pavlixxnox: So what are your main interests?00:01
xnoxpavlix, volleyball and skiing =)00:02
* xnox giggles00:02
xnoxpavlix, been around since about 2012. DD, Ubuntu Core Developer, ex SPI director. Mostly code in C and Python. Did a bit of upstart, a bit of systemd, currently doing a bit of s390x.00:04
pavlixxnox: That sounds nice. I joined Red Hat in May 2012 as a core NetworkManager developer at that time but later worked with the packagers of various network services and recently left to go back freelance.00:06
xnoxpavlix, fun!00:07
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sunweaverLocutusOfBorg: what do you need to know about Ayatana Indicators?09:31
JackFrostsunweaver: Problem for remmina was that remmina is in main and ayatana indicators aren't.09:35
sunweaverwhy is remmina main?09:42
sunweaverit would require a ubuntu series file then I guess that reverts the upstream patch in remmina.09:42
ginggsflexiondotorg: would you add Conflicts: telegram-desktop to your telegram PPA packages please?  It would prevent future bugs like LP: #174070809:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1740708 in telegram-desktop (Ubuntu) "package telegram-desktop 1.1.23-1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/applications/telegramdesktop.desktop', which is also in package telegram 1.1.23-1~artful1.0" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174070809:43
JackFrostsunweaver: https://ubuntudiff.debian.net/q/package/remmina just have to flip deps really.09:44
sunweaverwe could do a libappindicator3-dev (>= <ubuntu-version) | libayatana-appindicator3-dev in the Debian package, so that patch would be unnecessary.10:03
sunweaverI am in touch with remmina upstream, so I could ask to get the translations.patch upstreamed, too.10:03
sunweaverJackFrost: I just pinged mfv from Debian on this who maintains remmina in Debian and lives "next door" to upstream of remmina.10:07
JackFrostOoooh, fancy.10:08
JackFrostThanks, sunweaver.10:08
sunweaverwe hang out on #debian-remote (OFTC)10:08
* sunweaver loves shrinking the ubuntudiff website...10:08
JackFrostsunweaver: Indeed, though in the past I didn't want to push any indicator stuff on to Debian.10:11
sunweaverthat's why I started a fork....10:13
sunweaverbecause Inidicators from Launchpad do not work on non-Ubuntu systems.10:14
JackFrostsunweaver: I'm Unit193, btw..10:14
sunweaverthis man(?) is confusing me...10:15
bdrung_workmvo, hi. can you merge initramfs-tools from Debian unstable to bionic (you are the last uploader) or should i do it?11:47
bdrung_workapw, ^11:49
mvobdrung_work: you are welcome to merge it, my contribution was mostly a drive-by fix11:50
* apw is happy for anyone to merge it indeed12:00
rbasakslangasek: ahasenack pointed out to me that the Breaks in Xenial seems to be holding back distro-info-data. I had noticed that but ignored it previously.12:26
rbasakslangasek: I think it's because the Breaks in distro-info-data for Xenial is wrong.12:26
rbasakBecause on Xenial, juju-core is a 1.x series transitional package.12:26
rbasakSo those of us who upgraded into Xenial with juju 1.x previously installed have a blocked distro-info-data package.12:27
ahasenackhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26325364/ ^12:29
bdrung_workapw, done14:27
bdrung_workubuntu carries a huge amount of change. many of them should be upstreamed.14:27
apwbdrung_work, yes, yes it should14:35
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slangasekrbasak: it certainly appears that distro-info-data's Breaks don't have a version of juju-core in xenial that satisfies them, so something needs fixed...16:51
slangasekrbasak: so distro-info-data probably needs to Breaks: juju-2.0 (<< 2.2.6) instead?16:53
rbasakslangasek: that sounds about right. But only in Xenial.16:53
rbasakUnless future series have the same arrangement in Juju?16:54
rbasakOtherwise that'll be painful for future distro-info-data imports :-(16:54
slangasekrbasak: it only matters for xenial16:54
slangasekrbasak: well, it mattered also for zesty, but EOL16:55
rbasakslangasek: OK. I'm not really familiar with the details. Just passing on the report :)16:56
slangasekrbasak: distro-info-data reuploaded, if you want to review17:10
rbasakslangasek: diff looks empty apart from changelog?17:31
slangasekrbasak: but is it a good changelog? ;)17:32
slangasekrbasak: rejected/reuploaded, thanks17:36
rbasakslangasek: looks good, but do you know any reason for distro-info-data 0.28ubuntu0.3 to be in the security pocket?17:47
slangasekrbasak: not offhand17:48
rbasakSeems like some distro-info-data updates were deliberately being put in there.17:49
rbasakSo now I don't know whether it's correct for this fix to go in there, or all fixes to distro-info-data should go into the security pocket :-(17:49
mdeslaurrbasak: if you're sruing it, just get someone to pocket-copy it to -security after17:58
rbasakmdeslaur: ah, OK. I was under the impression that a pocket copy in that direction wasn't always safe.17:58
rbasak(though seems unlikely to be an issue for distro-info-data)17:58
mdeslaurit isn't, but this package only has data in it17:58
rbasakI'm happy with your ack then. Thanks :)17:59
mdeslaurrbasak: oh, was that a regression only in post 0.3?18:02
mdeslaursorry, I lack a bit of context18:02
rbasakI'll need to check the versions.18:03
mdeslauryou need to make sure you don't break juju-core users that don't have -updates enabled18:03
rbasakA distro-info-data update caused a regression in Juju which was parsing the data wrong.18:03
rbasakWe have a Breaks: for it now.18:03
mdeslauris the breaks on a version that is in -security?18:04
rbasakAnd juju is fixed now.18:04
rbasakThe version of distro-info-data in xenial-security won't break any version of Juju.18:05
mdeslaurright, so if you push the new distro-info-data to -security, environments that have -updates disabled will break, no?18:05
mdeslaurbecause the new juju won't be available18:05
rbasakBut if we did pocket copy the version of distro-info-data I just accepted into xenial-proposed to xenial-security, then the version of src:juju-core in xenial-security won't work with it.18:05
rbasakSo better not do that.18:06
tsimonq2doko: Looking at GCC 8 failures, fixing Debian bug 885128 should fix a few failing Qt packages, and qtlocation is interesting because it could (not sure) be a GCC segfault. Otherwise the rest of the Qt failures should be fixed upstream...20:48
ubottuDebian bug 885128 in g++-8 "g++-8: Missing file: avx512bitalgintrin" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/88512820:48
tsimonq2All I have for now :)20:48

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