jim___hi can anyone tell me the minimum requirment for lubuntu ? i got an old laptop  atom n270 1.6GHz cpu with 1GB ram01:43
Thedarkbjim___, That should be fine.01:56
ThedarkbI'm using a machine much worse than that.01:56
jim___cheer for letting me know thedarkb ... i am downloading an image atm and was going to test it anyway... but just give me more confident to carry on ... thanks champ01:59
ThedarkbEven if LXDE is too heavy for your system, you could switch to a lighter window manager.02:01
jim___am off to test and play with the lubuntu .. hope you enjoy rest of your day ... byee all02:04
ThedarkbWhy does SystemD throw errors constantly?02:22
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HickorySmokedBacIs disabiling the guest login the same as other *untus ? making /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/20-lubuntu.conf19:50
wxlshould be HickorySmokedBac though not all Ubuntus use lightdm :)19:51
HickorySmokedBacwxl: I don't think it worked19:52
HickorySmokedBacguest was able to still login19:52
wxldid restart lightdm?19:53
HickorySmokedBacI restarted the whole machine19:53
HickorySmokedBacwxl: Hm, maybe I made the wrong file.19:54
HickorySmokedBacLet me try again19:54
wxlupstream agrees https://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/LightDM/CommonConfiguration/19:56
wxlmight also look at what Debian says https://wiki.debian.org/LightDM19:58
wxlanyways got to jet so good luck!19:58
HickorySmokedBacwxl: now the machine doesn't boot to the menu19:58
HickorySmokedBacJust locks up on Lunbutu dots19:59
HickorySmokedBacBut I can get in on sshd on this machine19:59

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