pyton168hi i'm a mate new user someone of you know how to set a password for open the terminal whitout use the users ???00:09
EastTexasuse your admin password00:12
pyton168thanks but how ? my brother use the terminal of my pc for stupid thing and i want lock it00:16
EastTexassetup a guest account and DON'T let them install or change anything or maybe let'em save a word doc.  I don't have that problem I'm the only user ;)00:19
pyton168thank you so much for your help...00:21
EastTexasI'm a noob too since March, gone Linux ONLY 8)00:23
EastTexasIs there a firefox Q version that doesn't have Pocket built-in?  Just make it slim and fast get rid of ant-track bloat because I use uMatrix & uBlock Origin + more.00:34
EastTexasanyone here?01:12
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Guest58089im not sure how to find out what my graphics board(mb) is10:28
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ricky_sevenuntil what year is the LTS verion kept updated?19:33
TaZeR5 years since release19:50
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