diddledanisn't the pi3 an A53?00:18
zmoylan-pinot a lot of pi in that... :-P00:51
ali1234diddledan: yes it is, but raspbian etc do not use 64 bit mode, so it's kind of crippled08:33
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:45
foobarryi have an FPGA12:05
foobarrydiddledan: although haven't done anything with it yet12:06
foobarrytook a few days to install the software to manage the beast12:06
foobarryhow does minecraft android version compare with PC version? would i need a controller/keyboard?13:02
daftykinssurely that depends on what kind of android device for what input methods it has14:13
zmoylan-piyou can plug in a lot of usb peripherals using otg these days. slap on a hub and plug in a keyboard, mouse and joystick :-P14:36
ali1234it doesn't "need" a keyboard and mouse but it is largely unplayable without one16:01
daftykinsdiddledan: (volume warning) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD-0qIdz1VA16:03
m0nkey_my last tweet ranting towards apple was my 666th tweet. coincidence? i think not.16:29
daftykinsah, what was it about? :)16:29
m0nkey_stupid apple, forcing my laptop to download the high sierra installer16:29
m0nkey_I never pulled it down16:30
m0nkey_It was a fresh install of Sierra because of the bullshit with High Sierra. i downgraded because Sierra just works better.16:30
m0nkey_And APFS is just so slow16:30
daftykinsi didn't think you were an Apple type16:31
daftykinsyou really are not-shauno!16:31
m0nkey_holy crap, they replied. they "like to understand more about this" .... indeed.16:32
daftykinsi don't believe a word of the folk who claimed 10 installed without their consent ;)16:34
daftykinsyou know what folk are like with grumpily 'dismissing' pop ups (not saying you did, just made me think of that)16:34
m0nkey_I saw a popup, I clicked on the no button, but it appears the installer was pulled down anyway.16:35
daftykinsmmm no doubt, only way it can run!16:35
m0nkey_I hate all these forced updates16:36
daftykinsespecially from that company16:37
m0nkey_My laptop is pretty old for a Mac. Bought it in 2012.16:37
daftykinsa mate in Long Island was just telling me about how their local Apple shop told his family that the iPhone 6 they brought in was dead, so sold them on an 8 Plus...16:38
daftykinshe picked it up, did the software restore via his PC, fixed in minutes16:38
m0nkey_There is now a wifi driver for this laptop for FreeBSD. Need to compile the kernel module and recompile the kernel, it works and everything but since it's a new driver is unstable as heck.16:39
daftykinswould it not lack a lot of advisable power management stuffs on such a machine?16:39
m0nkey_actually, thats one of the things that does work16:40
m0nkey_everything works except the wifi16:40
m0nkey_and bluetooth16:40
m0nkey_Apple Support are saying it's because I have automatic updates enabled for macOS16:56
m0nkey_I look at my settings, that option is disabled.16:56
daftykinshaha, don't give up, sir16:58
zmoylan-piyes... but you're talking to 'apple geniuses' :-P19:36
foobarrystable apple geniuses19:51
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