squish102what is the easiest thing to use to setup a vpn service so that I can have my windows browser trafic go over vpn (without lots of clients installed)17:34
squish102i used to use pptpd and that was easy from a windows side to configyre17:35
squish102ok used openvpn, but had to install openvpn on PC18:14
MaNIjust install opera and browse in private mode :p18:21
MaNIor use firefox and one of the dozen plugins for that or something18:21
squish102does that still report my ip from where I am browsing?18:40
MaNIopera private mode has a built in vpn19:01
MaNIand various firefox plugins for this also exist19:01
MaNIit works perfectly fine for avoiding geoblocks or avoiding casual tracking - but obviously if it is for criminal activity or something that requries actual privacy you'll have to shell out for a proper vpn as you probably don't want to trust the people hosting those vpns...19:02

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