naccrbasak: i threw up a WIP MP based off dsc-builder that was really easy to put together a few basic unit tests for the bug ahasenack hit00:14
naccrbasak: in other words, nice work!00:16
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keithzgHuh, I think the roundcube packaging is currently at least a bit bogus, it seems to skip jquery.min.js and thus basically nothing works!02:52
keithzgWait, nevermind, Friday-night brain fuzz; turns out I don't actually have it installed from the package on my instance. I'm a bit confused by how it somehow changed then, though, huh.02:55
* keithzg calls it a night, hopes that speculation patches drop soon!02:57
Kyokuis there an equivalent of rc.local in Bionic Beaver? i just noticed there's no rc.local file05:56
tomreynKyoku: if it doesn't exist, yet, just create a root-owned, executable shell skript /etc/rc.local and add what you want.08:13
tomreynalso /join #ubuntu+1 for bionic support08:14
tomreynalso you may need to 'sudo systemctl enable rc-local'08:15
ikoniathats assuming it's still got a unit file08:23
ikoniait may have been removed08:23
xibalbacurl colosandiego.com08:33
xibalbasorry wrong window08:34
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albech16.04 Getting 'device appeared twice with different sysfs paths' on my syslog - https://paste.ubuntu.com/26332288/ I know that brtfs is using same uuid on all devices in a raid, but this error seems to cause other problems on my system. Any idea what can be done to fix it?13:52
pankaj_I have been googling for "what is mailing list and how to join" but nothing is satisfactory. Please I want to join. How to do. Frustated searching.14:40
TJ-pankaj_: for Linux?14:41
pankaj_TJ-: Yes.14:41
TJ-pankaj_: see my response in ##linux14:42
rh10join #docker16:26
bananapielinux is reporting a wrong load average, 5 minute average is showing as 88.56, but based on cpu usage, waiting for io, swapping, and actual performance, it should be closer to 0.5417:38
bananapieis there any way to reset or fix the load average without a reboot?17:38
patdk-lapI don't know what any of those have to do with load avg18:04
tomreynvery much actually, if you read 'man uptime'18:50
tomreynbut he's loooong gone18:50
patdk-lapcpu usage, io wait, and stuff is how much cpu is used and waiting on drives18:52
patdk-lapload is how many programs WANT to run18:52
patdk-lapthere could be many factors why the are running or blocked18:52
patdk-lapcpu and disk are only two18:53
tomreynrunnable or uninterruptable state18:54
tomreyn"A process in a runnable state is either using the CPU or waiting to use the CPU."18:55
patdk-lapI constantly have this issue with nfs usage18:55
tomreynso running processes  do count18:55
patdk-lapwhen the nfs server stops responding18:55
patdk-laplow cpu, low disk18:55
patdk-lapextreemly high loadavg18:55
Kyokui'm having problems with DNS lookups in bionic beaver, anyone else experiencing problems with the systemd resolver?19:08
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tomreynKyoku: /join #ubuntu+120:38
Kyokuthanks tomreyn23:15

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