diddledanwat. win32 can do unix sockets now?! https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/2017/12/19/af_unix-comes-to-windows/01:28
diddledan"And, if you are wondering, there is already support for unix socket within Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), how does that work with the Windows unix socket implementation? Well, currently, it doesn’t, but stay tuned! "01:34
* daftykins eats cereal03:04
daftykinsmmmm breakfast03:04
* zmoylan-pi nibbles on pez...03:04
daftykinsso those kernel changes don't seem to have reduced performance as dramatically as articles have sensationally claimed03:06
daftykins(as per Phoronix)03:06
zmoylan-piwe'll have to wait a few days for everyone to test their config on updated cpus. even a 5% drop will irk the crap out of a lot of people03:07
daftykinsmeh, then they're too sensitive :)03:08
daftykinsyeah it wasn't tested against very many older gen things, where it's allegedly worse03:08
zmoylan-piwhat's the worst a few basement living hypersensitive trolls can do? :-P03:09
zmoylan-piit'll be interesting to see how the pc gaming community over reacts, when every last % counts to fps...03:14
daftykinsalready seen negligible change there too, but yeah already seen some idiots worrying about losing 30% ;)03:15
zmoylan-piwon't someone think of the bitcoin miners.... :-P03:25
daftykinsnot even once :D03:25
zmoylan-pior all those java/javascript developers who'll now have to optimise their code... :-P03:34
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:21
zleaphow are things09:30
brobostigona raginf cold.09:34
brobostigona raging cold.09:34
zleapnot good09:37
brobostigondefinitly not good.09:40
foobarryjava9 made one userse code run 10x faster09:43
foobarrythats the fix :P09:43
daftykinsfoobarry: a good kind of 10x faster? :)10:54
daftykinsmy my IRC is quiet today10:54
* Laney YELLS11:01
daftykinsLaney: :D11:12
foobarryyes a good kind.12:03
ali1234its just the tip of the iceberg i think16:13
zleapi did read that you may have to disable anti virus for the patch to be installed,16:16
diddledanI love xkcd: https://twitter.com/xkcdComic/status/94934684446681907219:07
m0nkey_trolleys with hammers19:19
diddledanrelated: https://twitter.com/kornelski/status/94936272589707264019:31
m0nkey_You know what one of the fixes were?19:38
m0nkey_Buy a new CPU19:38
diddledanmakes sense. buy an AMD19:38
m0nkey_F**k that19:38
m0nkey_Next build will be an AMD19:38
m0nkey_Until their next screwup19:39
m0nkey_Then I go ARM19:39
zmoylan-pigive me zilog or give me death \o/ :-D19:42
diddledanaye, making your own with an FPGA actually sounds like a good idea19:44
diddledangratiuitous pussy pic: https://t.co/1EJX7rKtlM19:45
zmoylan-piTHIS IS IRC =^..^=19:46
* zmoylan-pi dials smug to 11... :-) https://liliputing.com/2018/01/know-whats-not-affected-meltdown-spectre-raspberry-pi.html22:36
ali1234wait hang on a minute22:54
ali1234that article says the pi is not vulnerable because it uses cortex A7, then it says cortex A7 is vulnerable22:54
ali1234haha its a typo22:56
ali1234it should say A17 is vulnerable22:56
ali1234they say their stuff isn't vulnerable but the exploit is so simple that i bet we'll see many new variants throughout this year affecting multiple different CPU arch22:57
zmoylan-pitbh if the pi lost .01% performance due to a patch it would be serious :-)23:43

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