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fuzeis there any way for me to geth the default ~/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu ?02:56
jbuall: I updated to kubuntu 17.10 hoping for an update for a linux kernel version that protects against spectre but uname-a says i'm still using 4.13 and my update manager doesn't say any updates are available.  Anyone run into this issue or know what my best next steps are?03:03
jbuoops neermind it's not out yet.  the patch that should fix the issue is v4.1503:08
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JustaCGI am installing, and can't seem to get it bootable.  (poss UEFI issues; my machine has UEFI)03:23
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valoriedarn it, why do people leave06:48
JackFrostThey figured out how to.  I wish one of them would tell me.06:48
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ergodicwalkhaving issues with kubuntu performance. my machine has pretty good specs (intel i7-7500 U , but also intel graphics i915) but is super laggy with just one video on YT playing. (load averages are 5.2, 5.5, 6.2 on top)08:14
ergodicwalkany help?08:14
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BluesKajHey folks12:11
KeyboardNotFoundHow to disable the clipboard manager ?12:12
BluesKajKeyboardNotFound, system tray settings>General>Extra Settings> uncheck Clipboard12:17
BluesKajExtra Settings=Extra Items12:18
KeyboardNotFoundBluesKaj, should I enter in the System settings12:19
KeyboardNotFoundI don't have system tray settings12:19
BluesKajKeyboardNotFound, the system tray should be beside the clock in the panel12:20
BluesKajKeyboardNotFound, are you running Kubuntu or Ubuntu?12:22
KeyboardNotFoundBluesKaj, Kubuntu with HexChat12:22
KeyboardNotFoundI can't find system tray12:23
BluesKajthen system tray is beside the clock , the cilpboard icon should show there12:23
acheronukright click the little triangle/arrow in the systemtray if it's there, and you should get a menu with systemtray settings12:24
BluesKajin bottom panel12:24
KeyboardNotFoundBluesKaj, ok, I disabled it12:26
KeyboardNotFoundwill this disable clipboard manager completly12:27
BluesKajdunno why you would want to tho12:27
KeyboardNotFoundor only the plugin ?12:27
BluesKajthere's no clipboard anager app on Kubuntu, it's just the clipboard app12:30
KeyboardNotFoundBluesKaj, only that running in the panel ?12:30
acheronukklipper used to be a standalone app years ago. but now it is a plasma plugin only12:31
KeyboardNotFoundok, thank  u12:32
BluesKajKeyboardNotFound, why do you want to disable it anyway?12:32
KeyboardNotFoundBluesKaj, I don't need it, also it's exposing my privacy when using password manager12:33
BluesKajreally? that's an oversight12:34
BluesKajacheronuk, is this true?12:35
acheronuka clipboard manager with a history does obviously show that history12:37
acheronukand save on exit option12:38
KeyboardNotFoundWhere clipboard plugin history is saved ?12:55
KeyboardNotFoundHow can I delete that data?12:55
arranHello. I am trying to use Gnumeric instead of the magamaxi app libreoffice. I13:58
arraninstalled from he repos for 14.04 and got release 1.12.9, released in November13:58
arran2013. The newest version is 1.12.36 and I was told: «The Gnumeric team does not13:58
arranprovide binaries, we distribute source code only. You may want to check wit13:58
arranKubuntu why they are not providding a newer version of Gnumeric». Which I now13:58
arrando. Is there a chance there will be an upgrade for the repos soon?13:58
acheronukarran: Kubuntu does not maintain gnumeric14:04
acheronukthere is however 1.12.35 in Bionic development repos, so a good chance that might be updated to .36 before Bionic is releases in April14:05
mparilloAnd if you need a lighter alternative to Libre Office Calc, I would try Calligra14:06
arranmparillo: Thanks, I tried and it is still mega big. I need a spreadsheet only for calculations + - / * and =.14:12
arranacheronuk:would it be too much to ask you to lead me to your suggestion?14:13
mparilloperl -e 'print 1+1,"\n";'14:18
acheronukarran: I dopn't have a suggestion. just pointing out that the next Ubuntu release is likely to have the newer version you want. there may be a ppa for it somewhere, but I don't know14:25
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BigCheese_after last update one of 4 computers running ubuntu menu disappear on mouse hover. setting menu hover is set to off. As anyone seen this problem?15:53
BluesKajBigCheese_, ask in #ubuntu chat16:23
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serv1mhello and respec t to everyone19:28
xazwill kubuntu will run slow or slugish on 4gb ram and intel i5?19:48
BluesKajxaz, I ran kubuntu for many yrs on 4G Ram and on a much slower cpu than an i519:53
xazasking this becasue, windows 10 was running slow on my pc and that is why i am shifting to kubuntu19:54
BluesKajxaz, you're on ubuntu 16.04 now , correct?19:55
xazyeah, BluesKaj19:55
xazdual boot19:55
xazwith windows 1019:55
xazBluesKaj: why are you asking that?19:56
BluesKajrecommend kubuntu 17.10, since 16.04 is abit old now19:56
xazBluesKaj: "The download of Ubuntu 17.10 is currently discouraged due to a BIOS issue on certain laptops. Once fixed this download will be enabled again. "19:57
xazThats ^ why I didn't forcefully installed ubuntu 17.1019:57
BluesKajxaz,? which laptop19:57
xazmine is hp19:58
xazbut didn't wanted to take risk19:58
xazbecause i am dual booting for first time19:58
xazwill i be able to upgrade to 17.10? without uninstalling it? BluesKaj19:58
xazwhen? obert_19:59
obert_when you want19:59
BluesKajwell Leneovo was one of the brands that was supposed to be vulnerable to that BIOS break on 17.10, but my Lenovo G500 laptop hasn't suffered any ill effects with 17.10 at all19:59
BluesKajLenovo rather19:59
xazyeah, i had read that. but was just being extra cautious20:00
BluesKajxaz, you can do a clean install of 17.10 without removing W10 if that's what you're asking20:02
BluesKajxaz, is thei BIOS or UEFI machine?20:05
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ricktimmis[m]Hello All Kafe Live is a go21:06
ricktimmis[m]Join us21:16
salserohi all. i try and want to use kubuntu first time. but i have no wlan. i have add a connection but it doesnt work. i am using 16.04 LTS23:17
salserono agents were available23:18
ricktimmis[m]Hi Salsero, can you open Konsole, and type ifconfig23:24
ricktimmis[m]See if you have 3 network devices listed there, 1 Local, 1 Eth0 and 1 Wlan023:24
ricktimmis[m]It could be that you Wireless adaptor is not being detected23:25
ricktimmis[m]Do you know if you had Wlan when you ran the installer from the Live DVD ?23:25
ricktimmis[m]You can also use the command lspci in the konsole to see a list of pci devices23:25
ricktimmis[m]Hope that information helps you23:26
salserohow can i see it23:26
salserono i install it with LAN23:26
salseroWLAN didnt work23:26
ricktimmis[m]OK so use the Konsole application and type command ifconfig23:27
salseroi see eno1, al and lo23:28
salseroricktimmis is that ok23:35
salserowhat can i do to use WLAN23:36
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