nfsnobodyhi all. I updated my nvidia card drivers and my xubuntu 17.10 install is now failing to boot - normal boot just goes to a blank screen (even with nomodeset). I can however log into recovery with networking and get a root shell up00:16
nfsnobodyCan anyone point me in the right direction?00:16
nfsnobodyI should note I attemped to uninstall nvidia drivers and reinstall 340/reinstall nouveau packages, to no effect00:17
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good_cookieshi. is it possible to install python3.6 on xubuntu 16.04? how?11:48
rick_heed hlelp11:50
knomerick_, ask the question...11:50
knomegood_cookies, if it's not in the repositories, the next easiest thing would be a PPA or if that doesn't work and you really need that version, you can build from the source...11:51
good_cookiesterminal says me scary things. like system will break when i trying to add PPA. is it ok to go with it?11:52
rick_ language support not open11:52
knomegood_cookies, PPA's are always at your own risk - it's possible that it can break your system11:54
knomegood_cookies, you need to consider how much you need that version, how ready you are to fix potential issues with it11:55
flux242yeah, installing official ubuntu kernel driver can also brick your computer11:55
good_cookiescan i have both versions of python then?11:55
knomeflux242, how "funny" - at least ubuntu developers are then doing their best to fix it - PPA maintainers likely not11:56
knomegood_cookies, if you build it from source, then yes with caveats11:56
knomegood_cookies, if you install from a PPA, nope11:56
good_cookieswhat is the difference?11:57
flux242ubuntu so called developers should not fuck up at this scale. Was there any other distro affected? No?11:57
knomeif you don't know, then i'd say only the PPA option is realistic for you11:57
knomeflux242, can you take this discussion elsewhere as it's not exactly xubuntu support?11:57
knomeflux242, also please remember this is a family friendly channel11:58
rick_language support in xubuntu closed down11:58
knomerick_, does not open - closed down - what does that mean?11:58
good_cookies#join xubuntu-offtopic11:58
knomegood_cookies, 18.04 LTS is released on april, it has python 3.x11:59
knome3.6.x i mean11:59
rick_Loading and directly closing11:59
knomerick_, what happens if you run "gnome-language-selector" from the terminal without the quotes?12:00
rick_** (gnome-language-selector:3632): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-1duXL4BPjO: Connection refused Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/bin/gnome-language-selector", line 22, in on_activate     options=options)   File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/LanguageSelector/gtk/GtkLanguageSelector.py", line 202, in __init__     self.check_input_methods()   File "/usr/lib/pyth12:04
knomethat warning is "fine"12:07
knomeanything else?12:07
knomei have to go though, others are likely able to help as well12:07
knomegood luck12:07
Yataga_somebody here?15:52
Yataga_hello ._:15:53
Valeyard1too late15:53
flocculantusually is16:22
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xubuntu93ihi there23:15
flocculantxubuntu93i: hi - got an issue?23:22
xubuntu93ino. everything is fine. i'm installing xubuntu in a very old machine...23:23
flocculantaah ok - just chatting is #xubuntu-offtopic if you want :)23:24
geniiSo you're here just in case something happens?23:24
flocculantnot really - I just try and pick up the slack23:26
daxexcuse me sir, slack is down the hall and to the left, this is irc, home of people who don't like new things23:27
JackFrostOh that explains why I'm here.23:27
flocculantdax: bah - I've been slack for 50 odd years, I'll not shuffle down the corridor :D23:27

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