masbergood afternoon, I am getting an error while restarting networking service after update my /etc/network/interface file to change nic configuration https://bpaste.net/show/c3e83d9fe9d5. any idea?01:57
sarnoldrestarting networking has usually lead to useless boxes01:58
sarnolddoes systemctl reload networking    do a better job?01:58
masbersarnold, Failed to reload networking.service: Job type reload is not applicable for unit networking.service.01:59
masbersarnold, ifconfig ens224 up && ifconfig ens224 up works02:00
masberbut I still don't understand why it fails if using systemctl...02:01
masberI have always used centos, so I guess I am using ubuntu in the wrong way?02:01
sarnoldmasber: I've always used ip directly when wanting to make 'live' changes02:02
sarnoldI have no idea if the systemd networking service files are supposed to be safe like this or not :(02:02
masberI see02:03
masberwell best thing to know if things are stable is rebooting the server and check again I guess02:03
deltinstalling spamassassin on my mailserver gives me this error: install: fatal: unable to read tcpserver: file does not exist02:07
deltor even running dpkg --configure spamassassin02:07
deltin fact i get this error when installing/uninstalling any package when spamassassin is installed02:07
deltfull strace of dpkg --configure spamassassin -- https://pastebin.com/bDvtfyrV02:07
delti extracted the spamassassin .deb file and the only reference to tcpserver in it, is:02:08
delt[pts/2][root@vhost0]:/tmp/spamassassin# grep -r tcpserver .02:08
delt./usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Message/Metadata/Received.pm:       # by tcpserver or a similar daemon that passes rDNS information to qmail-smtpd.02:08
sarnolddelt: it's odd that install from /usr/local/bin/install is used02:12
deltsarnold: just a symlink to /usr/bin/install02:13
deltactually /usr/local/* are symlinks to ../*02:13
deltit opens "." and then chdir's a few times to /usr/local then fchdir's back to . (file descriptor 3) ...not very informative :/02:15
deltdoesn't dpkg keep more detailed logs about wtf is going on?02:16
deltSetting up spamassassin (3.4.1-3) ...02:27
deltinstall: fatal: unable to read tcpserver: file does not exist02:27
deltdpkg: error processing package spamassassin (--configure):02:27
delt subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 11102:27
* mason sticks like glue to ifup / ifdown.02:45
naccdelt: actually, that could be the issue, it may be setting some path based upon install's path? Can nyou remove that symlink and try03:45
naccdelt: it doesn't really make sense to have /usr/local/bin symlink to /usr/binn03:45
masberhi, so this is what is happening... I wanted to change the IP address of a nic so I edited /etc/network/interfaces file and changed the IP there, then I put the interface down and up again. What ubuntu did was to add the ip instead of replacing it. Why is that?04:12
sarnoldbecause you removed the knowledge of the ip address when you edited the file *before* running the ifdown command04:12
sarnoldit's far less intelligent than you may expect :)04:12
masberit should read the interfaces file and act according to that no?04:13
sarnoldI'd guess it tried to remove the new address ('succeeded' in the sense that the address wasn't there any more), and then add the new address ..04:13
masberyeah weird04:13
sarnoldyou're not the first and probably not the last to trip over this. :)04:14
masberyes I know hahaha I find it funny04:14
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cpaelzergood morning07:07
jamespagerbasak: hi! so coreycb and I chatted about your suggestion to do a 'binary only' version of pxc 5.7 for bionic09:27
jamespagerbasak: however that's going to push work from packaging -> charm and make upgrades more complex so I'd rather re-align the 5.7 packaging with what we have for 5.609:28
ahasenackrbasak: hi, any idea how I could build ubuntu-fan with git-ubuntu? https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26325413/12:44
ahasenackit's 0.12.8~17.10.1 in artful already12:45
ahasenackI filed a bug, got another backtrace when trying to build bionic's version12:56
ahasenackcpaelzer: if you could take another quick look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/ocfs2-tools/+git/ocfs2-tools/+merge/33565113:00
ahasenackthe dep8 tests pass now, I followed your suggestion from yesterday13:00
rbasakahasenack: as a workaround, try sticking the orig tarball in the parent directory by hand.13:04
ahasenackrbasak: it's a native package, the tarball is not named "orig" if that matters13:05
ahasenackthere is no orig tarball for the new version I'm building13:06
ahasenackunless I create one manually, but that's just my current directory tarred up13:06
ahasenackanyway, I'll hack my way around it without g-u for now13:06
ahasenackgoing old-school :)13:06
tewardrbasak: I think you and I had the same idea with regards to the latest evil things on Ask Ubuntu :p14:04
tewardassuming that was you who posted about it (Meltdown/Spectre)14:04
rbasakteward: sounds like someone didn't check for duplicates before posting :)14:04
tewardrbasak: sounds like I've been on the phone all day with clients on this issue, got no sleep, need 500 cups of coffee and a raise.14:05
tewardeither way, yours is the parent, both are 'protected' from newbies, and have our answers together.14:05
tewardthat's gonna be the canonical question we point people at, I think.14:05
rbasakLooks good14:07
tewardthe only thing keeping me awake?  I'm on my 5th bottle of Barq's red creme soda.14:07
tewardand that's just pure sugar14:07
tewardrbasak: was there an official 17.04 EOL announcement?14:30
teward(https://askubuntu.com/questions/992232/what-is-ubuntus-status-on-the-meltdown-and-spectre-vulnerabilities#comment1601291_992617 - why i ask)K14:30
rh10teward, well, it ,means one of them in not patched yet?14:32
tewardrh10: you aren't rbasak.14:32
tewardi'm well familiar with the problem14:32
tewardand that wasn't what i was asking14:33
rbasakteward: I've not seen an announcement yet.14:33
tewardthat's what i was wondering, rbasak.  Since the commenter there was about "17.04 isn't patched and won't be"14:33
rh10teward, well, yep im not a rbasak14:33
rh10sorry about that14:34
* teward yawns14:34
tewardsorry if I seem irritable, i've had a crap morning .>>14:34
rbasakteward: could be worth asking the security team if they're preparing updates for Zesty. Sounds like something they'd know :)14:35
albechI am doing backups on disk and want to replicate the backup across two different storage devices. Does anyone know if it is possible to create a raid 1 across two different storage devices (SANs) Thought it would be smarter than manually copying from one dive to the other after successful backup. Will the raid be able to resync if one of the devices go offline for updates etc?14:46
sdezielalbech: have you looked into DRBD?14:47
sdezielthat would be my starting point :)14:48
albechlooking now ;)14:48
patdk-lapreally depends on your goal14:59
patdk-lapdrbd is raid114:59
patdk-lapbut with it comes all the issues of raid114:59
patdk-laplike, admin deletes a file from the backup server by accident14:59
patdk-lapyour other backup server will NOT have it also14:59
patdk-lapzfs send/recv is more ideal for this, but depends on using zfs though15:01
albechpatdk-lap: thanks for the input. will look into this as well15:03
apb1963There's far too much info out there to know what's current and what's ancient history... and what's ancient history warmed over.15:04
apb196316.04: Anyone have a link to the current recommended method of setting up a NIC as an access point?15:04
patdk-lapfind a wifi device that actually supports it first?15:05
patdk-lapthen install whatever custom hostapd patches you need to support that device in ap mode15:05
apb1963Thanks, kind of vague.  Got a link?15:07
Hensterhi guys please help a noob, i cannot see anything on my screen after installing server 16.04 tyhe screen card is connected to the dvi port since my new screen has no vgi ,, i can connect via ssh ...15:08
patdk-lapno I don't and yes, cause it's different for every single nic15:09
apb1963well, that's interesting because this link seems to explain it pretty well... but I was looking for something "official".  Sadly, ubuntu docs are out of date and... well.. weak in general.15:10
Hensteri have installed and get this message :  xrandr15:10
HensterCan't open display15:10
Hensteromg i need to test my eyes I have hdi and its working ..lol15:13
rbasaknacc: FYI, I have some validated Sources file fetching code working15:43
naccrbasak: nice, do you want to propose a stacked MP?15:44
rbasaknacc: needs some polishing, tests, etc.15:44
naccrbasak: ack, i wanted to add some more tests to my MP anyways15:46
naccthat test the code as-is, including the network interactions a bit15:47
cpaelzerahasenack: looking at ocfs again16:30
cpaelzerahasenack: or was that done by someone else?16:30
dpb1cpaelzer: he wanted you to16:31
cpaelzeron it16:32
ahasenackcpaelzer: oh, you are here16:33
cpaelzerahasenack: done16:33
cpaelzerahasenack: I'm here again I should say16:33
cpaelzerI had some things waiting for builders and I wanted to check16:33
cpaelzerbut not yet16:34
ahasenackcpaelzer: can you push the upload tag?16:34
cpaelzerI can, I'll ping you16:34
ahasenackcpaelzer: also, what's debian equivalent of excuses? Just to check if the failure happen there as well16:34
ahasenackbut I can file a bug nonetheless16:34
cpaelzerahasenack: with so many updates, please confirm that "dcacab19" is "the right thing"16:34
cpaelzerahasenack: debci16:34
cpaelzerI'll fetch alink fro you16:34
cpaelzerahasenack: https://ci.debian.net/packages/o/ocfs2-tools/unstable/amd64/16:35
cpaelzerall good for them16:35
cpaelzerahasenack: this is one of the packages affected by a bug16:36
cpaelzerit refuses to tag for non clean Dir16:36
cpaelzerbut nothing is unclean16:36
cpaelzerwe had a abug for this, I should make ocfs2 affected as well16:36
cpaelzeroh well in this case it really was something of gitignore16:38
cpaelzerahasenack: tag pushed16:38
cpaelzerIIRC you can upload right?16:38
ahasenackI can16:39
ahasenackcpaelzer: I reviewed your postfix mp, btw16:52
cpaelzersaw it ahasenack16:53
cpaelzerI also see the incoming MPs but I wont get to it before Monday16:53
cpaelzera chance for the others to review16:53
cpaelzerotherwise I'll pick them up then16:53
Kyokuif i start using the bionic beaver daily build will i be able to apt upgrade it to the full LTS release when it's out or will i have to do a complete reinstall?18:50
daxubottu: final | Kyoku18:52
ubottuKyoku: If you install a development version of Ubuntu bionic and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 18.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.18:52
tewardKyoku: yes, but I strongly advise you to wait (dailies aren't updated)18:54
teward(at least not at the moment)18:54
Kyokuthanks teward i just tried installing on vmware and it failed anyway so i'll wait19:01
tewardKyoku: yeah I would not be working with the dailies or Bionic unless you have to.19:02
tewardif you just want Bionic for testing, consider an LXD container of it instead19:02
tewardwhich is what I've got running19:02
teward... at least, when I'm testing things, I do.19:02
Kyokui was actually trying to set it up as an LXD host for testing but yes I'll try that too19:03
tewardKyoku: i'd say stick to LTS for the LXD host part, because we know that works, while running guests within that.  YMMV, but that's my opinion19:26
dnegreiraim quite happy with multipass for my virtual machine needs, it also runs bionic20:14
keithzgHmm what does "DNE" mean in the security notices, ex. https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5754.html ?20:52
keithzg(I mean, I get the meaning contextually it just oddly bugs me that I can't figure out the acronym, haha)20:53
dpb1does not exist, I belive20:54
Hensterhey guys teamviewer threw me under the buss can some one please suget a ssl version of a remote desktop that can connect to my server and desktop clients ?21:51
tomreynHenster: there's ssh, and you can tunnel through it.21:53
Hensterim usingh tightvnc on my oter pc's just wondering if the data is encrypted ?21:54
oerheksvnc over ssh is, vnc itself not.21:56
tomreynvnc does not provide transport layer encryption, ssh does. you can combine the two. if you want it faster than vnc, use x2go.21:56
Hensterx2go , ok nice tx21:57
nchamberswhy not just use ssh?21:57
Hensteri need to remote desktop in my moms windows pc , she is blond and its for our bussiness so need a all arounder21:58
Hensterill use ssh for my servers21:59
sarnoldtwenty years ago I used PC AnyWhere to do windows things22:01
sarnoldI wonder if it still exists. and works without a modem.22:02
tomreynfor windows, the most commonly used protocol for this purpose would be rdp (also works on linux for clients and servers). but i think you need to buy separate licenses for this on windows if you want multiple users watch/interact with the same screen at the same time (that is both the remote user connecting and the local user in front of the screen).22:02
tomreyn-> ##windows22:02
sarnoldhehe yeah, asking a bunch of linux server folks what windows tools to use ..22:06
sarnoldI know putty can do ssh for windows people but I doubt X11 forwarding gets very far :)22:07
Hensterha ha , i need to asdk real IT peeps :)22:07
HensterI think x2go will work for me ,, i have a server the clients can point to22:08
tomreynIf you want to try something with ubuntu bash on windows and X there i bet donofrio in #ubuntu-on-windows would love to assist.22:13
qman__you can also do RDP over SSH22:28
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naccrbasak: are you ok if i cherry-pick parts of your dsc-builder repo? e.g., https://git.launchpad.net/~racb/usd-importer/commit/?id=49b01ff87e66e86f49f8639caef5a37088e1342722:45
naccI think that became the case in the devel branch refactor22:46
naccrbasak: I would like to pull in your dsc_builder changes, as then i can use them to test the dsc changes for ahasenack's bug22:47
mwynneHello. Can anyone tell me if the octavia-common package is available in ubuntu 16.04?23:33
nacc!info octavia-common xenial | mwynne23:33
ubottumwynne: Package octavia-common does not exist in xenial23:33
naccmwynne: no such package in ubuntu, period.23:33
naccmwynne: did you mean octave-common?23:34
mwynnenacc: No, Octavia, the OpenStack load balancer.23:35
naccmwynne: i see python packages for octavia, but not the one you named23:40
nacc!info python3-octaviaclilent | mwynne23:40
ubottumwynne: Package python3-octaviaclilent does not exist in artful23:40
nacc!info python3-octaviaclient | mwynne, sorry:23:40
ubottumwynne, sorry:: Package python3-octaviaclient does not exist in artful23:40
nacc!info python3-octaviaclient bionic23:41
ubottupython3-octaviaclient (source: python-octaviaclient): Octavia client for OpenStack Load Balancing - Python 3.x. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0-1 (bionic), package size 27 kB, installed size 244 kB23:41
naccmwynne: --^ there, it's in 18.04 :)23:41
naccmwynne: i'd check UCA, i guess; maybe coreycb or jamespage would konw for sure23:41

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