daniellimwskyrofa: while adding docstrings, how should I document kwargs?00:10
pranavgade20Hi there pio, kyrofa, sergiusens, popey, flexiondotorg!07:07
pranavgade20Hi there elopio, kyrofa, sergiusens, popey and flexiondotorg!07:12
elopiohello pranavgade2007:13
pranavgade20I need some help! For the Google code-in Nodejs Snap task, can I choose https://github.com/notwaldorf/doodle07:14
elopiopranavgade20: that one looks good, but doesn't require the nodejs plugin07:15
elopiopranavgade20: I'd say, give it a try! :)07:15
pranavgade20I could serve it with node07:15
pranavgade20would it be okay07:16
elopiopranavgade20: yes, that's fine. And you could also use electron to make it more like an app: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/snap-a-website07:17
pranavgade20should I?07:18
elopiopranavgade20: you can choose your own adventure, whatever sounds more interesting.07:19
pranavgade20What i mean is that are electon and node related07:20
pranavgade20i have worked with node but have no experience with electron07:20
pranavgade20Nevertheless, i think i will try it with electron07:22
elopiopranavgade20: thanks to you07:24
coolpolygonskenvandine: did didrocks come online today?08:22
coolpolygonsi havent been able to claim new tasks for like 3 days now so im getting a bit anxious08:23
coolpolygonsis it normal for the file to be 17.10 when i clicked on the bionic daily image download?08:34
coolpolygonsi tried downloading the iso and the file name had 17.10 not 18.04, and this looked a bit weird for a first timer like me08:35
coolpolygonsnvm its a wrong file. sorry my bad :(08:36
coolpolygonsdidrocks: hey, this is jacob. can you review my task here: https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5824069586911232/08:49
didrockscoolpolygons: hey! I'm a little bit out of context, but let me give a look :)08:55
didrockscoolpolygons: it's a nice animation! I like it ;) However, plymouth can't display mp4 or any video at this stage, it needs to be code08:57
daniellimws[m]didrocks: I'm not working on that task, but may I know what kind of code?08:58
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: plymouth is what display the splash screen on boot up (before the login screen)09:00
didrocksyou can code the animation either in C, or using their own script syntax (the latter is what ubuntu is using)09:00
didrocksif you want to have a look, it's under /usr/share/plymouth/themes/09:00
didrockscoolpolygons: ok, I gave some pointers, hope the helps! (and answered your other question there too)09:01
daniellimws[m]didrocks: oh thanks09:01
daniellimws[m]didrocks: can you have a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5831541185839104/09:02
coolpolygonsdidrocks: thank you :D09:02
daniellimws[m]heber approved my merge proposal but I think he forgot to approve it in code in09:02
didrockscoolpolygons: extending the deadline as well :)09:02
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: ah, I was looking at that one and wanted to let heber approving. let me check09:03
didrocksoh yeah, he approved, let me close the task09:03
didrockscan you ensure he's merging the changes, pinging him again?09:03
didrocksI don't have the rights on that project and so, can't merge09:03
daniellimws[m]he's not online now though09:04
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: yeah, doesn't need to be now, just please chase him up :)09:04
didrocksmeanwhile, task approved!09:04
daniellimws[m]thanks a lot!09:04
didrocksthanks to you! ;)09:05
daniellimws[m]didrocks: I'm looking at this task now, but there does not seem to be much information https://codein.withgoogle.com/tasks/6209713433739264/?sp-organization=5133577048031232&sp-is_beginner=False09:07
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: just being curious, the tests are launching gnome-software with LANG=C (or forcing any en locales?)09:07
daniellimws[m]can you tell me more about it?09:07
didrockssure, one sec09:07
daniellimws[m]didrocks: I didn't see anything like that when running09:07
daniellimws[m]or I do not recall09:07
didrocksinteresting, I think on a non en locale, something needs to be fixed, due to string comparison, but I'll let heber handling this :)09:08
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: on the other tasks, give me 10 min to find the correct package name09:09
daniellimws[m]ok, thanks, there's no rush, take your time :D09:10
didrocksok, I have now everything for you :)09:16
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: are you running 17.10?09:16
didrocksso, run "yelp"09:17
didrocksthe first link is "Getting started with GNOME"09:18
didrockshere, you have 3 videos09:18
didrocksLaunch applications, Switch tasks…09:18
didrocksas you can see, those are the upstream ones09:18
didrocksmeaning, there is no dock09:18
didrocksand so, the interactions should be different for ubuntu, where we have our Ubuntu Dock installed by default09:18
didrocksthe videos are generated using some python scripts under blender09:19
didrocksupstream generates those webm from https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-getting-started-docs09:19
didrocksyou can find the .blend file and .py script in https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-getting-started-docs/tree/animation09:19
coolpolygonsdidrocks: i got a question09:19
daniellimws[m]sorry wait a minute, I haven't found the videos yet09:19
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: basically, the idea is to modify/copy them adding our own videos09:20
didrocksah ;)09:20
daniellimws[m]I have "introduction to gnome"09:20
coolpolygonsdo u work with canonical on theming ubuntu?09:20
daniellimws[m]by the way should we discuss this in the task instead? so that we don't flood the chat?09:20
daniellimws[m]I got "introduction to GNOME" instead of  "Getting started with GNOME" and there are no videos09:21
didrockscoolpolygons: well, I work on the desktop team, I did the theme work for 17.10, but there is nobody really in charge of the "theme" itself full time. This is why we opened this community effort as it's a good (and rather easy) contribution09:21
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: I guess for the introduction, it's fine to discuss that here, then, I'll copy it in the tasks09:22
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: ah, you probably miss a package (we install it by default though)09:22
didrocksapt install gnome-getting-started-docs09:22
didrocksrestart yelp after installing09:22
Coolpolygons_didrocks: i see, so u guys are working on the 18.04 design now?09:24
didrocksCoolpolygons_: I wrote a FAQ for this: https://community.ubuntu.com/t/faq-ubuntu-new-theme/1930 :)09:25
didrocksdepending on when the new theme is ready, 18.04 may stay the same as 17.10 with slights improvements09:26
didrocks(for theming)09:26
daniellimws[m]didrocks: there is the dock in my videos though09:27
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: in the activities view09:27
didrockswhich is the upstream behavior09:27
didrocksnot on the desktop itself09:27
daniellimws[m]sorry what activities view09:27
daniellimws[m]oh nevermind09:28
didrocksthe view that is display when you click on the "activities" label09:28
didrocksok ;)09:28
daniellimws[m]on my side I see the dock for "Launching applications" but not the other two videos, but that does not matter too much anyways right?09:29
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: also, on the video, you can see that they trigger the hot corner (pushing on the top left), which is disabled in the ubuntu session09:30
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: well, the video is doing this:09:30
* daniellimws[m] uploaded an image: Screenshot from 2018-01-05 17-29-49.png (131KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/YkuinRHzZXjTLXhNXRqQoEpT>09:30
didrocks- go to the activities view09:30
didrocks- start an application from the dock09:30
daniellimws[m]I don't see an "activities" label though09:30
didrocksdid you click on the video?09:30
daniellimws[m]oh oh, oops, you were referring to the video09:30
didrockssorry if I wasn't clear :)09:31
daniellimws[m]brain issue here09:31
daniellimws[m]didrocks: anyways, the task is to add the dock?09:32
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: the task is generally to modify the videos to match default ubuntu experience09:32
didrocksso, for example, on "launching the applications":09:32
didrocks- go over the dock, which is displayed by default09:32
didrocks(no "triggering the hot top left corner, go to the dock")09:33
didrocksalso, the dock takes the whole vertical space09:33
didrocks- then, keep the rest of the video09:34
didrockslike, click on activities and choose an app for the grid09:34
didrocksas this is valid09:34
didrocksmaking sense?09:34
daniellimws[m]yea, thanks09:34
daniellimws[m]is this because of the change from unity to gnome from 16 to 17?09:34
didrocksthis is due to our modificiations regarding the user experience between ubuntu and pure upstream GNOME09:35
didrockson the second video09:35
didrocksthere is no scripting involved09:35
daniellimws[m]what's upstream exactly, sorry don't really know09:35
didrocksthe only change is to always show the dock (full height) on the desktop09:36
didrocksand same for the 3rd video09:36
didrocksupstream is the people/project creating the application code09:36
didrocksfor instance09:36
didrocksfirefox devs are upstream for us (ubuntu), where we package and patch it09:37
didrockshere, gnome devs are upstream for us (ubuntu), where we fix bugs and do some modifications before delivering to our users09:37
didrocksknowing that we are gnome developers as well, so we have the double hat :)09:37
didrocks(but not all gnome devs are ubuntu devs and vice-versa)09:37
didrocksok, I have added a log of those info on the task itself09:41
didrocksthe idea is to have this page with the video started on the first login for a new user/install09:41
daniellimws[m]didrocks: thanks again for all the help and info09:48
didrocksyw! good luck with that task. I hope it will be fun :)09:49
heesenwxl,could you please take a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6443384929517568/09:56
daniellimws[m]heesen: I think that's too early, he's usually not around at this time09:58
Acceleratordaniellimws[m]: You were a finalist before?09:59
daniellimws[m]yea :)10:00
daniellimws[m]it's my last year here, and to be honest, I really want to win this10:00
AcceleratorAh hope you win it...i have a year left10:00
daniellimws[m]thanks, but I won't deserve it if I'm not doing things well enough10:01
AcceleratorWell yeah btw you  need to get on the leaderboard10:02
daniellimws[m]haha yea10:02
AcceleratorWhat a coincidence though10:03
daniellimws[m]Accelerator: I do have 6 completed (multi-instance) task in my pocket though10:05
daniellimws[m]will mass submit them few hours later when the mentors come back10:05
AcceleratorWell for sure you will be back on the leaderboard then.....hope i don't get out :P10:06
daniellimws[m]Accelerator: I only have 10 tasks in now though10:09
daniellimws[m]you sure won't be kicked10:09
coolpolygonsim not even on the leaderboard :(10:09
daniellimws[m]but I haven't done any of the packaging tasks too10:09
daniellimws[m]maybe time to finish them during the weekends10:09
coolpolygonsdidrocks: how do you think dell did the boot screen?10:10
AcceleratorBlender maybe?10:10
coolpolygonsif they used plymouth, wouldn't the boot screen play every time someone boots the OS?10:10
coolpolygonsi mean, they only made it so that it turns on once in the laptop's lifetime10:11
coolpolygonsand the rest of the time its the bland ubuntu boot10:11
coolpolygonsso thats why i thought they used an mp4 playback, but apparantly it is not according to the mentors ._.10:11
daniellimws[m]Accelerator: apparently, even though it says blender, it is generated by code10:11
AcceleratorOh didn't know that10:12
daniellimws[m]just now didrocks told me that the files are in /usr/share/plymouth/themes10:12
daniellimws[m]yea I also just knew today10:12
didrockscoolpolygons: I don't own a dell, so quite unsure to be honest. When we discussed it, it was played every time someone boots the OS10:12
coolpolygonshmm... reddit and youtube said that it shows only once O_o10:13
coolpolygonsand honestly it is pretty long for a everytime-boot scenario10:13
didrockscoolpolygons: but I wasn't the one suggesting it, Will (who is on holidays) has more info on that one10:13
coolpolygonswho is will?10:13
didrocksWill Cooke, desktop team manager10:14
daniellimws[m]didrocks, but we only have around 10 days left, will he be back on time?10:14
coolpolygonsomg only 10 days??10:14
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: he should be back on Monday, meanwhile, there are other tasks, even way easier ones10:14
daniellimws[m]ends at 1810:14
didrockshacking plymouth isn't easy TBH10:14
daniellimws[m]didrocks: I would like to try harder ones, as this is the only chance I'll get to do it with someone's guidance10:14
coolpolygonsbut succeeding would be an achievement10:14
coolpolygonssame goes here10:14
didrocksthe last changes I did a couple of years ago for showing fsck progress, with all monitors config and such remind me hard times :)10:15
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: wait, I'm talking about coolpolygons's one10:15
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: not the blender welcome screen :)10:15
didrocksdon't mix the 2 things10:15
daniellimws[m]oh oops10:16
didrocksplymouth -> at boot, before the login screen10:16
daniellimws[m]my bad10:16
didrocksgnome welcome video -> first time a new user log in, available in "help"10:17
didrocks(the last one is a video, generated under blender and animated via python scripts)10:17
didrocksjust to be clear ;)10:17
coolpolygonsI'm gonna finish this boot screen and see if i can get myself up to the leaderboard10:17
coolpolygonswish me luck :D10:17
didrockscoolpolygons: if you pownder to other tasks waiting for Will, I can guide you10:18
didrocksdepends on how hard/easy you want them (packaging tasks, code tasks, others?)10:18
daniellimws[m]didrocks: I forgot to ask, but how do I compile/run the scripts10:18
daniellimws[m]the .blend file10:18
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: unsure yet, let me look at the build system10:18
coolpolygonsdidrocks: I am working on testing several ISO for bionic releases, so that I can submit them once the boot screen is completed10:19
coolpolygonssome help with plymouth scripting would be very nice :D10:19
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: ok, typical autotools, so ./autogen.sh && configure && make10:19
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: but for editing the video, I'm not a blender expert, but I'm sure you can open blender and it will (or have an option to) import the script with the same name10:20
didrockscoolpolygons: unfortunately, this part isn't really documented (which is an euphemism) /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.script10:20
didrocksis the ubuntu one ^10:20
didrocksif that can help10:20
daniellimws[m]didrocks: a bit confused, I need to work with both python and blender right?10:21
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: yeah, blender can be piloted via python. you use blender to create 3d objects/scene, then, under blender you can edit some scripts, which are python, to animate it10:22
pranavgade20hi elopio. I completed the task and snapped the app at https://github.com/notwaldorf/doodle10:22
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: https://docs.blender.org/manual/fr/dev/advanced/scripting/introduction.html (let me find the english equivalent)10:22
pranavgade20please tell me what my next steps shou;d be10:22
didrocksdaniellimws[m]: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/advanced/scripting/introduction.html simply ;)10:22
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: elopio is not online yet, and have you pushed your repo?10:23
daniellimws[m]didrocks: thanks a lot :) I'll ask when I have more problems later10:23
didrockscoolpolygons: so, I think that doesn't prevent to have a video on first boot, like on the live, we may be able to reuse your work (but need to hook it up)10:23
didrockscoolpolygons: actually, I'm rereading it10:24
pranavgade20daniellimws[m]: that is what i need to know. i am a beginner and so, need help10:25
daniellimws[m]coolpolygons: just a tip, the leaderboard is based on the number of tasks done, I have 10 tasks and I'm not on leaderboard yet, so you may need to do more10:25
didrockscoolpolygons: it's been 40 days since I entered the tasks, and it seems I'm wrong, the video was indeed for a first boot10:25
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: ok sure have you forked the snapcrafters repo10:25
pranavgade20daniellimws[m]: ?10:25
coolpolygonsdidrocks: does that mean my mp4 is ok?10:25
daniellimws[m]sorry what task are yuo working on10:26
pranavgade20daniellimws[m]: um, https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6684453122342912/10:26
pranavgade20daniellimws[m]: and, jow do i see if i am in the leaderboard10:26
coolpolygonsdidrocks: i read the plymouth docs and found that png were the only available formats for display, but Dell did a video, so I got confused. The task seemed to ask to mimic what Dell did, so i went ahead and made a video.10:26
pranavgade20daniellimws[m]: i ment : and, how do i see if i am in the leaderboard10:27
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: you can go to the organisations page or this site made by students from coala if I'm not wrong https://gci-leaders.netlify.com/10:27
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: have you seen this? https://github.com/snapcrafters/fork-and-rename-me10:27
didrockscoolpolygons: so, I'm unsure how dell hook it up (at what stage), but this isn't in the task and up to us to figure out10:28
didrockscoolpolygons: however, there is something in the Dell video: it starts from the current boot theme10:28
didrocksmeaning, you have ubuntu and the dots10:28
didrocksthen, the video starts from here10:28
didrocksto chain to the animation10:28
didrocksI think you should do this as well10:28
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: have you forked it?10:28
Acceleratordaniellimws[m]: Congrats...you are back on the leaderboard10:28
pranavgade20daniellimws[m]: and, how do i know the number of tasks to complete to get there?10:29
coolpolygonsdidrocks: and all that is through plymouth?10:29
daniellimws[m]Accelerator: woah thanks for informing10:29
didrockscoolpolygons: and we'll need the source with different resolution, to display the correct video10:29
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: I think at least 10, to kick me off XD10:29
pranavgade20daniellimws[m]: i am currently on my 8th10:30
didrockscoolpolygons: I *think* this is done in plymouth, but needs to be checked with someone having such a system10:30
didrocksWill should have one10:30
coolpolygonsdidrocks: so what should i do from now?10:30
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: that's good, but I hope I stay haha10:30
daniellimws[m]anyways, have you forked10:30
pranavgade20but what do i do next10:31
daniellimws[m]One thing is to add the snapcraft.yaml file there10:31
daniellimws[m]in snap/snapcraft.yaml10:31
didrockscoolpolygons: if you want to go on on that task before we have more info from Will, I would say change the animation to start like the Dell one (with ubuntu logo and dots) so that chaining is seamless10:31
didrockscoolpolygons: then, ensure your video (or set of videos) are working with various resolutions10:31
didrocksas the text/logo might be in various place10:31
daniellimws[m]pranavgade20: you also need to edit the readme, if you haven't10:32
coolpolygonsdidrocks: does that mean that I can abandon and re-claim it after we contact Will?10:32
didrocksthen, once Will is back, we'll see if he can look on his laptop when this is triggered and where10:32
didrockscoolpolygons: yeah, we can pause it10:32
pranavgade20edit to what? the instructions arent really helpful10:32
didrockscoolpolygons: let me write the current notes for Will10:33
coolpolygonsdidrocks: it'd be great if we can pause it. Thank you :D and by the way, if I can get your's and Will's contacts, I can communicate with you guys (this chat seems a bit too busy)10:33
daniellimwspranavgade20: firstly you can edit the project name and description10:33
pranavgade20to my project's name, right?10:34
daniellimwspranavgade20: I need to leave now, but basically you need to complete the checklist, and inform popey10:35
pranavgade20okay, thanks10:35
daniellimwsand the description to your project's10:35
didrockscoolpolygons: commented, I'll extend the deadline as I can't pause10:35
didrockswill and I should be around on Monday on that channel and we'll send emails if it's too busy10:36
coolpolygonsdidrocks: sounds great. here's my email: jpoly1219@gmail.com10:37
coolpolygonsdidrocks: so it is safe for me to abandon task for now and resume later?10:37
didrockscoolpolygons: no, just keep it, we'll extend the deadline as needed10:38
coolpolygonsthank you so much for the help :D10:38
didrocksyw! good luck with your other tasks meanwhile :)10:39
heesenwxl,could you please take a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6443384929517568/10:39
Acceleratorheesen: at least 5 hours left before wxl is online10:40
heesenaccelerator, what time zone is he in10:41
coolpolygonsdidrocks: ...and i realized that i cant claim any other tasks until the current one is done10:42
coolpolygonsdidrocks: in other words, i need to either succeed or fail in order to move on to another tasks...10:42
didrockscoolpolygons: oh? feel free to abandon it then10:44
didrocksyou will reclaim it later10:44
didrocksdidn't know that was so strict10:44
coolpolygonsyeah... alright then10:44
coolpolygonsthank you again :D send me an email to jpoly1219@gmail.com if u need me for whatever reasons10:45
Acceleratorheesen: I think he lives in the US10:45
didrockscoolpolygons: noted! Mine is simply didrocks      @ubuntu.com10:45
coolpolygonswith all the space in the middle? or just didrocks@ubuntu.com ?10:45
didrocksno space, but didn't want to write as you did for spam bots…10:46
didrockstoo late now :p10:46
coolpolygonsalright xD10:46
rakshikahey elopio11:09
coolpolygonsflexiondotorg: hey, can i ask you a question about the Ubuntu MATE Bionic release test?11:09
flexiondotorgcoolpolygons: Sure.11:10
coolpolygonsif anyone can answer my question:11:22
coolpolygonswhen filing a bug report, how do i number the bug? the instructions say to add a bug number, but I dont know what number to use11:23
didrockscoolpolygons: you can't choose the bug number, it's incremented automatically11:23
didrocksI guess it's "add a bug number to the task", like copying the URL?11:24
coolpolygons"If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result."11:24
coolpolygonsso what should I do here?11:24
didrockscan you link me to the task?11:27
didrocksis that using the testing tracker?11:27
coolpolygonsill send you a link to the iso tracker11:28
didrocksso, when you create a testing result11:28
coolpolygonsscroll down to the bottom and I don't know what to do from there to "number" the bug.11:28
didrocksyou can attach to it if it fails11:28
coolpolygonsattach what?11:29
didrockshave you tried to add a test result yet?11:29
coolpolygonsthere is a "add a test result" box and I see that11:29
didrocksclick it11:29
didrocksthen, you have multiple entries to tell if the test pass or fails11:30
didrocksand if it fails, you have an entry to add a bug number11:30
coolpolygonshang on what are the "bugs to look for" box at the bottom11:31
coolpolygonsthere are results from other images that is the same bug as mine11:32
coolpolygonsshould i use the bug numbers there?11:32
didrocksyes, if it's the exact same bug, don't file duplicates and reuse the bug numbers11:33
coolpolygonsok, thank you!11:34
didrocksno pb!11:34
coolpolygonswhat happens if the bug is a new one?11:41
coolpolygonshow do i assign a bug number for that?11:41
coolpolygonsthe box for critical bug says "Comma separated list of bug numbers discovered while going through the testcase"11:41
omairqazicoolpolygons: you will find the bug number on the bug11:42
omairqazican you link to the bug11:42
coolpolygonsthat question was just out of curiousty11:43
coolpolygonsbut do i just find bug numbers in the box below where it says "bugs to look for"?11:43
omairqazican you link to the test case11:44
coolpolygonsjust wanted to see what happens if i needed to add a previously unfound bug (i didn't actually find one, i'm just hypothesizing)11:44
omairqaziif you dont find a bug you have to file a bug yourself11:45
omairqaziwhat is the bug?11:45
omairqazii will help you with this11:45
coolpolygonsthere isn't one, I was just curious what i would need to do if such a case happens11:45
omairqaziok you mean you didnt find a bug, right?11:46
omairqaziin this case you can keep the box empty and select the option passed11:47
coolpolygonsi didnt find a bug, and i know that you need to select passed if so11:48
coolpolygonsbut i was curious what i needed to do in the future if i indeed find one, and it is not a duplicate11:49
omairqaziif you find a bug you can file a bug. ex- if installation had a bug, you can file a bug in ubiquity. if the bug is not allowing you to complete the installation then it is critical bug otherwise a normal bug11:51
omairqazidid i understand your problem? :)11:52
coolpolygonsso what do i put in the box "critical bug" in that case?11:52
coolpolygonsubuntu-bug ubiquity ?11:53
omairqazino the bug number12:01
omairqaziyou will find the bug number once you file it12:01
omairqazii am getting this error  <lazr.restfulclient.resource.Collection object at 0x7f7693a4e210>12:02
omairqazii  python12:02
omairqazican someone help12:02
daniellimws[m]omairqazi: can elaborate?12:11
omairqazidaniellimws[m]: i am making a python app to display launchpad account details but my program displays this  <lazr.restfulclient.resource.Collection object at 0x7f7693a4e210> how can i convert it into string12:12
daniellimws[m]use repr()?12:13
coolpolygonsdidrocks: i cant file a bug report without giving a bug number12:13
didrockscoolpolygons: ? didn't we tell you would reuse the other bug #?12:21
coolpolygonsthis is another one12:21
coolpolygonsso i found a bug where I boot into ubuntu mate and have a broken gui12:22
coolpolygonsbut then idk what bug number to use for this...12:22
didrocksfile a bug in launchpad12:22
coolpolygonsnot in the iso.qa ?12:23
didrocksuse that bug # when creating that test result12:23
didrocksbugs are filed in launchpad12:23
didrocksiso.qa is only for test results12:23
didrockswhere you *link* to launchpad bugs12:23
coolpolygonsOH NOW I GET IT12:23
coolpolygonsTHANK YOU xD12:23
omairqazicoolpolygons: when you file a bug in launchpad on your bug you will find a bug#12:24
coolpolygonsand i just have to use that bug # in iso.qa12:24
omairqazifor ex i filed a bug then i went to my bug page https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1740658 there i can see the bug #12:25
ubot93Launchpad bug 1740658 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Select Erase disk and install Kubuntu (No such Option)" [Undecided, New]12:25
omairqazigot it?12:25
omairqazidaniellimws[m]: what does repr() do12:25
coolpolygonsomairqazi: got it12:26
coolpolygonscan i report non-ubuntu bugs though?12:26
omairqaziyou mean lubuntu12:26
daniellimwsomairqazi: in Python, classes can define __repr__() that will return a string representation of the object, something like Java's toString() ethod12:26
coolpolygonsi am testing ubuntu mate12:26
daniellimwsdid that work for you though?12:26
coolpolygonsthen should i upload it to ubuntu mate launchpad?12:27
omairqazicoolpolygons: if you find bugs during installation then you have to file a bug in ubiquity12:27
daniellimwsomairqazi: then it could be possible there is not a string representation for the object, or what I said earlier was wrong12:28
daniellimwsomairqazi: can you provide more context?12:28
coolpolygonsomairqazi: i think this is an xorg problem so i am going to file a bug in xorg12:29
omairqaziwhat is the bug12:29
coolpolygonsbut shouldn't i submit a ubuntu mate bug to ubuntu mate launchpad, not ubuntu launchpad?12:29
coolpolygonsbroken gui12:29
coolpolygonsin ubuntu mate12:29
omairqaziall ubuntu (lubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu mate etc.) are filed in ubiquity if the problem is in installation12:30
omairqazijust give me a second12:30
coolpolygonshere's the link: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/384/builds/164081/testcases/1303/results12:31
omairqazifile a bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+filebug then give me the link of your bug12:32
ubot93Launchpad bug 1741468 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Broken GUI in Ubuntu MATE Live Session" [Undecided, New]12:34
omairqazidaniellimws[m]: this is https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26325378/12:34
daniellimwsomairqazi: that's not an error12:35
daniellimwslet me have a look12:35
omairqazicoolpolygons: this is a critical bug as you cannot use apps, right?12:35
omairqaziok daniellimws12:35
coolpolygonsomairqazi: yes.12:35
coolpolygonsso I filed the bug like that and in the iso.qa, i typed in the bug number into the critical bug text box12:36
coolpolygonsand made comments and submitted12:36
omairqaziso in the critical bugs box put this 174146812:36
omairqazioh then good12:36
coolpolygonsyeah just did that12:36
omairqaziwho is the mentor12:36
omairqaziof your task coolpolygons12:37
coolpolygonsballoons, wxl, Martin Wimpress, Matthew Allen12:38
coolpolygonsjust wanted to ask anyone who could answer tho12:38
omairqaziflexiondotorg there?12:41
daniellimwsomairqazi: this would work https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26325409/12:41
daniellimwsbecause there's __iter__, which means the object can be used as in iterator https://sourcecodebrowser.com/lazr.restfulclient/0.9.3/classlazr_1_1restfulclient_1_1resource_1_1_collection.html#a14b697af27ee8bcccad051010a62287e12:42
omairqazidaniellimws: i was doing that only :)12:42
coolpolygonsomairqazi: he is there, but other pple like u answered first :P12:42
daniellimwsomairqazi: oh so everything is ok now?12:42
omairqazianyway thanks daniellimws12:43
daniellimwswelcome, though I didn't help actually12:43
omairqazidaniellimws: but you made effort12:44
omairqazibut now it displays nothing12:44
daniellimwsanyways, is that a task?12:44
daniellimwsmaybe because it is empty?12:44
omairqaziok let me see with keys12:44
daniellimwsin my opinion quite simple but useful script, perhaps you can post it as a gist on github12:45
daniellimwstry using len(the_object)12:45
daniellimwsit will tell you how many items12:45
omairqaziya wxl wanted me to create a python script that can sign the code of conduct12:45
daniellimwsoh that would be cool12:46
daniellimwsthen you would need to go through the process of checking gpg keys and stuff I believe12:46
omairqazibut before that i will make something like this and this could also change your details like displayname email etc12:46
omairqaziya but i cannot figure out if launchpad api allows to this12:46
omairqazito do coc thing12:47
omairqazicoolpolygons: i was calling him to check your task if he is free12:47
daniellimwsthat'd be very cool :D12:49
omairqazidaniellimws: it is empty let me try with jabber ids12:49
daniellimwsjabber ids should be empty, unless you are using jabber12:49
daniellimwswell last year, in the org I worked with, we did quite a lot with jabber ;D12:50
omairqazidaniellimws: i used with irc nicknames len says 1 but it does not work12:53
omairqazioh got it working12:53
omairqazidaniellimws: instead of using a variable for me.irc_nicknames i directly used for i in me.irc_nicknames12:54
omairqaziand it worked!12:54
daniellimwsbut it's weird that the former didnt work12:54
omairqazivery weird12:55
daniellimwslol I dont even have irc nicknames registered12:56
omairqazime too12:56
omairqazijust did it right now12:56
omairqazithe former is also working12:56
omairqazimaybe registering irc nicknames needed some time12:57
daniellimwsoh you also just registered, me too12:57
omairqazidaniellimws: how old are you12:59
daniellimwswell, not sure if I wanna let everyone here know13:00
daniellimwsjust a hint, it's my last year to join gci13:00
omairqazioh 1713:00
omairqaziyou are lucky13:00
daniellimwsnow everyone knows13:00
daniellimwswhy lucky?13:00
omairqazii am 13 and i have exams beginning from jan 1513:01
omairqaziso i have to leave gci from 10jan13:01
daniellimwsthat's quite unfortunate13:01
daniellimwsover here our holidays are from november to december13:01
daniellimwsso I had the whole holidays to work on this :D13:01
omairqazicoz mom want me to secure 95%13:01
omairqaziover here holidays are from december 2513:02
omairqaziand school is beginning from 7jan13:02
daniellimwswell not that I'm entirely free, had been busy with our final year project in the recent weeks13:02
omairqazioh i can understand13:02
daniellimwsexams start immediately after holidays?13:02
omairqazifrom 15jan13:02
daniellimwsthat's weird, over here exams end before holidays13:02
daniellimwsmy next exam will be in may13:03
omairqaziwe have 4 exams13:03
daniellimwswhich country?13:03
omairqaziin jan there are pre annual13:03
omairqazirule changed just in this year13:03
omairqaziearlier we used to have 613:03
omairqazi4 were like small every week and were easy so short syllabus13:04
omairqazii studied only one day for them13:04
Acceleratormy holidays will  be over on 8 jan13:04
omairqazisame here accelerator13:04
omairqaziwhich country?13:04
Acceleratori have exams in april tho13:05
omairqazibut i think since the temperature is deceasing in my city it will get posponed13:05
omairqaziafter jan i have the final exam in march13:05
omairqaziand then holidays13:05
Acceleratorholidays till?13:05
omairqazithen i will join class 9 in april13:05
omairqazii think 10 may to 3113:06
omairqaziwell i think it is not good to flood this chat with this topic13:06
omairqaziearlier only 2 exams were difficult which were in september and march13:07
Acceleratordaniellimws: Will you be participating in GSOC later?13:07
omairqaziok lets stop this topic13:07
omairqaziGSOC summer of code?13:07
daniellimwsneed to enter uni first, but I would like to13:07
omairqazidaniellimws: you want to become a programmer13:08
daniellimwsprogrammer is a very broad term13:08
omairqazimy brother will do ms13:08
omairqaziand my cousin is in aws before gci he only gave projects to do13:09
coolpolygonswhat is gsoc?13:09
omairqaziGoogle Summer of Code13:10
AcceleratorIt's like GCI only more complex and for 18+ students who are in university13:10
daniellimwsomairqazi: aws you mean amazon web services?13:13
daniellimwswhat about ms13:14
omairqazimasters in software13:14
daniellimwsI'm probably gonna do electrical engineering or so13:14
omairqazioh my father is in this field13:14
omairqaziall the best13:15
daniellimwsmy interest is in cybersecurity13:15
daniellimwslooking at the increase in embedded devices, I believe electrical engineering will be very useful13:15
daniellimwsjust look at the recent intel cpu bug13:15
AcceleratorOh yeah13:16
omairqazimy brother ordered a phone in a hurry and told me to check if it is good or not if not then we will return13:16
omairqazibut no refund policy only replacement13:17
daniellimwswell actually that bug is still rather software related13:17
omairqazithen i did a boot loop and got a refund13:17
daniellimwsoh nice13:18
omairqazii mean replacement13:18
omairqazithe second time i tripped knox so samsung pay didnt work then we finally got refund13:18
=== Josh is now known as Guest65092
omairqazidaniellimws: i didnt have the languages registered. it was showing english but len(me.languages) was showing 0 then i edited my languages and scrolled to the bottom and saved english and now it works13:27
daniellimwsoh ok thanks for letting me know13:27
omairqaziyour welcome13:34
omairqazii think we dont even have the time zone registered13:35
daniellimwsso is your script going to be able to help register everything?13:38
Niku_Hi this is niku13:40
daniellimwshi Niku_13:41
daniellimwswhats up13:41
Niku_I have registered for the google code13:42
daniellimwsgreat, nice to meet you13:44
Niku_Thank u,pleasure chating13:44
Niku_Please guide the next steps to de done13:46
daniellimwsNiku_: do you have any task yet?13:47
rakshikahey elopio14:13
daniellimwsrakshika: hi you need any help?14:16
elopiohello rakshika14:23
rakshikahave you reviewed my task yet?14:23
elopiorakshika: not yet, will check it again in a few moments.14:25
rakshikapls do it..14:26
rakshikafound a kannada reviewer?14:27
coolpolygonswxl: hey, can you review my task? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5049729715011584/14:35
elopiorakshika: still waiting for an answer there. The ubuntu translators generally just contribute on their free time.14:35
Acceleratorcoolpolygons: wxl is not online yet14:36
coolpolygonsoops :P14:36
coolpolygonshow do u know if someone is online or now?14:36
AcceleratorI'm using Hexchat....it has the feature :)14:37
coolpolygonswebchat :((((14:37
elopiocoolpolygons: they will reply if they are online.14:37
rakshikai have my exams going on.. please help me as much as you can.. :(14:39
coolpolygonsflexiondotorg: hey, can you review my task? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5049729715011584/ thank you :D14:39
coolpolygonsNO i forgot that I have a test next week14:40
daniellimwselopio: hi, snapcraft does auto install packages from requirements.txt right?14:40
daniellimwsbecause from memory I think it does, but now I'm facing error saying packages not found14:43
omairqaziin hexchat the offline people are greyed out14:45
Acceleratoromairqazi: Right14:46
omairqazipopey elopio I made a python program https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26325992/14:48
omairqazidaniellimws: time to test this https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26325992/ download it and rename it as a python file14:49
daniellimwsyou might wanna comment that first line14:49
daniellimwseasier to download14:49
omairqazioh ya14:50
omairqazii didnt want anyone to cheat my code :)14:50
omairqazii thought pastebin is public14:50
omairqazidaniellimws: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326026/ updated14:51
daniellimwscurrently can't get the irc nicknames and etc to work?14:53
omairqaziya launchpadlib api does not allow next time i will use Http sockets14:54
daniellimwsah ok14:54
daniellimwshmm, is it necessary to install a snap with --devmode when pushed to beta?14:54
daniellimwsbecause it doesn't work properly when I don't put it14:54
omairqaziif its confinement is devmode then yes if its confinement is strict then not14:56
daniellimwsthat's weird over here I need devmode for it to work14:57
daniellimwsnevermind I'll check what's wrong14:57
daniellimwskyrofa, elopio: is there any possible reason why strictly confined snaps dont work?15:11
kyrofadaniellimws, I don't quite understand. How do they not work?15:13
daniellimwskyrofa: can you try installing uber from beta and edge?15:15
daniellimwsedge is using devmode while beta is using strict15:15
daniellimwson edge, I get the desired output, while on beta, it loads for a while but in the end no output15:16
elopiodaniellimws: there are plenty of possible problems. You can install snappy-debug and then use the snappy-debug.security scanlog command to watch the apparmor rejections15:16
daniellimwsok thanks15:16
elopioin devmode, apparmor only warns, but lets the commands execute. On strict, it blocks them.15:17
Acceleratorkyrofa: Submitted my work...hope it's good this time :D15:18
kyrofadaniellimws, indeed, snappy-debug will be very helpful15:21
daniellimwsah thanks!15:22
daniellimwsthe snap is trying to write to a file15:22
omairqazikyrofa: I am unable to add aliase15:24
omairqazikyrofa: I am unable to add alias15:24
kyrofaomairqazi, it's a request you have to make to the store folks in the forum. Not a blocker15:25
daniellimwskyrofa, elopio, another question, does snapcraft immediately download the packages from requirement.txt?15:26
elopiodaniellimws: no, there is a requirements keyword.15:27
daniellimwsoh, I thought it was automatic :(15:27
heesen_popey,could you please take a look at my task  https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5255280138911744/15:28
popeysure thing15:28
daniellimwselopio: snappy-debug suggests to use $SNAP_DATA, what exactly am I supposed to add that to?15:33
heesen_popey, also if I had registered a snap name where can I see them15:34
heesen_popey, thanks15:35
heesen_popey, Is my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5255280138911744/ good ?15:49
daniellimwspopey, hi are you free now? I would like to submit some tasks15:50
omairqazikyrofa: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/alias-for-backslide/343016:02
daniellimwskyrofa, snappy-debug suggests that I adjust program to use $SNAP_DATA or use run/shm/snap.$SNAP_NAME.*16:11
daniellimwsmay I know what should I do about it16:11
kyrofadaniellimws, can you explain what file it's trying to write?16:16
kyrofadaniellimws, indeed, under confinement snaps have a limited number of places available to write16:16
daniellimwskyrofa, it's trying to write to /run/user/100416:17
daniellimwsand open /run/resolveconf/resolv.conf16:17
kyrofaI doubt the resolv.conf is fatal, but I'm not quite sure what to do about /run/user16:18
kyrofaelopio, any ideas?16:18
daniellimwsweird thing is, I don't think this snap is supposed to write to any files at all16:19
daniellimwskyrofa, another question, for a python snap, how do I change the path for requirements to be outside of parts16:20
daniellimwsnow, the path seems to be relative to parts and ../ does not work16:20
kyrofadaniellimws, the requirements.txt should be part of the source, no?16:21
daniellimwselopio told me to use the requirements keyword16:21
daniellimwssnapcraft did not install them immediately for me, not sure if that's supposed to be the case16:22
heesen_popey,could you please take a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6492792689786880/16:27
daniellimwspopey can you check mine here https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6124822037790720/16:29
daniellimwspopey I've submitted another one https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6337879661871104/16:32
heesen_popey,could you please take a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6492792689786880/16:33
daniellimwspopey, sorry to trouble, another one here https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5655898917699584/16:35
kyrofadaniellimws, right, you need to specify the requirements keyword, but you give it a path within the src16:38
daniellimwspopey: one more here https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5731141107580928/ :)16:39
heesen_popey,how can i see all snap other people have upload in the snap store16:39
daniellimwskyrofa: sorry what src are you referring to16:40
kyrofadaniellimws, the source of the part itself16:40
kyrofadaniellimws, the part you pull should contain a requirements.txt16:40
daniellimwsyou its the remote git repo of the upstream app16:40
daniellimwsoh wait16:41
daniellimwsone moment16:41
daniellimwskyrofa: I got this https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326583/16:43
daniellimwsfor this repo https://github.com/satanas/Turpial/16:43
daniellimwsrequirements.txt is at the outermost directory16:43
omairqazikyrofa when i install my snap and run the command it runs but when i try to run the snap again the terminal lags and no output is shown16:44
daniellimwssounds like what I'm having now16:44
heesen_kyrofa, when i am getting the error snap is not found in 16 series i registered he snap in the store but i am still getting he same error16:44
heesen_the snap16:45
heesen_the same error16:45
kyrofadaniellimws, that sounds fine. What are you using for the `requirements` key?16:46
kyrofadaniellimws, can you pastebin your YAML?16:46
daniellimwskyrofa, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326601/16:46
daniellimwspopey, hi can you check this https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5731141107580928/16:47
kyrofadaniellimws, huh, indeed that looks fine. Can you pastebin the entire error you see? Not just the last few lines, but your entire build output16:48
heesen_kyrofa, could you please task a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5800996720607232/?sp-page=216:49
daniellimwskyrofa, on the other hand, I think /run/user/1004 seems to be a machine-specific issue, I ran it on a different machine and that did not show up16:51
daniellimws/run/resolvconf/resolve.conf is the one with the problem16:52
daniellimwsone suggestion is to add 'network-control' to plugs16:52
daniellimwspopey, last one https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5673499425243136/ :)16:56
m4sk1nInstalling MATE with screen reader, test case says that I have to select Try Ubuntu MATE, shouldn’t I select Install Ubuntu MATE?16:56
omairqazikyrofa when i install my snap and run the command it runs but when i try to run the snap again the terminal lags and no output is shown16:57
daniellimwspopey: thanks16:57
daniellimwsomairqazi: you can try to debug it, install snappy-debug from snap16:57
omairqaziok thanks16:58
heesen_kyrofa, when i am getting the error Snap 'edge123' was not found in '16' series. i registered the snap in the store but i am still getting the same error16:59
daniellimwsthen run snappy-debug.security scanlog16:59
daniellimwsand run your snap in a different terminal16:59
omairqazidaniellimws: it gives a suggestion adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:01
daniellimwsyea I got a similar problem, I think you need kyrofa to help you with that17:02
omairqazikyrofa i ran snappy-debug and it gave this suggestion adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:03
omairqazidaniellimws: it gives a suggestion adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:11
omairqazidaniellimws: it gives a suggestion adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:11
omairqazidaniellimws: it gives a suggestion adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:11
omairqazikyrofa: it gives a suggestion adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:11
DaniellivingstonHi elopio, kyrofa, sergiusens, popey and flexiondotorg.17:14
Daniellivingstoni want to start my first noode js snap17:14
elopiohello Daniellivingston17:17
elopiodo you want me to suggest a nice one to start?17:17
elopioDaniellivingston: take a look at this one https://github.com/SamVerschueren/dev-time-cli and let me know if you like it.17:18
Daniellivingstonplz can you suggest in all field like java python etc then i will finish and submit on by one17:19
daniellimwselopio: I'm having this problem https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326875/ what do you suggest?17:25
omairqaziwxl: download it as a python file https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326026/17:33
omairqazikyrofa: can you help me with this? suggestion by snappy-debug17:35
omairqazikyrofa: adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:35
omairqazikyrofa: adjust program to read necessary files from $SNAP, $SNAP_DATA, $SNAP_COMMON, $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON17:35
kyrofaomairqazi, your snap is writing somewhere that writing is not allowed. That's all I can really gather from that error message. It should mention where it's trying to write, as well17:36
omairqazikyrofa: the full log https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326924/17:37
daniellimwsoh man, feels bad when every snap I try to package gives me error17:39
kyrofaomairqazi, why is backslide trying to read from /snap/ ?17:39
omairqazikyrofa: i think it is giving error after i updated the plugs in snapcraft.yaml17:40
omairqazikyrofa: also snap runs perfect with sudo17:40
omairqazikyrofa: my snapcraft.yaml file https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326983/17:52
Acceleratorelopio: I would like to try a "package and publish your first python snap"...i wanted to know if this one is fine17:58
Acceleratorelopio: https://github.com/nvbn/thefuck17:58
elopioAccelerator: thefuck is already packaged18:01
Acceleratorelopio: Could you suggest a new one?18:02
daniellimwselopio: how can I do something like version: git when not in the actual repo that I am packaging?18:03
omairqaziwxl: hi are you around?18:04
elopioAccelerator: what about this one? https://github.com/TailorDev/Watson It's simple, to start.18:06
elopioAccelerator: or this one: https://github.com/richrd/suplemon More complex, because it has to be classic.18:06
Acceleratorelopio: Thank you18:07
omairqazielopio can you please take a look to this python script i made https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26326026/18:07
omairqazibye everyone18:09
Acceleratorkyrofa: I know you have your hands full..but do review my task if you get a little free :)18:17
kyrofaAccelerator, done18:43
Acceleratorkyrofa: Yeah thanks i'm doing the necessary changes...is there anymore changes i have to do btw?18:45
kyrofaWell, no, but I would have said the same thing after the last review ;)18:45
AcceleratorAh no comments then18:46
m4sk1ncan anyone review my xubuntu tests task?18:52
Daniellivingstonelopia : i got an error stating The store was unable to accept this snap.   - binary_sha3_384: A file with this exact same content has already been uploaded from the project https://github.com/SamVerschueren/dev-time-cli18:57
AcceleratorIt's elopio :)19:01
Acceleratorkyrofa: Should i remove the message parameter in all 3 exceptions?19:02
kyrofaAccelerator, well, think about it. Do you need to pass a message to any of them?19:02
Acceleratorkyrofa: No19:03
kyrofaThen you should remove it19:03
AcceleratorAh thank you19:03
kyrofaAccelerator, note that the only reason we had a message there in the first place is because the exception was too general to print specific helpful messages, so the one who raised the exception needed to add information to it19:04
kyrofaAccelerator, that's exactly the change you're making, so a message is no longer needed19:04
Acceleratorkyrofa: I get it..thanks19:04
raii neef help19:15
raiplease help me19:15
heesen_what is the problem19:16
heesen_ kyrofa, when i am getting the error snap is not found in 16 series i registered he snap in the store but i am still getting he same error19:16
raican anybody help me19:16
heesen_what is the problem?19:16
raihey i am doing the task and i have a problem plzz help me19:17
heesen_yes what is the problem19:17
heesen_what is the problem19:18
raithen i have my launpad profile and i have install amd64 version19:19
rainow i dont know what to do19:19
raiplease help me19:20
raiplease help me19:21
heesen_you need to complete a testsuite for a daily Bionic Beaver image of Ubuntu MATE19:22
heesen_what os are you running19:23
raii am running in vm19:25
heesen_did you download this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/daily-live/current/HEADER.html19:26
heesen_also use this link to help you https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough19:26
heesen_it explain how to do the testing19:26
heesen_do you understand how to do the testing now19:27
raithen i have to again download such a large file19:29
raiyes it is1.7 gb19:29
heesen_do you understand how to do the testing now19:29
heesen_i know19:29
raibut i have dowloaded ubuntu amd64 just now19:30
heesen_but your task it to test the daily Bionic Beaver image of Ubuntu MATE19:31
raihey can i do testing in amd6419:32
raihould i abandoam this task19:32
raihey you have done this task19:32
heesen_yes you can do testing in amd6419:33
raiyes but by mistake i have dowloaded ltest version19:33
heesen_no dont abandon give it a try first19:33
railet  come  in query buttion19:34
heesen_no i haven done this yet19:34
raihey can i do testing in amd6419:34
heesen_ye s19:34
raiidont know how to do testingin amd6419:35
heesen_also use this link to help you https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough19:35
Acceleratordaniellimws: Your friend ⬆️⬆️ XD19:42
heesen_ try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGZF6UHhl4I19:43
raihey where do you live which country19:44
raireply my friend19:45
heesen_i live in mauritius19:46
raiwhere it is it is in india19:46
raiwhat is the time there19:47
raihessen plzz tell19:48
heesen_utc +419:48
raioh oh19:49
raiare you student less than 1819:49
heesen_1 . 5 h behind india19:49
raiare you student less than 1819:50
heesen_you ?19:50
raii am also19:50
raiare you on facebook19:50
raitell me19:51
raino one is there19:56
raihessen are u there19:57
Acceleratorkyrofa: Finished :)20:16
* Accelerator is going to sleep20:21
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m4sk1npowerful personalization XD20:39
m4sk1n_I can’t see some members’ messages from matrix, hello weechat21:10
AryanjainHi Elopio and Sergiusens23:10
AryanjainI will be doing subtitle translation to Hindi for video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsUV9xnrkTA23:12
elopioThanks Aryanjain23:14
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