candoHello all... Trying to setup a server and not able to update unless im using dhcp00:00
candowhen i use static ip it errors out00:00
candoAnyone have an idea whats going on00:03
codioI have ubuntu 1600:06
candoim running 16.04.3 unable to update unless im using dhcp00:06
codioI have 16.17 i think00:07
codioI have only shit in ubuntu00:08
codioI can reinstall if i want to upgrade00:08
bazhangcodio, no cursing here00:08
codioBut i dont want fo00:08
candoCatch me up00:09
codiobazhang, no crying here00:09
[n0mad]16.17 is not a version00:09
codioI dont remember the exact version00:09
bazhangcodio, lets stay topical and civil here, there is not a 16.1700:09
candoDo you know if it LTS or not00:10
codiobazhang: crying is off-topic fyi00:10
codiocando: no and i dont care00:10
bazhangcando, LTS is 16.04, yes00:10
candois it a late verson then that00:11
codioLast version is 1900:11
codioWere 3 step backward00:11
tatertotscodio: you will need to be able to manually manage a tcp/ip network if you believe you have graduated using the cheap consumer router dhcp00:11
bazhangcodio, thats not correct, did you have an actual ubuntu support issue here00:11
tatertotselse you may  not have graduated00:11
codiotatertots: who cares?00:11
codioI dont want to upgrade00:12
codiobazhang: no00:12
codioI just wanted to let you know i still have 1600:12
bazhangcodio, then please take the chatter to another place00:12
codiobazhang: im getting angry00:13
codioso, stop crying!00:13
ZaliekDo you have a question?00:13
tatertotscodio do you actually have a real ubuntu issue?00:13
candoHere is a question. I am setting up a server that work correctly on dhcp | once I set it to static it errors when i try to update00:13
codio1:12 am <codio> I just wanted to let you know i still have 1600:14
tatertotscando:  you will need to be able to manually manage a tcp/ip network if you believe you have graduated using the cheap consumer router dhcp00:14
Zaliekcando: when you set a static IP can you do stuff like ping ubuntu.com?00:15
ZaliekOr domain of your choice00:15
ZaliekIf you can't you set it up incorrectly and DNS is not functioning00:15
codioDr dre motherfucker!00:16
Zaliekesp if you can ping ips directly but get a lookup error when pinging domains00:16
ZaliekI've had similar problems before with that00:16
tatertotscando: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no00:16
candounable to do that00:17
ImageJPEGAny reason why bind won't listen to ipv6 addresses? I've tried these in my named.conf.options:00:17
ImageJPEGlisten-on-v6 { any; }; and listen-on-v6 { *ip address*; };00:17
tatertotsoh okay...well good luck with that00:17
ImageJPEGNot together though00:17
ZaliekDid you setup the static ip during installation or afterwards?00:17
ZaliekCan you ping your gateway address?00:18
ZaliekCan you ping
tatertotsinternet not working?00:19
candoi usually use but thats not working00:19
ZaliekI know, but does pinging ips work and domain names not?00:20
candoping works00:20
ZaliekTrying to figure out which thing is broken00:20
ZaliekOkay so your DNS settings aren't set right00:20
ZaliekIn the past when I tried to switch between using DHCP to static post install had problems getting DNS settings to acutally stick00:21
candoim using dns-nameserver
candothere are a few quirks now after 15.04 i find00:22
ZaliekNowadays I always do that during install. I'd suggest looking up how the new systemd based DNS works00:22
ZaliekThat was introduced in 16.04 right?00:23
candoso this isnt a matter of me having the interface file done wrong00:25
nfsnobodyhi all. I updated my nvidia card drivers and my xubuntu 17.10 install is now failing to boot - normal boot just goes to a blank screen (even with nomodeset). I can however log into recovery with networking and get a root shell up. Can anyone point me in the right direction?00:26
tatertotsdefinitively user error00:26
nfsnobody should note I attemped to uninstall nvidia drivers and reinstall 340/reinstall nouveau packages, to no effect00:26
tatertotscando: that's why when you let the router/dhcp do the "thinking" ...."it works"....and when the human in the mirror is burdened with that "responsibility"....it does NOT work00:27
tatertotssorry if honesty and truth is frowned upon in todays climate00:27
tatertotsi apologize ...kinda sorta00:28
candohey, the truth is the thruth. if you cant handle it put your head in te sand00:28
Zaliekyeah cando you have your ip setup correctly, but changing from DHCP DNS to static DNS is rather tricky in debian variants00:29
candofirst time this has happened00:29
ZaliekIf I was in your position I'd just reinstall in expert mode and set the static ip and DNS there instead. I never bothered to figure out what it does different but hey it works00:31
Zaliekyou got me curious thou, examining one of my installs now00:31
candoknew that was where you were heading00:32
candowhith out making ppl here upset is it ok if i ask an apache question00:34
bazhangcando, why not #httpd00:34
axiomaabsurdoHi all, someone can give me some support with a icon theme problem, ubuntu 16.04 Flat-remix don't display the icon theme in right way00:35
candook, see why i asked00:36
Zaliekcando, assuming you set static ip by changing /etc/network/interfaces?00:37
candoyes i did00:38
Mark___Hi there I wanted to find out if anyone knows of some kind of ubuntu dns firewall solution that will allow me to monitor bandwidth usage, block specific websites, and redirect certain domains?00:38
ZaliekAnd dns is set like "dns-nameservers"00:38
candoyes ... thats whats strange00:40
Zaliekaccording to the documentation that's the right place00:40
candoThat hasnt change for 15 years now00:41
Zaliekwhat does "cat /etc/resolv.conf" currently say?00:41
ZaliekDoes it match your settings or is it set differently?00:41
candoredoing the server as we speak00:41
ZaliekI feel like when it's configured to use dhcp it starts some process that is constantly overwriting you static dns settings00:42
ZaliekNever been able to figure what that is00:42
candoya thats what it looks like to me also... but why...00:42
ggrunning ubuntu on virtualbox from external hardrive. Wifi adapter cannot be recognized.  Anyone had similar problem?00:44
ZaliekWell I hope a reinstall with manual network config solves it for you00:44
axiomaabsurdoHi all, someone can give me some support with a icon theme problem, ubuntu 16.04 Flat-remix don't display the icon theme in right way???00:45
candoill tell you in a few minutes00:51
kenrinIs the theme icon wrong?  How is it displaying not in "the right way" ?00:51
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> hi, well if i select the pack in Unity Tweak Tool the icons in all my desktop are the default theme00:53
=== N3X15_ is now known as N3X15
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> the flat-remix-master icon pack, copy it to the folder that I understand is correct, / usr / share / icons00:55
kenrinYeah,  or .icons in home folder00:56
axiomaabsurdolet me see...00:56
kenrinThen gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "Flat Remix" or so00:56
axiomaabsurdoin my home folder i don't have a .icons folder}00:58
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bmomjianI am back.  I tested Windows 8 and that doesn't see the wifi working at all either.  It says it is in airplane mode, in a way that simulated the switch being off, but it is on.  I tested this on another identical laptop.00:58
=== lowkey is now known as Guest67504
bmomjianSo it looks like a hardware issue.  Thanks for the debug help but I don't think this is an Ubuntu problem anymore.00:59
kenrinmake the .icons./flat-remix-master  or whatever you want to name the dir,  just make sure the dir name matches the icon-theme name00:59
axiomaabsurdook sure i'm will do01:00
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> its done01:02
axiomaabsurdothe two folders01:02
kenrinOk,  I mistyped an extra . at the end of icons I hope you didn't make01:02
axiomaabsurdoincons and inside flat-remix-master01:02
kenrinShould be able to select in the tweak tool or use the gsettings set then01:02
axiomaabsurdook i supouse that01:03
axiomaabsurdolet me see01:03
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axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> i'm still geting the same effect, when i select this pack flat-remix-master from the list, the icons change for a defout icon theme01:05
=== Guest37659 is now known as zenguy
luxioI have two monitors, one portrait and one landscape. The landscape is my primary monitor, but when I power on my computer, the login screen always appears on the portrait one, even though it's not my primary monitor. Is there a fix to this?01:05
=== zenguy is now known as coffeeguy
axiomaabsurdoi'm trying to get this icon pack style https://www.devpy.me/content/images/2016/05/xScreenshot-from-2016-05-30-20-48-10-1.png.pagespeed.ic.Jzu1fPtWi8.png but i'm get the default linux brown icon pack01:07
TJ-luxio: that'll be because the system is using what it finds is the first (primary) output of the GPU01:07
TJ-luxio: are both monitors external? one is not an integrated screen?01:08
kenrinThe .icons folder you made have the right permissions for your user?  I can't think of anything else that would conflict01:08
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> the new one?01:09
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axiomaabsurdommm, let me see01:10
kenrinIf that isn't it maybe you could get more help in ##linux.  Installing themes should be pretty simple01:10
axiomaabsurdoi'm the admin of my pc, i have only one user in this PC, but some folders owns to root and others to my user01:11
luxioTJ-: both are external01:12
luxioone is connected with displayport, one with HDMI, if that matters01:12
luxioi'm using a gtx 750ti01:12
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> sorry for the stupíd question but the new folder must have the .png icon file inside?01:13
axiomaabsurdoor is only a reference for the Tweak Tool?01:13
kenrinI'm not sure where they are in the dir structure.  There should be folders like actions, animations, apps, categories,  devices, etc etc01:15
TJ-luxio: which output/connector is being at boot time, the D.P. ?01:15
kenrinaxiomaabsurdo: Looks like they are all .svg files.  Not png01:16
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> well, still geting the same, but new a know something new and can go search for permissions, thank you for all and for your time01:17
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kenrinIf you got it from github you only need one of the three folders under flat-remix-master under the .icons/01:19
kenrinEither the regular,  light, or dark01:20
axiomaabsurdoWell, I'm going to copy one of them to try that folder01:21
luxioTJ-: dp01:21
TJ-luxio: You can probably adapt my approach.  I have a shell script triggered by a setting in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/01-monitor-rotation.conf  see  http://paste.ubuntu.com/26322747/01:24
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> Yes i'm do it jejeje01:25
axiomaabsurdolike a big noob man jajaja01:25
TJ-luxio: my script is rotating and positioning the HDMI-1 device to the right and in portrait orientation; you should be able to adapt it for what you need01:26
luxiowouldn't it be easier just to switch the two cables01:26
kenrinIts cool.  I don't mess with themes so I didn't see the dirs until I downloaded it that there was three of them01:26
TJ-luxio: if your config supports that, yes01:26
TJ-luxio: I'd assumed you were here since you couldn't do that01:26
axiomaabsurdo<kenrin> thanks again for your time and for your help01:29
rawdog1984uh huh01:31
axiomaabsurdoi have biggers problems with this installation to solve, for example fix something about one of my drives, can't mount it and can't access...i'm trying so much but i keep the hope to fix the problem01:32
striveIf I'm having trouble connecting to a server because of the SSL certificate, what exactly should I do to "refresh" the cert without compromising freenodes cert?01:33
laptopanyone know when the meltdown security update will be patched for ubuntu01:34
laptophas it been patched already for archlinux01:34
daxlaptop: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/04/ubuntu-updates-for-the-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities/01:35
daxtl;dr: soon™01:35
laptopI am wondering if archlinux would be safer01:35
laptopno one has tested amd processors so the vunerability may exist there yet01:36
daxlaptop: this vulnerability's existed for a lot of years and has been known to some vendors for over half a year. a few more days isn't going to change much.01:36
laptopI agree but will they update 32 bit in addition to 64 bit01:37
laptopI always found amd processors to be slower anyway by 30%01:37
laptopthan intel01:37
laptopyou can actually update your system now with the kernal01:37
laptopbut it will be buggy01:38
daxi know, I'm using 4.15-rc6 for other reasons (have been using 4.15-rc's the whole cycle).01:38
daxhas been fine for me, but not the sort of thing we tend to suggest in #ubuntu for fairly obvious reasons01:38
deltinstalling spamassassin on my mailserver gives me this error: install: fatal: unable to read tcpserver: file does not exist01:39
deltor even running dpkg --configure spamassassin01:39
delti get this error when installing/uninstalling any package when spamassassin is installed01:39
deltfull strace of dpkg --configure spamassassin -- https://pastebin.com/bDvtfyrV01:42
laptopare all amd processors affected01:47
laptopby meltdown, I might want to buy a computer with amd processor in it01:47
drmessanoI'm getting my next PC without the processor01:48
drmessanoMost secure that way01:48
drmessanoNo CPU, no problems01:49
laptopthis will be a HUGE problem moving forward01:49
laptopactually amd processors really suck01:49
laptopthey are super slow anyway01:50
drmessanoWell no, there is already a solution.  New processors will be available that won't have the 20% performance hit from the kernel patches01:50
drmessanoProblem solved for the OEMs01:50
laptopyou are right, actually they are already available a01:51
drmessanoGuess this makes the nothingburger Apple throttling thing look pretty weak01:51
laptopand very expensive01:51
laptopI am going to dust off my macintosh plus01:51
drmessanoWe ALL just got &%$%$% into buying a new PC01:51
laptopand use that01:51
laptopthey should offer free processors01:51
laptopto certain customers01:51
oerheksthese hw bugs are known since 2012, and there are a lot more lols01:51
laptopprobably waiting to be discovered01:52
deltinstalling spamassassin on my mailserver gives me this error: install: fatal: unable to read tcpserver: file does not exist01:52
deltor even running dpkg --configure spamassassin01:52
delti get this error when installing/uninstalling any package when spamassassin is installed01:52
deltfull strace of dpkg --configure spamassassin -- https://pastebin.com/bDvtfyrV01:52
drmessanoWell, this solves the "People are keeping their PC's longer" issue that the OEMs had01:52
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s1l1k0nCan someone explain how to stop X from running in ubuntu 17.10?  I've dropped to tty2 (ctrl-alt-f2) and have stopped gdm3, x11-common, but when I use sudo X configure it keeps complaining that it's still running on display 001:53
s1l1k0nAlternatively, where is the X config stored?  I don't see anything in /etc/X11 like xorg.conf01:56
Bashing-oms1l1k0n: try ' sudo systemctl stop lightdm.service ' .01:56
=== db_ is now known as Guest16220
s1l1k0nFrom what I can tell, lightdm isn't running.01:57
s1l1k0nlightdm doesn't show up when I run service --status-all  ; the only display manager that was running was gdm3, but I've stopped it...01:58
deltinstall: fatal: unable to read tcpserver: file does not exist01:59
deltdpkg: error processing package spamassassin (--configure):01:59
AlsophilaAnyone PLZ help me T_T02:00
AlsophilaMy usb flash stick attacked by a virus in Windows and now I want to format it in Ubuntu...02:01
Ben64use gparted02:01
Alsophila-but it has write protect...02:01
Ben64turn write protect off then use gparted02:01
Bashing-oms1l1k0n: gnome DE then .. try as ' sudo systemctl stop gdm3.service ' .02:01
Alsophilacould you tell me how can I turn it off...02:01
Alsophila-It doesn't have a switch on it02:02
Ben64likely the flash drive is just broken02:02
Alsophilasyslog says "Write Protect is on"...02:03
oerheksparted as root should work.02:04
AlsophilaIf there's no way to format it... Maybe I have to throw it away...02:05
deltAlsophila: sudo fdisk -l02:06
oerheksdelt, if you find no answer here, or #ubuntu-server ( that is where mail guys hang out), post it on askubuntu?02:06
Alsophiladelt: Which part of printout should I notice?02:10
slimetrapi need a good alternative to c9.io TwT for teaching someone python02:13
deltwhen dpkg installs or configures a package, it obviously looks "somewhere" for stuff it needs to run. Where is that info located???02:20
xernusHi! I'm having some very strange issue with iscsi and the target service. It does not start on boot nor is it possible to start manually. It outputs these errors: https://pastebin.com/knmabZ1w       The "/sys/kernel/config/target" directory is there, but as it is under /sys it is not possible to do anything with it.  Does anyone have any clue on where to look next?   Googles doesn't give any results for that error02:21
nukemis 17.10 safe to install if you're on a desktop (i.e. not a Lenovo laptop or other Insyde UEFI laptop)?02:23
nukemwhois wyre02:24
nukemis 17.10 safe to install if you're on a desktop (i.e. not a Lenovo laptop or other Insyde UEFI laptop)?02:25
laptopany good antivirus for ubuntu02:37
Checkmatei'm running bash awk script to match files size 13GB its 1hours and half still running and i want to know how much % to get done ??02:38
laptophave you gotten comodo antivirus to work for ubuntu02:39
hggdhCheckmate: it all depends on what the awk script does...02:39
Checkmatehggdh awk 'FNR==NR{val=$1;a[val]=$0;next}!($NF in a){print > "left.txt";next}{print a[$NF]> "result.txt";next}' FS=: 2.txt FS=: OFS=: <(tr -d '\r' < 1.txt)02:40
Checkmatefind replace02:40
Checkmatesorry its match file and keep left words matched and result.txt02:40
eraserpencilHey! how do i enable nomodeset on the kernel at boot?02:42
Checkmatehggdh i want calc the job duration its possible?02:42
eraserpencilI'm on a live usb, trying to install ubuntu on a MBP. At the menu where "try Ubuntu before installing" , I pressed 'e' to edit grub config and have tried replacing "quiet splash ---" with " nomodeset", have tried adding "nomodeset" towards the end of "quiet splash ---" and nothing works02:44
eraserpencilI still get the black screen of death trying to boot02:44
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SchizoX_how do i see userlist?03:03
SchizoX_hi is there any recommendations for irc client? i'm currently using x-chat03:04
Dagronmasterweechat, hexchat, irssi03:04
SchizoX_right. lemme take a look at hexchat. i'm having pproblems trying to connect to overthewire server with this03:05
eraserpencilI am configuring thelounge irc cleint03:05
eraserpencilv nice interface03:05
SchizoXit's been 2 decades since i used irc. it used to be just mIRC lol03:05
DagronmasterIRC is dead.  Didn't you hear?  :)03:06
striveSchizoX: Welcome back :)03:07
SchizoX@Dagronmaster hahaha ikr but ya. i just got on linux (yet again) and would really appreciate these channels.03:08
Bashing-omSchizoX: Terminal based - irssi : http://www.andrews-corner.org/ubuntu/irssi.html ,03:08
SchizoXidk what kids are using nowadays. but i think irc is still massively useful as chatrooms03:08
SchizoXcan xchat join multiple servers at the same time?03:08
SchizoXi got recommended to play vim adventures and overthewire, right now i am trying to join overthewire irc help channel but hmm can't even join a simple irc channel haha. i feel like 12 again =.=03:09
oerheksxchat is EOL, unmaintained.03:10
eraserpencili'm a "kid"03:10
eraserpenciland i think irc is the best invention ever03:10
PilotBob42I'm having trouble with getting EDID to work with both the Nouveau driver and the Nvidia driver. Anyone here have any experience with that?03:12
SchizoXoh reall oerheks, thanks. maybe i'll continue with hexchat instead03:16
PilotBob42My desktop will not nativel find 1280x1024 with eiher driver though my monitor supports it.03:16
SchizoXhow do i uninstall stuff on linux :x03:16
SchizoXi'm on ubuntu03:16
SchizoXoh shit. ya obviously haha03:16
PilotBob42This is my output from get-edid:03:16
SchizoXeraserpencil: that's great haha03:16
SchizoXk hmm . getting out of xchat.03:18
=== guy__ is now known as SchizoX
SchizoXi think i'm getting the hang of it haha03:19
SchizoXanyone wanna guide me to uninstalling xchat? or just stuff on ubuntu generally03:19
SchizoXwhat's the difference between purge and remove via apt-get?03:20
PilotBob42anybody here familiar with EDID and getting monitor resolutions to work?03:20
disruptivefour@schizoX purge removes all traces of the file, even the information telling you how to get it again03:21
PilotBob42anyone here knowledgeable about EDID?03:23
SchizoXseems like helpers are out at the moment hmm03:23
redphantomdoes anyone know how to disable the GUI temporarily? I'm using KDE/Kubuntu03:24
PilotBob42geez... I'm thinking Android x86 sorry...03:25
PilotBob42boot in debug mode03:26
pburnsin gnome it's alt-f1 then sudo service gdm stop03:28
PilotBob42sudo service gdm stop03:28
pburnsdon't know aqbout kde tho03:29
PilotBob42anyone familiar with EDID and monitor resolutions?03:30
redphantompburns i guess the solution is TTY mode ctrl alt F303:31
eraserpencilredphantom: switch runlevels with telinit03:31
PilotBob42Nobody has has any experience with Ubuntu not detcting your monitor's resolutions?03:33
PilotBob42My monitor is capable of 1280x1024, but Ubuntu can't detect it. Only way I can get there is with a custom xorg.conf03:35
PilotBob42but this precludes using the Nvidiia drivers, only works with Nouveau.03:36
PilotBob42And I can't use a GPU accelerated compositor either.03:36
PilotBob42Anyone have any ideas?03:38
PilotBob42Is anyone even here?03:40
=== db is now known as Guest36129
DagronmasterUnfortunately my monitors Just Work, so I can't help you03:41
Dagronmaster there's a guy in ##linux that appears to be quite knowledgeable about X03:42
PilotBob42Not familiar with EDID protocol?03:42
DagronmasterI'm not, no.03:42
DagronmasterI believe the guy in ##linux is, though.03:42
PilotBob42worth a shot, thanks03:43
DagronmasterHe's been going on about X for a while and EDID has popped up03:43
sponixIn Ubuntu 14.04 CLI how do you easily display the CPU Temp ?03:43
IMNMEHello. I'm trying to auto start a mining script on a mining rig running xubuntu. I have edited the /etc/rc.local file, and have a file on my desktop that it points to, that should be starting 15s after startup. The script on my desktop that I want to auto run uses screen, and requires a password to work. Is there any way to bypass the password so i03:43
IMNMEt will auto run? Thanks in advance03:43
IMNMEusing the following code:#!/bin/bash03:44
IMNMEif [ "x$1" = "x" -o "x$1" = "xnone" ]; then03:44
IMNME   DELAY=$103:44
naccIMNME: use a pastebin03:45
Dagronmastersponix: install lm-sensors and run the sensors command?03:45
IMNME@nacc it asks me for my password and to auto run on start up i need it to not do that03:47
IMNME@nacc I've also edited my sudoers.d to allow me to run commands in my desktop directory without a password, so I'm not sure why it still asks for a password03:48
DagronmasterNOPASSWD in sudoers just means that sudo doesn't ask for your password03:49
Bashing-omspont4e: Try ' cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp ' .03:50
IMNMEDagronmaster that was my best guess after a lot of googling... I'm not sure what to do at this point03:51
IMNME@nacc @Dagronmaster this is what im using https://paste.rtechsupport.org/view/6cb49d1803:52
ericx2xhey i used to be able to have sound come out of my hdmi monitor but something changed and i no longer can see hdmi under my sound settings on ubuntu 1603:53
ericx2xany ideas on how i go about restoring my hdmi sound?03:53
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PilotBob42no help over in ##linux03:54
SchizoXare there other help channels to assist in the transition from windows > linux?03:55
ericx2xwho are you referring to PilotBob42 ?03:55
=== db is now known as Guest48393
PilotBob42Well, I was referred to ##linux for help with an EDID problem with my montor, but no one there canhelp.03:56
tomreynPilotBob42: which monitor is it, which ubuntu release are you running?03:57
PilotBob42I'm on Ubuntu-mate 17.10 and I'm using an older Westinghouse L1928NV monitor that is native at 1280x102403:58
PilotBob42But Nouveau driver doesn't recognize it and only offers up to 1024x768 and the Nvidia driver gives even weirder default resolutions.03:59
tomreynPilotBob42: if you want to debug this: sudo apt-get install read-edid; sudo get-edid | parse-edid04:00
PilotBob42I've been able to get 1280x1024 with a custom xorg.conf file with a Modeline, but that precludes getting the Nvidia driver to work and/or a compositor with GPU acceleraion.04:00
adman120hey i need some help04:00
PilotBob42Done that.04:01
tomreyn!ask | adman12004:01
ubottuadman120: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:01
adman120how do i fix this https://pastebin.com/a2q5rCvd04:01
tomreynPilotBob42: "WARNING: Checksum failed" suggests the data read from i2c bus is inconsistent. this usually happens with screens with firmware bugs.04:02
seldomanyone know how to remove the timestamps in irc04:06
seldomseriously irritating; they merge with the sentence so I mistake for one04:06
tomreynPilotBob42: you can alternatively pipe into edid-decode (a command provided by a package of the same name)04:06
tomreynseldom: depends on your irc client04:06
seldomtomreyn: Thunderbird04:07
seldomapparently /timestamp is not supported04:07
tomreynseldom: i dont know then, if it's not configurable in thunderbird preferences then i'd recommend you use a different irc client04:09
PilotBob42looks like a checksum error from the monitor04:10
tomreynPilotBob42: like before, yes04:11
PilotBob42Is there a workaround for the Nvidia driver to set a manual resolution (this system is spare parts and not worth buying a new monitor for)04:12
tomreynpersonally i don't know (and also don't fancy supporting their proprietary drivers).04:13
SchizoXerm i started hexchat from the terminal. now the terminal doesn't operate because i think it's tied to the application. can someone help me out on this thing.04:13
seldomSchizoX: try hexchat &04:14
seldomthe & will untie it, so to speak04:14
SchizoXi'm taking advice to start off getting comfortable with the terminal. so i think i'll have to be doing this alot04:14
cloaksclassic ubuntu, doesnt work04:14
SchizoXas in. end off with &? oh hmm04:14
PilotBob42I'm on the Nouveau driver now, but nothing GPU centric seems to work right. No compton or compiz compositor for instance.04:14
SchizoXbut right now. i can't do that right? cuz i'm using this hexchat04:14
SchizoXso that terminal is tied down until this application process ends?04:15
seldomSchizoX: no, you should have started it that way04:15
SchizoXyup. got it04:15
SchizoXso if i'm to start any application from the terminal i should always end it with &?04:15
seldomend it with & if you want to do other stuff04:16
SchizoXif i terminate the terminal will hexchat go with it?04:16
seldomotherwise the terminal will be tied to the application you started in it04:16
seldomyes it will go with it04:16
SchizoXcuz i think this is a child process of the terminal right?04:16
SchizoXi see. ok04:16
SchizoXso mental note. almost always default to & when starting application via cli04:16
tomreynPilotBob42: does "glxinfo -B | grep Accel" report "yes"?04:17
SchizoXbtw any hexchat user here? i want to restart this thing. but how do i have hexchat reopen all these server/channels and pm?04:17
SchizoXis there persistency option ?04:17
PilotBob42Hmm, yes it does...04:17
ses1984what happened to the persistent storage options in the 'startup disk creator'04:17
tomreynPilotBob42: nouveau acceleration (and performance in general) is not very fast, won't be on par with the proprietary drivers. also the opengl version supported may be lower (yuo can see this on 'glxinfo -B' output as well)04:20
PilotBob42Yeah, that would explain what I'm seeing. Some tearing in video playback and Compiz is hopelessly sluggish and Marco with Compton is garbled.04:21
tomreynses1984: i think those are only available when you have an msdos partition table or have it create that partition table (i.e. bytes 1 to 1024 zeroed), but not entirely sure.04:21
PilotBob42Gonna try to drive this off of the DVI monitor port tomorrow when my HDMI to DVI adapter gets here, hoping it can read the EDID right then.04:22
tomreynSchizoX: you'd need to edit the network profile and add all channels you want to the 'join' tab04:22
tomreynhexchat -> network list -> (select network -> ) edit -> autojoin channels04:23
ses1984tomreyn: the option to add reserved space with a slider is just not present at all in my gui04:24
DagronmasterSchizoX: right-click your channels and select 'autojoin'04:25
Dagronmasters/channels/channels and networks/04:25
PilotBob42tomreyn: I can load the Nvidia driver, but it just won't find my native resolution so everything looks blurry.04:25
tomreynses1984: yes, i understood so much.04:26
tomreynses1984: i am suggesting that your usb stick is not properly formatted to allow for it04:26
SchizoX :) thx for the answers seldom04:27
ses1984i thought the options were always visible, or the tool would format the disk for you if you wanted persistent storage04:27
tomreynPilotBob42: you could run xrandr on x startup / login. i don't have a better suggestion other than also giving 16.04 lts a try.04:28
SchizoXam i back?04:28
SchizoXnice. it worked :) hceers04:28
PilotBob42tomreyn: that works with Nouveaux, but I get an an error when the Nvidia driver is loaded. But at any rate, thanks for taking sometime to chat about it. You gave me at least one new direction to investigate.04:29
seldomSchizoX: no probs. you should check out the book The Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts, Jr. That's where I learnt it and many other things04:31
seldomIt's free online04:32
seldomoh, he left04:32
ses1984tomreyn: ok, i used dd to zero the beginning of the drive, `dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M count=1000` -- tried to create the startup disk, and the options did not show up04:34
tomreynPilotBob42: maybe also try unplugging power off the moniitor and replugging it, it can help.04:34
ses1984then i opened the drive with `fdisk /dev/sdb` and it said "Created a new DOS disklabel" -- opened startup disk creator, again no options for persistent storage04:35
tomreynPilotBob42: also if you have a spare monitor cable (and it can actually be replaced) then give that a try, too.04:36
PilotBob42tomreyn: Checksum correct!04:37
tomreynPilotBob42: :)04:37
tomreynses1984: what capacity is the stick?04:38
tomreynhow much sotrage does it provide04:38
PilotBob42tomreyn: and control center is showing my actual monitor model for the first time ever.04:38
tomreynses1984: hmm, maybe that's just too large for it to be able to handle it. sorry, i don't know. :-/ this utility is surely not perfect. may i ask what you aretrying to achieve?04:39
ses1984a bootable usb stick with persistent storage04:39
ses1984the slider for persistent storage does not show up even when no stick is plugged in -- which is not what i remember04:40
tomreynses1984: how about you just create one without, then use gparted to create a separate partition on it and format it? i haven't tried whether this actually works, but i guess it could.04:40
otakuHowdy, can someone help a gray beard out and tell me what the latest and greatest is where I was using Compiz and Avant to look so turbo rad years ago?04:41
PilotBob42tomreyn: you sir are a scholar and a gentleman. I'd buy you a beer if I could.04:41
tomreynPilotBob42: hehe, glad i could help. feel free to give this beer to you closest LUG instead.04:41
otakuStuck in Ubuntu Mate because I refuse to live in the future, guess I should have mentioned that.04:42
PilotBob42tomreyn: I'd powered off an on about eleventy billion times, never thought about physically removing power from the monitor.04:43
PilotBob42tomreyn: I'd even tried a different VGA cable before, but since I never unplugged it...04:46
tomreynPilotBob42: glad you worked it out.04:46
PilotBob42tomreyn: ok, while my monitor is still EDIDing right I'm gonna try the Nvidia driver again. In case I don't see you again, thanks a lot.04:47
tomreynshould work now04:47
PilotBob42probably will, thanks again, and good night04:48
tomreynotaku: hello there, i'd like to assist but probably cannot. you are trying to get compiz and avant working on ubuntu mate? which release?04:48
seldomotaku: you want something to customize the desktop?04:48
otakutomreyn: Nah, was just curious what the latest trend is to customize the GUI and have a dock somewhat nicer than standard MATE.04:48
otakuThank you for your reply. :)04:48
seldomI dunno about Mate but I always used Tweak Tool04:49
seldomon Ubuntu when I was still using it04:49
tomreynotaku: i see. i admit i know little about mate and compiz, but the web seems to suggest to install the "compizconfig-settings-manager" package to be able to configure compiz, if this helps. i really don't know about the dock / panel on mate.04:50
tomreynthere may be an #ubuntu-mate channel you can /join - but you may have a better chance getting feedback there starting ~ 10 hours from now.04:51
otakuActually, selecting Cupertino style from MATE-Tweak gave fanciness, I'm sure I can figure out nifty desktop effects later. Thanks man!04:54
=== db is now known as Guest7529
adman120how do i fix nfs-kernel-server dependency04:58
tomreynadman120:  provide more context. what's the command you are running and the output it produces? explain how do you know it does not work, and what do you expect it to do.05:01
adman120sudo apt install nfs-kernel-server05:01
naccadman120: read the output you rann and provide the resulting output in a pastebi05:03
tomreynadman120: you can run "sudo journalctl -xel | pastebinit" to provide the full log output.05:03
naccadman120: what versio of ubuntu?05:04
naccadman120: and there should be more in the log, I'd expect05:05
naccadman120: that eol and not supported05:05
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu - Release notes: https://ubottu.com/y/zesty - Want to upgrade? see https://ubottu.com/y/artful05:05
nacc!yakkety | adman12005:05
ubottuadman120: Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) was the 25th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 20th, 2017. See !eol, !eolupgrade and https://ubottu.com/y/yakkety05:05
naccerr, zesty, sorry, i misremembered my versions05:06
naccabout to go eol :)05:06
naccI think a week out, right?05:06
naccadman120: end of life05:06
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:06
Ben64according to the thing i saw, it's not scheduled to get updated for meltdown, so i'd say it's pretty dead now05:07
adman120im running in an lxc05:07
naccBen64: ah yeah that makes sense05:07
naccadman120: it helpls to mention relevant bits like that05:07
michael2hi, does anyone know if it is possible to slow down the mouse pointer speed, beyond what ubuntu 16.04 standard "settings" GUI tool?05:08
Ben64michael2: man xset ?05:08
naccin any case, the above serverfault page was the first hit on google for 'nfs-kernel-server failed dependency systemd' :)05:08
adman120do i have any alternatives?05:08
naccadman120: read the lxd issue05:08
adman120no to nfs05:08
naccadman120: what are you tryign to do?05:09
adman120have access to files in other lxcs05:09
naccadman120: uh, just ssh?05:09
Ben64first you should upgrade to 17.1005:09
Ben64and yeah, ssh05:09
adman120like sonarr cant ssh05:09
naccadman120: what?05:10
adman120im using sonarr and deluge in different lxcs05:10
adman120so i need sonarr to get the files from deluge05:10
naccadman120: so you're using a non Ubuntu OS?05:10
naccadman120: use sshfs and it's fie05:10
adman120im using ubuntu containers05:11
naccadman120: i don't know what sonarr and deluge are, are they applications?05:11
naccadman120: sharing files is not relevant to the application, use sshfs at the container level05:11
naccadman120: or use a shared storage at the host between the two05:11
adman120yea they appliations05:11
PilotBob42tomreyn: worked like a champ! loaded the Nvidia driver and turned on Marco with Compton GPU compositor and everything is much snappier!05:14
tomreynPilotBob42: great. enjoy (until it breaks again, but you'll know how to recover).05:15
michael2Ben64: thanks, but ( i should have mentioned) xset can have a setting for a mouse and a trackpad independently05:15
PilotBob42tomreyn: yup, the mystery is solved now. spent a couple days trying to figure this out, so it's a huge relief.05:16
michael2damn  i meant s/can/cant/05:16
michael2i think xinput --set-ptr-feedback can distinguish between the two though05:16
SchizoXargh. i can't copy and paste host to guest on vbox somehow05:19
SchizoXso many things to trouble shoot going crazy05:19
ses1984tomreyn: i tried to add an ext4 fs named casper-rw and it didn't get the result i wanted05:19
ses1984nothing persisted between boots05:20
tomreynses1984: i was rather thinking about a fat32 or ext4 fs05:20
ses1984the partition showed up in the file browser and clicking on it resulted in an error exited with status 32 already mounted or /media/ubuntu/casper-rw busy05:21
ses1984and /etc/mtab showed neither of those things was true05:21
sphexhey. not really ubuntu-specific, but what's a good media player that can work with a big music collection that doesn't have a uniform file naming scheme or correct meta-data? it's organized by directory correctly though (but sometimes with album subdirectories and sometimes not).05:21
ses1984also while i was in the 17.04 live environment the startup disk creator didn't have persistence options like my regular 16.04 desktop05:21
c06hi all05:25
c06facing packet loss issue in my environment how to find the issue(root cause) .?05:25
tomreynses1984: 17.04 will be EOL soon, i'd recommend using a supported release05:26
tomreync06: which ubuntu release is this?05:26
ses1984i just had the iso laying around to test, didn't feel like downloading another05:27
c06tomreyn: ubuntu 16.0405:30
tomreync06: and the packet loss is between this and what?05:30
c06cluster of vms which running in keepalive.. (vm3 -> (vm1,vm2,vm3 - VIP))05:31
ghostnik11hey what does it mean when someone says: you have to add an entry in the visudo script, and add the path of the script05:32
ghostnik11what is the visudo script?05:32
Ben64ghostnik11: what are you trying to do? messing with that could make your system not work properly05:33
c06tomreyn: sorry i am asking in networking channel leaving here.05:33
ghostnik11Ben64, i am trying to add this: https://launchpad.net/asust100-ubuntu/+milestone/hardware-scripts05:33
c06ty for reply05:33
tomreync06: cool, good luck.05:34
lol-md5c06: what networking channel? I should ask there05:34
ghostnik11Ben64, the last one especially which has to do with autobrightness05:34
c06tomreyn: ty05:34
michael2i love how irc channels have straightforwards names.05:35
lol-md5I shouldn't have asked.05:35
tomreynit's ##networking though05:37
ghostnik11Ben64, so can i just add this to visudo file: #includedir /home/scripts (where /home/scripts is the location of my autobrightness.sh file and it will then work after a reboot?05:41
Ben64ghostnik11: look here https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78514905:43
lol-md5tomreyn: #networking redirects to ##networking05:50
ghostnik11Ben64, so it should be something like this because i don't want it to be one user dependent but work for who ever is on the tablet. but from that link you gave me it would be just better to put the scripts in the /usr/local/sbin folder since visudo already uses that as default (thats what the visudo file says while in termninal that that is the default path05:51
tomreynlol-md5: the earth is not flat.05:51
ghostnik11Ben64, the script folder is located in /home/myname/script05:51
lol-md5tomreyn: correct, why do you bring it up?05:52
ghostnik11Ben64, if i wanted to this would be the correct syntax to add at the end: ALL=NOPASSWD: /home/myname/script is that correct and could i just put that at the end of the visudo file or you think my first options to just put the script in /usr/local/sbin is better05:52
Ben64ghostnik11: if you want multiple users to use it, you probably don't want it in someone's home directory05:53
tomreynlol-md5: it's as correct as your statement is. i just meant to point out i didn't say anything to the opposite. anyways, OT here, let's please move to #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd like to talk more.05:53
ghostnik11Ben64, yeah but its my home directory like i am the principal user and probably the only one that will use the system05:54
ghostnik11Ben64, so the /usr/local/sbin option seems to be the best and safest05:55
Ben64ghostnik11: but you just said you don't want it one user dependent...05:55
ghostnik11Ben64, yeah like i want the script to run in the background even if lets say a family member signs in as guest05:56
Ben64how do you plan on having it run in the background05:56
ghostnik11Ben64, well i thought the whole point of visudo was to allow the scirpt to run without me having to input sudo and also i would tell to run as startup application with the sudo command and ./name of the script.sh05:57
ghostnik11Ben64, i mean have to run it without ask for me to input password for sudo05:58
ghostnik11Ben64, you get it or did i confuse u05:58
Ben64i think you're just going about it the wrong way05:58
ghostnik11Ben64, how come, according the instruction it says add it to visudo then put in command with startup application05:59
ghostnik11Ben64, i can post the link again05:59
Ben64i'd just add it to cron or something06:00
ghostnik11Ben64, cron? is cron and startup application the same thing or just doing the same job?06:01
Ben64not the same thing really06:02
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto06:02
ghostnik11Ben64, not going to lie but i just skimmed the unixgeeks.org link and cron sounds cool but its saying it would only run the job in certain time frame for the autobrightness.sh i want it to run at startup/boot06:03
Ben64you can have it run every minute06:03
ghostnik11Ben64, that way the system knows how to adjust the autobrightness depending on the light sensor06:04
ghostnik11Ben64, but it would just check every minute, isn't that forcing the OS to do more work than just activate it at boot/startup and not have to worry about it06:04
Ben64that script as is runs a constant loop06:05
Ben64thats a lot of work06:05
ghostnik11Ben64, the same autobrightness.sh script?06:05
dan2wikIs it possible to disable auto scan of the partition table for new devices?06:06
dan2wikI'm trying to get data off this SD card but ubuntu keeps retrying to read the partition table.06:07
lotuspsychjedan2wik: gparted to the rescue06:08
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ghostnik11Ben64, will be back after a reboot06:14
=== SmokinGrunts is now known as SGSleeps
snadgewhere is the meltdown update for 17.10?06:21
=== gerald is now known as Guest4488
snadgeim about to compile my own kernel because mainline doesn't even have the patch from 4.15 git as it was only merged 2 days ago06:22
ghostnik11Ben64, okay so i found out that in that script there is an error so it doesn't work. but i found out that this other one is correct but the thing is that i have to run this to make it work: sudo ./t100ta_screen_brightness_ctl (decrease or increase) to be able to adjust my screen brightness06:29
ghostnik11Ben64, would i be able to run that script via startup and then have it work from just the fn keys?06:29
eraserpencilhow can I have two different keyboard shortcut configs for ubuntu?06:29
eraserpencilthe keys are physically printed with different media buttons and it's difficult when I'm without the keyboard I configured it for.06:31
ghostnik11Ben64, i want to know how can it automatically increase and decrease instead of me going into terrminal and having to cd where the script is then running the sudo ./ command06:31
MrCrackPotBuildehhhhmmmmm i have a strange problem06:31
MrCrackPotBuildei insert an old laptop hdd into the comp and lsblk lists it as sdb witth 4 partitions06:32
MrCrackPotBuildewhen i mount i get errors non stop06:32
MrCrackPotBuildeeither from fdisk with input output error06:32
MrCrackPotBuildeor with mounting saying cant find sdb in fstab06:33
dan2wikDoes anyone know how to disable automatic partition table reading for new or specific drives?06:33
dan2wikI'm repeatedly seeing Block and Buffer IO errors along with "Alternate GPT is invalid, using primary GPT". I am trying to do a dd image but it freezes for a few seconds every time GPT is read.06:35
MrCrackPotBuildeok this is even weirder after mounting i loose the 4partitions06:35
duhamelanybody know how i can change the sensitivity of logitech k400 touchpad in ubuntu 17.1006:46
Jezzersensitivity? Hold on, let me consult my notes. I did this for my HP touchpad a while back.06:46
duhamel17.10 has been such a steb back for ubuntu as far as stability and compatablity. at least for my computer it has06:48
Jezzerduhamel, if your touchpad uses synaptics, then i can help - as follows:06:49
duhamelsynaptics is gone in 17.1006:49
Jezzerreally? what happens when you type in " xinput list " ?06:50
Jezzerdoes it give a synaptics device output?06:51
duhamel17.10 uses libinput06:51
duhamelnot synaptics06:51
Jezzerah okay... sorry, i can't help06:52
duhamelthanks anyways.06:53
DrManhattanHello, I was wondering if 16.04 had intel quicksync support for Skylake?07:13
DrManhattanI'm looking at the Ubuntu site for it and it says I may need to use 17.04 or 17.10 to have proper hardware support, but that message about the bios bug in 17.10 on the download page is the scaries07:14
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: you could use 16.04 with higher kernel also07:15
DrManhattanthank you, think outside the box07:15
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: !mainline or !hwe07:15
DrManhattanI didn't consider that07:15
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack07:15
DrManhattanwait I might HAVE HWE enabled07:16
DrManhattanLinux z600hp 4.10.0-42-generic #46~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 4 15:57:59 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:16
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: wich ubuntu are you on now?07:16
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: wich point release?07:17
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: ah you need to upgrade mate07:17
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: .307:17
DrManhattanI'm not sure what's left to upgrade07:17
DrManhattandist-upgrade is supposed to upgrade the whole system, right?07:18
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial07:18
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB07:18
DrManhattanok so I am on 4.10.0-4207:19
DrManhattan!help info07:19
DrManhattan!info help07:19
ubottuPackage help does not exist in artful07:19
DrManhattan!info linux-image-generic07:20
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (artful), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB07:20
lotuspsychjethats for artful07:20
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: dist upgrade to .307:20
DrManhattanlotuspsychje, i've done dist-upgrade a bunch of times07:20
DrManhattanI have missed something apparently07:20
DrManhattanand I feel like a big blue moron07:21
lotuspsychje!upgrade | DrManhattan07:21
ubottuDrManhattan: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:21
DrManhattanI'm on a headless server, and I think perhaps my uname info is not reflecting my current system info07:22
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: lsb_release -a to check07:22
DrManhattanyeah i'm fine, sorry07:23
DrManhattanI wonder why uname gets tagged with the original sysinfo07:23
DrManhattanthat's cute, but annoying07:23
DrManhattanDescription:    Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS07:23
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: hmm that doesnt explain kernel yet07:23
DrManhattanSorry to have wasted your time there, but my kernel info is right07:24
DrManhattanI think I'm on that HWE stack07:24
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: dont sorry mate, we here to investigate right07:24
DrManhattanNice. And my teammates often wonder why I like the ubuntu community more07:24
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: what was your original issue of hardware support you wanted higher kernel for?07:25
DrManhattanMy nose wasn't high enough in the air for my comfort? Performance boost?07:26
DrManhattanWe do things because we can!07:26
DrManhattanto see what Linux is capable of07:26
DrManhattanit never ceases to amaze me07:26
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: well for ubuntu its better to keep things vanilla, when they work07:27
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: but of course its your system to play with07:27
DrManhattani'm an old guy and to see it go from compiling everything yourself to this amazing intuitive flexible use-anywhere OS, it just brings a smile to my face07:27
DrManhattanSo what I basically like to do is keep everything vanilla BUT the kernel07:28
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: yeah the ubuntu community is splendid, join #ubuntu-discuss if you like07:28
DrManhattanif I could, I'd use whatever the latest release from kernel.org is, but I am too old to be trying to compile my own kernel when everything is so wonderfully autodetected07:28
DrManhattanNO - OT07:29
DrManhattanNP- OT I mean07:29
DrManhattanThat being said, is there a way to enable whatever the absolute latest kernel being used in my LTS release?07:29
lotuspsychje!mainline | DrManhattan no need to compile07:29
ubottuDrManhattan no need to compile: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds07:29
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: there is also #ubuntu-server to help you in the future07:31
DrManhattanlotuspsychje, this is awesome. Thanks a ton for being so helpful. That was just perfect.07:33
lotuspsychjeDrManhattan: your welcome and nice to hear you like the community07:34
=== dmaian is now known as damian
ghostnik11hey i am compiling bluetooth and i get this error: makefile.in07:45
ghostnik11how can i get around that07:46
ghostnik11Ben64, i got brightness working but like i said before, the scripts i was trying to use had errors in them. the only problem i have is that i don't know how to map the fn keys to the correct script so i can just touch the keys and tell it to increase and decrease brightness07:47
ghostnik11config.status: error: cannot find input file: `Makefile.in'07:47
Ben64ghostnik11: you said you want auto brightness, that seems like it would override that07:49
ghostnik11Ben64, well the problem i was having was that brightness was turned up to highest level and i wasn't allowed to change it. so now the script allows me to change it via terminal. i just need to map the fn keys to increase and decrease the brightness07:51
ghostnik11Ben64, while in terminal all i do is cd to script folder and run ./t100ta_screen_brightness_ctl [increase or decrease] and i can adjust the screen brightness level07:54
OERIASAnyone know if there is way of getting the notifications back? I installed Unity on Ubuntu 17.1007:57
Ben64ghostnik11: well i don't think you'd be able to use the fn keys if they don't already work for it07:58
ghostnik11Ben64, it isn't possible to put into the script to map increase as fn 6 and decrease as fn 507:59
ghostnik11Ben64, also i am trying to compile and build bluetooth, in order to get bluetooth working and for some reason i keep getting a error: config.status: error: cannot find input file: `Makefile.in08:00
ghostnik11Ben64, i don't understand why i am getting that error08:00
geirhaprobably need to run autoconf first08:01
ghostnik11geirha, like just: sudo autoconf08:01
geirhano sudo08:01
geirhamay also need to run aclocal first08:02
ghostnik11geirha, so i did both of those in the order you said and will now run:./configure --enable-experimental08:03
ghostnik11geirha, still same error08:04
ghostnik11geirha, am i getting this error b/c of a dependency issue?08:04
geirhaOk, then you'll need to figure out how Makefile.in is meant to be generated08:04
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ghostnik11geirha, also the aclocal that you told me to run has no file like that but has: aclocal.m408:06
geirhaaclocal is a command installed elsewhere08:07
geirhaI assume it's bluez? I found the source code, and it apparently requires a few more steps   https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/bluetooth/bluez.git/tree/bootstrap08:08
ghostnik11geirha, yeah its bluez08:08
geirharun ./bootstrap then08:08
ghostnik11geirha, is ./bootstrap i ran it and it told me it installed stuff that were missing like: /compile, /missing and /depcomp08:10
ghostnik11should i run my command now to get it to compile?08:10
geirhasee if Makefile.in has appeared08:11
ghostnik11geirha, yeah its there now08:11
ghostnik11geirha, so i can use ./bootstrap anytime i get any error and it will find whats missing and do it for me08:11
geirhaIt should only be necessary the first time.08:12
ghostnik11geirha, okay i just make -install j4 and ow its running through all the modules and stuff and it just finished and put in /usr/bin/install -c tools/btattach /usr/...08:14
ghostnik11geirha, so i should be good now to follow the rest of the instructions from launchpad08:15
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blubaustinwas wondering how I would set PRAGMA shrink_memory or sqlite3_db_release_memory() in sqlite3 command line?08:23
geirhaTry asking #sqlite08:25
ghostnik11geirha, okay so i got bluetooth up but with this command: btattach --bredr /dev/ttyS4 -P bcm08:28
ghostnik11geirha, the only thing is that when i use that command if i close terminal then bluetooth goes away from up by the clock and wifi signal08:29
geirhaRun it from a run dialog (Alt+F2) instead of from a terminal08:29
ghostnik11geirha, oh, i see08:30
hateballwell you could simply append "& disown" to the command in a terminal to detach it08:30
geirhatrue, but running it from the run dialog will leave it managed by the x session, so will get killed along with it when he logs out08:32
hateballfair point08:32
ghostnik11hateball, geirha well i did a sudo nano to rc.local and just added it there08:37
=== nicolo is now known as Guest59310
ghostnik11hateball, geirha i will reboot and see if i have bluetooth by default and see08:37
geirhaI doubt it will work from rc.local08:38
ghostnik11geirha, well we will see, i will let you know give me one sec08:39
hateballneed to enable the systemd rc.local service first08:40
hateballand they left, I see08:40
ghostnik11geirha, got it bro. it worked08:41
ghostnik11geirha, hateball soso it worked and now when i boot i see the bluetooth dongle up top by the wifi and clock and language08:42
hateballghostnik11: :)08:42
ghostnik11hateball, no but thanks to you guys for the help and the guys over at launchpad where i followed their steps to get bluetooth working for this particular device08:43
imihi. how do I set keyboard repetition page in stock ubuntu?08:51
UshuruHi all, I have a question: has anyone here installed / used the VCV Rack ?08:59
ghostnik11is mapping keys in the .exrc09:08
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raddyHello Everybody09:34
raddyIs security fixes for meltdown vulnerabilty released by Ubuntu ?09:34
menacedo plattforms like python or libreoffice have to be recompiled for spectre/meltdown? it seems some attack variants only need locally executed code for mapping the memory09:35
mbi!kpti | raddy09:37
ubotturaddy: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/09:37
neurefor some reason alt+function key switches to virtual terminals09:46
neurethis is nasty09:46
neurei cant use alt-f4 to close a window - it will activate vt409:46
neureany suggestions how to fix this?09:46
vitalkanevneure: ALT-F4 closes window on 17.10, which works09:48
vitalkanevI don't actually know09:48
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
neurewell this is annoying09:48
=== pycer is now known as satoshi1958
neurethe problem it that it ALSO switches VT :(09:49
neureperhaps a reboot will fix that..09:49
eraserpencilany idea why rfcomm keeps disconnecting after successfully connecting?10:02
menacembi: the kpti answer does not really satisfy my question if user land applications which are able to execute code have to be recompiled10:09
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mbimenace: my answer was to Raddy :) hence the '| raddy '10:22
mbihowever I do not belive it should be necessary to update user specific applications, since the kernel will prevent this fault to be executable10:24
mbibut ... :-) we'll have to see10:24
* satoshi1958 commands ChanServ to give her operator status10:43
trevorjyo beautiful people, wheres our patches at?10:50
trevorjI should ask in -security huh10:50
trevorjI compiled bionic's master-next for now, currently pushing it out, but I'd rather not ofc10:51
trevorjI'm assuming zfs 0.6.5.x not supporting 4.14 directly may have had something to do with it not being out yet?10:52
trevorjThat, or maybe you, like me, tried to backport kpti to 4.13 in a rush10:54
trevorjThat proved to be harder than forward-porting that sweet sauce to 4.1410:55
trevorjThis is when I found that the bionic repo is now live.10:55
trevorjFelt pretty dumb.10:55
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gordonjcpifconfig has been replaced by ip11:04
gordonjcphow do you get ip to just show you everything, the way that typing ifconfig on its own did?11:04
DalekSec`ip a`11:05
aroraip -c a11:05
pagioshello everyone, i am having some problem when copying files from hardisk to any usb stcik, the copy starts fast then slows down like hell and stops around 80% and takes forever to finish any idea?11:13
pagioson windows i dont have thyis problem11:13
aaapmay i know what is an effective way to copy a URL/text with links2 -g  to system clipboard?11:13
EriC^^pagios: try copying it from the terminal11:13
pagiosEriC^^, i m using unetbootin11:14
pagiosto copy iso to usb stick11:14
EriC^^pagios: oh, try using dd11:14
pagiosi did11:14
pagiosusb donest boot11:14
pagiosEriC^^, any optiosn to use with dd?11:14
EriC^^dd is the best way, must be something else11:14
EriC^^pagios: sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync11:15
EriC^^did you use /dev/sdX or /dev/sdxY11:15
EriC^^oh, that's it then11:15
EriC^^you need to use the whole disk name11:15
pagiosudo ^C if=....iso  of=/dev/sde1  conv=fdatasync11:16
pagiosso i need to use /dev/sde11:16
EriC^^make sure it's unmounted, then run the command again11:16
EriC^^use bs=4M so it goes faster, and run 'sync' after it's done11:16
pagiosusually a gui problem from copy?11:17
EriC^^just thought the terminal might give any errors about why it's stalling11:17
pagiosdoes the blocksize matter?11:18
EriC^^makes it faster11:19
mDfRg-so why one need smaller block size?11:19
EriC^^that's the block size for the buffer of dd, so instead of reading each 512bytes and putting it it reads 4M at a time, way less operations to do11:21
mDfRg-Does using 512b at once make it more reliable?11:22
EriC^^if the disk has some damage or something then smaller block size would be better for recovery11:22
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matglasI read about the updates to come regarding Meltdown and Spectre https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/04/ubuntu-updates-for-the-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities/. I was wondering if anybody knows of a repo that would bring in a Kernel for 12.04.11:23
EriC^^i think ddrescue attempts smaller and smaller blocksize when it's trying to get damaged data back, also in dd with a larger block size an error in a block could disregard a lot of data11:23
pagiosso the smallest unit is the block11:23
matglasI know that Canonical/Ubuntu will not provide it. But if there is another way to get a matching Kernel that would be great.11:24
mavricgreetings earthlings11:24
EriC^^pagios: yeah, it's the group of bytes it gets together11:24
dviolaanyone experiencing compiz crashes with the latest ubuntu 16.04?11:25
EriC^^dviola: anything in dmesg about it?11:26
dviolaI only saw compiz segfaults, but I'll have to reboot and check again11:26
EriC^^ok, look into kern.log11:27
=== gianni is now known as Guest62980
dviolaok thanks11:27
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lord4163matglas: can't you upgrade to 14.04 at least?11:30
lord4163matglas: you can I think download the deb package11:31
matglaslord4163, I might be able to update the kernel to that of 14.04?11:32
DrGrovHow can I access the security package updates branch to follow security updates being released for 16.04?11:32
matglasI am not able to update the machine to 14.0411:32
geirhawhy not?11:33
maxzorHello, I have a dvd burnt with ubuntu from last week. Can I apply kpti patches without rewriting the whole dvd? Like mounting chrooting sudo update?11:33
BluesKajHowdy folks11:33
geirha!kpti | DrGrov11:33
ubottuDrGrov: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/11:33
DrGrovgeirha: Thank you11:33
lord4163matglas: I mean, you can just download the deb file and try to install the kernel. http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/2018-01-05/11:34
lord4163matglas: files*11:34
geirhamaxzor: not if it's finalized11:35
lord4163matglas: And if you are concerned with security, then you are fucked anyways on an EOL distro.11:35
maxzorgeirha, what do you mean? I indeed finished burning my dvd and it is cold now :)11:35
matglaslord4163, true true. First thing on the list to do. Migrate all to 16.04. :)11:36
maxzorbut anyway I go to the install party tomorrow and I guess the patch for xenial wont be rdy11:36
lord4163matglas: why can't you upgrade btw?11:37
lapionHello wherecan I find the kernel configuration used in the running kernel ?11:37
Exterminadordoes the backup system in Ubuntu only works with NextCloud?11:39
lapionnvm found the info11:39
pagiosEriC^^, sudo dd if=x64.iso  of=/dev/sdd  conv=fdatasync bs=4M status=progress11:41
pagios3858759680 bytes (3.9 GB, 3.6 GiB) copied, 2.03417 s, 1.9 GB/s11:41
pagiosit just hangs afterwards11:41
hateballpagios: do you see any errors if you run "dmesg" ?11:42
EriC^^pagios: ^11:42
pagiosEriC^^, hateball https://pastebin.com/qSQVyBvS11:42
lord4163Exterminador: deja-dup?11:43
dv`pagios: how long did you wait?11:44
dv`pagios: i often get sd card write speeds like 2mb/s, so it might take a while to finish11:44
pagiosdv`, so far like 10 min11:44
pagiosbut why11:47
EriC^^pagios: that seems excessive, did you run && sync at the end or just the dd one?11:48
pagiosjust dd11:48
pagiosdidnt finish the dd11:48
EriC^^i think fdatasync is the same as && sync for the dd operation11:49
pagiostrying without it now11:49
EriC^^hmm ok11:49
EriC^^for me sometimes it completes the dd within a min or so, then the sync operation takes a few minutes11:50
pagiosthis is frustrating..11:51
pagiosi tried many usb sticks, many ports11:51
pagiosand i am running like a decent machine11:51
Exterminadorlord4163: sorry I went afk because of my daughter. yes, it's deja-dup11:54
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lord4163Exterminador: It has many options as far as I know.11:59
Exterminadorwell, I've tried to use Google Drive and didn't found it on the list of storage location I have only NextCloud, Network Server and Local Folder12:01
omairqazi <lazr.restfulclient.resource.Collection object at 0x7f7693a4e210> i am getting this error in python12:02
pagiosEriC^^, i interrupted it and now if i unplug replug no disk is detected in fdisk -l12:03
Exterminadorwell, seems I can't use Google. bah. does anyone is aware of other software to upload backups for another service, like Mega, Dropbox or something like that?12:03
EriC^^pagios: happens to me sometimes, try to unplug and replug a couple times12:03
lord4163Exterminador: Uhm, you can use duplicity with Google Drive I think12:04
Exterminadoruhm. I need to check it out then. thanks for the tip lord416312:05
lord4163Exterminador: make sure to install the latest version of duplicity from a ppa tho, cloud providers like Google like to change things namely12:05
ExterminadorI assume I won't find it on Ubuntu Software right?12:07
lord4163Exterminador: Duplicity can be installed from the software center I suppose12:08
lord4163Exterminador: but it should be installed already, it is the command line utility that deja-dup uses.12:08
lord4163Exterminador: deja-dup is just a graphical frontend for duplicity, but it is less powerful than the command line utility12:08
lord4163Exterminador: but as I said, it may be outdated, but you can try it with the version you have installed first12:09
Exterminadorif the command to use in command line is "duplicity", then it said that's not installed but can be installed with "apt install duplicity"12:10
lord4163Exterminador: but you have deja-dup installed?12:11
lord4163Exterminador: weird, then it must ship with its own version of duplicity.12:12
Exterminadorat least I think it's deja-dup. it's the backup system that came installed with the Ubuntu 17.10 I've installed (fresh one)12:12
lord4163Exterminador: Personally I use Backblaze B2 for my offsite backups https://www.backblaze.com/b2/cloud-storage.html with duplicity.12:16
Exterminadorlord4163: thanks. I'll take a look at the options I have and I'll see what can I use. once again thanks for the tip :)12:23
AscavasaionI tried to Install Ubuntu and hit this message, "grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot".  I have 8 x 4TB HDD on a SCSI controller, and put a 1TB SATA in to run the OS on.  I partitioned the 1TB into two ext4 partitions and chose to mount them on / and /home/username/800GB respectively.  Could someone help me with why it will not install the OS onto the /12:24
Ascavasaionpartition of the 1TB drive.12:24
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iresfi have ubuntu 16.4  on hp laptop with Radeon R5  m240 series that amd does not support it and im developing android app, because of performance this version is not good for developing12:31
gordonjcpDalekSec: thanks12:32
gordonjcparora: thanks12:32
iresfis there a way to secure downgrade ubuntu 16.04 to ubuntu 16.04.4  ?12:32
gordonjcpiresf: what exactly are you trying to do?12:32
good_cookiesi can suggest to debug your app via usb12:34
iresfi want to install ubuntu 14.04.4 or earlier but i have no one of them now and only i have ubuntu 14.04.5 iso  file   and  i know ubuntu 14.04.5 does not support fglrx12:34
iresfgordunjcp: but i am looking for a way to downgrade ubuntu 16.04 to 14.04.412:35
sdfgsdfgHELP ME12:38
sdfgsdfgI have too many tabs open12:38
sdfgsdfgcant stop opening new ones12:39
pagiosEriC^^, crazy ..12:39
pagiosthe usb stick is blinking forever12:40
iresfany secure way to downgrade from ubuntu 16.04 to ubuntu 14.04.4 ?12:40
pagios 535 kB/s12:42
arorairesf: Yeah, there is.12:52
arorairesf: but why do you want to?12:53
gordonjcpiresf: 14.04 or 16.04, you mention both12:53
iresfgordonjcp : ubuntu 16.04  to 14.04    because i need to use fglrx12:57
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
iresfarora : i need to fglrx driver12:58
aroraDo you have 14.04 iso? iresf12:58
iresfarora :  i have 14.04.5 iso  that i have heard it does not support fglrx12:59
iresfand  also i can not download 14.04.4 or earlier because some reasons related to internet13:00
arorairesf: What reasons with internet?13:01
pagiosEriC^^, question the dd command finished but still the usb is not bootable, should i enable any boot flag somewhere?13:01
iresfarora : low speed13:01
brainwashiresf: then we cannot help you13:02
aroraWhat's your internet speed? iresf13:03
aroraand what do you need fglrx for?13:03
iresfinternet speed of ISP that i have cached is low  : 120 kb /s13:05
arorairesf: and what do you need fglrx for?13:05
iresfarora : for android programming13:05
jk^how to unmount a drive? i try to "right click on drive" but it doesn't appear "Unmount"13:06
jk^on lubuntu13:06
ioriairesf, you could downgrade a trusty hwe point release, installing the previous 14.04.1 kernel/X stack , but personally never tried :  14.04.1 kernel/X stack:13:07
ioriairesf, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes#LTS_Hardware_Enablement_Stack13:07
arorajk^: Which file manager?13:08
ioriairesf,  this works for a 14.04.x installation, but with a xenial one btw13:09
MylonSo when will the repositories get the meltdown fix?  I just updated and I'm still not on kernel 4.4.109?13:09
EriC^^pagios: try pressing a run time boot options button that gives a boot menu, which pc make is it?13:09
iresfalright thank u arora  i have found also another way may you look it at ?  https://www.cyberciti.biz/howto/debian-linux/ubuntu-linux-rollback-an-apt-get-upgrade/13:10
jk^arora, the icon is on the desktop13:11
jk^i do right click but it doesn't appear a command to click to unmount the drive13:12
jk^i'm on lubuntu13:12
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arorairesf: You can only downgrade packages, not the entire system, I guess.13:16
arorajk^: Open it in a file manager, and eject it from there..13:16
jk^they didn't think to a command in the context menu of usb drives13:17
jk^and i don't even find a command to delete all trash contents13:17
jk^in the context meny by right click on trash icon13:18
arorajk^: What?13:18
arorajk^: Do you have pcmanfm?13:18
holden87.hey guys, I'd like to install 17.10, but need to ifnd out if my computer could be affected by the latest bug brekaing bios. how do i check this?13:20
eraserpencilit has. all computers the pass 20 years has the flaw13:20
aroraholden87: Which bug exactly.13:21
riyanp1992can i ask?13:21
holden87the most writtem about currently, wait i'll copy13:21
riyanp1992]i am new using xubuntu13:21
arorariyanp1992: Dont ask to ask.13:21
jk^arora, yes, but i'm talking about the icon on the desktop. If i right click on trash icon, in the context menu that appears, there isn't a command to delete by one click all contents of trash13:21
holden87this is not just lenovo as i heard13:21
arorajk^: That's just a design choice, i feel you. ;P13:22
eraserpencilanyone know of a calendar that supports timetracking that is also foss?13:23
riyanp1992is xubuntu have system sound like if  it have an error will be notified by the sound? or clicking something?13:23
aroraholden87: Are you going to dualboot it?13:23
matglasI was wondering.13:23
matglasI have a 12.04.5 ubuntu.13:24
=== OnE is now known as Guest98026
matglasBut it still runs the 3.2 kernel13:24
arorariyanp1992: Error like?13:24
matglasNot a good idea. I know.13:24
jk^arora, then how to delete all contents of trash?13:24
matglasBut I want to put the 3.13 kernel on there because that still receives updates.13:24
holden87arora: no13:24
matglasAnd offcourse move everything over to a new fresh install asap.13:25
arorajk^: I am using deepin, when I open trash folder and right click, it says, "empty trash" option13:25
matglasWhat should I do to do that? Can I setup my repository list to pickup the trusty kernel only?13:25
aroraholden87: I am on a lenovo as well, and nothing happened but to be safe go with, 16.10 and then upgrade to 18.0413:25
riyanp1992no error but, is ubuntu have a system sound like if we click the close the windows it has a sound.13:26
iresfarora : exactly  want to downgrade xserver-xorg  version to   1.1613:26
jk^what is deepin arora ?13:26
arorairesf: Yeah, then it may work, with the lower xorg version.13:27
arorajk^: It's a desktop environment.13:27
riyanp1992how to check opengl version?13:27
jk^mine is lxde13:27
jk^on lubuntu13:27
iresfarora  : yeah but i afraid of breaking packages13:27
arorajk^: You can change it..13:27
BluesKajholden87, I have Kubuntu 17.10 on my Lenovo G500 laptop, but my UEFI/BIOS seems ok13:28
Demgeekcan you help me13:28
jk^no, i need a light one13:28
hateball!ask | Demgeek13:28
ubottuDemgeek: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:28
arorairesf: This is why, I don't recommend it but you can get 14.04.04 or less if you leave it at overnight download..13:28
jk^arora, i know lxde is the lightest13:29
jk^arora, i have even a problem with archive manager13:29
jk^it shows me some error messages13:29
arorajk^: PcManfm should also have that.. right click inside pcmanfm trash can folder13:30
jk^ok arora13:30
jk^thanks, inside pcmanfm, i found it :)13:30
jk^but on desktop not13:30
arorayeah Demgeek13:31
arorajk^: :D13:31
DemgeekI have a qestion13:31
arorasure, ask13:32
aroraDemgeek: What's your question?13:32
DemgeekI had mozila firefox and it update13:32
jk^these are the problem with archive manager, they are 2 message i had on xubuntu, but they are the same i have now on lubuntu13:32
Demgeekand now it can't work13:33
aroraDemgeek: What happens when you open firefox?13:33
DemgeekFirefox had a problem and crashed.13:33
DemgeekTo help us diagnose and fix the problem, you can send us a crash report13:33
DemgeekThere it is13:33
aroraDoes it crash every time you open it Demgeek ?13:34
mjaykTried reinstalling FF Demgeek ?13:35
ioriaDemgeek, maybe some extensions/profile  issue. try in safe mode from terminal   :   firefox -safe-mode13:35
Demgeekit doesn't work ioria13:36
aroraDemgeek: Try reinstalling it.13:36
ioriaDemgeek, sudo apt install --reinstall firefox13:37
aroraDemgeek: ^^13:37
DemgeekSorry, user demka is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/apt install --reinstall firefox' as root on dema-rasp.13:39
ioriaDemgeek, are you in the sudo group ?13:40
abbatoNis there a nice program for making electronic music?13:41
abbatoNdubstep etc13:41
Demgeeksory I am from Ukraine and my English isn't the best13:42
Demgeekwhat is sudo?13:42
ioriaDemgeek, id | grep sudo13:42
adrian_1908abbiya: I don't make music myself, but maybe Hydrogen works for you (http://www.hydrogen-music.org/hcms/). Also, I heard that FL Studio (Windows) works ok with Wine.13:43
adrian_1908Wrong name, sorry. Meant abbatoN.13:44
Demgeeksory I don't understand13:44
abbatoNadrian_1908 ok thanks13:44
TJ-Demgeek: run the command "groups" and tell us what the result is, we need to check if the user account has privileges to run 'apt'13:45
Demgeekdemka adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape audio dip video plugdev input netdev lpadmin scanner sambashare spi i2c gpio13:46
aroraDemgeek: Do you know the root password? Meaning when you type su it will ask for a password, do you know that password?13:48
knightwisehey everyone13:48
=== ViSi0n is now known as UsQUE
mjaykhayk knightwise13:51
pagioshello, i burned my windows iso file to a usb and this is how it looks, for some reason it does not boot from usb is this uefi compatible? https://i.imgur.com/Uc3kfYX.png13:51
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arorapagios: Windows iso?13:56
pagioswhen you use dd command in luinyux to create the iso it creates it as legacy?14:01
mjaykpagios, dd wont work with the new windows iso i believe14:02
pagiosmjayk, its win714:04
pagiosnot new14:04
mjaykah ok my bad, im sorry14:07
bleHello ':]~ wich is the lightest, xfce or lxde?14:16
yeatsble: lxde, but both are light14:16
lotuspsychjeble: depends also on the machine really, i had some cases where xubuntu performed better then lubuntu14:17
blezudolotuspsychje: but, what it means? hardware?14:19
lotuspsychjeblezudo: yes, depends on the hardware/machine14:21
lotuspsychjeblezudo: but in most cases lubuntu is the lightest14:21
blezudolotuspsychje: ok thanks14:22
dviolahi, compiz is crashing for me on the latest ubuntu LTS, I get this on dmesg: https://gist.github.com/diegoviola/ef83824fc9fbddc67af0d9e75f51962114:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest28058
dviolait looks like a kernel issue14:23
dviolais there a way to upgrade the kernel to the latest one? or is it better if I upgrade to 17.10?14:23
dviolaany ideas?14:27
TJ-dviola: which kernel verision is the system using currently?14:28
dviola4.10.x, I'm not currently on that system14:29
dviolaall updates are applied14:29
TJ-dviola: the timestamps are about 4 1/2 minutes apart, were the messages definitely related to the same event?14:30
TJ-I've seen similar messages reported, and myself at times, with Intel i965 (and similar with nouveau too)14:31
dviolaTJ-: probably not, but I had this *ERROR* CPU pipe A FIFO underrun issue on archlinux with older kernel versions and I know it's fixed on latest kernels14:31
TJ-dviola: have you tried the hwe-edge kernel (4.13) ?14:32
dviolanot yet, how do I get the latest kernel on ubuntu?14:32
Orvalvisjeabout the bugs (in BIOS) with lenovo in the 17.10 version, does it only occur in the 17.10 or are there records of problems with the 17.04?14:32
TJ-dviola: e.g. linux-image-lowlatency-hwe-16.04-edge14:32
dviolaTJ-: no, I haven't tried that14:33
TJ-Orvalvisje: only 17.10, because in that release the Ubuntu kernel shipped a faulty driver module that causes the issue. That module wasn't shipped in earlier kernels14:33
dviolais there a simple way to upgrade kernels?14:33
OrvalvisjeTJ, so updating 16.04 to 17.04 should be ok then?14:33
lotuspsychjeOrvalvisje: any reason you want to go to non-lts?14:34
Orvalvisjenot particular, no, just to have the latest version, i suppose14:34
TJ-Orvalvisje: I'd stick with 16.04 LTS, just use the hardware enablement kernels/Xorg if you want more recent hardware support14:35
maxlatern[m]non lts is beta dont let them fool you14:35
Orvalvisjeand if i stay with the 16 version, is it worth it to go to 16.10?14:35
TJ-!hwe | Orvalvisje14:35
ubottuOrvalvisje: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:35
TJ-Orvalvisje: stay with 16.04, use hwe, and wait for 18.04.1 LTS to do a release upgrade14:36
=== CrazySane is now known as Guest57217
nshis there a simple way to check the PAGE_OFFSET for your kernel build?14:38
lotuspsychjemaxlatern[m]: what do you mean by that?14:40
=== Exagone314 is now known as Exagone313
apb196316.04: Anyone have a link to the current recommended method of setting up a NIC as an access point?14:46
apb1963There's far too much info out there to know what's current and what's ancient history... and what's ancient history warmed over.14:47
lotuspsychjeapb1963: this what you look for? https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-adhoc.html14:47
apb1963well... ad-hoc isn't quite an access point...14:48
apb1963oh but it's a hot spot that you linked to.  OK, let me read that14:49
lotuspsychjeapb1963: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint14:49
apb1963better :)  thank you14:49
lotuspsychjeapb1963: are you on desktop or server?14:50
apb1963hmm... that looks like it was written for 14.0414:51
apb1963desktop at the moment, but I want to set it up as a server14:51
erwynI just stumbled upon snap packages14:51
erwynI tried to install a package using it `sudo snap install vectr`14:52
erwynhow do I launch the app afterwards?14:52
lotuspsychjeerwyn: is it GUI?14:53
erwynlotuspsychje: yes it is a vector graphics editor14:53
lotuspsychjeerwyn: then it should make you an icon14:53
erwynlotuspsychje: well, I don't find it in my apps list14:54
pauljwmay have to logout and back in for the menu entry to be there.  erwyn14:54
erwynoh ok14:54
lotuspsychjeerwyn: you can also try launch from terminal, see if your icon pops up14:54
mattiHi there! Anyone from the Ubuntu's kernel team?14:55
lotuspsychje!ask | matti14:55
ubottumatti: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:55
erwynlotuspsychje: tried to issue a `vectr` but no command available14:55
erwynwhere are they usually located?14:55
erwynI don't have anything regarding it in my .local/share/applications14:56
mattiOK, then lotuspsychje ... here is my question.14:56
lotuspsychjeerwyn: try whereis vectr in terminal14:57
mattiI want to know what is different between -generic and -aws Kernel images/packages built by Canonical/Ubuntu, so that I can understand whether this is a patch there or simple Kconfig option, so that I can replicate the same setup for my custom 4.14.11 build for AWS.14:58
lotuspsychjematti: TJ- might know that one14:59
apb1963lotuspsychje, I've actually been leaning towards using this link... https://askubuntu.com/questions/180733/how-to-setup-an-access-point-mode-wi-fi-hotspot/180734#180734 it references 16.04, whereas the other link is talking about setting "net.ipv4.ip_forward=1" which I believe is ancient history now, yes?15:00
mattilotuspsychje: OK!15:00
erwynlotuspsychje: ok tried to log out but no change15:00
mattiTJ-: Hi there! Do you happen to know what difference is between -generic and -aws for the kernel images?15:00
erwynwhere are they supposed to be installed?15:00
lotuspsychjeerwyn: think snaps are getting /loop dir or so15:01
JeroenD07hi guys !15:01
lotuspsychjeerwyn: try a df -h15:01
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: welcome, what can we do for you?15:01
=== tom is now known as Guest97335
erwynlotuspsychje: oh ok15:02
mattiapb1963: This sysctl is not an ancient history, not at all.15:02
JeroenD07i'm a xubuntu user, and currently i've got a new pc with my old hd as boot disk with my data... i've got a SSD also but not yet configured yet15:02
lotuspsychjeerwyn: you sure packagename is vectr and not snap-vectr or so?15:02
JeroenD07how do i configure the ssd so it's booting first?15:03
pauljwerwyn, maybe this will help?: https://itsfoss.com/use-snap-packages-ubuntu-16-04/15:03
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: depends also on how its connected15:03
apb1963matti, Thank you.  You have substantial experience with setting up an access point?15:03
posdeb has released a meltdown kernel update, spectre to come later. will ubuntu ship one/either/both today?15:03
lotuspsychje!kpti | pos15:03
ubottupos: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/15:03
posyeah, cause usn is usually a day behind15:03
erwynlotuspsychje: ok found it, but it is supposed to create shortucts itself no?15:04
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: is it connected both hd's sata in your bios?15:04
lotuspsychjeerwyn: if its a GUI app yes15:04
JeroenD07it's a brand new pc so i dont know yet15:04
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: did you connect ssd yourself?15:04
mattiapb1963: I do, but I am about to go back to work to solve some problem.15:04
JeroenD07nope the pc shop, i can see the SSD in Gparted15:04
mattiapb1963: I recommend you search/Google for "hostapd ubuntu" or something along these lines.15:05
mattiapb1963: There are people using Linux as AP with great success.15:05
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: and what do you want? singleboot ubuntu or dualboot?15:05
erwynpauljw: sadly not, it only explains how to install stuff. But maybe I'm trying a bad package...15:05
apb1963matti, yeah, both links reference it.   But, they do it very differently.15:05
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: ok first you need to set uefi settings= fastboot=off secureboot=off and IDE to AHCI in bios then install ubuntu on your first booted ssd device15:06
apb1963matti, and it's pretty obvious a lot of pages are ancient history warmed over.  Whether or not it's the "right" way to do it for 16.04 remains a mystery.15:06
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: you can use the other hd as data drive15:06
JeroenD07@lotus i do have a Sata600 drive no IDE15:06
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: if you dont got the ied to ahci option, np nvm that step15:07
JeroenD07i've bleeped up my amd system without ssd now a I315:07
lotuspsychjematti: perhaps the #ubuntu-devel guys might know your question15:08
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
JeroenD07would it be a good idea to get some home help from the shop?15:08
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: help for what?15:09
JeroenD07i'm a hardware and bios noob15:09
lotuspsychjeJeroenD07: its really not so hard mate, just find these 2 settings: fastboot & secureboot=disabled15:09
JeroenD07okay, and what about installing the os on ssd and the bootstuff on my current disk?15:10
JeroenD07does it interfere with the boot sequence?15:10
TJ-matti: I was looking for the public git repo but looks like there isn't one. This is a good overview with links to the linux-aws source package on LP though https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/04/05/ubuntu-on-aws-gets-serious-performance-boost-with-aws-tuned-kernel/15:11
mattiTJ-: I saw that, I even looked at e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-aws/4.4.0-1045.5415:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 4 in Launchpad itself "Importing finished po doesn't change progressbar" [Medium,Fix released]15:12
lotuspsychje!partitioning | JeroenD0715:13
ubottuJeroenD07: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap15:13
mattiTJ-: The problem is - the Insights do not really explain what it is that is being done to the sources.15:13
JeroenD07thanks guys !15:13
TJ-matti: you can extract the linux-aws source tarball on top of the ubuntu-<release> or mainline git repo and then examine the diffs15:14
mattiTJ-: I did. But there are way to many changes from Debian/Canonical, and I am not sure/certain which is what.15:14
TJ-matti: It is a pain there doesn't seem to be a public git repo for it15:14
TJ-matti: -aws is part of the value-add from Canonical, so they want users to buy the Advantage support I guess15:15
mattiWhat I am trying to do, is to build 4.14.11 for 16.04 we run to mitigate recent Intel bugs-o-rama.15:16
mattiI have it up and runing for -generic.15:16
mattiWhich is super easy to do.15:16
TJ-matti: oh hang on, I'm talking out of my rear end! Here, it's a branch "aws" in the main ubuntu-<release> repo! see e.g. http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-xenial-meta.git/log/?h=aws15:16
TJ-matti: and http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-xenial.git/log/?h=aws15:17
mattiSadly, I have no idea what -aws contains some magic.. I am trying to chase.15:17
TJ-matti: you can add those into your local git repo using 'git remote'15:17
mattiTJ-: I know :)15:18
TJ-matti: good to know someone does!15:18
mattiThis is going to be more involved that I would hope it would.15:18
mattiTJ-: Haha. I heard servers and break CI for the living.15:19
TJ-I herd you do :p15:20
mattiTJ-: Do you happen to know if Canonical is going to release kernels with these recent CVEs fixed?15:20
de-factocant the patches in question be identified and tried to apply to the kernel source in question to determine if they get rejected due to already being present?15:20
mattiTJ-: Sorry, I have cap sleeping half on my notebook half on me, so I type with one hand ;p15:20
TJ-matti: oh, yes, there is a mad scramble to get it done15:21
mattide-facto: Are you talking to us (me and TJ?)15:21
mattiTJ-: I can imagine...15:21
TJ-matti: the early lifting of the embargo was unexpected, the aim is to get the releases out by the original date (9th) if not sooner15:22
mattiTJ-: I think the cat got out of the bag before anyone expected...15:22
mattiTJ-: Do you happen to know, if this is going to be cherry-pick and back-port to all the LTS et al images, or are they going to move to 4.14.11?15:23
TJ-The KPTI patches aren't easy to backport since many of them rely on other upstream changes for 4.15/4.14 that aren't in Ubuntu kernel releases (v4.13, v4.10, v4.4 etc) and require a LOT of work with both build and integration testing15:23
TJ-matti: backport, always15:23
mattiTJ-: Going to 4.14.11 would be a nice bonus of having the PTI and newer image.15:23
mattiTJ-: Yes, precisely. It must be a real pain... PAIN to back-port these.15:24
TJ-matti: Once the Bionic kernel is settled that'll become an HWE option15:24
mattiBetween 3.13 and 4.15 is a while sea of chanfes15:24
mattiTJ-: HWE would not be a good option on AWS.15:25
=== crazysane_ is now known as crazysane
de-factomatti, yes just a quick idea though migh result in a patch dependency hell though15:25
mattiTJ-: I can already install the 4.14.11 I have on AWS - and it does in fact work, but I wanted to get the "magic changes" and/or "perfomance boost" you get from Canonical's AWS branch.15:25
TJ-matti: well you should be able to apply the .config changes easily enough15:26
TJ-matti: the tuning patches will be more 'interesting' I expect15:26
mattiTJ-: True, but aside of few options there there is hardly any difference.15:26
mattiTJ-: The magic sauce is well guarded.15:26
mattide-facto: True, but that is a purgatory-ish experience to go through from 3.13 to 4.14/4.1515:27
mattide-facto: I don't envy the kernel team at Canonical now15:27
mattiThey need a big hug and supply of hot beverages now15:27
de-factoyes thats very true15:28
Snakeis anyone here ?15:31
Snakeso how do i check the size of my usb ?15:31
SnakeAvailable space on my usb ?15:32
mattiSnake: Is it plugged in?15:34
mattiSnake: df -h or some graphical window manager should have similar functionality.15:34
Snakeusing terminal15:35
jk^help https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LFN9EEr01Ssx6_RpxiTdDemL_JqeI8re15:35
Snakehow to check available space of my usb using terminal15:35
lotuspsychjeSnake: matti just told you howto15:35
lotuspsychje!it | jk^15:36
ubottujk^: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:36
Snakeyes, I think it's on my end that has slower connection sorry15:36
jk^lotuspsychje, jk^> mi da quest'errore il gestore archivi15:37
jk^* #ubuntu-it :Cannot send to channel15:37
lotuspsychjejk^: are you registered?15:38
de-factoSnake, when plugged in you can run "dh -h" in a terminal to see which size the device reported to the kernel. If you dont trust that number (e.g. size fraud, wrong advertised size) you might want to verify with something like http://oss.digirati.com.br/f3/ that it actually stores data on all of the advertised size15:38
jk^lotuspsychje, yes15:39
eraserpencilhey guys, is ssh a secure protocol?15:40
jereraserpencil, as secure as you make it15:40
eraserpenciljer: could you elaborate?15:41
jersure, the protocol can use multiple encryption algorithms, some are better than others, both are reasonably secure. additionally, you'll have two keys, don't go sharing your private key as an example, that's what the public key is for :)15:42
jermy point is, the answer to your question is yes, but only if you don't do stupid things15:42
eraserpencilreason i asked was because a manager i once interviewed with laughed at ssh as a means of secure remote connection15:43
jk^lotuspsychje, yes i'm registered and identified15:43
eraserpencildidnt have the chance to ask him why15:43
=== OnE is now known as Guest33967
lotuspsychjejk^: then you should be able to talk in #ubuntu-it15:43
jk^no, i'd not15:44
jk^i'm not able15:44
jk^however the error is in english "Fatal error"15:44
Snakethanks guys15:45
jk^mi da errore il gestore archivi https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LFN9EEr01Ssx6_RpxiTdDemL_JqeI8re15:45
jk^* #ubuntu-it :Cannot send to channel15:45
lotuspsychjejk^: you have been muted in that channel15:46
jk^why am i muted? i haven't done anything wrong :\15:46
lotuspsychjejk^: perhaps you trolled there too much?15:48
lotuspsychjejk^: anyway, we cant help you in italian here.. only english15:48
lotuspsychjejk^: fatal error of what?15:49
jk^archive manager on lubuntu15:49
jk^i never trolled15:49
jk^the message says: "It happens an error during archive loading"15:49
lotuspsychjejk^: have you tried uninstall archive manager and reinstall?15:50
lotuspsychjejk^: what kind of archive are you packing/unpacking?15:50
lotuspsychjejk^: a good rar archive or a bad one?15:51
jk^on xubuntu it was working well15:51
jk^after initial errors even there15:51
lotuspsychjejk^: did you sudo apt install rar or unrar?15:52
jk^lotuspsychje, i don't understand :\15:53
lotuspsychjejk^: open a terminal: sudo apt install rar15:53
jk^i'm just using default archive manager, already installed on operating system15:53
jk^what is rar? which app? lotuspsychje ?15:53
lotuspsychje!info rar | jk^15:54
ubottujk^: rar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:5.4.0+dfsg.1-0.1 (artful), package size 292 kB, installed size 798 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)15:54
lotuspsychjejk^: try the command plz, tell me what it says15:54
jetsaredimis there any way to get Vino to just accept incoming connections from all networks and not have to approve for every new network?15:55
jeranyone recommend a decent graphical diff? i'm used to kaelidoscope on macos if that helps =] (i'm also not unfamiliar with diff(1) but just not the ui i would prefer)15:55
mattijer: The closest I think I used to Kaleidoscope was http://meldmerge.org/15:59
mattijer: Maybe there are better now on Linux.15:59
mattijer: These days I just use vimdiff :)15:59
Dagronmasterediff (via emacs) is my favorite16:00
jim_wyattIntelliJ or any of the JetBrains IDEs has a great visual diff/merge16:00
Dagronmasternot "graphical" as such16:00
jermatti, thanks, yeah thought about vimdiff but i use small terminals and these are large changes16:00
sdfgsdfgvimdiff sucks balls16:01
lotuspsychjesdfgsdfg: plz keep language familly friendly here16:01
jk^!info rar16:01
ubotturar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:5.4.0+dfsg.1-0.1 (artful), package size 292 kB, installed size 798 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)16:01
mattijer: I totally get it.16:01
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free16:01
sdfgsdfgwhy ? there are no families on irc16:01
RonWhoCaresGuys when I do this command:    sudo python3 -m venv python3    I am getting the error message       Error: [Errno 40] Too many levels of symbolic links16:01
sdfgsdfgthis is for real men16:01
SlowJimmy!info window-manager16:02
skinuxIt seems Ubuntu is crashing upon getting ot login screen. I can't move mouse or use keyboard at alogin. How can I fix this?16:02
ubottuPackage window-manager does not exist in artful16:02
lotuspsychje!guidelines | sdfgsdfg start here16:02
ubottusdfgsdfg start here: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:02
mattijer: A friend of mine uses p4merge (from the Perforce guys) which is IIRC free16:02
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution16:02
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)16:02
lotuspsychje!msgthebot > SlowJimmy16:03
ubottuSlowJimmy, please see my private message16:03
skinuxIf login is freezing instantly, but I can operate using recovery, do I need to reinstall xserver?16:04
jk^lotuspsychje, it's in progress16:04
jk^but i don't understand the name of the app to search it in the menus16:04
lotuspsychjeskinux: start from the beginning: hi, my ubuntu version is..and i want...these are my steps taken?16:05
skinuxUbuntu Xenial16:05
lotuspsychjejk^: whats in progress?16:05
SlowJimmyhow can I have Ubuntu start with bluetooth disabled instead of enabled by default?16:05
lotuspsychjeskinux: so you installed ubuntu 16.04 and are stuck where?16:06
skinuxI want to be able to login, but it freezes instantly it seems. I've tried rebooting, I tried recovery console which worked.16:06
lotuspsychjeskinux: did you try restart lightdm yet?16:06
skinuxWell, I assumed restarting the machine a few times would have done that.16:06
lotuspsychjeskinux: try anyway as a test?16:07
skinuxSure. How do I do it? I'll have to reboot from here16:07
skinuxI mean out of Windows.16:07
skinuxI'll jump on IRC on my tablet.16:08
lotuspsychjeskinux: sudo service restart lightdm16:08
SlowJimmyskinux: how do you type on your tablet?16:08
skinuxI have a keyboard for my tablet16:08
lotuspsychjeskinux: i think you could disable the BT service16:08
lotuspsychjeSlowJimmy: ^16:09
lotuspsychjeskinux: not fore you sorry16:09
SlowJimmyi understood...16:09
SlowJimmyhow do i do that exactly?16:09
SlowJimmyis there a config file to change16:09
SlowJimmya setting to correct?16:09
lotuspsychjeSlowJimmy: startup items, but you need to add a line to see them all holdon16:09
jk^lotuspsychje, i typed "sudo apt install rar" in terminal. It's in progress, but it has stopped on 83%16:09
lotuspsychjeSlowJimmy: in terminal: sudo sed -i "s/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g" /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop16:10
lotuspsychjeSlowJimmy: and the whole list will showup16:11
SlowJimmyty friend!16:11
SlowJimmymuch apreciated16:11
lotuspsychjeSlowJimmy: np, lemme know if it worked16:11
jk^lotuspsychje,  https://pastebin.com/raw/KRw2e0ZN16:12
jk^Avanzamento: [ 83%] [####################################################################################................]16:13
lotuspsychjejk^: close terminal and try again16:13
lotuspsychjejk^: did you add external ppa's to your system?16:14
jk^lotuspsychje, excuse me, which is the name of the app that this command install?16:14
lotuspsychjejk^: rar16:15
jk^i can't fin an app named "rar" in the menus" .\16:16
lotuspsychjejk^: rightmouse click your rar archive and choose 'extract here'16:17
jk^lotuspsychje, thanks now it works, but i don't understand what is "rar" that u make me install :|16:18
monk12EriC^^ + atrus: btw u guys were helping me a bit yesterday. just wanted to say i manually updated Ubuntu via a LiveUSB to 16.04. I simpfied my partitions a bit, so got rid of /boot and just had /, /home, and swap.16:18
analogicalhas Ubuntu been patched against the new Intel bugs (Meltdown/Spectre) ??16:18
nacc!kpti > analogical16:19
ubottuanalogical, please see my private message16:19
monk12For the part where Ubuntu asks where to install (i think i could have chosen the drive as someone suggested, ... or the efi boot partition.. i did latter and that worked. i saw on the efi partition after, there was an entry for windows and ubuntu in the EFI/ folder.16:19
lotuspsychjejk^: i already pasted you the rar packagename16:19
lotuspsychje!info rar > jk^16:19
monk12now can switch between WIndows Boot Loader or the Ubuntu grub one (which has both windows and ubuntu listed) at startup on my UEFI laptop.16:19
skinuxI'll be back on my tablet16:20
skinuxI'm back16:21
monk12i think the UEFI+ efi partition kinda makes things easier than the old BIOS/MBR way.16:21
jk^lotuspsychje, "This program is shareware and you must register it after 40 days of use."16:22
lotuspsychjejk^: ...your not on windows here16:22
skinuxI just tried failsafe graphics mode, it crashes and sends me back to special options menu16:24
jk^lotuspsychje, what means?16:25
jk^is it shareware just for windows?16:25
lotuspsychjejk^: means rar from ubuntu repos is official and not shareware16:25
jk^ok thanks16:25
jk^good evening :)16:25
skinuxI dopped to root shell prompt, restarted lightdm, it says it cound not start lightdm, and now it saying starting lightdm16:26
skinuxOops. It says stopped lightdm16:26
lotuspsychjeskinux: is this a fresh install? did it work before? details plz16:29
lotuspsychjeskinux: graphics card? driver?16:29
skinuxNo, it's been woring for months16:29
lotuspsychjeskinux: so, what did you do to break?16:29
lotuspsychjeskinux: update? reboot?16:29
skinuxThis morning I woke up to a black svreen, had to do a hard reset. Now lightdm isn't working\16:29
lotuspsychjeskinux: wich point release are you on?16:30
skinuxUmm..command to check that?16:30
lotuspsychjelsb_release -a16:30
lotuspsychjeskinux: ok good, what about kernel? uname -a ?16:31
EriC^^monk12: great, yeah i like uefi better16:31
lotuspsychjeskinux: your on hwe?16:31
skinuxHow do I know?16:32
alkisgYeah that's hwe16:32
lotuspsychjeskinux: can you try booting a previous kernel to test?16:32
skinuxI aleady tried that, same thing16:32
alkisgalso, does the guest login work?16:32
lotuspsychjeskinux: graphics chipset and driver?16:33
skinuxI cant do anything with login. I cannot change to guest16:33
lotuspsychjeskinux: sudo lshw -C video16:33
skinuxMullins Radeon R4/R516:34
lotuspsychjeskinux: driver= ?16:34
skinuxIt doesnt say16:34
m0j0dj0dj0Hi, what is the best way to get 2 different colors with grep (like failure=red and success=green) on 2 pattern match (like OK/KO) from the same output ?16:34
lotuspsychjeskinux: it should at bottom driver= unless your card is unclaimed?16:35
skinuxOh, is does say unclaimed at the top16:35
skinux*-display UNCLAIMED16:35
=== evilnewbie is now known as beaver
lotuspsychjeskinux: ubuntu-drivers list ?16:35
klemaxWhen will cve-2017-5715 fix be released for ubuntu 17.10?16:36
lotuspsychjeklemax: lenovo bug?16:36
klemaxThe vulnerability in intel chips which discovered by google16:37
lotuspsychje!kpti | klemax16:37
ubottuklemax: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/16:37
adman120also in amd chips16:37
adman120how do i get username@hostname instead of just $16:37
lotuspsychje!hostname | adman12016:37
ubottuadman120: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.16:37
alkisgskinux: to see if it's a user issue or a system issue, add a new user from vt1, and try to login with that one16:38
adman120lot can u exlplain to me how this happened and what it is, im trying to understand more16:38
skinuxSo, if it's graphics not working, why do I get the loading screen, but cant do anything at login?16:38
skinuxHow will i select the other user if I cant do anything at login?16:39
=== ViSi0n is now known as UsQUE
ReventlovIs it possible to use steam with ubuntu and the nvidia (64 bit) proprietary drivers?16:40
lotuspsychjeReventlov: steam can be used on any working driver on your system16:41
lotuspsychjeReventlov: 32bit or 64bit depends on your ubuntu version installed16:42
=== czesmir_ is now known as czesmir
lotuspsychjeskinux: have you tried nomodeset?16:43
Reventlovlotuspsychje: I'm using 64 bits ubuntu. Problem is, steam seems to use the libgl1-mesa so16:43
Reventlovresulting in a glXChooseVisual failed at start.16:44
lotuspsychjeskinux: perhaps your logs might show why driver failed?16:44
YujiAnyone else ever have issues trying to install to an external USB3/3.1 drive? As soon as the installer creates the ext4 / on the disk (33%) it stops responding to the host. Linux-related. Tried booting Live USB with usb autosuspend off (is off, checked), but it doesn't help. dmesg (snipped): https://pastebin.com/QWArqaLP16:45
lotuspsychjeYuji: wich to wich are you trying?16:47
lotuspsychje!steam | Reventlov16:47
ubottuReventlov: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.16:47
skinuxWell, restarting lightdm didn't do anything16:48
Yujilotuspsychje: I do not understand, what do you mean?16:48
lotuspsychjeYuji: i mean usb to sd? usb to usb?16:48
lotuspsychjeskinux: nomodeset?16:48
skinuxI tried using KVM with no solution.16:48
Yujilotuspsychje: ? Live USB (UEFI) booted, with SecureBoot+FastBoot off, trying to install to a different USB3 drive.16:49
lotuspsychjeYuji: ok tnx16:49
lotuspsychjeYuji: wich ubuntu/kernelm version?16:51
skinuxnothing is working...lightdm seems to have a big issue\16:51
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | skinux16:51
ubottuskinux: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:51
skinuxWhy do  I need that? I've been going for months without it.16:51
Yujilotuspsychje: Kubuntu (Ubuntu same problem) 17.10 (even 16.X), stable kernels. 4.13.0-16-generic for this 17.10.16:52
Reventlovlotuspsychje: well, yeah, I still get the error16:52
lotuspsychjeYuji: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/162491716:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1624917 in linux (Ubuntu) "external usb-3 disk crashes when writing." [Medium,Confirmed]16:53
lotuspsychjeYuji: seems it can be solved by blacklisting UAS16:54
Yujilotuspsychje: I did disable USB-Auto-Suspending, but it still persists.16:54
Reventlovand, lotuspsychje16:54
Reventlov>Last edition  2015-01-13 01:50:4616:54
Reventlovso, yeah, this is not up to date16:54
lotuspsychjeReventlov: talk to the #ubuntu-steam guys perhaps?16:55
Yujilotuspsychje: Autosuspend reports -1, disabled (so the workaround has failed apparently).16:55
jmpfi have a disk image that I can dd to a virtual drive in virtualbox and everything is fine, I tried dd'ng the same image to a real drive on a hp proliant and now i'm getting a grub msg about /grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found - when I ls the root fs (from grub) I can only see the root folders too - any idea on what I'm missing?16:55
skinuxroot shell after a couple minutes goes tio doing something and AppArmor fails to start16:55
lotuspsychjeYuji: how about other ubuntu versions/kernels?16:56
skinuxAnd now, back at the special menu the keyboard won't work\16:56
lotuspsychjeskinux: did you try recoverymode?16:56
Yujilotuspsychje: I tried the LiveCDs/USBs for 17.X, 16.X, and 15.X. All have this problem. I tried another distro and theirs installed.16:57
Yujilotuspsychje: (It was LM18.3).16:57
skinuxYes. That's what I;ve  been doing. However, just notived, internal keyboard technically works, but internal keyboard doesn't really work (that's why I have USB)16:57
skinuxGood lord. USB was working, just not menu selection keys16:58
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lotuspsychjeYuji: subscribe to the bug mate, and enter your story17:00
Yujilotuspsychje: I figured it might come to that, yeah.17:01
lotuspsychjeYuji: versions tested, uac doesnt fix,mint fixxed17:01
Yujilotuspsychje: Mint could have been a lucky run though, so I'd have to test that more.17:01
lotuspsychjeYuji: have you tried other media to install to?17:01
YujiAny non-USB3 drive, and they'll work fine.17:02
lotuspsychjeYuji: connected to the usb3 port?17:02
=== step21_ is now known as step21
lotuspsychjeYuji: another idea, might talk to the ##hardware guys about that, they might have an idea17:03
skinuxdbus-core error connecting to system bus org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.FileNotFound Failed to connect to socket /var/run/ststem_bus_socket17:03
Yujilotuspsychje: No, nothing can be installed to, if it is on a USB port (of any kind). The devices I have are all USB3/3.1 and Ubuntu will not install to any of them, even if they're on USB 2.0 ports.17:03
lotuspsychjeYuji: what usb brand is this?17:04
lotuspsychjeskinux: if nothing works...reinstall fresh 3min17:04
YujiI can't recall at the moment, Media-something for this latest device. It is an external RAID enclosure using ASM1352R-Fast chipset. Though I've also tried using JBOD/RAID1/0/Disk mode.17:05
YujiManufacturer shows ASMT.17:05
lotuspsychjeYuji: did you test the other way around, use the faulty usb to setup and the other to install to?17:06
=== skinux_ is now known as skinux
skinuxdid you guys get the error I provided?17:07
Yujilotuspsychje: I've tried various combinations. I even used a Windows install to Rufus Ubuntu to the USB3 drive, and used it to install to an internal SATA drive. Windows can read/write the drive all day long as a generic USB disk (no special drivers). But if I use any USB external as a target OR host, it fails.17:08
lotuspsychjeYuji: alot of bugs out there: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/159152117:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1591521 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel Does not recognize some USB 3.0 hard drives" [Medium,Triaged]17:08
Yujilotuspsychje: Yeah, I've been using Windows lately because of it. :(17:08
skinuxWhat does it mean that freedesktop cannot find system_bus_socket?17:09
Yujilotuspsychje: The drive apparently is branded "Mediasonic" but Linux shows ASMT manuf, ASM1352R-Fast as product.17:09
lotuspsychjeYuji: tested on another machine also?17:09
Yujilotuspsychje: Yes, two others, a NAS, and a laptop. They're fine if using Windows. Linux, fails. :(17:10
lotuspsychjeYuji: hmm not good17:10
Yujilotuspsychje: Yeah I've been trying for over a week. Last time I tried a few months ago.17:11
Yujilotuspsychje: Odd thing maybe, that my one SanDisk USB 3.0 128GB Pro works fine. It's a USB 3.0 thumb drive with SSD behind it driving the actual storage.17:11
lotuspsychjeYuji: just out of curiosity what format is it fat32?17:11
Yujilotuspsychje: The Live USB? Fat32, yeah.17:12
lotuspsychjeYuji: sounds like a brand issue to me17:12
Yujilotuspsychje: Perhaps but it works fine with Windows and my NAS's Linux (QNAP-based, so way too modified to really compare).17:13
Yujilotuspsychje: (If I put Ubuntu on the NAS instead, fails to install to the USB3 drive)17:13
Yujilotuspsychje: Seems specific to Linux's interacting the device. Not sure why.17:13
Yujilotuspsychje: I've noticed that the drive, when it stops responding to Linux (or Linux stops being able to see it/whatever) it still blinks its IO-access light.17:15
Yujilotuspsychje: And it won't stop until I've disconnected it from the PC. Not sure what goes on to make that happen.17:16
lotuspsychjeYuji: hastebin.com a tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugout/plugin that usb17:17
=== hurdman_ is now known as hurdman
skinuxI guess I just have to reinstall...17:19
Yujilotuspsychje: Kubuntu has already disabled the host from the install, I won't be able to see a plugin/plugout, and syslog has entries completely unrelated except to say it couldn't find the disk (/dev/sda) anymore for cleanup.17:19
lotuspsychjeYuji: i mean cant you catch logs from a live or so?17:19
lotuspsychjeYuji: would like to see the usb's output17:20
dviolahow do I upgrade to ubuntu 17.10?17:20
dviolafrom 17.0417:20
hurdmanHello, i have got a problem. If i use an openvpn connection from my ubuntu to my ubuntu desktop, the default route on the desktop have as gateway on tap0 , if i want to remove this route, i can't, if i want to add a new default route with my openvpn server adress, route add doesn't send any error, but the route isn't add17:20
hurdmanany idea ?17:20
Yujilotuspsychje: I had already tried to install and it already killed the device on this run. I can restart in a moment.17:20
lotuspsychjedviola: you got a lenovo?17:21
dviolalotuspsychje: no17:21
skinuxI just noticed it's already using nomodeset17:21
dviolacompiz is crashing a lot on 17.04 for me17:21
lotuspsychje!upgrade | dviola17:21
ubottudviola: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade17:21
skinuxAnd gdm doesnt work either17:21
dviolacompiz doesn't work so I can't access that upgrade program17:23
dviolait crashes a lot17:23
daxdviola: do you have working command-line with working internet?17:23
daxsudo do-release-upgrade17:23
dviolaI tried that17:23
dviolait says there is nothing to upgrade17:23
dviolanot sure how this happened, everything was ok yesterday17:24
BluesKajdviola, read the urls posted above by ubottu17:24
daxdviola: lsb_release -a says zesty/17.04, not artful/17.10?17:24
posare kernel updates out by now?17:24
Yujilotuspsychje: Created a dmesg and syslog log before. Anything else to capture before I try?17:25
BluesKajdv alway upghrade your existing packages first before upgrading to a new OS17:26
skinuxIt cannot find system_bus_socket and it cannot load fbdev or vesa modules17:26
dviolaRelease: 16.0417:26
dviolaCodename: xenial17:26
dvioladax: ^17:26
lotuspsychjeYuji: no just the usb tail id like to see17:26
yeatspos: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/04/ubuntu-updates-for-the-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities/17:26
dviolaDescription: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS17:26
daxdviola: ah, then there's an extra step you need17:26
daxubottu: upgradeofflts | dviola17:26
ubottudviola: To upgrade from an LTS release of Ubuntu to the next (non-LTS) release, run sudoedit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and change the prompt= line to "prompt=normal". Then, do sudo do-release-upgrade to begin the upgrade.17:26
Yujilotuspsychje: That would be lsusb -vd xxxx:xxxx, yeah?17:27
yeatspos: tl;dr version is "they should be available in the repos by 1/9"17:27
lotuspsychjeYuji: no i mean just the syslog tail17:28
Yujilotuspsychje: Oh alright.17:28
lotuspsychjeYuji: wanna see how it reacts on a plugin17:28
posdeb have patched meltdown (yesterday), spectre TBA17:28
posas have redhat17:28
Yujilotuspsychje: Oh wait, without trying to install? I left it hooked up on boot. I'll have to reboot again then.17:29
dvioladax: thanks17:29
yeatspos: yeah - it dropped in fedora yesterday morning - Ubuntu's behind (reasons for that explained in post I linked to)17:29
lotuspsychjeYuji: yeah just a simple tail -f /var/log/syslog on the device itself17:29
skinuxI'm seeing in Xorg log, it cannot find and load any drivers.17:29
lotuspsychjeskinux: try ubuntu-drivers autoinstall17:30
skinuxWell, that won't work eithe, no networking. I told it to enable and it said it couldn't.17:31
growphow do you do a pwd for a file17:32
growplike you want to pwd+the file name17:32
lotuspsychjeskinux: what did you do to scramble your system like that?17:32
skinuxI can't start network-manager and I need networking to fix  broken packages17:32
lotuspsychjeskinux: recoverymode/fixbrokenpackages17:33
skinuxNothing. I woke up and the system was frozen, then it was fucked17:33
skinuxI just told you, I have no networking and network-manager won't start17:33
K2L30GA2growp: what do you mean?17:33
lotuspsychjeskinux: reinstall..17:33
Yujilotuspsychje: So you want me to start a tail -f /var/log/syslog and leave it open in console, plug in, until Kubuntu sees it, then unplug, wait a moment for anything to be flushed to log, then close tail?17:33
skinuxThe whole system is screwed isn't it?17:33
skinuxI'll just reinstall the whole system. Thanks17:35
BluesKajanother satisfied customer...who doesn't listen17:38
BluesKajor read17:38
TJ-skinux is famous for creating custom broken systems; I just hope the learning experience is sticking :)17:39
Yujilotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/1tYTW9ii17:40
Yujilotuspsychje: Not sure if you got what you needed.17:40
Yujilotuspsychje: The partition table gets wrote but after that is when it disconnects, the reason it still shows some fs allocation in the log.17:41
BluesKajTJ-, yes, I've seen similar behaviour on his part in the past17:42
TJ-Yuji: what's the problem there? I see the system finds /dev/sdd17:43
YujiTJ: Not sure how long you've been at PC, lotus has been assisting me to figure out why during install (any Kubuntu/Ubuntu 14+) it'll stop at 33% after writing partition table and then ends up not responding to the USB3 external disk that I'm trying to install to.17:46
YujiTJ: I disabled USB Auto Suspend (confirmed disabled, -1), but it doesn't help. Mint works usually. More like "getting lucky with timing". Mint'll end up disconnecting the drive too, on boots, but then reconnects it and continues on its way. But I've been trying to get Ubuntu working. Meh.17:47
YujiTJ: Mint is just a lucky case though. Sometimes it'll drop off at 70%+, sometimes 48%. DD is usually good for a long while.17:47
YujiTJ: It is an external USB3.1 RAID (SSDs) enclosure (driverless though) and it works fine in Windows.17:49
TJ-Yuji: I know of issues with many 'cheap' (badly made) USB<>ATA converters... sustained writes (and reads) overheats them and they 'fall off' the bus17:49
YujiTJ: Works fine in Windows, can read/write from beginning to end. I make full-disk images of it.17:49
YujiTJ: It also doesn't get hot. Not even warm.17:49
YujiTJ: lotuspsychje: It is working this time. Random. Hm. (Yes tried different cables (braided, shielded, nice ones)). Just got lucky I guess this time. Grabbed a tail before starting all this.17:54
TJ-Yuji: besides the log fragment showing it connecting/unplugged, is there a complete dmesg log from boot to when it fails available?17:55
YujiMuch earlier above, yes.17:55
TJ-Yuji: I'll grab all your comments and re-read then17:56
YujiTJ: Thank you. :)17:56
TJ-yikes! 80 lines over the last 3 hours! give me a few minutes to catch up17:57
jeremiesHow to hibernate server automatically when not in use over network ?17:57
YujiTJ: Not sure if it would be causing anything, but I have told my BIOS to disable its onboard SATA controller so that Linux and Windows never see one-another ever. Too many...grub-accidents. :)17:57
YujiTJ: Of course. :)17:57
ubottuSpectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/18:02
TJ-Yuji: the one thing, from your first pastebin, that stands out to me which I've seen before is "xHCI host controller not responding, assume dead" ... this is when the USB controller itself fails. I can't now find the other issues where we dealt with that to see if we got a resolution though18:04
YujiTJ: Yeah, Ubiquity ends up writing the partition table (about all I can tell happens) and then the USB3 enclosure's IO of course lights up blinking...but stays blinking, even after Linux has already killed host.18:05
YujiTJ: I literally have to yank the USB cable (after a few seconds the enclosure stops blinking its light in an auto-shutoff from no-host communication, for it to stop trying to communicate to Linux. But Linux never resets the host again, until reboot.18:06
YujiTJ: This is also with a modified LiveUSB that disables auto-suspend etc. Doesn't help unfortunately.18:06
TJ-Yuji: does this happen if you try the same operation on other (different make/model) PCs ?18:06
YujiTJ: Yes, even on a completely different USB3.0 chipset host. I've tried a QNAP NAS, my laptop, and this dev box.18:07
lotuspsychjeYuji, TJ- we see alot of those on faulty devices no? bus: 9, device: 4 was not an MTP device18:07
TJ-Yuji: right, so it looks like an incompatiblity for the ASM1352R18:07
Yujilotuspsychje: Oh?18:08
YujiTJ: Perhaps a usbcore quirk work-around available?18:08
TJ-lotuspsychje: that message is expected; when a USB mass storage device connects libmtp checks if it is an MTP device so as to auto-mount it (think Android phones)18:08
sgautamGuys, is there a window manager that's primarily designed to be console-ish?18:12
TJ-Yuji: I'm checking the kernel for any signs of very recent fixes for that chipset18:12
sgautamI mean, something like Ctrl+Alt+F1, but with the ability to run graphical applications18:12
YujiTJ: That's what I forgot to do. I was all over the changes for the AMD 'obey guest PAT' patches. :)18:12
jtreminioHowdy y'all. Is it best practice to add previous release' repo when wanting to grab a single package from it? For example, I'm on 16.04, want MySQL 5.6 which is on 14.04 universe repo; is it considered best practice to simply add that repo to my 16.04 server?18:13
lotuspsychjeYuji: i also suggest talking to the ##hardware guys abiut it, they might have a clue on that brand18:14
BluesKajsgautam, i3 wm maybe18:14
lotuspsychje!backports | jtreminio18:15
ubottujtreminio: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging18:15
Yujilotuspsychje: It's an Asmedia chipset ASM1352R as it appears in the device, and on product page.18:15
oerheksjtreminio, i guess not, build the package source on the newer version?18:16
cloaksHey guys...I just bought an X1 Carbon and put Ubuntu on it. It runs pretty great, but the fonts are so small I can barely read it. Everything is really, really tiny actually. I know we pay more for a high res laptop screen, but on Windows everything looks great and scales well...on ubuntu it's almost unusable. Are there any tips for modifying this stuff or is Ubuntu just not setup to handle18:16
lotuspsychjeYuji: yeah saw that in your logs18:16
sgautamBluesKaj: That's almost perfect. Except, I kind of wanted movable windows and not a tiling manager.18:16
sgautamSort of like the console runs in the background (always) while the windowed apps are in the front.18:16
oerhekscloaks, there is a scaling option in systemsettings > displays18:16
BluesKajsgautam. think it has that option18:17
cloaksoerheks yes...but that only lets me scale it either to 100% or 200%...and the 200% is ridiculous.18:17
cloaksand there's no options in between18:17
sgautamBluesKaj: Alright. Thanks a lot. I'll read up on it.18:17
cloaksso I guess Ubuntu just isnt setup to work on modern equipment with higher resolutions by default...is there a guide on tweaking the fonts/display? Apparently 2560 x 1140 @ 16:9 can't be managed properly by default by Ubuntu18:18
alkisgEh. Anyway, most desktop environments aren't ready for hidpi, unrelated to distributions18:19
TJ-Yuji: the only thing/quirk I can find is related to the ASM1042A requiring flow control when USB Ethernet devices are connected, nothing else. I think it'd be a good idea to report a bug on the kernel bugzilla and then send an email to the sub-system discussion list: linux-usb@vger.kernel.org (open list:USB XHCI DRIVER)18:19
alkisgGnome has done a few steps for that18:19
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i found alot of UAC bugs on those errors18:20
lotuspsychjeTJ-: from his first logs18:21
cloaksalkisg, i'm on a laptop18:21
YujiTJ: I could try. Never reported a bug myself before through official channels.18:21
cloaksso wait, ubuntu doesn't work with hidpi monitors?18:21
cloaksshould I install something else?18:22
cloaksany guidance would be appreciated18:22
cloaksthe information pool on this is terribly polluted18:22
cloaksmaking it very difficult to learn18:22
oerhekscloaks, maybe this answer works,https://askubuntu.com/a/902702 >>> ./xrandr --output eDP-1 --mode "2560x1140" --scale "1.25x1.25"18:22
lotuspsychjeTJ-: some like those: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/159152118:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1591521 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel Does not recognize some USB 3.0 hard drives" [Medium,Triaged]18:22
cloaksoerheks that's not really a good answer...it just cannabilizes my resolution18:22
cloaksI should be able to adjust font sizes without destroying the usability of the machine...18:23
YujiTJ: lotuspsychje: One thing that comes to mind perhaps, is the cables. I've used several different kinds, but all from the same manufacturer. Supposedly decent, and I  have taken one apart. I do know that this drive won't work with a 5ft cable, but will with a 3ft. I might try a different brand and see if that makes a difference. It could all be for naught, though I have tested one other different-brand cable (USB2.0 in a USB-C factor,18:23
Yujiworked but slow of course...)18:23
oerhekscloaks, then i have no fix, fiddel around with gnome/unity-tweak perhaps?18:23
cloaksNot super familiar with linux18:23
cloaksI don't really know what those are18:24
cloaksI wish this stuff were more new user friendly...I am tired of deving on Windows or OSX18:24
oerheksoh, not familiar but you can tell the answer is not good..18:24
lotuspsychje!info gnome-tweak-tool | cloaks18:24
* oerheks facepalms18:24
ubottucloaks: gnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweak-tool): tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version (artful), package size 200 kB, installed size 1170 kB18:24
cloaksI know...but telling me to go "tweak on gnome" to fix ubuntu not working with higher resolution monitors is le sigh of a retort18:25
[n0mad]cloaks: did you try settings > universal access > large text?18:25
cloakslemme check18:25
cloaksi probably have18:25
igorwhere are you from18:26
cloaksyeah, I played with that earlier. It does make things look a little better...but the OS still looks beat. Icons are too small, browser buttons are weirdly tiny...font is readable, but this isn't competing with OSX or Windows in terms of usability. The graphical elements of the OS are all out of alignment with one another because nothing else has scaled except font sizes. It just looks very,18:26
cloaksvery low quality.18:26
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
lotuspsychje!chat | igor18:27
ubottuigor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:27
akikcloaks: you can override the dpi value coming from the monitor but in their great wisdom gnome overrides it and sets it to 9618:27
cloaksakik, I am not sure how to do that, what that means, or why it's important. Sorry.18:28
cloaksat about 170% zoom fonts on webpages become readable18:29
lotuspsychjecloaks: https://askubuntu.com/questions/60044/how-do-i-change-the-font-dpi-settings18:29
TJ-lotuspsychje: Yuji I'm looking at the bug reports, seeing if I can pin down any changes18:29
lotuspsychjedconf editor, gnome tweak tool, universal access..18:29
cloakslotuspsychje this is a guide from 201118:29
cloaksdo you think it still applies?18:29
YujiTJ: Thank you. :)18:29
lotuspsychjecloaks: try?18:29
cloakslotuspsychje all of the pictures in the thing you sent me don't represent the current OS. For example, under display they have tons of text size options that aren't available now under Universal Access. Actually, there are tons of things here that aren't the same with Ubuntu's modern offerings.18:30
lotuspsychjecloaks: 2016: https://wiki.gnome.org/HowDoI/HiDpi18:30
Yujicloaks: Sometimes things aren't updated. o.o World changes a lot. :)18:31
cloaksI hear ya...18:31
cloaksI am just used to OSX or Windows just looking mostly great out of the box18:31
lotuspsychjecloaks: when something doesnt work out of the bog= !bug please18:31
cloaks4 days later I am still beating my head against my desk just trying to make ubuntu usable, not even look good..but just able to be useful. And it's on a carbon x1, which is a classic ubuntu computer. So I don't even know.18:31
Yujicloaks: Yeah, Linux isn't perfect, but it is typically free, open, no nazi spying, etc. :) I myself am trying to go full-time Linux for development. Unreal Engine is the last hold-out for me. :) I'd just like a native PPA/repo and I'd be all set myself.18:32
cloaksGood man18:32
cloaksthey need it18:32
cloaksopen computing systems like Ubuntu are so important for the future of our planet18:32
cloaksBut only if they work18:33
K2L30GA2cloaks: What resolution is your X1C sitting at? IIRC isn't it 1920x1080? Or are there different display options?18:33
Yujicloaks: Not to mention all games in Linux practically seem to try to take up every monitor instead of the distros providing a way to setup displays for spanning/separation. I prefer only one monitor for a game, but others like spanning. No easy way to separate. :)18:33
cloaks2560 x 1440 @ 16:918:33
K2L30GA2cloaks: Are you on Ubuntu 17.10? Doesn't Gnome do HIDPI display OOTB?18:33
lotuspsychjecloaks: there are like 100 guides on the web on it: https://www.pcworld.com/article/2911509/how-to-make-linuxs-desktop-look-good-on-high-resolution-displays.html18:33
cloaksthanks lotuspsychje18:34
cloaksi dont even think of my laptop as having a high resolution display, i think this is pretty normal these days lol18:34
K2L30GA2cloaks: FWIW X1C is great BTW :) I didn't wanna get it because of trackpad lottery18:34
cloaksI understand. I lucked out :x18:35
cloaksThis was slightly used18:35
cloaksgot a good deal18:35
cloaks16gb ram, i7, highres screen18:35
lotuspsychjecloaks: lets stick to ubuntu issues plz18:36
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K2L30GA2cloaks: one sec18:36
K2L30GA2cloaks: We're going out of topic. You don't have to reply to this, but your setup is 2524 USD here. OW18:37
K2L30GA2ok back to topic18:37
cloaksSorry, just working on installing gnome...apparently i'm not logged in as super user so I can't install it and the password I use to login to my computer is authentication failure. googling.18:38
lotuspsychje!sudo | cloaks18:38
ubottucloaks: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:38
TJ-Yuji: did you try reloading the usb_storage module with a quirk? as in "modprobe usb_storage quirks=174c:1356:u" ?18:39
K2L30GA2cloaks: do note that your user password is different from root password (most likely)18:39
Pinkamena_DOn 17.10, the new launcher is very very slow, not really that it is freezing I think, but rather that when I move to the bottom to switch to another app, it will move one icon down, then one second later move another icon down, etc so it takes forever to see 'lower' apps.18:40
cloakskk, installing gnome18:40
YujiTJ: I've never done that. I have disabled usb-autosuspend (confirmed -1, off), but other than that, I've never reloaded the module. I wouldn't be able to I think. The install medium is also USB.18:40
Pinkamena_DHow can I speed up the scroll speed of the launcher?18:40
cloaksScaling factor is gonna do the trick, I think18:42
TJ-Yuji: you could add "usb_storage.quirks=..." to the kernel command-line at boot-time18:42
cloaksthe guide is out of date and is recommending options that don't exist anymore. But good enough.18:42
TJ-Yuji: that's if you want to continue trying to figure this out :)18:42
cloaksFrom here I can figure it out, thanks guys!18:43
Pinkamena_DAlso, for the launcher in 17.10, how can I make the launcher default to the 'most scrolled up' position like in unity after done selecting app.18:43
Richard_CavellJust to be clear, the security updates for the recently revealed bugs are not available yet, right?18:43
cloaksappreciate your assistance. Really. 4 days of trying to figure it out on my own, 20 minutes in this chat. Yeehaw.18:43
cloaksThanks everyone18:43
oerhekscloaks, have fun!18:43
cloaksgonna hang around...hope that's ok :x18:43
YujiTJ: Absolutely. I'll have to try that then when I go debugging it. I edited grub.cfg on the liveusb to disable uas, but the one post I read about adding quirks via boot said it failed for them, two people if I recall.18:43
TJ-Yuji: let me link you to the source code where you learn all the quirk letters and what they represent18:45
YujiThank you, I was just going to ask about that.18:45
YujiWasn't sure what "u" meant.18:45
YujiTJ: I found a resource from OpenSUSE about it.18:46
TJ-Yuji: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-bionic.git/tree/drivers/usb/storage/usb.c#n49018:46
YujiEven better. :)18:46
TJ-Yuji: see the 'case' statements and the associated CAPITALISED flag names18:47
YujiTJ: I'm familiar with C/C++. :) Thanks. :)18:47
TJ-Yuji: ahhh, great... I can only hope all our support requesters are as intelligent as they seem to have been since the start of the year :)18:49
YujiTJ: More than familiar with C/C++, but less-so Linux's internals.18:49
YujiWas just checking the unusual_uas header to see if any family/similar devices are in there.18:50
craigbass76I mount up a remote share (sshfs name@host:/directory mount-point/) and for some reason when the mount times out or something I've for this one directory that stays. I can't sshfs again on that mountpoint until I've deleted the directory.18:51
timdotrbMorning all. We are using Apache on Ubuntu, and have an http to https redirect setup, but have some unmodifiable software that downloads a file from our server via http. Is there any way to allow a single directory over http, with everything else redirecting to https?18:51
craigbass76timdotrb: that might be an apache question -- I'm thinking some sort of redirect in .htaccess, but maybe not.18:52
Yujicraigbass76: Yes, correct. It'd be for mod_rewrite.18:52
craigbass76I got one! Someone gimme a cookie!18:53
YujiMatch against the directory and tell it to either stop processing subsequent rules or modify original rule to match all ;except; the one dir you need.18:53
YujiBut yes, an Apache question for sure.18:53
craigbass76Yuji: seriously though, I feel like such a mooch in here - I get pretty excited when I can answer something18:54
Yujitimdotrb: Apache's mod_rewrite, use regular expressions. :)18:54
someone_I receive internet from wifi and I rebroadcast it through a router connected to my ethernet , the question I want a program controls in download/upload on the my ethernet.18:54
Yujicraigbass76: Heh.18:55
Yujisomeone_: The upload/download speeds?18:55
craigbass76Speaking of Apache... that's my errant directory. I sshfs, and in the remote dir is a subdir called ApacheOFBiz. As of right this second, the remote share isn't mounted, but I've got an ApacheOFBiz dir in my mount point18:55
Yujisomeone_: There are many traffic-shaping tools around. I think I remember wondershaper back in the day. Google might help more on this.18:56
Yujisomeone_: Just make sure you limit the correct devices. I'd imagine you would prefer only traffic going out over wireless to be limited, but LAN unrestricted(?), or perhaps some per-MAC throttling.18:57
akikcraigbass76: you might want to test if the ssh keepalive helps you keep the timeout not activating. serveraliveinterval in your ~/.ssh/config18:57
craigbass76akik: that would be on the box serving files out, right?18:57
akikcraigbass76: mount points can have files that "vanish" when you mount something on top of it18:57
craigbass76akik: I'm just curious as to why that directory is the only thing there18:58
akikcraigbass76: serveraliveinterval on your ssh client side in ~/.ssh/config18:58
Yujicraigbass76: Keep-alive is usually client-side 'do nothing' acknowledgements essentially. PuTTy has a client-side method. Not sure if it'd be implemented on both. Only one side needs it. Best if server if you want to try and enforce all users to keep-alive.18:58
TJ-timdotrb: are you able to deploy a proxy on the host where the  unmodifiable software runs?18:58
Yujisomeone_: Some quick Googling makes me think this might be a step in the right direction: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/28198/how-to-limit-network-bandwidth18:59
someone_Yuji Thank you so much.18:59
Yujisomeone_: No problem. :) There are many traffic shapers out there, especially for granular control over specific kinds of traffic or MACs. Good luck. :)19:00
craigbass76Yuji: I'm the only one using it. I want to say this laptop is the only one that gives me grief, but I've not yet gone through the scientific method to nail it down. And it's not really that big a deal, just a few more second of typing.19:01
Yujicraigbass76: Yeah then probably server-side if you use multiple software clients (possibly from any backends too) that SSH.19:02
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freeknothi, I am new to linux and I just fiddled around a bit with gnome, the tweak tool and a theme called 'arc'. the installation went smoothly but after restart my environment was wrecked, the top bar looks different, the dock is gone and so on. also the tweak tool does not let me access the gnome extensions. what have I done? https://pasteboard.co/H1yyBOH.png19:05
YujiI don't know much about Gnome 3. Might have to wait for someone else who can pitch in.19:07
akikfreeknot: all the gnome settings are saved in your home directory but they can be in many directories. one way to go forward would be creating a new user19:11
oglebIs there any way I can create an overlayfs without root privaleges?19:17
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ash_workshould I try adding a different nameserver to resolv.conf if I keep getting 'Could not resolve' errors? (what would be the appropriate way?)19:43
ShelleyUKI think ive found a bug in 17.10 desktop, i did a standard install with encrypted home option. when i rebooted i didnt have a swapfile.  i checked /etc/crypttab and its listed as /target/swapfile not /swapfile... ive changed this on my install, is this a bug or just a weird once off error?19:44
ikoniaash_work: you shouldn't interact directly with that19:44
ikoniaash_work: explain your problem and we'll try to help19:44
ash_workikonia: that's why I'm asking actually19:44
ikoniaash_work: sorry, what are you asking19:44
ash_workI get 'Could not resolve' errors on apt-get update19:44
ikoniaash_work: type "sudo apt-get udpate" and pastebin the output in pastebin.ubuntu.com19:45
ash_workikonia: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bc558996fd69cc1884eae7f3aeb600f019:48
ikoniaash_work: so they all look legitimately available, id you do "nslookup packagecloud.io" do you get a response19:50
ash_workikonia: yes19:52
ikoniaash_work: run sudo apt-get clean19:52
ikoniathen re-run apt-get update19:52
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ikoniaash_work: so your host can resolve them but apt can't ?19:59
ikonia(still after a clean and re-update)19:59
ikoniaahhh wait a second20:00
ikoniaif it's not completing the update will it rebuild the cache20:01
ikoniacomment out the failing ones, re-run apt-get clean and apt-get update, then add them back in20:01
MgazgazBonsoir tout le monde ! :)20:01
ikoniathis shouldn't matter, but I'm keen to see if it's parsing for cache20:01
ash_workikonia: sorry, didn't catch that, I'll do it now20:12
ash_workwhere is the list again?20:12
ikoniaash_work: depends how you added the extra repos20:14
ikonianormally /etc/apt20:14
ikoniasource.list.d or sources.list20:14
ShelleyUKsorry pc crashed, so sorry if i missed any messages20:17
TJ-ash_work: can the client resolve those hosts?  "dig +short packagecloud.io; dig +short download.docker.com; 200~ dig +short dl.google.com"20:17
guest-tjbuhgdudes i have an question20:17
guest-tjbuhgi forgot the admin passs20:17
guest-tjbuhghow i can change it20:17
ash_workTJ-: they all return addresses20:20
Bashing-omguest-tjbuhg: Here are easy instructions to reset your password in Ubuntu: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword .20:21
ioriaash_work, i's check my proxy settings20:22
ash_workthe only one in sources.list is docker, the other two aren't there20:22
ikoniaash_work: source.list.d is a directory20:23
ikoniayou'll find more config files for repos in there20:23
jeremiesHow do I check if last shutdown was clean?20:25
nikhey, what does DNE stand for on this page? https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5754.html20:26
TJ-ash_work: so they all also return IP addresses20:26
LaurenceLumiI have iscan 2.30.3-1 installed on my system, I am trying to find the package either in https://packages.ubuntu.com/ or launchpad, but nothing comes up. How can I find out where I got a particular package from?20:26
ash_workTJ-: that's what I mean20:26
daxnik: it means that package doesn't exist in that version of ubuntu20:27
nikdax: thanks20:27
nikit looks too similar to a weird shortened version of DONE, especially since it's green20:27
oerheksLaurenceLumi, from the epson.deb ? dpkg -s <package>20:28
oerheksdownloaded from their site, i guess20:28
TJ-nik: "DNE" is more than that, it's "Packages which do not exist (DNE) in the archive, are not affected by the vulnerability or have a fix applied in the archive."20:31
TJ-nik: see the CVE tracker's key: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/priority.html20:32
TJ-I should have said, 'green' is more than 'DNE', to be clear20:32
daxthat's the priority description, not the meaning of DNE20:33
nikk, so it basically means either not applicable, or already done. thanks for clearing that up20:33
daxDNE is, as I said, specifically for stuff that isn't in that version of ubuntu20:33
de-factoimho there should be a legend on that page telling the exact meaning for such abbreviations :P20:33
daxif it were fixed, it'd say "released" instead, if it weren't affected it'd say "not-affected"20:34
nikwhy is there no mention of a 'released' state on the CVE priority key then?20:35
daxbecause that page is for priorities, not states20:35
daxspecifically it's referring to the colors on e.g. https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/main.html20:35
niki see20:36
de-factoah there, i think that should be referenced or even included in those pages so its more clear for ppl reading the meaning: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/priority.html20:37
daxit's linked on the pages that it applies to. it does not apply to the invidividual CVE pages.20:37
daxsee e.g. the "Priority Color Key" link in the URL i just sent20:38
de-factocant really see it in that page though: wget -O- https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5754.html 2>&1 | grep "priority.html"20:40
daxplease read the messages i sent more carefully20:40
de-factoyes i read "it does not apply to the invidividual CVE pages." so then there should be another legend if the meaning on those pages is not the same. basically so its just clear for users what the abbreviations and colors mean20:42
john_ramboI have recently installed a new motherboard ... I always see the bluetooth icon in the notifivtaion area .... I havesnt installed any bluetooth ...How do I know if its built in the motherboard20:42
de-factook bbl20:42
daxde-facto: ok, now that we're on the same page... TJ- just suggested to the relevant people that DNE be better-explained, so hopefully that will fix that. I think the meaning of green as "not a problem" is fairly obvious personally.20:43
de-factook perfect, just wanted to mention it as constructive idea20:44
lotuspsychjejohn_rambo: lspci -vv perhaps?20:44
TJ-dax: hmm,, given the context (on a CVE report page) I'd read green as meaning 'fixed' rather than 'not affected'20:44
daxif we want to talk about the color scheme in general, "pending" should probably be yellow20:44
daxapart from that, i don't see much of a reason to distinguish between "fixed" vs. "not applicable" vs. "EOL" va. whatever20:45
* dax shrugs20:45
john_rambolotuspsychje, The result is huge ...Any way to trim down using grep20:46
oerheksjohn_rambo, check the specs on the website? some wifi devices have a bt chip in it too20:46
john_rambooerheks, This is my motherboard20:48
LaurenceLumiI get this root@FAB1:~# dpkg -s iscan20:49
LaurenceLumiPackage: iscan20:49
LaurenceLumiStatus: install ok installed20:49
LaurenceLumiPriority: extra20:49
LaurenceLumiSection: non-free/graphics20:49
LaurenceLumiInstalled-Size: 161620:49
lotuspsychje!paste | LaurenceLumi20:49
ubottuLaurenceLumi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:49
oerheksjohn_rambo, no wifi/bt onboard i think. did you add any adapter?20:51
john_rambooerheks, No I use ethernet connection20:51
LaurenceLumiapt-get install iscan reports that I am at the latest version, doesn't that mean that it was installed by from a repository rather than just a deb file?20:51
oerheksLaurenceLumi, indeed, there is no epson ppa/repo20:51
oerheksjohn_rambo, then i have no clue why you see a bt icon..20:52
LaurenceLumiOk so if came from ubuntu, should I not find in the list of packages here https://packages.ubuntu.com/20:52
lotuspsychje!info blueman | john_rambo20:53
ubottujohn_rambo: blueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.4-1ubuntu3 (artful), package size 1636 kB, installed size 4837 kB20:53
oerheksLaurenceLumi, if it did, yes, but you installed it from their website, no?20:53
LaurenceLumiI am not sure, hence I am asking question, I thought id apt-get install iscan return that the package is installed then it must have come from a repo?20:54
oerheksLaurenceLumi, again:there is no epson ppa/repo20:57
TJ-LaurenceLumi: "apt-cache policy <package>" will tell you where a package is from20:58
fadavihey there. whats the most suggested laptop for ubuntu?21:01
oerheksfadavi, there is no such suggestion, see the certified laptops on this page https://certification.ubuntu.com/desktop/21:02
LaurenceLumiTJ: thanks so that fact that it does not list a repostitory when I do apt-cache policy iscan means that I must have installed it, thanks!21:02
jeremiesHow do I check if last shutdown was clean?21:03
fadavioerheks: thanks. i've a ASUS (N552VW) device now with bunch of problems with gnu/linux. now, i'm looking for a better option with lower (lowest!) problems with free software.21:04
oerheksjeremies, check kern.log.1 >> https://askubuntu.com/questions/103015/how-do-i-check-if-last-shutdown-was-clean21:04
jeremiesoerheks: this doesn't work in ubuntu 16.0421:05
MalteJhelp! cpufrequtils says "ondemand governor not available"21:09
MalteJhow do I enable the ondemand governor?21:09
MalteJor how do I install it?21:09
skinuxI'm running Ubuntu installer, I have selected Erase Ubuntu and reinstall, but Continue button is faded21:21
texlaI installed Ubuntu-16.04 to sda1 and Mint-18.2 to sda3 and installed Grub 2 to /dev/sda Grub menu correct and working properly..Then installed xenialpup-64-7.5 to sda6 I installed grub 4 to sda and got a different grub menu all systems booted with no problems..This week grub two updated frm normal updatesand the menu changed to the former menu but without xenialpup listed..gparted shows the sda partition but no way from menu to21:23
texlaboot..How do I get xenialpup back in grub2 menu21:23
whitebeastim trying to download an iso file and i keep receiving file moved or missing. is that a ubuntu issue?21:24
ikoniatexla: depends which OS controls grub - this is not a good way to do it21:29
skinuxI figured that out. I wasn't giving it enough time to load properly.21:33
skinuxIs swap ntfs?21:33
texlaikonia, Well my screw up I let xenialpup and grub4 control grub menu but why did grub 2 take over after an update21:33
oerheksskinux, you have been around for years, you know it never is...21:34
perlwarecan anyone please give me some clue? i have a VPS and i have tried changing /etc/hostname "centos-512mb-blr1-01" to "domain.com"21:34
oerheksperlware, ask in #centos? this is ubuntu support only21:34
skinuxI didn't think so. Just can't see current swap in the list21:34
perlwareand rebooted after this my sites are not loading.. i tried reversing the change.. but still ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT21:35
oerhekswith ubuntu you need to change it at 2 places..21:35
perlwarehi Oerheks. yes it is centos. but these are just common settings21:35
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.21:35
oerheksperl, goodluck there!21:36
ikoniatexla: when you say grub4 - do you mean "grub4dos"21:37
ikoniajust to clarify21:37
texlaikonia, yes that was the item21:37
ikoniatexla: always best to use the proper names of things where possible, grub4dos is very specific and works in a certain way21:38
perlwarei tried the suggested. but still same.21:43
perlwarecan someone have a look?21:43
oerheksperlware, join #centos or ##linux ?21:44
oerheksor your vps vendor21:44
perlwarecentos no one is active. :) ##linux Cannot send to channel21:45
perlwareVPS vendor is digitalocean unmanaged :(21:45
oerhekswell, you need to register, to join ##linux. maybe centos too ..21:46
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jeremiesHow frequently do I need to update ubuntu to stay secure?22:00
kk4ewtcompletely secure would be daily22:00
kk4ewtdepends on your defintiion of secure22:01
Rr_RrHi folks. I'm trying to track down an .ISO version of the Ubuntu Cloud image but not having any luck22:01
Rr_RrI can find .IMG and .OVA etc, but no .ISO22:01
kk4ewtRr_Rr,  why would a cloud img need to be an iso22:02
Rr_RrI'm wanting to use it on a VPS but the provider will only accept uploaded ISOs, not IMGs22:02
electricmilkYou could just convert the img to iso if you really needed to22:03
electricmilkThere is a tool called ccd2iso22:03
electricmilkccd2iso name-of-file.img name-of-file.iso22:03
Rr_Rrcopy that, i'll take a look, thank you @electricmilk22:04
jeremieskk4ewt: ok, thank you22:05
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NautilusI want to setup a spare PC / laptop running Ubuntu with enough power to run a browser (Chromium?) at at least 1280 screen width, what would be good minimums for processor/ram? eg: i3 w/4G?22:16
oerhekssee the specs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements22:18
oerheksscreensize is irrelevant22:18
LTCDHey. I am unable to connect to my server, how do I fix this? :'-(   Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)22:20
nicomachusNautilus: I have a Core2Duo powering an HTPC at home. 55 inch flatscreen at 1080p with a Radeon HD 6450, running Ubuntu Gnome 16.0422:21
nicomachusNautilus: point being, you don't need a powerful CPU.22:21
Nautiluswell yea but the mins say 2G RAM and I'm guessing thats pretty thin, looking for more real world feedback. Wont have a gaming kind of card22:22
Nautilusso there would be some ram shared to the gfx22:23
Nautilusalso dont want lots of swapping to run the browser, they can eat ram pretty good22:24
nicomachusNautilus: https://imgur.com/BzQQfKB.png22:24
nicomachusWith firefox running, spotify and plex-media-server in background.22:24
oerheksput in 32 gb, no need for swap then22:24
LTCDDisconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)  <--- How do I fix this guys? :-(22:25
Nautilusnicomachus: ok, thats with 4G ram, and it's doing a bit of swapping?22:25
Nautilussounds just right to me22:26
mDfRg-Hi, can anyone provide a link to an user-friendly explanation of meltdown & spectre bug? Complicated enough for a geek, easy to understand for a non-engineer?22:29
TJ-!kpti | mDfRg-22:32
ubottumDfRg-: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/22:32
daxthey're very complicated attacks. the site linked as general info above is probably the best general reader i've seen on the topic22:33
mDfRg-TJ-, dax: thanks, appreciated22:33
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perlwareTurned off firewalld & that brings back the website to life.  thanks guys22:34
tomreynLTCD: you authenticate with a public key which the server consideres trusted22:36
tomreynLTCD: nother words, your ssh client was not attempting public key authentication there, but the server requires it.22:37
tomreyn*in other22:38
LTCDtomreyn But I've never used an SSH key...22:38
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tomreynLTCD: if you do not want to authenticate using ssh keys you'll need to find a way to reconfigure the server to accept password authentication (which will be difficult unless you can make configuration changes to SSHd there remotely by other means).22:40
LTCDtomreyn I'm using digitalocean and want to cry right now as I'm new to all of this.22:43
skinuxUbuntu installation is stalled at restoring previoously installed packages. Something about Dconf won't work right becauyse of an error. What do I do?22:49
naccLTCD: i'm fairly sure you *only* want to use ssh keys for VPS like DO22:51
naccLTCD: and probably you didn't read some step of the DO configuration/user config, where you provide your ssh key22:51
naccLTCD: e.g., https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-ssh-keys-with-digitalocean-droplets22:52
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naccLTCD: although, if you don't understand the above, or it's surprising, it feels like maybe there is other education you might need first; ssh keys are pretty common22:52
LTCDnacc Obviously I know about SSH keys etc... I just can't remember ever adding one.22:53
TJ-LTCD: have you always used the same PC to connect to the server?22:55
LTCDTJ- Nah fresh install was working until I tried to use tunnel22:59
TJ-"tunnel" ?22:59
naccLTCD: to be clear, if i read the above correctly, the error you are getting does not say you have provided a key, it says the server is configured to only accept key auth22:59
LTCDnacc Hmmmm weird as I've never used one.23:01
LTCDTJ- The tunnel feature in putty?23:01
naccLTCD: so you're connecting from windows?23:02
LTCDnacc Yep, nooby I know but haven't got space to put Linux on.23:03
naccLTCD: ok, so clarify the steps. You've setup the ssh tunnel in putty already?23:04
naccLTCD: what command is givinng the error?23:04
TJ-LTCD: what protocol and port are you trying to tunnel? Is the tunnel connected? Is it the tunnel connection failing?23:07
LTCDnacc Basically I could not tunnel, but I could connect before to terminal window thingy.23:08
naccLTCD: so is the error that you cannot create a tunnel?23:09
LTCDNo it's when I try to log into terminal23:10
naccLTCD: after or before creating a tunnel?23:10
LTCDI was connecting to wrong IP23:11
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naccLTCD: please watch the language23:12
nacc(channel policy)23:12
LTCDI'll leave, sorry guys for the drama.23:13
skinuxI've a seamingly big problem, I'm reinstalling Ubuntu, the last part of installation is going extremely slow. I keep seeing errors in the console.23:14
skinuxOkay....It JUST NOW finished. Are those errors about Gconf may not work properly or others going to be an issue?23:14
oerhekssome warnings are not errors..23:15
naccskinux: provide the exact messages, not paraphrased23:15
skinuxThere was something about /var/run/999/something permission denied23:16
skinuxWell. I can't see any errors anymore, in the desktop. So, I'll ome back if something comes up.23:17
skinuxThanks for your time.23:17
electricmilkOrvalvisje,  Hi23:24
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AscavasaionI installed Debian... and wanted to install openmediavault... I followed instructions onhttps://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php/Thread/5380-Need-guide-setting-up-desktop-environment-on-top-of-OMV/  I add the repository... but whne I do the apt-get update it tells me... https://pastebin.com/QNxeN9NF23:26
oerheksAscavasaion, #debian is on #freenode too23:27
naccAscavasaion: EWRONGCHAN, this is for Ubuntu.23:27
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!23:27
AscavasaionI tried there, got no help.23:27
AscavasaionThank you anyway.23:27
AscavasaionNight night.23:28
gerihi do you know the command ngrep? ... how can i count the number of matches applied to each incomming packet?23:40
naccgeri: that is less an ubuntu question and more an ngrep question. You might ask in a networking channel23:42
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