ubot5Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/00:58
daxchanged the Ubuntu link to that insights.ubuntu.com one00:58
daxas it covers things like why there aren't already updates out a bit better00:59
TJ-"because we're all still on holiday!" :)01:04
Ben64ok so no update for 17.04 or 17.04's hwe kernel01:04
TJ-well it looks as if the trickle of x86/mm patches might be done now so we may be able to backport with confidence. Others will have to do another kernel release to include the more recent fixes.01:07
daxthere's an odd clause in that insights blogpost though01:24
dax"Ubuntu users of the 64-bit x86 architecture (aka, amd64) can expect updated kernels by the original January 9, 2018 coordinated release date, and sooner if possible. "01:24
daxdoes it not affect 32-bit, or...?01:25
TJ-I've not seen anything in the papers or the patches that suggests x86 32-bit isn't affected. I suspect that sentence is a focused oversight01:32
daxyeah, I hadn't seen anything either. it is odd.01:34
dax*shrug* will just wait and see what they come out with01:34
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:50
daftykinsheya :)05:50
lotuspsychjehey daftykins05:50
ubot5Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/05:51
lotuspsychjeany news yet?05:51
daftykinsnot been looking if i'm honest :)05:51
lotuspsychjehmm just a ruby flaw added05:51
lotuspsychjenews afterall05:57
lotuspsychjedax: can you use any of this ^05:57
daxre: the icon thing: saw talk about that on IRC earlier today, good chance Ubuntu won't be going with nautilus 3.28 for 18.04 because of it05:58
daxthat insights post is on !kpti now, added it a few hours ago05:58
daxit's the ubottu.com shortened link05:59
lotuspsychjeah great tnx05:59
daxthat's the most recent news i've seen, personally05:59
daxthe softpedia post is basically a restatement of the insights.ubuntu.com one, so i'd go with the latter05:59
lotuspsychjedax: agree :p06:00
lotuspsychjefew days more settle down users now06:00
lotuspsychje!info gnome-shell bionic06:01
ubot5gnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 3.26.2-0ubuntu2 (bionic), package size 675 kB, installed size 7466 kB06:01
lotuspsychjelinus is mad oO06:04
Ben64ew, autoplaying video06:06
DrManhattanso do you think 4.10 to 4.15 stable vanilla would be too big a jump?07:37
DrManhattanit's still using the ubuntu configs, I love it!07:37
DrManhattanseriously thanks again this is better than I could have hoped for07:37
DrManhattanI wish it would update via APT07:38
* DrManhattan cracks his knuckles07:38
ubot5The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds07:49
daftykinsit can07:49
daftykinsbut you shouldn't chase version numbers07:49
ducassegood morning, all07:55
lotuspsychjehey ducasse07:58
ducassehi lotuspsychje, how are you today?08:01
lotuspsychjegreat here, what about you ducasse08:01
ducassei'm fine, thanks08:03
ducassestill waking up :)08:03
lotuspsychjecoffee to the rescue08:06
lotuspsychjeor tea08:06
DrManhattandaftykins, I just want to chase the latest that Linus says is good to go ::)08:26
daftykinsducasse: \o08:28
daftykinsDrManhattan: afraid of the news story huh? waste of time08:28
daftykinsjust wait for patches to your normal kernel :) or just boot with the kernel boot parameter08:30
DrManhattanNoes not the news08:31
ducasse\o daftykins - how goes?08:33
daftykinsDrManhattan: why chase versions then?08:33
daftykinsducasse: not too shabby thanks, although this morning is a little boring :)08:34
ducassedaftykins: mornings usually are :)08:37
DrManhattandaftykins, because we can!08:40
daftykinsDrManhattan: that's really silly08:40
DrManhattanNo, it is not silly.08:42
daftykinsyeah it is, because you'll be just fine staying with your distros patches as they become available08:43
lotuspsychjebbl brunch :p08:43
BluesKajHowdy folks11:33
EriC^^hey BluesKaj11:40
BluesKajHi EriC^^11:40
EriC^^how's it going?11:40
BluesKajgood here, we have an arctic blast here ...very very cold even for my neck of the woods, but otherwise I'm fine, How about you?11:42
EriC^^i'm ok, it's very cold here as well, it's been raining for the past 3 days straight11:45
pauljwhi everyone12:25
BluesKaj'Morning pauljw12:31
pauljwhey BluesKaj :)12:31
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
lotuspsychjegood afternoon14:04
lotuspsychje1377 users14:07
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj14:07
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje14:08
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: !kpti edited14:08
BluesKajlotuspsychje, guess we just need some patience with the kpti patches14:10
lotuspsychjewhats that package channel called again guys?14:46
lotuspsychjewhere they spam new releases14:46
hggdhlotuspsychje: for Ubuntu? #ubuntu-release14:57
lotuspsychjeah tnx hggdh14:57
lotuspsychjethats the one i looked for :p14:57
TJ-it doesn't show up in an /alis search, strangely14:59
lotuspsychjehi Scytale8915:05
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje15:10
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^15:11
EriC^^how's it going?15:11
lotuspsychjegreat here tnx and you EriC^^15:11
EriC^^great thanks15:11
EriC^^seen any good movies lately?15:11
lotuspsychjehmm not really15:12
EriC^^i saw source code, not bad15:12
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: did you check who am i yet?15:13
EriC^^nope what's that?15:13
lotuspsychjegerman hack movie lol15:13
lotuspsychjelemme find link15:13
EriC^^is it in english?15:14
lotuspsychjeno german, but you might find one with eng subs15:14
lotuspsychje7.6 imdb15:16
lotuspsychjenot bad heh15:16
jinkMeh, not on Netflix (yet?).15:19
lotuspsychje1423 users EriC^^16:02
lotuspsychjethat uefi guy is back EriC^^16:30
EriC^^which one?16:30
EriC^^oh monk216:30
EriC^^source code is kinda mind boggling16:31
EriC^^you gotta see it, though i cant talk much without giving away something16:32
lotuspsychjehow much on imdb?16:32
EriC^^lol who cares i am the imdb god16:32
lotuspsychjewhat was i thinking hehe16:32
EriC^^it's not like anything you've ever seen though16:33
EriC^^'A soldier wakes up in someone else's body and discovers he's part of an experimental government program to find the bomber of a commuter train. A mission he has only 8 minutes to complete. '16:33
lotuspsychje2011 movie?16:33
EriC^^yeah it's kinda old16:33
lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om16:59
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: :) .. Geting settled in for another fun day - hoz it been ?17:05
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: kind crowdy, 1423+17:05
Bashing-omThe more the merrier :P17:07
lotuspsychjenite nite all20:54

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