valoriejust sent out the email asking for testers00:26
valorienot sure how much we want to publicize this?00:26
tsimonq2valorie: a lot00:30
tsimonq2<shameless plug> asknoahshow.com is tonight at 9 PM, he'll be talking about it :) </shameless plug>00:31
valoriewell, would could put it on the website00:31
valorieit was so hush hush until now I didn't know00:32
valorieand the kernel patch is not yet available, correct?00:32
wxlkeep an eye out for anyone that has problems with their machine because of Dot One00:35
wxlthere are solutions, even if it appears BIOS is borked00:35
valorielike what, wxl?00:37
valorieI thought it required a bios flasher gizmo?00:37
wxlthe problem was caused by flipping the wrong bit. flipping the bit back can fix it and you can do it with software00:37
wxlyou can also do it with a flasher, but that's not required00:38
valorieso why is that not being done in the respin?00:38
wxlit is00:38
wxlbut whether or not it's been fully tested on every single piece of hardware it could affect?00:38
valorieso then, why would people have a problem?00:38
valoriegot it00:38
wxlit affected 3 chipsets and like 20 different serial flashes00:38
valorieso how would a person fix the problem if their BIOS was borked?00:39
wxladmittedly though this update should also NOT include any SPI stuff, so if it's not broken they shouldn't be again, but who knows00:39
wxlcan't save BIOS settings00:39
wxlcan't boot to USB00:39
valorieif there is even a chance I will not be using this machine to test00:40
wxlagain, the issue was caused by the SPI being compiled into the kernel and that in turn having some bugs in it that caused issues00:41
wxlsince then, there have also been improvements to the module to repair issues00:41
wxlBUT the new stuff should not even have SPI compiled in00:41
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Lubuntu published a blog post including an FAQ: http://lubuntu.me/lubuntu-17-04-eol-and-lubuntu-17-10-respins/00:41
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> It's licensed under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ so feel free to grab it and give us credit ;)00:42
valoriethank you00:44
valorieI have some other stuff cooking so perhaps tomorrow!00:44
tsimonq2Awesome :)00:44
tsimonq2valorie: The only thing is it's noderiv so you have to quote it word-for-word00:44
valoriethat I will not do!00:44
valorieyou do a good job of lubuntu missionary work on your own00:45
tsimonq2Put it in quotation marks and then give us credit, that's what the license is ;)00:45
valoriewell, your info is not my info so I'll have to be "inspired by" instead00:46
tsimonq2Right :)00:46
tsimonq2Or you could link to our post ;)00:46
valorieI will00:46
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BluesKajHey folks12:11
mparilloHey BluesKaj. New spins of 17.10 are out to address the BIOS bug. In a VM, I tested the whole disk test cases. I know you have done partitioning in the past.13:27
BluesKajmparillo, i haven't seen the UEFI/BIOS bug on my laptop 13:39
BluesKajon 17.1013:39
mparilloI sure hope not. As far as I know it most commonly hits consumer-grade Lenovos. But valorie sent a e-mail last night asking us to treat it as a release candidate.13:40
acheronukBluesKaj: testing is not for the bug. just to make sure the new iso doesn't regress on the usual iso tests13:40
acheronukfrom release " No need to test on affected machines, we're 99.783% sure that not compiling in the spi driver into the kernel at all will prevent that driver from breaking your bios"13:42
BluesKajwell my Lenovo G500 is a consumer grade laptop 13:43
BluesKajmparillo, I normally prepartition with gparted and use the manual partitioning when installing to / and then setting the /home mount point13:47
BluesKajguess I'm missing the point about the kernel causing the bios to break13:48
mparilloI do not think any of us can creditably test that bug...It is more a sanity check that 17.10.1 is basically as good as 17.10 was.13:50
acheronukalso, it's not mandatory that flavours do these QA tests. but it's best policy for our users to run them13:52
DarinMillerI can test 17.10 iso.  Is download location hidden or is it just the standard download location?15:58
acheronukDarinMiller: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/artful/daily-live/20180105.2/15:59
acheronukthe link on the iso tracker is broken15:59
acheronukhopefully will be fixed later16:00
acheronukthanks :)16:00
blazeany chance lp builder will be up online soon?17:00
acheronukblaze: [22:10] <cjwatson> we'll hopefully be able to get things running again early next week; apologies for the inconvenience17:20
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> @acheronuk> blaze: [22:10] <cjwatson, few days to go ...18:04
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