tsimonq2slangasek: Just cron.daily or cron.daily-live too?00:03
slangasekdon't know yet00:04
tsimonq2slangasek: So why does it show as successful then? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/lubuntu/artful/daily-20180105.log00:18
tsimonq2This is on Nusakan itself, not an LP builder, correct?00:18
wxlif i read slangasek's email correctly, we will be re-releasing 17.10 to fix the SPI bug, but the Meltdown/Spectre fixes will come in kernel updates, right?00:24
slangasektsimonq2: it's successful because I manually hit enter at the prompt.  But it should not prompt interactively just because I ran the command with a controlling tty00:25
tsimonq2slangasek: ohhh, ic now...00:25
slangasekand yes, it also affects lubuntu live ;)00:26
naccwxl: yeah00:26
wxlthx release team for your hard work on this! (and to the kernel team as well)00:27
valorieamen to that00:31
valoriethank you thank you thank you00:31
valoriemy emails asking for testing have gone out00:31
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tsimonq2slangasek: So I've figured out what needs to happen. Would something like this be acceptable? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26329048/00:51
tsimonq2slangasek: As long as that env var is set, it won't prompt for anything, but I'm unsure if setting an env var in that way will ensure it gets passed to git from germinate...00:51
tsimonq2slangasek: (er, I can test this locally, my point is, what way would you prefer I set the env var?)00:55
slangasektsimonq2: rather, you should pass an env argument to proxy_check_call (which is a wrapper around subprocess.check_call).00:56
slangasektsimonq2: cheatsheet: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2231227/python-subprocess-popen-with-a-modified-environment00:56
tsimonq2slangasek: thanks00:57
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tsimonq2slangasek: incoming: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/ubuntu-cdimage/make-git-noninteractive/+merge/33578901:03
tsimonq2slangasek: Also, Lubuntu Next shouldn't get 17.10.1 builds ;)01:03
slangasektsimonq2: ack, I forgot that directory was empty; how about I delete the directory01:06
tsimonq2slangasek: sure np01:06
slangasektsimonq2: did you run 'run-tests'?01:11
tsimonq2slangasek: er, good point... let me fix these...01:13
tsimonq2slangasek: (nothing's broken except the tests fwiw)01:17
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smoserhey. just want to make sure this is expected..01:52
smoserah. never mind.01:53
smoserno builds yet. was wondering why a package let in yesterday wasnt in archive.01:53
smoserthanks for listening :)01:53
tsimonq2slangasek: I'm probably really overthinking this but I keep getting an error code of 256 and I'm having trouble figuring out how to fix it02:01
tsimonq2I'll keep trying things but any pointers would really be appreciated02:01
slangasektsimonq2: after modifying the germinate_command() function to include the same env logic?02:02
tsimonq2slangasek: Yes.02:03
tsimonq2slangasek: I tried this:02:04
tsimonq2-                    ], cwd=os.path.join(germinate_output, arch))02:04
tsimonq2+                    ], cwd=os.path.join(germinate_output, arch),02:04
tsimonq2+                       env=dict(os.environ, GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT="false"))02:04
tsimonq2Because that's the same logic, no?02:04
tsimonq2Specifically: AssertionError: Calls not found. -- that's the error02:05
slangasekwhen I apply that and run it here, I see the same failure; if I compare the calls, I see the 'actual' list includes an additional lockfile call?02:06
slangasekdon't know anything beyond that and am afk for now, sorry02:08
tsimonq2Alright, thanks anyways02:08
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tsimonq2slangasek: So it ended up being a *one* *line* *fix* - but what you said did help. But I did learn something about Python unit testing in the progress...02:30
nacc_tsimonq2: fyi, the documented value is 005:04
nacc_tsimonq2: not "false" (see `man git`)05:05
nacc_tsimonq2: I mentioned that value (0) earlier05:05
tsimonq2nacc_: Oh, thanks05:06
tsimonq2Gah, where'd he go? :)05:06
nacctsimonq2: np :) (and now i'm afk for real too :)05:07
flocculantslangasek: I don't appear to be able to get iso's from Artful Dot One ... both 32 and 64 bit give me a 40409:46
flocculantchecked a couple of other flavours and ubuntu - all 40409:47
flocculantthey 'can' be grabbed ok from cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/artful/daily-live/current/  at least - but I suspect everyone else points their testers to the tracker, I know I did ;)09:52
acheronukflocculant: same for kubuntu. the qa tracker url points to /kubuntu/daily-live/20180105.2/ folder, whereas the actua images are in /kubuntu/artful/daily-live/20180105.2/09:58
flocculantacheronuk: yea - you were one of the other flavours I looked at :p09:58
acheronuknot done any announcing yet, so good catch10:01
acheronuktsimonq2: lubuntu is also 404, so guess they all are (which is logical)10:04
flocculantacheronuk: that was the other flavour :D10:04
wxlflocculant: can't we just go on the tracker and change the URLs?17:24
flocculantwxl - no idea, never seen that anywhere17:31
flocculantwxl - just point people at the cd.image url for the time being17:32
wxlwell it looks like it should just work http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/admin/config/services/qatracker/products/497/downloads17:32
flocculantnever seen that17:33
wxlwith great power comes great curiousity XD17:33
wxlwell anyways i can't figure it out if it is possible so oh well17:46
flocculantprobably is - on the other hand it could go horribly wrong17:52
flocculantfor you - cos I would wait ;)17:52
wxlhm are bionic dailies halted?18:18
wxleveryone's stuck at 20180103 it seems.. except for Lubuntu alternates which are ahead and the rest of the Lubuntu images which are behind but rebuilding18:19
jbichawxl: I assume that's because LP isn't building anything now (see the /topic )18:47
wxlyeah i guess that's true, jbicha, except for the fact that it's clear that's not true XD18:48
wxlagain, lubuntu has a fresh release18:49
wxlnot to mention artful dot one18:49
jbichabionic hasn't changed in a few days anyway18:51
wxlit has for lubuntu18:53
jbichaI'm guessing it's all related to Meltdown/Spectre; there's no need for bionic dailies right now, but we do need a 17.10 release since 17.04 is nearly EOL18:53
slangasekflocculant: sorry, fixes for the code on the tracker are welcome, but in the meantime people will just have to find the correct URLs manually19:39
flocculantslangasek: no problem - have a good weekend :)19:41
wxlouch that sucks19:41

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