f_gapw: 4.4 looking good so far, will continue testing tomorrow morning (getting late over here..). 4.13 with the KVM GPR clearing patch on top also built, but no testing besides that so far.00:33
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f_gapw, TJ- (in case  your still up): https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10147679/08:27
f_galso seems like a likely candidate for regression fixing08:27
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f_g(no problems so far in testing btw)17:03
f_gapw, TJ- I think you are missing  8705d603edd49f1cff165cd3b7998f4c7f098d27 in your pti branch / 107.130 ("x86/vsdo: Fix build on PARAVIRT_CLOCK=y, KVM_GUEST=n")20:25
f_gmight not be relevant for Ubuntu builds, but potentially for some down streams? not sure what all your flavours do config-wise..20:26
apwf_g: thanks will check if it is in the next batch20:40

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