:08
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> @PacoIgnazioTaiboII, If someone works on it, sure16:08
tgBot1<Javacookies> @DC7IA, try the ubports-installer, did you wipe your phone?16:09
tgBot1<DC7IA> Wiping as in..? I thought flashing already wipes it all.16:10
tgBot1<Javacookies> no, there's an option to retain your data, although wiping is still the recommended way to avoid possible issues, I was able to switch to ubports without wiping my data16:15
tgBot1<Javacookies> anyway, try ubports-installer, I think MDT isn't in active development anymore16:15
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> ubports installer appimage Β» https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/releases16:17
tgBot1<DC7IA> installing... :)16:18
tgBot1<Stereofont> @DC7IA, Hello Joshua. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-botβ„’ Ask, chat, explore!16:38
tgBot1<Stereofont> @DC7IA, I suggest click on the Welcome Room button on the welcome page16:40
tgBot1<DC7IA> @Javacookies, Thanks, I just stepped aboard the UBports community. \o/16:49
tgBot1<dohbee> @Javacookies, I think it has something to do with gnome-keyring being the ssh agent, and there not being any UI on the phone to ask for passphrase. check the SSH* env vars and unset them in your terminal session on the phone maybe, so it should ask for passphrase on console instead16:50
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @DC7IA, Hi @DC7IA ... I noticed that it appears you have a few call signs.  I'm a ham kind of person myself as are a couple of others. I might PM you on the side if that's ok16:58
tgBot1<Javacookies> @dohbee, thanks, I'l try that although I don't really understand much of what you said17:10
tgBot1<Javacookies> :P or do you happen to mean SSH_AUTH_SOCK?17:11
tgBot1<Javacookies> when I'm asked for the passphrase? should I input for the client or the server?17:12
tgBot1<dohbee> the passphrase is for the private key17:12
tgBot1<dohbee> yeah, if you unset SSH_AUTH_SOCK you should be able to connect then17:13
tgBot1<Javacookies> yeah I tried that and I was asked for the passphrase but I think I failed to input the correct one,LOL17:14
tgBot1<dohbee> well it's the passphrase you used when you generated the private key17:14
tgBot1<Javacookies> in the server right?...suddenly, I struggled to spel the wor "right" :D17:16
tgBot1<Javacookies> anyway, thanks for the help, any issue I'll encounter will be my fault .thank you17:16
tgBot1<dohbee> no17:16
tgBot1<dohbee> or well, you might be able to enter phablet's pin/password for the device you're connecting to17:17
tgBot1<dohbee> i don't know how you set it up exactly17:17
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hi people. just dropping in to say: **You're awesome!** All 1163 of you!17:17
tgBot1<Javacookies> @dohbee, okay. I'll figure it out. thanks!17:18
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @peternerlich, thanks buddy.  same to all 1 of you!18:30
tgBot1<gurucubano> I still have some BQ E4.5 running Canonical's last OTA, since today it can not reach the Ubuntu Store anymore. Was this shutdown?18:40
tgBot1<Georgecloon> @gurucubano, Yes18:43
tgBot1<DC7IA> Couldn't we just keep using the old URL? So people don't have to flash stuff?18:44
tgBot1<Georgecloon> UBports runs fine on my E5, which I think is quite similar to the E4.518:44
tgBot1<gurucubano> When was this and was it announced?18:44
tgBot1<dohbee> it was announced 6 months ago18:45
tgBot1<dohbee> and it finally went offline this week18:45
tgBot1<gurucubano> ok, thanks.18:45
tgBot1<dohbee> you really should switch over to ubports images if you want to keep using ubuntu on the phone18:46
tgBot1<dohbee> if you're still on canonical images, you're already missing some security updates18:46
tgBot1<Stereofont> @DC7IA, The old URL is dead18:46
tgBot1<DC7IA> 301 redirect?18:47
tgBot1<dohbee> @DC7IA, No, because it's Canonical's domains, and they don't want to maintain it18:47
tgBot1<DC7IA> wouldn't be too hard to set up18:47
tgBot1<dohbee> it's not that simple18:47
tgBot1<Stereofont> A redirect might obscure to some people that it has in fact closed?18:48
tgBot1<dohbee> well that18:48
tgBot1<dohbee> but there's high availability proxy stuff to deal with, monitoring, and having to announce service outages and such, which all means it would cost money for canonical18:49
tgBot1<dohbee> you're lucky the store has remained operational as long as it did18:49
tgBot1<DC7IA> Then they could at least offer people to switch to UBports by pushing some buttons.18:50
tgBot1<DC7IA> Or am I wrong thinking its mainly changing the repo and apt update?18:51
tgBot1<Stereofont> There is certainly no logic to anyone continuing with the Canonical image. It is defunct18:51
tgBot1<dohbee> @DC7IA, no, apt will break things18:51
tgBot1<dohbee> you can reflash without losing data though18:52
tgBot1<DC7IA> What about upgrading from Touch to UBports? Isn't it the same as do-release-upgrade, just with different sources?18:52
tgBot1<dohbee> i mean, "we're killing off unity and phones" was kind of a big story and has been reposted all over the place for the past 6 months18:52
tgBot1<dohbee> @DC7IA, no, apt breaks things18:53
tgBot1<DC7IA> Why?18:53
tgBot1<dohbee> there are multiple ways to flash over though18:53
tgBot1<Stereofont> The Canonical image wasn't programmed with an Update function, to switch to UBports UT18:53
tgBot1<dohbee> because the system was not designed to upgrade with apt18:53
tgBot1<dohbee> also, debs are insecure18:53
tgBot1<dohbee> @Stereofont, well, not a highly visible one, anyway.18:54
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Stereofont, Not that I am saying that it ought to have been. Canonical have been very patient and accommodating18:54
tgBot1<berchio> @dohbee, How so?18:57
tgBot1<dohbee> @berchio, You're granting root to whomever packaged it18:59
tgBot1<berchio> And? You granted root to your package maintainers long before installing any other deb19:00
tgBot1<berchio> You already granted them trust19:01
tgBot1bananovnik was added by: bananovnik19:11
tgBot1<Georgecloon> Welcome Palmovnik!19:14
tgBot1<bananovnik> Hello there19:15
tgBot1<Georgecloon> Have you already got Ubuntu Touch?19:16
tgBot1<bananovnik> Never, I am using Sailfish OS on mido (Xiaomi redmi note 4). I am just curious19:17
tgBot1<Georgecloon> Oh, okay that's fine too19:18
tgBot1<bananovnik> Sailfish runs fine, but still no android apps support (for unoficial ports). I had read that ubuports will now support anbox19:20
tgBot1<DC7IA> Not yet.19:21
tgBot1<bananovnik> but soon will19:21
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> yes19:21
tgBot1<mimecar> What version of Qt are you working on? Is it 5.9?19:23
tgBot1<DC7IA> Do we have a RSS feed for new apps?19:24
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @mimecar, me?19:26
tgBot1<mimecar> 5.9, 5.10...19:27
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @mimecar, sorry, :D are you asking me?19:27
tgBot1<mimecar> I ask the group πŸ˜ƒ19:28
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> oh :D sorry :P19:28
tgBot1<AndyBleaden> @Flohack, Yes more reboots than notifications. Rebooting was the FP2 special skill19:31
tgBot1<Stereofont> @bananovnik, Welcome Bananovy! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information πŸšͺ19:34
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> @mimecar, 5.9 is the current target19:36
tgBot1<mimecar> ok, thanks Dalton19:36
tgBot1<mimecar> 5.9.0?19:36
tgBot1<Stereofont> @DC7IA, Brian Douglass: … uApp Explorer does: https://uappexplorer.com/feeds19:54
tgBot1<Ben> @Stereofont, That is a really nice thing :)19:58
tgBot1<Ben> I use this long since now19:59
tgBot1<DC7IA> @Stereofont, tnx20:15
tgBot1<delijati> Is there a tor browser as click or from libertine ?20:18
tgBot1<delijati> Aka in vivid repo20:18
tgBot1<dohbee> @berchio, So? What? Should just give root to everyone automatically all the time and forget about security?20:21
tgBot1<berchio> @dohbee, You aren't ignoring security, you choose to trust package maintainers and their keys when you choose their distro. Security wise you are using https for retrieving and signatures for verification. I agree with you somewhat in that we shouldn't be adding repos randomly every time we need a package not provided by the distro20:25
tgBot1<kristijantkalec> @popescu_sorin you are part of the group πŸ˜‚20:27
tgBot1<dohbee> @berchio, You're assuming everyone who uses a system has enough forethought to a) understand the risk and b) make reasonable decisions about installing software. Both of those are false assumptions. The best solution is for a distro to enhance the security of their users, by reducing the attack surface as much as possible. And debss are a wide open attack surface (as are rpms, or sudo make install, or most other packaging systems)20:27
tgBot1<dohbee> Also, the Ubuntu archive is not HTTPS. It's served over plain HTTP, but GPG signatures do get verified.20:29
tgBot1<dohbee> that doesn't mean people don't do stupid things in install/remove scripts. it just means that theoretically the package came from where it said it came from20:30
tgBot1<dohbee> click packages don't get to run arbitrary code as root during install/remove, so you don't end up with some packages which end up deleting all files for every user on your system, or such20:34
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @kristijantkalec, :P20:38
tgBot1<dohbee> @delijati, probably not a click, but you should be able to install the official tor browser in libertine, by shelling in to the container20:52
tgBot1<dohbee> (if there is a package in the vivid repo, it's probably so old you wouldn't want to use it)20:53
=== Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass
tgBot1norrskal was added by: norrskal21:28
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> hi @norrskal21:29
tgBot1<norrskal> Hi!21:30
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hi @norrskal! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. To help you get up to speed, please take a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!21:30
tgBot1<norrskal> @peternerlich, Thank you! My plan is to try to install Ubunu Touch on my phone tomorrow, I'll make sure to ask there if I have any questions21:32
tgBot1Milan Subrt was added by: Milan Subrt21:34
tgBot1<peternerlich> Welcome Milan! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!21:38
tgBot1Steifo was added by: Steifo21:56
tgBot1<peternerlich> @Steifo, welcome! Please look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get started and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!21:58
tgBot1<Stereofont> @norrskal, We have a Scandinavian group if that is relevant to you?22:14
tgBot1<norrskal> @Stereofont, Already joined it!22:14
tgBot1<norrskal> Thanks!22:14
tgBot1<Stereofont> @norrskal, Great! Norwegian?22:14
tgBot1<norrskal> Swedish, so close enough!22:14
tgBot1<Stereofont> Haha. We keep hoping for more Norwegians. They are a rare sighting πŸ˜‚22:15
tgBot1<norrskal> Just finished the latest community update video, those are some great stuff. I think the coming Androids app support can really be a game changer for a lot of people22:16
tgBot1<Stereofont> If you commute by car share or you park, it is a basic necessity in some cities22:19
tgBot1<Stereofont> Same with access to municipal services22:20
tgBot1<norrskal> I've been a patreon supporter since 2016-09-06 (according to my notes) so it'll be fun to finally try it out :D I've only had one phone with some 2FA applications I can't live without. Now I have another though so the plan is to transfere the 2FA things to my other phone and then play around with my OnePlus One22:20
tgBot1<Stereofont> Bus payment22:20
tgBot1<Stereofont> LiberaPay is also now available22:21
tgBot1<norrskal> Yeah, I saw that. It's supposed to be better for the project IIRC so maybe I'll move it to there22:22
tgBot1<Stereofont> Good to have a choice22:22
tgBot1<Stereofont> Anbox is not immediate but also not that far away22:23
tgBot1<norrskal> Yeah, I got that. Since I now have two phones I'm not in a hurry anyway22:23
tgBot1<norrskal> But really impressive demo22:24
tgBot1<Stereofont> The opportunity to run KDE apps natively is at least equally impressive22:26
tgBot1<tipode_incognito> does that mean that we could run kde mobile apps?22:26
tgBot1<Stereofont> Not right now but they are in the works22:27
tgBot1<norrskal> @Stereofont, Didn't even know about that22:27
tgBot1<Stereofont> Maybe Liri too22:27
tgBot1<Jyoti> Hello. I have the 15.04 in my E5 HRC. For the updates, what's the difference between the development and pre-launch channels?22:29
tgBot1<Stereofont> rc is weekly whereas development has a daily schedule22:30
tgBot1<Jyoti> Which channel has the latest updates?22:30
tgBot1<Stereofont> rc has a stable look to it though. Development could fall sideways22:31
tgBot1<nanu_c> Where can I find the changelog for the development channel?22:31
tgBot1<Jyoti> @Stereofont, At the bottom after pressing the updates button22:32
tgBot1<Stereofont> Right now, unless you are helping to test, best to stay on Stable. A month ago there was a case for jumping ahead a bit to solve problems22:32
tgBot1<Stereofont> Now there isn't really22:33
tgBot1<Jyoti> Ok. Thanks22:35
tgBot1<Stereofont> 16.04 is being built but is too incomplete for anything practical. The focus is there. 15.04 won't receive a huge amount of attention now that the major problems like FP2 display have been fixed22:36
tgBot1<Stereofont> @nanu_c, I am not sure you will, not easily22:37
tgBot1<nanu_c> the github commits?22:37
tgBot1<Jyoti> I have the 16.04 in my bq M10 tablet. There was an upgrade today. The browser started to work22:38
tgBot1<Stereofont> @nanu_c, Hopefully someone will post the link22:38
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Jyoti, You have two devices so you can afford to play around with one of those. People with only one device need to be more cautious22:40
tgBot1<Jyoti> Yes. I have a mobile with 15.04 and a tablet with 16.0422:41
tgBot1<Stereofont> Be watchful with the battery on 16.04. Battery management may not work fully yet. You could get total drain and a dead battery. Keep a basic charge always22:43
tgBot1<Jyoti> Ok22:44

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