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zomaarIs it likely that a dosbox game running very sluggishly in installed Kubuntu 16.04.3 but fine in Live Kubuntu 16.04.3 would be caused by a bad SATA controller?00:26
zomaarI.e. no other differences can be observed other than that the installed system runs off nVidia software raid.00:27
G4stonHello guys!00:29
G4stonI wanted to ask, is it safe to install ubuntu 18 alpha directly as dual boot with windows ?00:29
daxif you have to worry whether it's safe, you probably shouldn't be using development versions00:30
daxalso, #ubuntu+1 for bionic discussion00:30
zomaarSo in the Live session I also have the RAID automatically activated; however causes no problems.00:33
G4stonwhoops, thanks though :)00:33
zomaarIt seems impossible that my, for the rest of it, default KDE environment would cause issues; also no difference between nVidia and Nouveau.00:33
nacczomaar: well, just because it's active doesn't mean you're using it00:34
nacczomaar: also fakeraid ... is not great00:34
tatertotszomaar: have you check to see of other "end users" of the "dosbox" game share similar symptom(s)?????00:35
tatertotsstatistically that's where a person would launch an investigation00:35
tatertotsan investigating person..00:36
tatertotsor a curious person i guess also00:36
zomaarnacc: Of course, the difference would be that in one case my root filesystem is on it, and in the other, nothing important.00:39
nacczomaar: well, nothing at all, unless you are mounting your disks in your live session00:39
nacczomaar: it is probably not mounted at all, in the live case00:40
zomaartatertots: No if the game runs fine in Live session, and the amount of Ubuntu 16.04 users of a dosbox game from 1996 running into the same problems when my controller appears to be faulty (in Linux) to begin with, then I don't think that's a statistical good place to start tbh.00:41
zomaarnacc: Yes I mounted it to copy the game into tmpfs.00:41
nacczomaar: right, but then you aren't actively using the RAID anymore00:42
zomaarnacc: correct.00:42
nacczomaar: did you try running the game from the RAID controller in your live session?00:42
zomaarnacc: That's the point, I will have to copy the system to another harddisk and run it from there to see what happens.00:42
zomaarnacc: No I forgot, but I copied it into tmpfs on the installed system as well.00:42
zomaarBut even in the live session probably the entire game would be cached into memory anyway.00:44
zomaarThis controller, at least with the raid, caused severe kernel hangs.....or stalls.... causing the clock to run behind constantly00:45
zomaarI fixed that by disabling native command queueing for those harddisks.00:46
zomaarBut I think it might still be the problem here :p.00:46
zomaarSo I think the entire system just periodically hangs and I first notice it with this game :p.00:47
zomaarAlthough music plays fine.00:47
zomaarThe midi in the game also suffers from slowdowns/speedups.00:47
zomaarSo yeah I was happy with the raid because it was natively supported (by Grub also)00:48
zomaarand that's a unicum I think :p.00:48
zomaarBut in the end it doesn't work so well because the sata drivers are probably bad.00:49
zomaarThen again that might happen in non-raid as well but I will have to check00:50
zomaarSome sata controllers are just badly supported, also Maxwell controllers for instance.00:51
zomaarBut you know firmware raid basically just uses dmraid mapper which is generic, together with format on disk which is vendor-specific00:54
zomaarSo there isn't really any "nvidia_raid" module.00:56
zomaarSo there is just dmraid modules together with nv_sata module.00:57
zomaarActually raid0 doesn't even use the dm-raid module, it uses directly a stripe target that is just builtin.01:23
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daniel_can anyone help me with sound problems?01:46
Majora320Anyone else getting errors trying to install libssl and openssl?01:47
Majora320I imagine build infrastructure depending on docker containers will be down everywhere01:48
skwingara result of the emergency patches for the intel spectre / meltdown situation?01:48
Majora320Maybe. Don't know why they would pull the package, though, everyone already has the affected version if that is in fact the problem.01:49
daniel_why does my sound work when i install but the card doesnt get detected when i reboot, i've tried sudo alsa force-reload and restart which worked once and not again01:50
daniel_is there a generic driver i can get to load each time? my card is intel series 6 c200 and i can only find windows drivers01:51
daniel_msg me if anyone knows please dont want to have to switch back to windows!01:52
Majora320daniel_: sound uses pulse on top of also, maybe try to reload that01:53
Majora320no idea though01:53
Majora320pavucontrol has a sound card selector01:53
daniel_cool thankyou will have a look01:53
Majora320skwingar: it seems the libssl packages are only down for ubuntu4.9: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/o/openssl/01:54
Majora3204.10s are still there01:54
skwingarahh, I see. Thanks for heads up01:55
skwingarI've no idea, myself, in regard to your sound issue. Hopefully someone else comes around with an answer for you though. Good luck!01:56
daniel_thanks skwingar :)01:56
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SnakeEater97Hi, I plugged my usb in but it doesn't appear in media02:06
SnakeEater97I use lsusb it appears but it doesn't show in lsblk or df02:06
Majora320SnakeEater97: is it formatted correctly?02:06
SnakeEater97well I format by right clicking it, select slow formatting.02:07
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SnakeEater97and the usb disappeared, it still doesn't show up02:07
Majora320are you sure it doesn't show up in lsblk?02:08
Majora320or does the disk show up but not the partitions?02:08
SnakeEater97it shows up in lsusb02:09
SnakeEater97but doesn't with lsblk02:10
Majora320what I mean by that, is does something like "sdx" show up but not "sdx1"02:10
Majora320find a drive in there you don't recognize02:11
Majora320check the size02:11
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__0xbadc0de__what is the risk of trying a dual boot in my machine?02:22
__0xbadc0de__is there a considerable risk of screwing up windows?02:23
Sean_McGif you don't know what you are doing, perhaps02:24
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Guest26173I'm using ubuntu thru Win-7 ... I'm trying to "copy" from ubuntu and "paste" to Win 7 ... and of course it's not working. Any Tips?02:28
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wedgieGuest26173: as a VM? What hypervisor? Virtualbox? VMware workstation?02:29
wedgiehave you installed the guest additions/vmware tools?02:29
Guest26173No. I haven't installed them.02:30
wedgiethat's step 102:30
Guest26173Ok, thank you.02:30
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econdudeawesomeHi all. Facing potentially dead external USB drive, dmesg shows plugin but not showing up in lsusb and what have you. Any ideas?02:51
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tomreynecondudeawesome: remove drive from enclosure, connect to computer via SATA cable / connector, run long SMART self test.03:01
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tomreynecondudeawesome: i'm assuming this is a hard disk or ssd03:01
econdudeawesomehard disk03:02
econdudeawesomeOld Western Digital Passport03:02
tomreynecondudeawesome: then this approach should work. there may also be firmware upgrades available for this drive.03:03
tomreynhello antoaaaaa, do you need any ubuntu support?03:03
antoaaaaano i'm user only03:03
tomreynecondudeawesome: btw. it's unpleasent to notice you asking the same wquestion here and in #debian. please don't do this in the future.03:04
hmonsterHello, im stuck with debian installer  im getting error msg "fail install grub dummy" any solution please03:06
econdudeawesometomreyn: Apologies, #debian is not always active.03:07
hmonsterHello, im stuck with debian installer im getting error msg "fail install grub dummy" also im facing this problem with ubuntu!! any solution please03:08
tomreynhmonster: which ubuntu release are you trying to install? what's the name of the iso file you downloaded?03:10
hmonstertomreyn, Server 16.04 TLS03:11
tomreynhmonster: thanks for answering one of my two questions. unfortunately i can't wait more for you to answer the second, need to leave for now.03:16
tomreynconsider disabling secureboot in your uefi / bios, though.03:17
hmonstertomreyn, I did and still not working03:22
kkremitzkiIs there a non-destructive way to check the health of an SD card in use? Should I just use smartmontools?03:31
Snowiehowdy all. Anyone free to help me work out why i'm having dns issues on 17.10? doesnt seem to matter if i use google dns or my isp's via the gateway. Seems worse in chrome. Just get an error when loading pages occasionally, sometimes even while im on that page, and eventually chrome seems to try again and be able to get the page open.03:35
kkremitzkiI've seen similar behavior Snowie03:36
SnowieThis is what i get https://paste.ubuntu.com/26329805/03:36
Snowiethen it will just refresh itself after a few seconds and work03:36
Snowiekkremitzki: ok, so not just me.03:37
Snowiekkremitzki: i was a bit wary about coming here as i cant be sure it's a ubuntu issue and not chrome03:37
kkremitzkiI see it in Firefox Nightly03:37
Snowiei "think" i have had the same issue in firefox03:37
Snowieok, so then we are likely looking at 17.10 then03:37
kkremitzkiIt seems plausible, that's what I'm on currently03:38
Snowiekkremitzki: was your's a roll up from a previous version or fresh install of 17.10. mines fresh, just comparing notes03:45
kkremitzkiIt was a fresh install03:45
Snowieso i tried to run this fix04:00
Snowiesorry about the tone on that one team04:00
Snowieand i can't link to a file I just removed right?04:00
Snowiewhat am i missing here04:00
blastermaster /msg NickServ identify Madelene7377@04:01
Snowieblastermaster: time to change your password but04:01
Majora320is it hunter2?04:13
streakyyeah never identify in a channel window, always ends badly sooner or later04:13
streakyi did it once many years ago, you only do that once..04:14
Snowiekkremitzki: so after a restart, it's immediately like I upgraded my internet plan or something. pages loading instantly. try this https://osdocs.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/ubuntu-17-04-and-yet-another-round-of-i-fucked-up-your-resolv-conf-for-you-while-you-were-expecting-an-improved-distro/04:16
Snowieand again, sorry about the tone of that article, but it did work04:16
XXCoderim kinda wondering if I can install ubuntu on this system without losing settings, /home, etc04:23
XXCoderthis is xfce mint, a fork of ubuntu04:23
dagreenmambain my experience mint->ubuntu is much harder to not break than ubuntu->mint04:24
dagreenmambaif I have a dual boot workstation, is there a way I can choose the OS on boot via remote?04:25
dagreenmambaalso the ubuntu drive is encrypted, so I'll need to put in that passphrase remotely as well :')04:26
dagreenmambaanyone have ideas or know of a place to ask?04:28
Majora320dagreenmamba: you'd need a full network stack in the bootloader...04:30
Majora320ooh, I know04:30
XXCoderthanks. xfce mint updates stuff so slowly04:30
Majora320with uefi at least you can choose next bootable os04:30
XXCoderits still in 17.04. but same time 17.10 ubuntu killed bunch of bios04:30
Majora320so boot into linux, use efibootmgr to do that, then reboot04:30
streakycrypto pass though :p04:31
streakyany sort of SOL would probably do it but..04:31
fredi-sjI'm still happy using MBR scheme partitioning and AMIBIOS04:32
fredi-sjI heard about the Insyde/Lenovo "incident"04:32
streakyno uefi no party.. basically impossible to buy a motherboard without these days, if not totally04:33
fredi-sjI know04:33
streakyreally easy to dump keys though so..04:33
XXCoderah but more and more quite powerful single board computers04:34
XXCoderorangepi is one of more powerful ones. though dunno ifg it has uefi04:34
streakyit's inevitable even to the extent it isn't today, plus lets not kid ourselves about powerful, decent as they are04:35
alteregoa4.4.110 and microcode 20171215 if you run intel is there04:36
alteregoastill waiting for some gcc patches04:37
alteregoafirefox with retpoline and stuff04:38
fredi-sjProvided one know what are doing, I've heard Flash EEPROM programmers could fix tainted chips04:38
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fgtyo niggas05:39
fgti just got ubuntu lmao05:39
fgthow u fams doin05:39
fgty'all niggas not one for talking eh05:40
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apt-cacher-ngSplitting up /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/httpredir.debian.org_debian_dists_sid_InRelease into data and signature failed06:30
apt-cacher-ngE: The repository 'http://httpredir.debian.org/debian sid InRelease' is not signed.06:31
apt-cacher-ngDoes this mean the file is corrupt by the proxy server?06:31
EriC^apt-cacher-ng: seems like ot06:31
lotuspsychjehey EriC^06:31
EriC^hey lotuspsychje06:31
apt-cacher-ngEriC^: Should I just drop it on the server?06:31
EriC^you mean copy it manually?06:32
EriC^sure why not06:33
lotuspsychjeblaster: can we help you?06:34
apt-cacher-ngEriC^: no I did rm -r debrep/dists/sid/InRelease06:34
apt-cacher-ngEriC^: now running apt-get update06:34
apt-cacher-ngWhat is the difference between apt and apt-get in terms of update/upgrade other commands?06:34
EriC^apt-cacher-ng: update is the same just prettier, upgrade has more features in apt than apt-get06:35
EriC^full-upgrade and dist-upgrade are the same06:35
apt-cacher-ngWhich one should I use? I'm new to this.06:36
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apt-cacher-ngdebrep/dists/sid/InRelease [HTTP error, code: 503]06:36
EriC^apt-cacher-ng: use apt update && apt full-upgrade06:36
apt-cacher-ngWhat about packages kept back? Will not full-upgrade mess with them?06:37
apt-cacher-ngAre they kept back for some purpose like not to brake things?06:37
apt-cacher-ngredownloaded files and the error gone for now.06:37
EriC^no, they're just kept back cause something has to be removed or installed to satisfy them06:37
apt-cacher-ngwhy full-upgrade and not just upgrade?06:38
apt-cacher-ngI'm now running it.06:38
EriC^it updates the kernel and other stuff too06:38
apt-cacher-ngother stuff?06:39
EriC^well whatever package needs something to be installed or removed06:39
EriC^usually the kernel06:39
apt-cacher-nghow to make apt not to ask questions even when it wants to restart services like after a glibc update?06:39
EriC^apt-cacher-ng: use apt-get -y dist-upgrade06:41
EriC^apt-get is more for scripts and non-interactive stuff06:41
apt-cacher-nghow to make grc to be used by default via the bash profile by root?06:43
apt-cacher-ngI want to have apt-get output to be colored for easier error spotting06:43
quintI can't get ncat to listen on a specific port while trying to use a link local ipv606:51
quintfor example, running: ncat -6vlp 8080 fe80::214:2aff:fe90:4a1e%enp2s2106:53
quintreturns: Ncat: Listening on fe80::214:2aff:fe90:4a1e:3133706:53
quintVersion 7.4006:54
whendricsoI am ubuntu n00b06:55
effortDeeme 206:56
strivehi whendricso06:57
strivewhendricso: New to Linux in general?06:57
lotuspsychje!manual | whendricso effortDee06:58
ubottuwhendricso effortDee: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:58
effortDeety lotuspsychje i been on ubuntu a few months now06:58
effortDeeloving it06:58
effortDeeabsolutely loving it06:58
whendricsoI deleted the windows list panel06:59
whendricsoten seconds in and I already broke something xD06:59
whendricsookay fixed07:00
lotuspsychje!chat | whendricso07:02
ubottuwhendricso: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:02
trincyolo/ set aspell.check.suggestions 307:12
ergodicwalkI'm having a lot of issues with video on ubuntu07:26
ergodicwalkI'm running 16.04 LTS with KDE plasma07:27
ergodicwalkmy machine is super recent as well (HP laptop) and is only running ubuntu07:27
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: system up to date?07:27
ergodicwalkbut when I watch any videos on chrome/firefox (like hulu or youtube)07:27
ergodicwalkit slows my laptop WAY down07:27
ergodicwalklotuspsychje: what do you mean?07:27
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: 16.04.3?07:27
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: you can check with lsb_release -a07:28
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: installed the restricted-extras and video driver installed correctly?07:28
ergodicwalkyes. (also another data point: chrome is 96% CPU)07:28
MarkB2I'm linking a C program to two libraries part of a package distributed by Canonical for Ubuntu 17.10 .07:29
ergodicwalkNo LSB modules are available.07:29
ergodicwalkDistributor ID: Ubuntu07:29
ergodicwalkDescription:    Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS07:29
ergodicwalkRelease:        16.0407:29
ergodicwalkCodename:       xenial07:29
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: sudo lshw -C video to check driver=07:29
MarkB2At the end of the link phase, I get an error from ld(1) saying that there are bunch of undefined symbols.07:29
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: try avoid paste in here mate07:29
ergodicwalklotuspsychje: it says "No LSB modules are available"07:29
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: its cool, .3 release07:30
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: vlc or smplayer playing fine?07:30
MarkB2I use nm(1) to inspect the library supposedly holding that symbol and, yes, there it is.07:30
lotuspsychjeMarkB2: try to ask your question all in one line plz, with all details,ubuntu version07:31
ergodicwalklotuspsychje: what details do you want from sudo lshw -C video07:31
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: driver= at bottom07:31
MarkB2lotuspsychje: Alright... but if I retype the entire problem am I going to get booted for being ..verbose?07:31
ergodicwalklotuspsychje: it says configuration: driver=i915 latency=007:32
MarkB2Anyway... I can't figure out why it isn't scanning the library even though I've got -Lpath_to_library and -llibrary_name on the command line.07:33
ergodicwalkthis is repeatable in firefox or chrome. it just kills my laptop if i'm streaming any video.07:33
cloaksmailspring is okay to install, right guys?07:33
pikapikaHi I got information about USN-3516-1 just now and followed the instructions. So does this only fix Firefox, and the rest of the os is still unsafe from the technique? Anyways, at least one of the bigger causes was fixed quickly07:35
ergodicwalk lotuspsychje: any ideas?07:35
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zomaarYesterday I asked about a system performing extremely slow with Theme Hospital; the installed system07:36
ergodicwalklike the video is also super laggy to. It is clearly streaming quickly (i.e., its not just sitting an waiting for packets to arrive/network issues)07:36
ergodicwalkbut the video is reallllly laggy. the hardware i'm using isn't that old.07:36
zomaarthe Live system did not have any troubles, and I thought the problem was my firmware raid07:36
zomaarHowever copying my system to a different harddisk, and then disabling/unloading the firmware raid, I still have the same issue, while a fresh install on that same (new) harddisk does not have the problem07:38
kostkonpikapika, https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/04/ubuntu-updates-for-the-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities/07:38
zomaarHow on earth can a reasonably new system installation produce such lag?07:39
pikapikaThank you kostkon07:39
kostkonpikapika, np07:39
ergodicwalk lotuspsychje: any ideas?07:40
alkisgergodicwalk: what is your specific cpu model? grep model /proc/cpuinfo07:40
zomaarergodicwalk: what was the topic?07:40
ergodicwalkIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU07:41
ergodicwalkoops. alkisg: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU07:41
alkisgergodicwalk: that's a fast cpu, it should be able to play 4-5 SD youtube videos without lags. What's the `load average` on `top` while playing a video?07:43
alkisgzomaar: theme hospital? how are you playing this on linux, via dosbox?07:44
ergodicwalkalkisg what do you mean by load average07:44
zomaarI mean, alkisg: yes.07:44
zomaaralkisg: It runs fine in live session and fresh install but not in my slightly older install07:44
ergodicwalkalkisg: like there's a single PID with > 100% CPU utilization07:45
alkisgergodicwalk: run `top`, see first line there07:45
ergodicwalkalkisg: right now says 8.7407:45
zomaaralkisg: with the only big difference I guess that I have tried installing and uninstalled nvidia driver07:45
alkisgzomaar: maybe you have dosbox misconfigured in your installation. Try either moving .dosbox elsewhere, or better yet, in the guest session, so that we see if it's  a user settings issue, or a system settings issue07:46
alkisgergodicwalk: chrome isn't an ubuntu program, it's not supported here. Try with firefox instead07:46
ergodicwalkalkisg. I will try with firefox and re-report the numbers.07:47
zomaaralkisg: No I copy the entire game including dosbox settings07:47
zomaaralkisg: So the settings are always the same07:47
alkisgzomaar: you copy ~/.dosbox? Or just the game folder?07:48
zomaaralkisg: No the game comes with its own dosbox config files that completely overrides the user installed settings.07:48
alkisgzomaar: and otherwise your system performs fast, e.g. you can watch youtube videos fullscreen without lags etc?07:49
zomaaralkisg: Yes no issues.07:49
alkisgzomaar: ok, can you try with the guest account anyway, just to make sure it's not related to user settings?07:50
zomaaralkisg: Sure07:50
alkisgIt's a big separation there, searching user vs system settings, it's a basic thing to check out first07:50
zomaaralkisg: Brb.07:50
ergodicwalkalkisg: same issue. can already see the laggy behavior. Web Content is now 182% util, and firefox 90.1 (top two PID in top). Also the load average numbers are: 6.68, 6.34, 6.5307:53
alkisgergodicwalk: and that's just by watching a youtube video, nothing else straining the cpu? which video is that, so that we test locally?07:54
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: did you check if ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?07:54
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: like alkisg says with such specs, YT should play flawless..even on intel graphics07:54
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: smplayer smooth or laggy?07:56
ergodicwalklotuspsychje: it was not installed actually. do I need to restart to see an effect?07:56
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: no, just browser07:56
ergodicwalkok. installing and then I will restart browser.07:57
ergodicwalkalso alkisg: no I have a few other applications (like atom and dolphin) open. I can close them. The video happens to be on hulu. I can switch to something on YT so its easy to test07:57
zomaaralkisg: 100% the same.07:57
alkisgergodicwalk: anything shareable here would be fine07:58
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: just curious, your ubuntu was a clean install or upgrade from?07:58
alkisgergodicwalk: for example, it may be a problem with kde, so if we don't have any isue here, you may narrow it down07:58
ergodicwalklotuspsychje: clean install. wiped windows even07:59
lotuspsychjewell kde is bit heavy07:59
alkisgzomaar: and are you using the same ubuntu version on both live and installed? or if not, which ones?07:59
ergodicwalklotuspsychje:  and alkisg: yeah it is possible. A while back I was just using unity and I had super smooth performance07:59
lotuspsychjei think with unity and gnome, kde is the most eyecandy:heavyness07:59
Disaster_Areaanyone w/ practical advice on installing latex packages for use w/ texworks?08:00
alkisgergodicwalk: you could test with some live cd too, and report if it's specific to a certain desktop environment like kde08:00
zomaarzomaar: Yes, 16.04.308:00
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: perhaps talk to the #kubuntu guys what can be done to tweak lightweight?08:00
lotuspsychje!latex | Disaster_Area can this help?08:00
ubottuDisaster_Area can this help?: tex is a language for describing a document, commonly used especially for scientific publishing. Information and instructions for installing TeX and other related packages can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LaTeX08:00
alkisgzomaar: ok, what's the output of this? sudo lshw | nc termbin.com 999908:01
zomaarErm, wasn't that supposed to give a link back?08:02
alkisgIt should, yes08:03
lotuspsychjeergodicwalk: interesting: https://www.hecticgeek.com/2016/05/ubuntu-16-04-flavors-comparison/08:04
zomaaralkisg: I put it here http://paste.debian.net/1003713/08:05
zomaaralkisg: Also I must say this system has had strange keyboard lag for a while which is probably related08:06
zomaarI just cannot comprehend what could be wrong08:06
alkisgzomaar: you have nouveau, which isn't optimal for games, although the live cd would have that too. How do you see that keyboard lag?08:06
zomaaralkisg: No I just uninstalled nVidia to test08:07
zomaaralkisg: The input (when repetitive) will stall for a slight moment before continuing.08:07
zomaaralkisg: e.g. when holding enter in a terminal, you will see it not have the same speed but lag now and then08:08
lotuspsychjezomaar: wich ubuntu version was this?08:09
ergodicwalkalkisg: and lotuspsychje: still laggy with literally one video only playing on firefox, konversation (for irc chat) and that's it.08:10
alkisgzomaar: can you also upload the output of dmesg?08:10
ergodicwalkthe video is MKBHD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js3WIRF595U08:10
alkisgergodicwalk: is that fullscreen or windowed08:10
zomaarIt's 16.04.308:10
ergodicwalkalkisg: windowed!08:10
lotuspsychjezomaar: on unity right?08:10
alkisgergodicwalk: my load average is less than 1 while watching this08:11
lotuspsychjezomaar: you recall wich nvidia- driver version you tested on?08:11
lotuspsychjezomaar: ubuntu-drivers list to check all08:11
ergodicwalkalkisg: my load averages are 5.2, 5.6, 6.208:12
zomaarlotuspsychje: tbh this is KDE08:12
zomaarlotuspsychje: 38408:12
biswazhello. how do i run gksu --user root mount -r "/dev/sda3" "/media/Windows/"08:12
lotuspsychjesame story as ergodicwalk i think, kde being heavy08:12
biswazwithout error08:12
lotuspsychjezomaar: tested your game on unity?08:12
ergodicwalkalkisg: even with the video paused: ! oad average: 2.37, 4.70, 5.8208:13
biswazi need someway to "group" the mount -r "/dev/sda3" "/media/Windows/"  into one single command as pass it as an argument to gksu08:13
lotuspsychje!mount | biswaz08:14
ubottubiswaz: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:14
alkisgGuys, both of you, try this: sudo wget http://termbin.com/5yn1 -O /usr/share/xsessions/xterm.desktop. Then, reboot, and select the xterm session to login without using kde. Then, run firefox or dosbox from that xterm, and see if it goes fast. If yes, then KDE is to blame.08:14
biswazyes. I want to mount. It it working perfectly in sudo  mount -r "/dev/sda3" "/media/Windows/"08:14
alkisgergodicwalk, zomaar ^08:14
biswaznow I want to use graphical sudo gksu08:15
zomaaralkisg: http://paste.debian.net/1003715/08:15
biswazubottu: lotuspsychje: any ideas?08:16
ubottubiswaz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:16
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ergodicwalkalkisg: okay. rebooting now see you on the other end lol08:16
zomaarlotuspsychje: I believe I had Unity installed on this system at one point but it is not easy to run it08:16
zomaaralkisg: Can do08:16
KarlMarxHow do I install Ubuntu on my iPhone 7 Plus08:20
ikoniaKarlMarx: you don't08:22
ikonialets not mess around please08:22
ergodicwalkalkisg: so it was way faster in xterm.desktop but somehow when I reboot into KDE plasma it is not lagging now. idk why. same exact apps open. also, the top averages are 2.18, 1.09, 0.4608:26
alkisgergodicwalk: heh, keep that xterm.desktop around then, it helps :P08:26
alkisgOK, a KDE problem, to be reported in #kubuntu etc08:27
ergodicwalkI messaged08:27
lotuspsychjeRebelnet: welcome, how can we help you?08:30
Rebelnetcan't get ubuntu to run on my chromebook08:31
ZythyrNeed help. I have a 3TB external HDD which is formatted to NTFS. When I connect it to a PC running Ubuntu Live USB, the NTFS drive doens't show up. Instead it shows up as ZFS in Gparted08:32
Rebelnettried 4 times08:32
nick347do you mean you tried to install it 4 times and it wouldn't boot when you installed it? Or does the livecd not work?08:33
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lotuspsychjeRebelnet: to install ubuntu on a chromebook you need to do a few things, think crouton & modyfied kernel etc08:33
ikonianone of which is actually ubuntu08:34
ikoniaor supported in this channel08:34
Rebelnetyeah, i did used crouton08:34
ducasseRebelnet: try #crouton, maybe08:36
zomaarI'm sorry I am just an idiot.08:44
zomaarI had set the CPU governer to conservative and had long since forgotten that I had done so :p.08:44
zomaarThank you for your help, this helped me remember my folly, some 10 minutes ago before I tried the xterm thing.08:46
zomaaralkisg: Thanks for your help, the ondemand governer works fine.08:50
trincyoloHi all! I installed unbuntu 17 on my laptop and external monitor worked no porblem. Installed LTS and now it doesn't work. Any ideas on where to look? It won't even detect.08:50
zomaartrincyolo: what kernel do you have installed? (uname -a)08:51
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zomaarOr uname -r,08:52
trincyolozomaar: 4.10.0-42-generic #46~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 4 15:57:59 UTC 201708:52
trincyolozomaar: 4.10.0-42-generic08:52
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zomaartrincyolo: Did you run 17.04 or 17.10?08:54
trincyolozomaar: 17,10 i think08:54
zomaarsudo apt install linux-image-virtual-hwe-16.04-edge08:55
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zomaaroh sorry08:56
trincyolozomaar: what is that?08:56
zomaarsudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge08:56
zomaartrincyolo: That is a newer kernel that matches that in 17.1008:57
trincyolozomaar: oh, why would it be the kernel itself and not a driver or something?08:57
zomaartype "apt show linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge" to see information on it08:57
zomaartrincyolo: What graphics chipset do you have?08:58
trincyolodon't know. says nvidia geforce gtx on the sticker08:58
ikoniawhy are you randomly installing kernels08:59
alkisgzomaar: glad you solved it :)08:59
zomaartrincyolo: The nvidia Nouveau driver is included with the kernel and can have later hardware support.08:59
ikoniahave you even looked at the log to see why xorg can't see the display08:59
trincyolozomaar: isn't updating the kernel a big deal?08:59
ikoniait is for no reason08:59
ikoniajust randomly changing packages is not how to debug and fix a problem08:59
zomaartrincyolo: Not really, you can boot to the older kernel via the menu08:59
zomaarikonia: If you have time for all of that, go ahead.09:00
ikoniazomaar: that is not the attitude09:01
ikoniaif you don't have time for debugging a problem properly - don't help09:01
trincyolozomaar: okay thanks. I'll install that after a little looking around first09:01
zomaarikonia: I said you were welcome.09:01
ikoniabut do not suggest randomly installing stuff09:01
zomaara kernel can break no things, that is end of discussion.09:01
ikoniazomaar: you missunderstood, I'm telling you if YOU don't have time to debug something properly09:01
ikoniadon't help09:01
trincyoloikonia: what do you suggest I look at first09:01
ikoniatrincyolo: maybe the xorg logs to see if it trys to see the screen and if it fails09:02
ikoniatrincyolo: also your video card and it's respective xorg driver09:02
MarkB2Ubuntu 17.10 nvidia 340 drivers loaded... and I keep getting this "libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate".  Might someone know how to clear this error?09:02
ikoniatrincyolo: manually try to configure the monitor with xrandr for example09:02
trincyoloikonia: I don't know how to do that09:02
ikoniatrincyolo: basically work the problem through, people in the channel can and will help09:02
ikoniatrincyolo: the logs are in /var/log/xorg09:02
trincyoloikonia: okay I'll check them09:03
zomaarMarkB2: Are you sure you have driver 340? It seems rather old, if you install any later driver it will automatically install 38409:03
trincyoloikonia: no such file or directory09:04
ikoniatrincyolo: pastebin the output of ls -la /var/log09:04
MarkB2zomaar: Hm.  Let me check that.. should be under proprietary drivers... back in a minute.09:04
zomaartrincyolo: If you want info on the recognised ports, the easiest command is to just type "xrandr"09:06
MarkB2zomaar: The NVidia control panel says driver 340.104 .  It's an older video card, a GeForce 9800 GT09:06
trincyoloikonia: https://pastebin.com/DJ0D6f8K09:06
ikoniatrincyolo: Xorg.0.log09:06
zomaarMarkB2: Right, so it uses what you would call the legacy driver09:06
ikoniatrincyolo: you'll need to try to help yourself a little bit09:06
ikoniatrincyolo: I said /var/log/xorg - there is Xorg.0.log09:07
ikoniatrincyolo: remember we can't see your machine09:07
MarkB2zomaar: I'll take your word for it... ubuntu installed this when it "saw" that board.  Board still works fine..09:07
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zomaarSo there is actually no issue? I have no info on the error myself.09:08
trincyoloikonia: I'm not sure what you are trying to say to me09:08
trincyoloikonia: I tried to find the logs09:09
MarkB2zomaar: No no... the driver seems to run okay... but that error pops up when trying to run Scilab (http://www.scilab.org)09:09
trincyoloikonia: ahhh okay got ya09:09
zomaarMarkB2: So they are popups? Or in the system logs.09:09
MarkB2I'm running it from a terminal window.  It pops up there.09:10
MarkB2Rather, it PRINTS in the terminal window.09:10
trincyoloikonia: and what do I look for in the logs?09:11
MarkB2zomaar: Which ubuntu are you running?09:12
MarkB2Think I might have a handle on this...09:12
zomaarMarkB2: Oh okay. I find this: "libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate" probably means either that you're using an old version of mesa (wrong library path?) or don't have DRI2 support in your X server. Both the nVidia and AMD/ATI proprietary drivers apparently lie about having DRI2 support.09:12
zomaarMarkB2: Does the application fail to start?09:14
MarkB2No, it runs.. but degraded.  Are you running 17.10 ?09:15
trincyoloikonia: can't see the screen or know what I'm looking for09:16
zomaarI don't think my ubuntu version is relevant?09:18
zomaartrincyolo: Run xrandr first and see if it's listed09:18
MarkB2<groan>  I ran into a post saying that the problem is that the EGL drivers are not symlinked to a spot in /usr/lib and I was going to ask (politely) if you could take a peek and see if there is a symlink file named "libEGL.so" in /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/7 .09:19
trincyolozomaar: it's not09:20
trincyolozomaar: I just ran your kernel update09:20
trincyolozomaar: and I got a few of these: `dkms: WARNING: Linux headers are missing, which may explain the above failures`09:20
zomaartrincyolo: Oh I assumed those packages would have dependencies listed, my apologies09:21
oerhekstrincyolo, you should have listen to ikonia, don't install a random kernel linux-image-virtual-hwe-16.04-edge09:22
trincyolozomaar: and this: please install the linux-headers-4.13.0-21-generic package to fix this.09:22
zomaartrincyolo: no linux-headers-generic-hwe-16.04-edge09:22
zomaartrincyolo: But it means you have extra drivers installed. Do you have the nvidia drivers installed?09:22
oerheks*if* you want an updated kernel, see the HWE factoid09:23
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack09:23
trincyolozomaar: no I uninstalled them because they weren't working.09:23
zomaartrincyolo: In any case linux-headers-generic-hwe-16.04-edge contains the headers needed for the above error.09:24
trincyolooerheks: zomaar: can I just uninstall it?09:24
oerhekszomaar, stop that awfull advise09:25
trincyolozomaar: what is headers?09:25
trincyolooerheks: what do I do now ??? this is confusing09:26
zomaartrincyolo: Some drivers require compilation each time you upgrade your kernel. There is a system called DKMS that will recompile these drivers each time this is done. To be able to do this it requires the Linux kernel header as well.09:26
oerhekstrincyolo, follow the hwe factoid from ubottu09:27
zomaarThis factoid is outdated and contains the same information.09:27
zomaarAnd is even more confusing to this user.09:27
zomaarThat you call awful advice.09:27
trincyolozomaar: will this require me to restart my system after?09:28
trincyolozomaar: and how do I select my old kernel if this one is not good?09:28
zomaartrincyolo: Do you get a Grub boot menu when you start?09:29
trincyolozomaar: I haven't attempted a restart09:29
zomaartrincyolo: No I mean in general09:29
trincyolozomaar: don't think so09:29
zomaartrincyolo: You never see a Grub prompt with "Ubuntu...." "Ubuntu advanced" ... ?09:30
trincyolozomaar: I've seen it before when I install next to windows09:31
zomaartrincyolo: Ah but not now09:31
zomaartrincyolo: I think you can hold down shift while booting to show it, but I am not sure.09:32
trincyolozomaar: okay good to know09:32
zomaartrincyolo: In any case this menu contains an "Advanced" section that lists all of the various kernels you have installed.09:32
zomaartrincyolo: You can boot your previous kernel from there, and if the kernel does not work, you can just uninstall it again.09:32
trincyolozomaar: okay, so I need to reboot to try the new kernel?09:33
zomaarzomaar: Yes once you have the DKMS thing sorted.09:33
trincyolozomaar: yep, headers installed09:33
zomaartrincyolo: Did it automatically compile?09:34
trincyolozomaar: don't know what that is09:34
zomaartrincyolo: Try sudo dpkg --configure -a09:34
trincyolozomaar: returns nothing09:35
oerheksyay, next random command, go for it :-D09:35
zomaartrincyolo: You might need to issue the kernel installation command again.09:36
zomaartrincyolo: Without output of the header installation command I do not know what is currently the state.09:36
devil9052по русски тут можно разговаривать или только по английски? всем привет=)09:37
oerhekspls guys, do this in private message, so that others do not follow wrong suggestions and wreck their install.. virtual hwe kernel is so wrong on a plain install, just saying09:37
oerheks!ru | devil905209:37
ubottudevil9052: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:37
zomaarHe did not install that, that was a mistake that I corrected, that was just a wrong copy paste please.09:38
trincyolozomaar: linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge is already the newest version (
zomaartrincyolo: Then I think you are good to go but did you see any DKMS output when you installed the headers?09:39
trincyolozomaar: no, I didn't seed the letters DKMS09:40
zomaartrincyolo: If you want to be totally sure you have to remove the kernel again and install it again.09:41
zomaartrincyolo: But not the headers, leave those.09:42
trincyolozomaar: found it: linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge is already the newest version (
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trincyolozomaar: do I still need to reinstall it?09:42
zomaartrincyolo: Yes but I do not know if it just did that thing or not.09:42
zomaartrincyolo: I would suggest you do.09:43
trincyolozomaar: how do I uninstall them?09:43
zomaartrincyolo: It should complete the compilation thing then.09:43
zomaartrincyolo: sudo apt remove linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge09:43
trincyolozomaar: I don't understand "complete the compilation" what you are referring to09:44
zomaartrincyolo: It makes the drivers09:44
zomaarAfter you remove, issue this command instead:09:44
zomaarsudo apt install linux-headers-generic-hwe-16.04-edge linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge09:45
trincyolozomaar: okay done09:45
trincyolozomaar: oh I didn't install the headers again09:46
zomaartrincyolo: Install them both at the same time please.09:46
trincyolozomaar: do I have to uninstall again first?09:46
trincyolozomaar: uninstall the headers also?09:47
shejianI'm new.Could anyone can give me some  suggestion about how to learn linux09:47
trincyolozomaar: done :)09:48
zomaarzomaar: Did you see DKMS output?09:48
zomaarI guess my advice was a little off, linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge would have installed both packages at the same time, sorry.09:51
trincyolozomaar: I just rebooted and it's working :) thanks so much. But I didn't see the grub menu even when holding shift09:52
zomaarOh right, thanks :).09:52
zomaartrincyolo: For good measure, I gave slightly the wrong advice.09:53
zomaarThe package linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge would have installed both packages at the same time :p09:53
trincyolozomaar: okay what should I do now?09:53
zomaartrincyolo: Then you wouldn't have had this trouble :p.09:53
zomaartrincyolo: Sorry.09:54
trincyolozomaar: check anything?09:54
zomaartrincyolo: sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge to complete it.09:54
zomaartrincyolo: No it's fine, just install that "holder" package.09:54
trincyolozomaar: even though it's working?09:54
zomaartrincyolo: It will just complete the setup. It will not do anything, but provide a combined "this is installed"09:55
zomaartrincyolo: Honestly if you don't mind, also run "sudo apt-mark auto linux-headers-generic-hwe-16.04-edge linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge"09:58
trincyolozomaar: why's that?09:58
zomaartrincyolo: To correct my mistake09:58
trincyolozomaar: how will it do that?09:59
zomaartrincyolo: Because we manually installed both packages, they won't be removed if you remove the new "holder" package09:59
zomaartrincyolo: If you set them to auto, then when you remove the holder package, then both will be removed automatically10:00
trincyolozomaar: but can you tell me what you are thinking? why do I want to remove a holder package?10:00
ikoniahave you discovered that the problem is with the kernel ?10:00
ikoniaI had to step away10:00
zomaartrincyolo: No no, it is just in case you did want to remove the kernel at some point.10:00
ikoniaand it seems we are back to installing new kernels and new headers10:00
ikoniahave we a confirmed problem with the kernel10:00
zomaartrincyolo: If ever then you want to remove the kernel you only have to run "sudo apt remove linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge"10:01
trincyoloikonia: it's all working now thanks for your input though10:01
ikoniatrincyolo: you have it working, what was the issue10:01
trincyolozomaar: okay got it10:01
zomaarikonia: The kernel was the issue of course10:02
trincyoloikonia: installed the headers and kernel10:02
ikoniazomaar: in what way was it the issue10:02
ikoniatrincyolo: why did you install headers10:02
ikoniaheaders are not run time needed10:02
ikoniawhat was the actual problem10:02
oerheks16.04.1 already has the HWE stack..10:03
zomaarikonia: A new nouveau driver.10:03
trincyolozomaar: another stupid question: how will I remember that package name if I ever want to remove it?10:03
zomaartrincyolo: write it down10:03
trincyolozomaar: okay will do. just thought there may be a list of kernels on my machine10:04
XXCodernot best answer, expecially if there is lot of it.10:04
ikoniadoes the nouveau driver support acceleration on his card / does he need acceleration ?10:04
XXCoderdunno on any better answer10:04
ikoniaand why are headers needed ?10:04
trincyoloikonia: the kernel asked for them when I installed it10:05
zomaartrincyolo: or remember "apt list linux*edge"10:05
ikoniatrincyolo: the kernel had the headers as a dependency10:05
zomaarThat was a bad suggestion10:06
zomaarThis one is better: apt list linux-generic*edge10:07
zomaarikonia: I accidentally had him install the kernel individually from the meta package10:07
zomaarikonia: The meta package contains the headers, but the kernel doesn't.10:07
zomaarAnd in fact I think there is a remnant of the nvidia drivers which get compiled.10:08
trincyolozomaar: so there is no way of seeing the current kernels available to my machine?10:09
zomaartrincyolo: "ls /boot" will definitely show you the kernels10:10
zomaarThe kernel itself is the "vmlinux" you see10:10
zomaartrincyolo: The kernels themselves can be shown with "dpkg -l linux-image*"10:12
trincyolozomaar: strange that there are 310:12
zomaartrincyolo: which ones?10:13
trincyolozomaar: linux-image-generic10:14
zomaarThe edge is the 4.13 kernel you just installed10:14
zomaarThe hwe without the edge is the 4.10 kernel you had originally10:14
zomaarthe linux-image-generic actually points to the original kernel I believe.10:15
zomaarSo in that sense there are actually just 210:15
zomaarYou now have the same kernel as Artful Aardvark has.10:16
trincyolozomaar: okay. So anything that I may have to look out for?10:16
zomaarSo you basically now have Artful Aardvark on Xenial, but only the kernel.10:16
zomaartrincyolo: No not really unless you add new hardware which might not be supported10:17
zomaartrincyolo: So if everything works now, everything will keep working.10:17
zomaartrincyolo: But maybe try video to see if it plays well etc.10:18
trincyolookay thanks for ignoring the conservatives this time!10:19
trincyolozomaar: all good10:20
zomaartrincyolo: The point was that no matter what hte problem was in Xorg, you could only fix it with a newer kernel.10:20
zomaartrincyolo: You just had a graphics card that was unsupported by the older kernel.10:20
zomaartrincyolo: This is why it worked in 17.10 but not in 16.0410:21
zomaartrincyolo: There are great advances each time with the Nouveau driver, which is what you are using and that is part of the kernel10:21
zomaartrincyolo: This is why the kernel contains the drivers in this case.10:22
trincyolozomaar: okay got it. Sometimes when downloading deb packages it asks what version of ubuntu I use. What do I do then?10:22
zomaartrincyolo: Then you have to stick to the one you have, ideally.10:22
roseskernel 4.13.0-21,is it pre or post meltdown?10:23
zomaartrincyolo: So 16.0410:23
trincyolozomaar: got it10:23
zomaarI think10:24
zomaarSorry don't really know10:24
zomaarRelease for ubuntu is in 3 days10:27
ubottuSpectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/10:27
zomaartrincyolo: Newer programs will require newer drivers which may not be installable on your system10:28
zomaartrincyolo: I mean newer libraries10:28
zomaartrincyolo: Most software is still released for Ubuntu 16.04 I think, when it is available as a separate download10:29
oerheksif he runs 16.04.1, it  already has the HWE stack.. and nouveau driver10:29
zomaarthis is a new one, oerheks10:29
zomaar16.04.1 up to 16.04.3 contain the HWE of Yakkety Yak10:30
zomaarOr of Zesty10:30
zomaarBut this one is of Aardvark10:30
oerheksplease ignore me, i don't care anymore10:31
zomaarYou're fine, don't worry10:31
zomaarmevrouw oerheksje :p10:33
zomaarAnd I really don't know anything but this is how I solved my Nouveau problems when I wasted an entire evening here following other advice10:36
zomaarThat were more "convervative" as trincyolo puts it...10:37
zomaarAnyway have to go10:37
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diamvwHello. I would like to manually set the partitions for a new xubuntu 16.04 but unfortunately there are no options (i couldn't find them) for Logical volumes. I have found them only on server edition. Am i missing something?10:59
oerheksdiamvw, if you see this screen, choose 'something else'  https://cdn.itzgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Install-Ubuntu-16.04-Installation-Type.png   >> from https://www.itzgeek.com/how-tos/linux/ubuntu-how-tos/install-ubuntu-16-04-with-screenshots.html11:02
diamvwoerheks: As i can see it only has partition and no logical volumes. In debian and ubuntu server edition there is an option Configure Logical Volume (3rd or 4th option?)11:06
oerheksoh LVM, The alternate installer has the ability to set up and install to LVM, or use your desktop iso and  boot into live mode and set it up from there? then hit the install button ?11:08
diamvwoerheks: It is somehow weird but nevermind. I will try with the server edition11:12
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qwipFor a laptop with 4GB ram and Intel i5 3rd gen processor, will arch linux be good or ubuntu? (preference: fast)11:48
diamvwqwip: xubuntu. Don't lose your time with arch...11:49
thedoctor464gb and i5 is a weird combination11:49
qwiplol, thedoctor46. cheap laptops ;)11:50
thedoctor46cheap ram as well, qwip11:50
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jocheI have tested various os but always back to Ubuntu12:01
jocheMaybe because my laptop is old and low specs12:02
UbuntivityHello. I'm trying to rm certain list of files that are included in a textfile. Each line represent one file path (pathes contain spaces). I tried "cat file.txt | xargs rm" but I get error caused by fragmentation of file path! can you please help me?12:02
ottoshmidtUbuntivity, replace spaces with '\ '12:03
UbuntivityThanks ottoshmidt. I'll use sed for that :)12:04
ottoshmidtUbuntivity, backup the file just in case12:04
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Ubuntivityottoshmidt: Thanks. It worked!12:06
ottoshmidtUbuntivity, cheers.12:06
Ubuntivityottoshmidt: it was supposed to be obvious, but my mind seems out-of-sync :P12:06
ottoshmidthappens to me too12:06
buengeniohi all - ever since updating to 17.10 I can't use any bluetooth speakers / headsets over A2DP. Either pairing doesn't work or if it pairs I can get sound for about 4 seconds after which the music cuts out, and the Output section in Sound becomes unresponsive...12:09
buengenioany ideas?12:09
alkisgUbuntivity: while read -r file; do rm "$file"; done < file.txt12:10
alkisgThis would also work for other special characters, except space...12:11
BluesKajHey folks12:11
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jocheis it possible to connect ubuntu in text mode just like in others SO like slackware? and setting up the wlan?12:39
EriC^^joche: sure12:40
lotuspsychjejoche: ubuntu server?12:40
jocheYes but i use desktop12:41
jochemaybe in grub by pressing <c> key?12:42
lotuspsychje!text | joche12:43
ubottujoche: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode12:43
diamvw1or ctrl+alt+f212:44
diamvw1on login screen12:44
EriC^^joche: what are you trying to do exactly?12:46
lotuspsychjejoche: https://superuser.com/questions/1106174/boot-ubuntu-16-04-into-command-line-do-not-start-gui12:47
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matthias__hello, all hardware media buttons are working except the mute button and when i want to set it it doesn't get recognized as a keystroke in the keyboard settings12:50
jocheok thank you12:51
jochenow it works12:51
lotuspsychjematthias__: wich ubuntu are you on?12:53
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matthias__lotuspsychje: ubuntu mate 16.04.3 lts kernel 4.^0.0-4212:58
lotuspsychjematthias__: and what keyboard brand is it?12:58
matthias__lotuspsychje: *4.1012:58
matthias__lotuspsychje: it is the keyboard from medion akoya e1232t12:59
lotuspsychjematthias__: did your button work before, or other ubuntu versions?13:00
matthias__lotuspsychje: it is working on windows 10, this is the first time installing linux13:01
lotuspsychjematthias__: do you need to press the Fn + muted button?13:01
matthias__lotuspsychje: yep, also for volume up/down13:02
matthias__lotuspsychje: i tried xev and i can't see any output for the mute button13:05
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lotuspsychjematthias__: can you try alsamixer from terminal and f6 to choose soundcard, then try to put master at 013:09
matthias__lotuspsychje: ok, one moment13:09
matthias__lotuspsychje: only had a hda intel pch sound card, master is at 0 now13:11
EriC^^matthias__: the buttons work but only with fn?13:12
lotuspsychjematthias__: does your led on keyboard toggle on/off?13:12
matthias__EriC^^: yes, i can use "f6" normally13:13
matthias__lotuspsychje: there isn't a led13:13
EriC^^matthias__: try 'sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep Windows'13:15
lotuspsychjematthias__: perhaps also look into org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys with dconf-editor13:15
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EriC^^matthias__: get the newest Windows it gives you then type 'sudo nano /etc/default/grub'13:16
matthias__lotuspsychje: already checked, key is set13:18
matthias__EriC^^: newest ist Windwos 201313:18
matthias__EriC^^: what should i edit in the grub config?13:18
EriC^^matthias__: ok, add it in the line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX so it's "quiet splash acpi_osi=\"Windows 2013\""13:19
freeknotwhat are my options for mountable password protected files? preferably cross platform.13:20
lotuspsychje!hotkeys | matthias__ perhaps this?13:20
ubottumatthias__ perhaps this?: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2209015&seqNum=313:20
ikoniamountable files ?13:21
matthias__lotuspsychje: i will do the grub thing first and after that keytouch13:21
lotuspsychjematthias__: allright, good luck mate13:22
matthias__EriC^^: update-grub and reboot?13:22
freeknotikonia: files that can be mounted as drives. on mac there is .dmg, which is qyite comfortable13:23
lotuspsychjematthias__: yes after changing grub always update and reboot13:23
matthias__lotuspsychje: i asked, maybe there is another step before that13:24
lotuspsychjematthias__: i think its ok with that grubline13:24
matthias__EriC^^: not working with the grub-parameter13:27
matthias__EriC^^: lotuspsychje one curious thing is that when i press the button no dropdown or right click menus appear for some minutes13:29
matthias__and my strg+alt13:29
matthias__and my ctrl+alt+t shortcut for terminal isn't working at this time neither13:29
matthias__wait i changed my screen with ctrl+alt+f1 and then back and now the speaker in the toolbar shows muted13:30
matthias__now the mute-button has no effect and the dropdowns show again13:31
lotuspsychjematthias__: another idea would be testing a 17.10 liveusb and check mute there13:34
lotuspsychjematthias__: just to know if its related to unity or not13:34
matthias__lotuspsychje: i'm using ubuntu mate13:35
lotuspsychjeoh right my bad13:35
matthias__lotuspsychje: i will check the live-disk again later13:35
lotuspsychjematthias__: also test another user or kernel perhaps13:36
lotuspsychjematthias__: but my guess its gonna be about your medion keyboard itself13:36
matthias__lotuspsychje: trying keytouch now13:37
lotuspsychjematthias__: allrighty, that looked promising to me13:37
EriC^^matthias__: im back was away a little13:39
lotuspsychje!info keytouch-editor | matthias__13:39
ubottumatthias__: keytouch-editor (source: keytouch-editor): create keyboard files for keytouch. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.2.0~beta-3 (artful), package size 89 kB, installed size 388 kB13:39
lotuspsychjenot sure why keytouch isnt there in repos13:39
matthias__lotuspsychje: keytouch recognizes the key-press13:43
lotuspsychjematthias__: neat :p13:44
benccto install a package from a new ubuntu release is enough to call "apt-get install -t" or do I also need apt pinning?13:44
lotuspsychje!backports | bencc or snaps?13:45
ubottubencc or snaps?: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging13:45
bencclotuspsychje: it's not in backports.13:46
benccI want to install this https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/coturn13:46
benccon ubuntu 16.0413:46
benccdo I need apt pinning?13:46
benccsorry, on ubuntu 17.1013:46
lotuspsychje!info coturn artful13:47
ubottucoturn (source: coturn): TURN and STUN server for VoIP. In component universe, is extra. Version (artful), package size 337 kB, installed size 1537 kB13:47
benccdeps between 17.10 and 18.04 are exactly the same13:47
lotuspsychjebencc: its in repos?13:47
benccmy question is simple13:48
benccI'm on ubuntu 17.10 and I want to install a recent version of the package from ubuntu 18.0413:48
benccis "apt-get install -t" enough or do I need apt pinning?13:48
benccI didn't ask about backports or snaps13:48
matthias__lotuspsychje: but i can't setup the config properly13:49
lotuspsychjebencc: pinning13:50
lotuspsychje!pinning | bencc13:51
ubottubencc: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:51
lotuspsychjebencc: or the git version?13:54
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bencclotuspsychje: you are not reading my question. thanks anyway13:55
benccnever asked about backports or snaps or git13:55
benccif you are a robot I can understand13:55
lotuspsychjebencc: you asked the bionic version, im trying to widen your options13:55
lotuspsychjebencc: on ubuntu we usually dont reccomend mixing package versions13:56
benccagain, that's not what I asked13:56
benccit's not respectful to dismiss my question and suggest other things when I know exactly what I'm asking13:56
benccthere is no danger in installing a simple package that has the exact same dependencies13:57
benccsnaps didn't take off and probably will never will13:57
lotuspsychje!latest | bencc13:57
ubottubencc: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:57
benccplease stop13:57
benccit's not helpful13:57
benccagain, if you are a robot I can understand13:57
ghostnik11does ubuntu 16.04 use systemd for suspend and resume or pm utils?13:58
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alkisgbencc: apt doesn't know about other distro versions. You would first have to add bionic to your sources. At that point, if you're not using apt pinning, everything would get updated to bionic. So yes, you need apt pinning, AND to add bionic to your sources,14:04
alkisgbut that may not be enough either, because coturn, when compiled AGAINST bionic, may depend on different library versions, requiring a RECOMPILATION on xenial14:05
benccalkisg: makes sense. thanks14:05
alkisgbencc: and that's why backports/ppas exist, to recompile instead of just copying a few debs. It's easy to do it, a few clicks, once you know how.14:05
benccalkisg: looks like deps are the same between 17.10 and 18.04 so I'll use that14:05
benccI'll use ubuntu 17.10 and install coturn from 18.04 = same deps14:06
alkisgbencc: the last time you asked and I checked, the deps weren't the same14:06
alkisgBut I didn't check it in depth; only 2-3 .debs, so once you have those, the rest may be ok14:06
benccalkisg: https://pastebin.com/sP8k1d9K14:07
benccthis should be enough?14:08
benccalkisg: deps are the same14:08
alkisg(04:08:02 μμ) bencc: this should be enough? ==> you have artful there, so no14:08
benccyou are right. fixing14:09
alkisg(04:08:10 μμ) bencc: alkisg: deps are the same => yes; I remember differently; maybe at the time you were trying on xenial?14:09
benccmaybe I was talking about xenial14:09
benccI also remembered that deps where different14:10
alkisgbencc: so, since the deps are the same, just install the artful version, and download the bionic .deb and dpkg -i it, without changing your sources. Easier that way.14:10
benccthe preferences file in the pasebin has the correct syntax?14:10
alkisgSo, don't change preferences or sources, just use dpkg -i14:10
alkisghttps://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/coturn=> download etc14:10
alkisg*after* installing the artful version first of course14:11
bencchow do I download the bionic deb?14:11
alkisg(04:10:52 μμ) alkisg: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/coturn=> download etc14:11
benccI'll try to do it with pinning.14:12
bencccleaner this way14:12
benccas long as my pin syntax is correct14:12
matthias__EriC^^: i could reproduce the behaviour: i push after a fresh reboot the mute button, then keyboard, mouse klicks stop working. then i switch to another pty and back and then the speaker in the toolbar shows muted and the sound is muted14:27
matthias__EriC^^: a second time does not work14:28
DarekDeohi, looks like there is a problem with p7zip-full package in ubuntu. extracting wav files from 7zip format makes audio unplayable14:32
DarekDeoextracting same file from .zip instead of .7zip does not break anything14:33
DarekDeodoes anybody encountered that problem? I can send packaged files in 7zip if needed14:34
DarekDeoworth thing mentioning that unpacking the same 7zip archive which has issues on ubuntu 17.10 on other OS like windows with 7zip installed works fine14:35
ikoniaDarekDeo: just worked fine for me14:38
ikoniasent 3 wav files, 7zipped them, extracted on laptop played them14:38
EriC^^matthias__: try a newer kernel, it might help14:38
ikonia(only a few seconds each)14:38
matthias__after returning from suspend i see in dmesg errors hub failed to enable device, error -108 and none of my usb-devices are working. lsusb is empty. with hibernation everything works fine14:39
EriC^^!mainline | matthias__ see here the link14:39
ubottumatthias__ see here the link: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds14:39
DarekDeoikonia: might be the case that im trying to unpack files which were previously packed on windows14:39
DarekDeounpacking itself works fine, but then i can't play that audio14:39
DarekDeowhen person sent me the files packed in zip everything worked fine14:39
ikoniaDarekDeo: being packed in windows won't impacted it14:39
DarekDeoill send you the files i have issues with ok?14:40
ikoniaDarekDeo: run "file" against one of the extacted wav files14:40
DarekDeocan you try if it works for you?14:40
ikoniaDarekDeo: I don't want the files,14:40
matthias__EriC^^: 4.10 is pretty new, i will try14:40
DarekDeoikonia: how to test then what is wrong with either the archive or 7zip package installed on my system?14:41
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ikoniaDarekDeo: get a wav file, z7ip it, extract it play it14:42
ikoniaif it works it's the files14:42
ikoniaif it doesn't work - you need to investigate more14:42
ikoniaDarekDeo: I'd suggest you should run "file" against one of the extracted wav files14:42
ikoniasee what it says14:42
DarekDeoikonia: unpacking of the same archive does work on the different windows installation for different person than the one who packed the files14:42
DarekDeoikonia: also i was able to unpack and play these wav files in the past14:43
EriC^^DarekDeo: maybe you didn't download it fully14:43
DarekDeoikevin: same, old archive14:43
matthias__EriC^^: i will switch from lts to normal14:43
DarekDeoikonia: same, old archive which i had on my hdd for long time14:43
EriC^^matthias__: why no need14:43
ikoniaDarekDeo: right, they can still be corrupted14:43
ikonia(possible - not fact)14:43
DarekDeoikonia: i dont think so14:43
ikoniaDarekDeo: how do you know ?14:44
EriC^^matthias__: just download the kernel file .deb and install it and see how it works14:44
matthias__EriC^^: 4.10 is already the newest kernel for 16.04.0314:44
DarekDeoikonia: i figured the issues with the p7zip is when next person sent me new archive with different wav files packed in 7zip14:44
EriC^^matthias__: see here newer ones https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds14:44
ikoniaDarekDeo: what you just said makes no sense14:44
ikoniaDarekDeo: you just said this is an old archive, now you're saying it's when a new person sends you new files14:44
DarekDeoikonia: so both new 7zip archive from web and my old packed archive have the same issue. i unpack both archives of different files and i have the same issue of not being able to play files from both archives14:45
ikoniaDarekDeo: your story is changing a lot14:45
ikoniaDarekDeo: and I don't have this problem on a 17.04 box, or a 17.10 box14:45
DarekDeoikonia: story is not changing a lot but you asked for explaination why I think archive itself is fine.14:46
ikoniaDarekDeo: your friend sent you files, it didn't work, I tested it, it suddenly became a problem because he's sent them from windows14:46
laptopI am having trouble installing printer softwware on ubuntu14:47
ikoniathen it became an old archive you've had for ages14:47
ikoniathen it's gone back to new files14:47
ikoniaDarekDeo: what would you like this channel to do, to help you ?14:47
DarekDeoikonia: if its a problem with p7zip package then its better to investigate it14:48
ikoniaDarekDeo: it's worked for me - so what would you like to do to investigate this problem ?14:48
DarekDeoikonia: i could not inform about it at all, i received the same files packed in zip and it works when unpacked from .zip. what i am doing now is just informing that there might be an issue with p7zip and asking if anybody has the same problem.14:49
laptopmay I ask someone kindly how to install printer drivers14:49
ikoniaDarekDeo: ok, and I'm saying I've just tested it and not had that problem,14:49
laptopI tried adding the ppa but synaptic will not access it without a release file14:49
ikonialaptop: what ppa ?14:49
ikonialaptop: how did you add it, details etc etc14:50
laptopokay I added it as follows:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon-trunk14:50
laptopand sudo apt-get update14:50
laptopfrom this webpage http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/canon-drivers-for-ubuntu-and-linux-mint/14:51
ikonialaptop: ok and what's the issue ?14:51
DarekDeoikonia: on your configuration it does work, its programmers talk to say "works on my side" ;) how can you be so sure that other users wont have same problems as i do? anyway have a fine day14:51
laptopwell it gives me this error when I go to synpatic package manager14:51
laptoprelease file not found14:52
ikoniaDarekDeo: it's nothing to do with "programmers" talk14:52
ikoniaDarekDeo: I'm verifying that the situation you've had a problem with, I am unable to reproduce as it works14:52
laptopDeo: I'm verifying that the situation you've had a problem with, I am unable to reproduce14:52
ikonialaptop: what version of ubuntu ar eyou using ?14:52
ikoniathat repo does not have 17.10 packages14:53
DarekDeowhen i pack archive to 7zip myself and unpack it then it does work fine14:53
laptopso what do i need to do reinstall a different version of ubuntu on my system14:53
ikoniait's not been updated for 185 days14:53
ikoniathat PPA looks old and maybe even unmaintained14:53
laptopanyway to still run it or from a terminal14:53
laptopI know but theyy have my printer14:54
ikoniabut you can't use it14:54
ikoniaas the packages are not for your version14:54
ikoniaand it looks unmaintained14:54
laptopanyway to force install it from terminal14:54
ikoniait's the WRONG versions14:54
laptopwhat about virtual box14:54
ikoniayou don't force install the wrong versions14:54
ikoniawhat about virtual box ?14:54
laptopcan I run the proper version from virtual box and print it out14:55
ikonialaptop: you want to run a VM to install ubuntu 14.04 to use the printer from that VM ?14:55
laptopit will print from virtual box you think?14:55
ikoniano idea, I don't know about your printer, but the PPA has packages for 14.0414:55
ikoniaI don't know the quality of the PPA14:56
laptopokay I am going to do this thank you kindly.14:56
laptopone last thing14:56
laptophow do I get a list of all the items in the repository14:56
laptopin other words a list of all the files14:56
laptopis there anyway to request a list of files in a repository from terminal14:56
ikoniaopen the package manager and scroll through the list14:56
ikoniathere are 1000's of packages14:56
ikoniahence why there is a search function14:56
laptopyes but I cannot search the repository in ubuntu 17.1014:57
ikoniawhy not ?14:57
laptopand the website does not list the exact name of the file14:57
TJ-laptop: "apt-cache search <search-fragment" will list all, or a subset based on the search term14:57
ikoniawhy can't you search the repo ?14:57
laptopsudo apt-cache (search)14:57
laptoplet me try it14:57
benccis it possible to know if "apt-get update" was ever called on a machine?14:57
TJ-laptop: you don't need 'sudo' for apt-cache14:57
piwe55any webserver for arm?14:58
ikoniapiwe55: same as for x8614:58
lotuspsychjebencc: history14:58
matthias__EriC^^: with 4.14.0 i have the same problem. and the curious one-time switch-thing is still present14:58
piwe55so, I can run xampp 32bit.?14:58
ikoniapiwe55: xammp is not a webserver14:59
piwe55hehe sorry14:59
piwe55it just one bundle software14:59
ikoniapiwe55: what version of ubuntu are you using ?14:59
DarekDeoikonia: investigated it further. when unpacking 7zip archive with p7zip -u nameofthefile it does work as should. also when opening file without unpacking it the audio is not corrupted. but when i right click on archive (thats what i was doing previously) and unpack it with "extract here" the files are getting corrupted. I am using ubuntu 17.10 with gnome and nautilus 3.2615:00
ikoniapiwe55: so just open the package manager, search for web servers and you can see what's available15:00
TJ-bencc: Yes it is; if there are files in /var/lib/apt/lists/15:00
ikoniaDarekDeo: check the checksums using both methods15:00
piwe55oke thank you sir15:01
benccthanks. trying15:02
matthias__EriC^^: with 4.14.0 i have the same problem. and the curious one-time switch-thing is still present15:03
piwe55Can someone here have fingerprint web based application.?15:04
DarekDeoikonia: different checksums, used md5sum command15:05
DarekDeoikonia: might be nautilius issue, should i fill a bug for gnome?15:05
mark____Hi guys quick question recently I realised on chrome when dragging things (using left click) when i release it its still trying to be dragged. This started about a week ago when I got my new mouse. but then i went back to my old mouse (which never had the issue) and but it's also doing the same thing now?15:06
mark____By it's still trying to be dragged15:06
mark____i mean that the left click release isn't being detected15:06
rorro_I just installed nautilus-columns from here https://askubuntu.com/questions/44470/quickest-method-to-display-image-dimensions-for-files-in-nautilus-in-list-view and it made my desktop icons huge and my nautilus all messed up15:06
rorro_Is there a way to revert back this change?15:06
matthias__EriC^^: the switching bug is also working on a live-cd15:06
rorro_running ubunbtu 16.415:07
TJ-mark____: was the 'new' mouse still connected when you were testing the 'old' mouse?15:07
TJ-mark____: how is the mouse/mice connected? PS2, USB, Bluetooth, other wireless?15:07
mark____wired usb15:08
ikoniaDarekDeo: I think raising a bug at this stage would be wasteful15:08
ikoniaDarekDeo: I'd get verification of it from others too15:08
ikoniaDarekDeo: then if required file a bug with clear usecases15:09
mark____TJ-: any ideas?15:09
TJ-mark____: We've seen issues with some desktop environments/window managers, where an application doesn't release the mouse input focus at times. I don't think we've ever satisfactorily figured out quite why but it seems to be a framework issue.15:09
mark____TJ-: do u think it could be compiz15:09
mark____although i made no alterations (afaik)15:10
DarekDeoikonia: i think if they will find out that there is no issue that it is much simpler to mark issue as resolved than not knowing that something like this might exists. i will fill a bug when i will have time, but not today. back to my work for now. see you15:10
ikoniaDarekDeo: I think it's wasting time15:11
CrackerJackel :)~  {}15:11
ikoniaDarekDeo: I think if you can't be bothered to get verification of the bug and use cases, it's a problem15:11
TJ-mark____: I think we've seen it with and without compiz, so it's hard to know if there's a single underlying cause or several separate causes15:11
mark____TJ-: do you think it could be from a chrome update15:11
mark____but tbh i dont ever drag and things apart from in chrome15:12
TJ-mark____: If it only affects one application then yes15:12
DarekDeoikonia: its verified on my hardware and software and file i use. i am not using any custom build of nautilius so it must be something with gnome code15:12
mark____I mean i have only experienced it in chrome15:12
mark____but thats only because most of the time on chrome im using mouse15:12
mark____but on other applications i always use keyboard only lol15:12
ikoniaDarekDeo: right, so getting someone else to verify it to help build a usecase seems a basic requirement before logging yet another bug to have time wasted against validating15:13
TJ-mark____: Is it since the Chrome update that has mitigation for the meltdown/spectre timing attacks where they've degraded the Javascript timer resolution? I'm wondering if it could be due to that15:13
mark____I dont think so15:13
mark____i received the new mouse15:13
mark____and thats when i start experiencing it15:14
mark____i think that was before they realised the attacks, ?15:14
mark____(btw is there a way to turn off blah has joined/left chat)15:14
mark____(so i only see msgs that are sent)15:14
mark____TJ-: ?15:15
lotuspsychjemark____: easy on the enter button please15:15
mark____sorry its habit lol :)15:16
TJ-mark____: I can't think how connecting a new mouse would cause this to occur with the old mouse as well, unless there's a fault in the physical USB controller hub15:16
mark____TJ-: i doubt it since the old mouse was connected to the back of the tower and the new mouse was connected to the front15:16
DarekDeoikonia: isn't that regular workflow in all kind of projects? Report a bug if there is something wrong happening with as much information as possible instead of acting like nothing happend? I've first asked here if anybody had similar issue, might be that im the only one with this problem or this case might be only with the file i am working on but still something wrong is happening and it should be noted.15:18
ikoniaDarekDeo: look on projects there are 1000's of bugs because the first sign of a problem, people report a bug15:19
ikoniaDarekDeo: do some real work to help verify it's a bug BEFORE reporting it15:19
obiwlanHi! Looks like I'm lucky with my X220. I have installed ubuntu 17.10 before the problems became known and my Thinkpad is still working. My kernel is from Dec 18, 2017. I wonder how to proceed now without destroying the laptop? Is it safe to just dist-upgrade after the re-release happened?15:19
ikoniawin 115:19
DarekDeoikonia: and it is fine thing, people new contributors can check this. it's better to have this information than not have information of an issue at all.15:19
ikoniaDarekDeo: no it's not15:20
ikoniaDarekDeo: it's better to have a VERIFIED bug15:20
ikoniarather htan a "this maybe a bug I can't be bothered verifying"15:20
DarekDeoikonia: its better to have VERIFIED bug but it is also better to have report of an unverified issue if there is a possibility that software is not working correctly than not have report at all and live without that knowledge.15:21
ikoniaDarekDeo: no it's not15:21
obiwlanFalse positives are clogging the tubes.15:21
mark____TJ-: what is this issue called so i can google a bit ? "Ubuntu chrome left mouse release not detected" ALSO i have a video maybe that will help pinpoint the issue if i share it with you?15:21
ikoniaDarekDeo: you've not even verified if it's ubuntus' nautilus build or upstream15:22
ikoniaor even verified it's a bug15:22
ikoniait's a total waste of peoples time,15:22
rorroHow can I downgrade nautilus from 3.18.5 to 3.14.3 in Ubuntu 16.04? I installed nautilus-columns and it updated my nautilus to 3.18.5 and I don't like the change.15:26
mark____TJ-: you there?15:27
DarekDeoikonia: we are wasting time now. you suggest to check checksums, when we verified that checksums of the same files are different you suggested its still not a time to report it anywhere. what do you think should have been done with it further other than report an issue? also your first talk was that there is no issue at all (on your side).15:27
lotuspsychjerorro: we dont recommend mixing package versions on ubuntu15:29
lotuspsychjerorro: try to revert packages to the original for xenial15:29
lotuspsychje!info nautilus xenial | rorro15:30
ubotturorro: nautilus (source: nautilus): file manager and graphical shell for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.18.4.is.3.14.3-0ubuntu6 (xenial), package size 554 kB, installed size 1886 kB15:30
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obiwlanWhich kernel introduced the SPI BIOS interface? I want to identify the reason i'm not affected by the problem.15:32
obiwlani'm on 4.13.0-21-generic here.15:33
obiwlanHow can i check if it is enabled? Is there a kernel module?15:34
Sean_McGI built 4.14.12 for my Ryzen box last night and set rcu_nocbs=0-11 on my R5-1600. I'm not even sure I had to as I haven't experienced any of the instability that other users have -- maybe because I'm still on 16.04 Xenial?15:35
obiwlanDoes nobody have an idea which kernel version introduced the bug which caused the 17.10 release to be taken down? Was it before Dec. 18th?15:38
TJ-obiwlan: The v4.13 kernel before 4.13.0-21.2415:42
obiwlanTJ-: pheew! ... Thank you, very much. I guess if i dist-upgrade to a later kernel version it should be find. I suspect the problem only occurs when you boot the kernel, can you confirm that?15:44
TJ-obiwlan: correct, it only occurs if the Intel PCH SPI driver gets loaded. Prior to 17.10 Ubuntu didn't build/ship that module, but it was built/shipped initially for 17.10 until this bug was found in the Lenovo (and others) firmware15:48
rorroWhere even is the menu bar in nautilus 3.18.5? I can't find where to open the preferences.15:50
rorroRight-clicking on the top bar only gives a "Close" option15:50
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eraserpencilif i host my own server, can i replace a listen 80 server block to a 443 one?15:52
obiwlanTJ-: great. Although I'm still not sure if understand it correctly. You said it shipped with 17.10 from the beginning (meaning the first stable release, i guess). I fear for my laptop because i'm already on 17.10, but i upgraded before the lease. Is it the module shpchp? I grepped the loaded modules for spi and pch and this is the only match.15:53
TJ-obiwlan: no, not that module, that's the PCI hot-plug controller module :)15:55
obiwlaneraserpencil: What do you mean by replace? It depends on the service you're using. Broadly speaking, yes.15:55
obiwlanTJ-: do you know its name?15:56
obiwlanTJ-: or was it shipped before, but in a good version?15:57
TJ-obiwlan: the config is CONFIG_SPI_INTEL_SPI_PLATFORM, do "grep CONFIG_SPI_INTEL_SPI_PLATFORM /boot/config*" - if it's shipped you'll see "CONFIG_SPI_INTEL_SPI_PLATFORM=m" (m mean built as a module)15:58
TJ-obiwlan: if it os NOT shipped you'll see "# CONFIG_SPI_INTEL_SPI_PLATFORM is not set"15:59
matthias__Hello, i want to setup a mute-key for audio volume. In acpi_listen volUP and volDN are recognized but not the mute button which lays on f616:01
obiwlanTJ-: oh my spaghetti monster, i am lucky... I have a kernel with the spi module installed, but apparently I didn't boot it. 4.13.0-19-generic had it enabled, but i'm currently running 4.13.0-21-generic, which doesn't.16:03
TJ-matthias__: that suggests you may need an additional 'platform' hotkey driver quirk enabling, which is make/model dependent16:03
obiwlanTJ-: thanks so much16:03
TJ-obiwlan: you're welcome16:03
qwipAny good(reliable) tutorial/article about installing dual booting ubuntu with windows 10?16:04
matthias__TJ-: and how do i get that?  all other keys are working16:04
TJ-matthias__: It could be an issue with the PC's ACPI firmware where certain keys haven't been fully enabled. What is the make/model ?16:05
matthias__TJ-: when i run showkey in a terminal i can see that keycode 113 will show pressed but never released16:06
matthias__TJ-: medion akoya e1232t16:06
matthias__TJ-: may it be the problem that no release event is generated?16:07
TJ-matthias__: These kind of issues are frequently caused by the firmware's ACPI DSDT not fully enabling all functionality when the OS is Linux. There's a simple-to-apply workaround that is worth trying to see if it fixes it, before you dig any deeper. See  http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html16:10
obiwlanmatthias__: apparently you can do something like "echo 369-370,160,174,176 > /sys/bus/serio/devices/serio0/force_release" with keycodes, might be worth looking into that16:13
matthias__obiwlan: i ran a while true loop in background for every second to force a release and sendkey wasn't showing it16:18
matthias__TJ-: applied the grub line for the highest windows version16:19
matthias__TJ-: newest windows not working, trying with the other ones16:22
pos"If your distro does not have kernel updates, then I strongly suggest changing distros right now."16:23
posubuntu team: we'll release them on the 9th, because that was the plan before it all got leaked16:24
posubuntu team: we'll release them on the 9th, because that has been the plan all of december and before the plan before it all got leaked16:27
ChunkzZpos, why paste in 2 channels?16:28
posbecause god damn16:28
delikthi guys - i try the first time to boot my ubuntu-server 16.04 with an USB drive as /boot... are there any common mistakes that i do cause after the installation prozess is done - my system dont get in the boot process at all16:29
posiirc there was an equally absurd delay with heartbleed?16:29
TJ-matthias__: if that doesn't help the next step is to identify which driver is handling the platform keys16:29
Bashing-om!md5sum | delikt did you ?16:31
ubottudelikt did you ?: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM16:31
Demon_Jesterhey guys, I am wondering why when I save a webpage using wget, why is it different when I save it through chrome?16:32
deliktahh i take look in my boot options now... my usb stick isnt listet :O16:32
posi know there are bios/microcode updates related to spectre and that the llvm updates handled some of meltdown, but why is it that the distro with the largest userbase is about as nimble as the exxon valdez when it comes to this stuff?16:33
deliktBashing-om, öhm no :D *shame on me*16:33
deliktwhy is this necessery?^^16:33
matthias__TJ-: trying now the last 3 windows versions16:34
Bashing-omdelikt: If the .iso is corrupted, can not make a good image, correct ?16:35
deliktthats true but that mentation got from far away^^16:35
TJ-pos: Because backporting the patches isn't a simple job and there is a lot of testing required to ensure no regressions. There are kpti patches still arriving in mainline that have to be integrated16:35
TJ-matthias__: if the 'most recent' didn't help I'd bet the others won't either16:35
deliktno i have the problem that my usb device isnt listet as boot device in bios... are there any ideas what to do16:36
delikti choose it as bootable16:36
TJ-matthias__: can you show us  "pastebinit <( dmesg )"16:36
matthias__TJ-: but i found out that between all reboots the mute-state gets toggled, like i've pressed the key once. but i can only see that after the next restart16:36
matthias__TJ-: this speaks for the missing key-release event i think16:37
posTJ-, i believe there have been what, 5 regression-related updates in the last six weeks? and those updates were for for far less serious issues16:37
posalso: there will be quite a few kernel updates over the next months as the sploits go public and crafty people play with them16:37
TJ-delikt: is it a UEFI system? if so, it may be a model that needs you to specifical enable Secure Boot, and use the Trust menu to set the bootloader file on the USB device as trusted (/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi usually)16:38
deliktTJ-, hmm not sure i didnt change that so normaly it must be a UEFI than - i got in another option in the bios and there i set the listet USB Device as First Drive (HDD as second) now i got USB in the Bootorder list and set it as first - reboot: now i get a error /grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found entering rescue mode16:41
TJ-delikt: OK, are you at the GRUB rescue> prompt?16:42
TJ-delikt: do "set" and tell me what the "prefix" variable is set to16:42
TJ-delikt: OK, and now type "ls" and it should give you a list of block devices, do you see (hd0,msdos1) listed?16:43
deliktyeas as second in the list16:44
TJ-delikt: now do "ls $prefix/" and tell me if you see 'grub.cfg' listed16:44
deliktneed ti find out where is the / on the us keyboard ... take a sec16:46
deliktyeah its listed16:47
TJ-delikt: do you also see the 'i386-pc/' directory listed?16:48
crtcjiHello. Does anybody know a workable solution, preferable through CLI, to launch a specific application on a specific workspace in Ubuntu 16.04 ?16:48
TJ-delikt: Right, that tells us that "grub-install" did not correctly install the grub modules16:48
deliktdeam ^^16:49
TJ-delikt: we *may* be able to find them elsewhere and still do a one-time boot right now so you can fix it though16:49
delikti didnt take master boot record is that the fault? cause it means he want to write it on my fist HDD16:49
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest70935
TJ-delikt: no, MBR is fine else you wouldn't be in the rescue shell right now. This is the GRUB 'core image' working, but it can't find it's modules16:50
deliktahh k16:50
TJ-delikt: Try this just to find out if this command is available or not - it won't do anything. if you get something like "command not found" tell me: "search"16:51
TJ-delikt: try this: "search --file normal.mod"16:52
deliktthe command is unknown16:53
TJ-delikt: drat!16:53
TJ-delikt: we'll have to do this manually! Do "ls" again and tell me all the 'msdosX' values (partition numbers) you see16:53
dbbhi all - looking for best practices to update kernel and Ubuntu 1604 and 1404.. for local use inside one local net16:57
deliktok wait before we going ahead... im finaly not sure i get this what i want after the installation... i wanted to encrypt my /home but in the manually installation i take normaly ext4 and the bindings... after that i didnt see any information about a encryption (or the filesystem will be encryptet) is that the case i need anyway to reinstall the system... so maybe you know a goog guide howto setup a manually encryptet system before we16:57
deliktdo this all and after that it isnt encryptet?16:57
TJ-delikt: home directory encryption is done by ecryptfs, a stacking file-system, on a per-user-directory basis, in other words, /home/$USER/ will be encrypted, not the entire ext4 file system16:58
tomreyndbb: how do you mean 'local use in local net'? is the idea to distribute package updates from a local system which retrieves them from the internet, to save on download bandwidth or to service systems which cannot connect directly to the internet?16:59
deliktafter i choose make a encrypted filesystem with lvm i choose not the preconfigured way to install - i choose manuelly and set /home / /boot (on the USB Drive) seperatly... you mean it should be encrypted?17:00
dbbtomreyn: I mean, the new Linux kernel vulnerabilities being discussed at length in hackernews etc17:00
dbbI am not running untrusted VMs or containers17:01
dbbI am using machines locally, with mainly math loads.. a lot of FOSS software but I know the origin of it all17:01
TJ-delikt: if you wanted Full Disk Encryption (FDE) that would use LVM + LUKS/dm-crypt. If you only want encrypted $HOME directory then that is a different option specified later17:02
tomreyndbb: everybody uses (one or more) machines locally, what's special about your setup? maybe let's ask differently: are you trying to patch systems which have no direct internet connection?17:02
deliktif / are also encrypted that will be fine17:02
deliktbut i cant encrypt the /boot what i know17:03
dbbtomreyn: thx for the reply, and I respectfully point out that NOT everyone does this.. I am running my own machines like a personal user, yes17:03
TJ-delikt: yes, /boot/ can be encrypted with LUKS although not from the installer17:03
dbbbig ones :-)17:03
deliktahh k nice to know so im fine you mean?17:04
tomreyndbb: so what stops the local big machines from downloading updates from the internet?17:04
dbbnothing.. I am interested in what smart people are doing now.. in what order.. I certainly am up to date on LTS security, before this week17:05
TJ-delikt: To fix the current issue I'd suggest now that you reboot using the LiveISO installer, start the "Try Ubuntu" option, then open a terminal so we can use shell commands to fix this installation17:05
dbbI have not installed any patches in the last three days or so, specifically17:05
deliktmsdosx = (hd0,msdos1) (hd1,msdos6) (hd1,msdos5) (hd1,msdos1)17:06
TJ-dbb: the KPTI patched Ubuntu kernels aren't yet available; the kernel team is aiming to have them published by Jan 9th at the latest17:06
dbbTJ ok thx17:06
deliktok i reboot17:06
dbbtrekkie1701c: yes that, looking17:06
TJ-delikt: ahhh, WOWOWA!17:06
benderHello, I have installed ubuntu server with a raid1, but the setup did not properly configure the raid. So I i had to add the second device manually with mdadm --add ...[...] Now the out put of mdstat and mdadm --detail looks a little bit confusing to me. Can someone pls take a look at it? Why does it state multiple personalites? And why is the number 0 and 2 not 0 and 1? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26333252/17:07
TJ-delikt: I think I see your problem... I think the install is on (hd1) not (hd0)17:07
deliktyeah 2 different devices17:07
TJ-delikt: try this "ls (hd1,msdos1)/grub/" -- do you see 'grub.cfg' and/or 'i386-pc/' directory?17:07
dbbok - I see the short answer is.. look to the 9th of January for the beginning of patches, and that this is very hard for the Ubuntu OS to do17:09
dbbmeanwhile, no new VMs or containers for me :-)17:09
delikthmm file /grub/ not found17:09
deliktmaybe i have syntax error17:10
delikttry again17:10
dbbI understand that these vulnerabilities could have exploits outside of VMs or containers (obvious) but.. those are likely to be places where first exploits would hide17:10
dbb"anti-AWS things" or whatever17:10
deliktnope not found17:11
TJ-delikt: OK, do you know what's supposed to be on hd1, because it seems to have 3 partitions, msdos1 and msdos5 and msdos617:11
deliktyeah there should be a /, /boot, /home17:11
TJ-delikt: whereas hd0 has only msdos1 so may be the installer ISO device?17:11
deliktand a swap normaly17:11
TJ-delikt: OK, lets see if we can find the /boot/ "ls (hd1,msdos5)/grub/"  and if you don't see the file/dir try with msdos617:12
delikti changed in the bias from first to second the usb as first so if this hd0 it should be the /boot partition17:12
deliktin the bios*17:12
deliktafter that i was enabled the grub prompt - before there was nothing17:13
deliktthere are just 2 physical drives17:14
TJ-delikt: I think somehow you managed to install GRUB to 2 separate device! (don't ask me how!)17:14
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delikti dont think so cause i cant access the grub prompt if i choose my hdd as primary device17:15
mast4hey Guest..17:15
deliktand i mean not the boot order^^17:15
deliktneed a look again into the bios to explain17:15
mast4@delikt   can you explain me the problem ??17:15
delikti take the /boot partition on an USB Device (ubuntu-server 16.04) but he didnt boot17:16
TJ-delikt: there are 3 parts to a GRUB install, the boot-strap code (442 bytes in sector 0 of a device), the core image (usually in the 'spare' sectors from 1 to the start of the 1st partition (which is where the rescue> prompt comes from), and then the modules in GRUB's 'root' device in /grub/i386-pc/17:16
deliktso he hangs on loading moduls17:17
TJ-delikt: so you've got the MBR boot-strap and core image, but the modules are missing17:17
TJ-delikt: right, because "normal.mod" is needed to read the grub.cfg and draw the menu, do the boot17:18
deliktok so better reinstall17:18
deliktor can i generate this modules somehow?17:19
TJ-delikt: I think you will be quicker to do a clean reinstall and *ENSURE* the boot-loader option menu is going to install to the same USB device as the root file-system is on17:20
tomreynbender: this looks like a perfectlyx normal raid1 to me. what do you mean by "multiple personalities"?17:21
delikthmm is it not possible to boot with an usb device and the root and home partition are on another device?17:21
deliktand if i dont plugin the usb no one can boot? that was my opinion17:22
TJ-delikt: it is, but you then need to ensure GRUB knows which device to use. right now obviously you confused it17:22
deliktok ty for your help i will play around the options to get my result :)17:22
tomreynbender: ah you're referring to the /proc/mdstat output there. this just lists what's supported.17:23
tomreynbender: i suspect sdb1 will be (member) 'number 1' after next reboot / automatic assembling17:25
TheWildI encountered a problem. The Ubuntu "start" button. Whatever I type, it finds nothing.17:27
TheWildnot even "settings".17:27
bendertomreyn: thank you for the answer. Ok i have rebooted and its still number 0 and 2.17:27
benderi was mostly confused by the mdstat output, thank you :)!17:27
oerheksTheWild, if we made a 'start' button, microsoft will sue us17:27
TheWildbut sure you know what I'm talking about17:28
EriC^^TheWild: did you try restarting?17:28
mast4yeah eric this will solve his problem :P17:29
EriC^^mast4: it actually does sometimes :P17:29
TheWildwell, restart mostly helps, but I would like to know what causes the problem.17:29
tomreynbender: hmm then maybe, if you want /dev/sdb1 to show up as 'Number 1', you'll need to remove, then re-add it. but i'm not actually sure about this. i'm just that the numbering does not matter.17:29
EriC^^TheWild: does anything show up in 'dmesg' about a program crashing or something?17:30
TheWildEriC^^: no errors. At least nothing obvious17:31
TheWildinterrupt took too long (3965 > 3961), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 5025017:31
TheWildand ath5k: ath5k_hw_get_isr: ISR: 0x00000080 IMR: 0x0000000017:32
EriC^^TheWild: anything in ~/.xsession-errors ?17:32
TheWildhmm, 82 bytes. Let's see17:32
TheWildopenConnection: connect: No such file or directory17:32
TheWildcannot connect to brltty at :017:32
bendertomreyn: alright , Ican life with it ;)17:33
EriC^^TheWild: that's normal17:33
TheWildis there some ser17:35
TheWildsorry, finger slipped17:35
TheWildI'll relog and be back17:35
TheWildheh, that worked17:37
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
TheWildcould that be some service that crashed?17:38
=== kamal is now known as Guest67941
tomreynbender: so what went wrong during installation? you ended up with just one RAID member device?17:38
EriC^^TheWild: maybe one of the stuff that appears in ps aux | grep unity17:39
EriC^^TheWild: unity-scope stuff look promising17:39
zukunfTheWild: tomreyn you both try this 'sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda status=progress' on a terminal17:39
EriC^^TheWild: that's a malicious command don't run it17:40
zukunfthe 'progress' option is important to see the improvement17:40
TheWildyup, I know ;)17:40
tomreynzukunf: this would cause data loss17:40
EriC^^!ops | zukunf posting malicious stuff17:40
ubottuzukunf posting malicious stuff: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax17:40
zukunfis not malicious, but helps starting off a clean slate.17:40
tomreynthanks EriC^^17:41
mark____Hi again guys idk if TJ- is still online/17:41
mark____but im having an issue still with my mouse wanted to share a gif of the problem here17:41
bendertomreyn: yes, but I think it was my fault. I have a ssd and two hdd. In the setup process I selected to configure the partitions manually. There I created the raid1 and selected the mountpoint to /data. After that I used the "guided partition" and told ubu to install on the ssd.17:41
mark____it deoesnt detect the left click mouse up17:41
zukunfEriC^^: snitch17:42
benderAfter the first login the raid1 was up with just one device and switching from clear to degraded. I added the second device and after some hours rebulding it was in a good state (now)17:42
EriC^^zukunf: you're not throwing candy on teachers here, people's computers could get damaged17:42
EriC^^how'd you like it if you ran the command and lost all your family photos etc.17:43
redroxhello everyone17:43
Bashing-omzukunf: When you have conributed as much to ubuntu as EriC^^ has, you too may become a snitch :)17:43
tomreynbender: right, i can see how this would result in what you started with post installation.17:44
mark____So here it shows basically it hasn't detected the mouse click has been released17:45
benderI thougt I can take the easy road and let create the raid and use afterwards the guided partition.17:46
mark____(standard monitor no touchscreen, as well as only one mouse plugged in)17:46
benderThats what I got for the lazy road ;)17:46
tomreynbender: it's fine to start with guided, then cancel and switch to manual parittioning, but i would not recommend it the other way around.17:48
TJ-mark____: identify the mouse's id number from "xinput" then do "xinput --query-state <ID>"17:48
mark____Not too sure which one it is17:49
mark____⎡ Virtual core pointer                    id=2[master pointer  (3)] ⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer              id=4[slave  pointer  (2)] ⎜   ↳ PixArt USB Optical Mouse                id=8[slave  pointer  (2)] ⎜   ↳ Razer Razer BlackWidow Tournament Editionid=10[slave  pointer  (2)] ⎜   ↳ Razer Razer BlackWidow Tournament Editionid=11[slave  pointer  (2)] ⎣ Virtual core keyboard                   id=317:49
striveMy...my eyesss17:49
mark____(new line not working :(17:49
bendertomreyn: alright, i will give it a shoot next time. Thank you for your time and help :) !17:49
TJ-mark____: well what is the make/model of the mouse?17:50
mark____I dont have the model sorry it doesnt say on the back17:50
TJ-mark____: well you have a "Pixart USB Optical Mouse" listed, so that must be it unless you've got more than 1 mouse device attached17:51
mark____Sorry I didnt see that one apologies17:51
tomreynbender: welcome :)17:51
TJ-mark____: you also have those "Razer..." devices listed; there may be some interaction between them causing the issue17:52
mark____Thats my keyboard17:52
mark____But i have always had this and never had any issues17:52
TJ-mark____: so try "xinput --query-state 8" for the Pixart17:52
mark____this is my OG setup17:52
mark____Where shall i paste the output?~17:53
TJ-mark____: OK, but the Razer is providing a pointer device, so be aware of that17:53
mark____TJ-: I dont know how? it's just a keyboard17:53
TJ-mark____: "pastebinit <( xinput --query-state 8 )"17:53
TJ-mark____: it must have some form of virtual pointer support from the cursor keys17:53
mark____I mean it's genuinely a keyboard17:54
mark____all it has is buttons17:54
TJ-mark____: well, that seems to confirm the kernel and input drivers know the button isn't down, so it must be an application or window manager issue17:57
TJ-mark____: do you have any Accessibility features enabled?17:58
TJ-mark____: it seems like you're not alone with this https://superuser.com/questions/1263729/mouse-down-stuck-on-some-programs-in-linux-gnome18:01
mark____TJ-: sorry i missed ur msg18:03
mark____no i dont have18:03
mark____TJ-:  he just got +118:04
mark____well I hope i get an answer18:05
alkisgmark____: I haven't read the issue, but a quick test is: sudo apt install openbox; logout; select the openbox session and login; check if mouse works there18:06
alkisgIf yes, you'll know it's a problem with the desktop environment18:07
mark____alkisg: the issue is it doesnt ALWAYS happen18:07
alkisgYou can work in openbox for hours18:07
alkisgOpen firefox and everything18:07
mark____what is it im confused?18:07
alkisgIt's just a tiny alternative desktop environment, so you'll knowif it's a DE problem or not18:07
mark____how do i get back to my normal environment after?18:08
alkisglogout and select your normal session, unity or kde or whatever18:08
TJ-mark____: this Chrome/Chromium issue looks to be related, and at the end suggests there are other similar bugs https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=33637318:08
TJ-mark____: but follow alkisg's suggested test first18:09
alkisgin openbox you open programs by right clicking on the gray empty desktop18:10
TJ-mark____: this one sounds almost exactly like your issue, right down to using Chrome https://superuser.com/questions/72112/mouse-clicks-suddenly-stopped-working-in-ubuntu18:12
mark____kind of but he also has keyboard18:14
mark____issues which i dont have18:14
mark____he ended up saying that he had faulty mouse.18:14
TJ-mark____: other people in that thread also report other solutions for them18:15
mark____TJ-: True.18:15
JonelethIrenicushow can you uninstall everything from a new repo but then install the other packages from other repos to replace needed packages?18:15
mark____TJ-: im a bit confused he says18:16
mark____Anyway, opening a terminal and typing:  metacity --replace &18:16
mark____will make it work if you're using compiz. If you want compiz back, type:  compiz --replace &18:16
mark____so do i do both after each other?18:16
mark____or shall i try openbox first18:16
mark____alkisg: btw logout; didnt work18:17
mark____what shall i try instead18:17
JonelethIrenicusany ideas?18:17
TJ-mark____: try alkisg's suggestions first, try to narrow it down18:17
mark____how do i logout?18:17
JonelethIrenicustype reboot18:18
TJ-mark____: logout option somewhere in the menus18:18
mark____of unity.18:18
mark____Oh so its literally log out.18:18
mark____ok fiune18:18
mark____brb i guess.18:18
rkHi all! I'm still learning my way around Ubuntu so please be gentle. Where should I go to get help with issues around installing python and pip to an (air-gapped) Ubuntu LiveCD environment?18:21
oerheksrk on what ubuntu version ?18:23
Neo4I've already read ubuntu-server guide, what shall I read next?18:23
Neo4server guide is very good books18:24
oerheksubuntu 16.x gives python  3 by default18:25
Neo4something about shell?18:25
TJ-!info apt-offline | rk18:25
ubotturk: apt-offline (source: apt-offline): offline APT package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1 (artful), package size 45 kB, installed size 223 kB18:25
rkI'm running into this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37495375/python-pip-install-throws-typeerror-unsupported-operand-types-for-retry and per last answer suspect I need to get a PIP installed that is more up to date than what's in the Ubuntu repository?18:26
rkthanks for that tip about apt-offline.  I've been downloading via apt-get -d and then creating a CD repository using dpkg-scanpackages18:27
alteregoagood morning vietnam18:29
rk@oerheks does that mean I should be using pip3 instead of pip?18:29
matthias__how can in fix a missing release event for my mute-button ?18:31
rkIs there someplace I can go to get a little more hand-holding with my issue?  I'm basically starting with a plain old vanilla Ubuntu 16.04.3 LiveCD and trying to figure out how to get a particular Python package on it (without an internet connection), and am running into the exact "unsupported operand type" error documented at that StackOverflow link, where from what I gather they think it's due to the "precambrian" version of PIP that c18:36
alkisgrk: why don't you just install to the usb stick instead of using it as a live cd?18:38
alkisg(install ubuntu normally to that stick, so that you can update whatever you like without bothering with the internet connection)18:39
rkalksig: for reasons<tm>.  Basically this is going on an air-gapped machine that isn't ever allowed to have any persistent storage plugged into it.  Everything has to come from the LiveCD.18:40
alkisgRight, and the live cd would have a normal installation... no difference there :)18:40
rk(or the keyboard)18:40
alkisgBut anyway whatever suits you18:40
rkalkisg Yep but I think pip on that normal installation is buggered.18:41
rk(Or I'm not using it right).18:41
=== CoJaBo_ is now known as CoJaBo
matthias__TJ-: found the error, very easy solution :D18:43
TJ-matthias__: go on?18:44
matthias__TJ-: had to add 160 to /sys/bus/.../force_release18:44
matthias__TJ-: the missing release event was the point for not recognizing a keypress on mute18:44
matthias__TJ-: now i have to make it permanent18:44
TJ-matthias__: that is really weird though18:44
TJ-matthias__: but well done for figuring it out18:45
matthias__TJ-: idk, maybe the keyboard has a defect and windows only listens for press-events18:45
matthias__TJ-: or maybe a kernel bug18:46
rkalkisg or anyone: is there another channel that would be more suitable for my question?18:46
alkisgrk: pip problems could go to #python18:47
alkisgubuntu problems, here...18:47
rkok.  Will try there.  Reason I came here first is from what I read on that Stackoverflow link it sounded like the python guys were blaming it on the ubuntu packaging folks ;-)18:48
alkisgrk: if pip has problems on ubuntu but not elsewhere, then it would be an ubuntu issue18:48
laptopany fix yet for meltdown or spectre18:50
Bashing-om!kpti | laptop18:51
ubottulaptop: Spectre and Meltdown are security issues that affect most processors, mitigated by a set of Linux kernel patches named KPTI. | General info: https://spectreattack.com/ | Ubuntu (and flavors) info: http://ubottu.com/y/ubukpti/ | An Ubuntu Security Notice will be released when updates are available, subscribe at https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/18:51
tomreyna patched firefox is already available18:53
laptopwhat about chrome is that for all the bugs18:54
tomreynlaptop: what do you mean?18:57
matthias__i have another problem, after waking up from suspend all usb-devices aren't working and lsusb is nearly empty. no touchscreen, no bluetooth or usb-ports. hibernation does not cause this issue19:02
matthias__the relevant dmesg part is: https://bpaste.net/show/d41f6d94dac019:04
=== mobiusstripper is now known as Guest68173
=== qft is now known as mobiusstripper
brainwashmatthias__: I would test with a newer kernel version19:14
matthias__brainwash: already running with 4.14.019:16
=== tanuki_ is now known as tanuki
brunchHello! I want to backup my system and I thought about creating a partition on my slow drive and just dd'ing whole drive into that19:19
brunchthen dd'ing back to restore19:20
brunchis that going to work or am I missing anything?19:20
brainwashmatthias__: .0 ?19:24
rypervenchebrunch: That would work, but how often are you wanting to make this kind of backup?19:29
TJ-matthias__: firmware ACPI issue I'll bet, see http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html19:30
brunchrypervenche, not often really. The specific scenario is wanting to try out some newer distro but wanting to keep my current ubuntu19:31
brunchunfortunately my ssd is quite limited in space19:31
KrisWoodHello everyone!19:31
matthias__TJ-: already testet all versions also for the mute key19:31
KrisWoodHow do you telnet into a serial connection in Linux?19:32
rypervenchebuengenio: Then that would work all right. You'll just need to make sure that you grab the entire drive in dd and not just the partition.19:32
TJ-matthias__: I know, but for resume issues that will be the issue do you still have an acpi_osi entry in the kernel command line? ("cat /proc/cmdline")19:33
KrisWoodI've got an ubuntu server and I'm trying to connect to a wireless access point's console port but having a hard time figuring out how to translate windows instructions into linux commands...19:33
TJ-KrisWood: you don't, telnet is a network protocol. Use something like 'minicom' or 'screen /dev/ttyUSB0'19:33
rypervencheKrisWood: https://www.cyberciti.biz/hardware/5-linux-unix-commands-for-connecting-to-the-serial-console/19:34
matthias__TJ-: yes, acpi_osi=Windows 201319:34
rypervenchebrunch: Or if you're keeping the same partition size, you can just dd the partition and that will be fine. So long as the partition is accurate after you restore.19:35
TJ-KrisWood: real serial devices  are generally /dev/ttyS* USB<>Serial are /dev/ttyUSB* or possibly /dev/ttyACM*19:35
KrisWoodTJ-, I did screen /dev/ttyS0 already but I can't type at the prompt19:35
matthias__brainwash: 4.14.0-041400-generic19:36
TJ-matthias__: is Windows 2013 the latest version that was reported? if not, change it in /etc/default/grub to be the latest version, do "sudo update-grub", reboot and test suspend/resume again. ACPI is pivotal for suspend/resume19:36
alkisgTJ-: Windows 2013 unquoted?19:36
TJ-KrisWood: OK, you possibly also need to set the correct baud rate for the port19:36
KrisWoodrypervenche, cu says the device is in use and gives a permission error19:36
rypervencheKrisWood: Are you root?19:37
KrisWoodTJ-, That was my assumption but I don't know how to do that part19:37
matthias__TJ-: highest version19:37
KrisWoodrypervenche, I used sudo19:37
matthias__alkisg: i used the script from their site it is acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2013" resume...19:37
stephen101hello all19:37
TJ-matthias__: then there is something very broken about that system's firmware!19:37
stephen101having a issue, getting screen flickering when i open some apps here is a screenshot of what i am seeing.19:38
TJ-matthias__: it's my site, and you've got it correct, so it means the firmware isn't correctly re-initialising the platform hardware when it resumes. Can you capture the "dmesg" output for us?19:38
imiwhere can I find the license that corresponds to the package unrar? Thank you for the reply in advance19:39
KrisWoodThe manual for the AP says "Set up a terminal emulator to communicate with the access point. Use the following settings for the19:40
KrisWoodterminal emulator connection: 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.19:40
TJ-KrisWood:  try something like this, working through different baud rates "screen -L /dev/ttyS0 115200,cs8,-ixon,-ixon,istrip" (9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 ..)19:40
TJ-KrisWood: the "-L" creates a logfile in the current directory19:40
KrisWoodTJ-, Where did you find those commands?19:40
TJ-KrisWood: I've been using them for a very long time :) They're in my head19:41
matthias__TJ-: i did: https://bpaste.net/show/d41f6d94dac0  wasn't it enough?19:41
TJ-KrisWood: if you want to know of other options use "man stty"19:41
matthias__TJ-: i can upload the whole one after a fresh restart19:41
HickorySmokedBacIs there a way to stop any kind of guest access ?19:42
KrisWoodTJ-, All I get is a blank screen with that, including with the 9600 baud19:42
HickorySmokedBacOr put a password on the guest ?19:42
stephen101any ideas?19:42
TJ-matthias__: that suggests the system's ACPI firmware (in the DSDT) is not correctly reinitialising the USB controller. That may mean you'll need to configure the system to manually send a reset to the PCI node the USB controller is on19:42
TJ-KrisWood: try removing the "-ixon" entries19:43
HickorySmokedBachttps://www.howtogeek.com/117994/how-to-disable-ubuntus-guest-session-account/ maybe that's it..19:43
=== hacker1222 is now known as hacker1221
mutanteHickorySmokedBac: allow-guest=false19:44
stephen101doesnt effect system usage just annoying19:44
matthias__TJ-: okay, how can this be done?19:44
HickorySmokedBacmutante: that'll work for all flavors?19:44
mutanteHickorySmokedBac: i dont know :)19:44
TJ-matthias__: Try "echo 1 | sudo dd of=/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:00:14.0/rescan"19:45
TJ-matthias__: then check dmesg again for indications it did something :)19:46
TJ-KrisWood: what cable are you using between the server and console? It'll need to be a 'null modem' cable (where the DTE and DCE are swapped)19:47
HickorySmokedBacmutante: it do not19:48
HickorySmokedBacThe file isn't there19:48
KrisWoodTJ-, I've got an existing screen running from a previous session, could that stop the new one from working?19:49
TJ-KrisWood: if it's on the same port yes19:49
HickorySmokedBacmutante: Oh you gotta make it19:49
paracusiahello, I'm using ubuntu 17.04 and got an ATi graphics card, which is also recognized with the "radeon" driver. sadly, OpenGL doesnt work(glxgears shows no opengl19:49
KrisWoodTJ-, same port19:49
KrisWoodhow do I kill the previous screen session?19:49
TJ-KrisWood: generally though I'd expect the 2nd screen to refuse to connect to /dev/ttyS0, reporting it busy19:49
paracusiaany idea how to enable/reinstall OpenGL19:49
KrisWoodTJ-, it didn't refuse, it just gave a blank screen with no prompt19:50
TJ-KrisWood: KrisWood I *think* it's Ctrl+A X19:50
KrisWoodI can reconnect to old one that didn't have any baud etc19:50
mutanteHickorySmokedBac: that was a different user who said that :)19:50
TJ-KrisWood: whatever the screen escape key is, then X for exit.19:51
HickorySmokedBacmutante: Let me go see if it cut it off.19:51
akikTJ-: ctrl+a x is for lock, ctrl+a K is for killing a screen window19:51
KrisWoodakik, that was it, thanks!19:51
TJ-akik: KrisWood thanks ^^^^^^19:51
TJ-I'm so used to tmux now I forget19:51
KrisWoodyeah all the linux gurus at my last job swore by tmux but I never picked it up19:52
KrisWoodit's funny how fast I forget things these days when I stop using them19:52
akiki don't switch my apps just because something is new19:52
TJ-KrisWood: they both take some learning; tty's is the one thing screen does that tmux can't19:52
stephen101any ideas what would cause screen tearing anf flickering when i open files in gedit?19:53
TJ-tmux is hardly new :)19:53
matthias__TJ-: no change but dmesg printet this: https://bpaste.net/raw/34282e0b8c5719:53
=== so_ is now known as syedomar
akikTJ-: it's just 20 years junior to screen :)19:54
KrisWoodTJ-, still a blank screen with the old one killed19:54
TJ-matthias__: WOW! That system is really broken! Those "no space" for the Base Address Register 15 suggests the parent bridge window has shrunk during suspend/resume19:54
TJ-KrisWood: I'm not sure then, but I suspect the cable unless you know it works :)19:54
TJ-KrisWood: you're using 9600,cs8 ?19:55
matthias__TJ-: can i fix it?19:55
TJ-matthias__: I've never seen a PCI bridge window change size during a suspend/resume cycle19:56
KrisWoodsudo screen -L /dev/ttyS0 9600,cs8,istrip19:56
matthias__TJ-: when i run hibernation now the usb devices will work again19:56
TJ-KrisWood: looks good to me. Any other serial devices you could test with?19:56
rolandbeowulfI'm on ubuntu 17.04, and bluetooth suddenly won't turn on at all, its bluetooth settings are default. how do i troubleshoot this?19:56
TJ-matthias__: right, something in the ACPI side is badly broken19:56
* TJ- has to go now19:57
KrisWoodTJ-, I have one other AP19:57
KrisWoodI'll try that19:57
matthias__TJ-: okay, maybe somebody else can help me19:57
stephen101no ideas for my problem? in general it only happens in gedit.20:00
stephen101but its random.20:00
rolandbeowulfIs there anyway i can debug my bluetooth issue?20:01
MonkeyDustrolandbeowulf  simply hit the up arrow to repeat your question every 10-15 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help20:04
KrisWoodTJ-, It turned out I still had a bunch screen sessions running as sudo, they just didn't show up because I was doing screen -list as my own user instead of as sudo20:06
KrisWoodTJ-, so I killed those but it's still a blank screen20:06
KrisWoodif I reboot the AP it gives bits and pieces of the output20:07
KrisWoodbut the only way that gives all of the output is just screen /dev/ttyS020:07
KrisWoodand even with that I've got no input20:07
matthias__TJ-: are you back again?20:08
rolandbeowulfon further investigation it seems like my internal bluetooth reciever is no longer showing up in lspci, the wifi on this thing broke recently so maybe the bluetooth reciever's followed suit20:09
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
jmpfi'm trying to to install a disk image w/dd and it seems to work on a vm but w/real hardware when grub boots up it complains of invalid uuid's - i was under the impression that the uuids were partition specific not hardware so it shouldn't matter about needing to change those?20:23
=== addictedTS_ is now known as addictedTS
akikjmpf: uuid is file system specific. when you create a new file system, you'll get a new uuid20:25
DexterFubuntu server, crashed twice, last time I tail'ed syslog and say live what happened: https://pastebin.com/ngtYpvAt20:25
tulpai'm on 16.04 trying to compile a program with GCC. i am getting Your compiler can't produce working binaries.20:27
DexterFkernel panic over what I *think* is related to the attached usb dvb tuner. I've seen more wonk on the 4.4 kernel recently in other dists to be coincidence, so: can I have a newer kernel on 16.04 LTS other than compile myself?20:27
EriC^^jmpf: maybe the wrong grub is booting on real hardware20:27
tulpai did apt install build-essential20:29
jmpfEriC^^: i was thinking of that maybe - i'm basically running this - bzip2 -cd stuff.bz2 | dd bs=1M conv=nocreat of=/dev/sda status=none20:30
jmpfthat should overwrite any old grub right?20:31
EriC^^yeah, is there another hdd on the real disk maybe?20:31
xizhi am install kde plasma on ubuntu. but getting this "56% [Waiting for headers]"20:31
xizeven my internet is working fine. also tried stopping it and restarting it20:32
xizbut it is still stuck on "56% [Waiting for headers]"20:32
xizplease help ^20:32
jmpfEriC^^: no20:32
stephen101maybe install then update thereafter?20:33
EriC^^jmpf: can't think of what else it might be, maybe in grub try 'ls (hdx,msdosy)' and see if the uuid's match and stuff20:34
EriC^^jmpf: 'ls -l' in grub sometimes lists everything at once20:34
rizonzhi guys20:34
stephen101xiz: maybe install then update thereafter?20:34
tomreynxiz: which mirror server are you downloading from?20:34
rizonzanyone knows if ufw can conflict with iptables rules set by iptables itself ?20:34
xiztomreyn: i don't know. i did "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"20:35
tomreynxiz: did you run "sudo apt-get update" beforehand?20:35
xizand before that i did "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports"20:35
xizyeah, tomreyn20:35
tomreynxiz: oh so you're using a ppa, that's good to know20:36
stephen101nm thought your were getting hung up on a fresh install20:36
tomreyncan you cancel, then re-run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get -V install kubuntu-desktop" and show the output of both commands?20:37
xiztomreyn: okay, let me do that20:37
tomreyn!paste | xiz20:37
ubottuxiz: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:37
stephen101can anyone maybe help me with my screen tearing issue? no errors in log in regards to gpu issues.20:38
xiztomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26334648/20:38
xizits stuck there20:39
xiztomreyn: ?20:40
=== rodrigo is now known as Guest93863
tomreynxiz: this looks like internet access or routing issues. you can ping in.archive.ubuntu.com for a minute or two, then cancel and see what it reports about packet loss.20:40
=== Guest93863 is now known as lenovonotebook
xiztomreyn: 54 packets transmitted, 53 received, 1% packet loss, time 53085ms20:42
xiztomreyn: heyyy. after pinging it, i re-did apt-get update and it worked20:42
tomreynxiz: keep running it a little longer, and while you run it, run the update + install in a seperate terminal window20:43
xiztomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26334672/20:43
stephen101maybe releasing his ip and renewing it?20:43
xiztomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26334685/20:45
xiztomreyn: but xubuntu installating still stuck20:45
metaphysicianHello! No Meltdown-fixed updated kernel packages from Ubuntu yet?? https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/20:46
tomreynxiz: xubuntu? i was thinking you want to install kubuntu?20:46
xiztomreyn: yeah, kubuntu20:47
stephen101did you check your logs under var/log/20:47
xizno, which logs? stephen10120:48
=== lenovonotebook is now known as gavi23
tomreynxiz: what does the ping output say now?20:48
=== gavi23 is now known as gabriela23
xiztomreyn: 1% loss20:48
stephen101kern and syslog20:48
xiztomreyn: now, it is 0% loss20:49
brainwashmetaphysician: that is correct https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown20:49
tomreynxiz: how many packets were transferred?20:50
xiztomreyn: lost that output. doing it again20:51
* DexterF found HWE kernels20:51
xiztomreyn: 56 packets transmitted, 54 received, 3% packet loss, time 55035ms20:51
tomreynxiz: hmm it's probably some MTU / MSS / middle box issue then. reinitializing / restarting (power off, power on, pull cable, reconnect cable) your internet / router / modem might help. you could also install 'mtr' (it's small and run it against in.archive.ubuntu.com, this might give a better idea where things are failing.20:51
xiztomreyn: okay. i'll try that. thanks for helping me20:52
stephen101any errors in logs?20:52
metaphysicianbrainwash: thanks. Red Hat has already released their updated kernels.20:54
hfpHi, I have changed the hardware config for my Ubuntu 17.04 machine, and now the network interfaces names don't match anymore. Is there a way to tell Ubuntu that "this is the new default network interface's name"?20:54
metaphysicianbrainwash: so has Debian: https://www.debian.org/security/2018/dsa-407820:57
brainwashmetaphysician: I guess ubuntu kernel devs need a bit more time20:59
akikhfp: you can change the names with udev rules if you want21:00
akikhfp: here's an example for /etc/udev/rules.d/10-network.rules: SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTR{address}=="ma:ca:dd:re:ss:here", NAME="new_if_name"21:02
=== sandeep is now known as Guest64475
hfp_akik: thanks21:06
hfpakik: thank you21:06
KrisWoodTJ-, I got it working with minicom to at least the point I was at with screen21:37
KrisWoodI can see th serial console output but still no input21:37
KrisWoodMaybe it's a permission issue, like I can't write to it? But I did sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyS021:38
KrisWoodCan anyone here help me figure out how to connect to a serial console from an ubuntu server?21:40
JoshuaDIs there a way to install just the KDE desktop (for testing an app I'm developing) without installing all of the other KDE desktop stuff?  I know I can run it in a virtualbox, but that's kinda cumbersome for my case.21:42
tomreynJoshuaD: if virtualization doesn't work you can also run it from a live cd /isb stick21:43
tomreynJoshuaD: and to the original question: no, there is not.21:43
=== quard is now known as quinward
tomreynKrisWood: use minicom or GNU screen21:51
tomreynoh you knew that already21:52
Gaming4JCJoshuaD: I suppose you could use a chroot, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble - https://lukeplant.me.uk/blog/posts/chroot-with-x-applications/21:52
tueftlerhi there. i had used a second HDD to get the data out from my defect synology NAS. now, i would like to mount that disc to an running ubuntu mate in trial mode. but...i cant mount the data there.21:53
JoshuaD@Gaming4JC, Thanks. I don't mind logging out and logging in over there, i just don't want to flood my desktop machine with a bunch of software I don't use.21:53
tueftleri had used a little tool from sysinternal in windows for that, but there was no possibility to save the data to a net storage directly21:54
tueftleri had double click the viewable disc in ubuntu, but when i press MOUNT ubuntu said it cant mount the hdd21:55
Gaming4JCtueftler: From livecd --> terminal -->  run "lsblk" to get drive name (/dev/sdX), then just mount it via -> mkdir -p /media/my_drive -> mount /dev/sdX /media/my_drive21:55
Gaming4JCmanual method, but works nearly every time, and if there's an issue you can see what it is, vs using a GUI.21:55
tueftlersudo fdisk -l /dev/sda will display the follow informations: Sektorengröße (logisch/physisch): 512 Bytes / 4096 Bytes I/O Größe (minimal/optimal): 4096 Bytes / 4096 Bytes Typ der Medienbezeichnung: gpt Medienkennung: DF6BF4F3-7B55-4DBF-A8FB-E89B17869149  Gerät        Start       Ende   Sektoren Größe Typ /dev/sda1     2048    4982527    4980480  2,4G Linux RAID /dev/sda2  4982528    9176831    4194304    2G Linux RAID /dev/sda321:56
tueftlerGaming4JC:  i will do that now21:57
tomreyn!paste | tueftler21:57
ubottutueftler: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:57
tomreynto output information in english, run: export LANG=C21:57
tueftleryes, im sorry. will do that. https://paste.ubuntu.com/26335195/plain/21:59
tomreynall of these partitions are raid members, you may not be able to mound them directly like a file system22:01
tomreyntueftler: ^22:01
tomreynthat's assuminmg we're looking at the correct disk?22:01
tueftlersudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/mydrive will give me the answer mount: /media/mydrive: unknown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member'.22:04
tueftlertomreyn: aha. strange. it should be a spare drive with data on it22:04
tomreyntueftler: how did you replicate the data from your synaology nas to this disk?22:05
tueftlerwith the sysinternals tool i can show my data on the disk.22:06
akiktueftler: if it's a linux md raid device, you probably need to use mdadm to start it up (enable the md raid device for mounting)22:06
tueftleri had mount the disc as an spare drive. create the folders and cop22:06
tueftlery all the data to these folders by hand22:07
tueftlerwith the integrated browser22:07
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tomreyntueftler: i see. try: sudo mdadm --run --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda122:09
tomreyntueftler: and post tis output22:09
tueftlernow, i had banned all synologys and would like to copy the data to my freenas22:10
tueftlerok, will do that22:10
tueftlerone questian before... how can i change the keyboard layout to qwerz. that would be make it easier :)22:11
akiktueftler: either "setxkbmap de" (xorg) or "sudo loadkeys de" (virtual console)22:12
akiktueftler: these are just for temporary change22:13
tueftlerhmm, qwerty still exist22:14
tomreyntueftler: also post the output of : sudo mdadm --query /dev/sda1; sudo mdadm --query /dev/sda2; sudo mdadm --query /dev/sda322:15
tueftlerakik: no it works. thank you22:15
adman120Ok, im stumped i got my mount working but now sonarr keeps saying its unable to write to the folder but the user sonarr is running under can. Any ideas?22:15
tueftlertomreyn: i'll du it now22:15
tueftlersudo: mdadm: command not found22:16
irisflast night i deleted ubuntu 16.04  and installed ubutu 14.04.5 and then downgraded to 14.04.1 beus of  old amd graphic card radeon  and then i installed fglrx but there is a  bad problem that i think it is a bug22:16
tomreyntueftler: install it then22:16
irisfthe problem is consuming cpu by Xorg process  = 100% or more22:16
tomreyn!downgrade | irisf22:17
ubottuirisf: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.22:17
tueftlertomreyn: could you please tell me how? i'm a noob in unix things22:17
tomreyntueftler: sudo apt update; sudo apt install mdadm22:18
arch0s@tueftler you're from switzerland22:18
irisfubottu : didnt break  system but xorg uses high cpu22:18
ubottuirisf: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:18
tueftlerwow, sounds clear.... done22:18
tomreyntueftler: less typing for the series of commands i asked you to run: sudo mdadm --query /dev/sda{1..3}22:19
tueftlerget: /dev/sda1: is not an md array22:20
tomreynirisf: whats the graphics card you are trying to make work? lspci -nn | grep VGA22:21
tomreyntueftler: i bet you got more than a single line of output?22:21
irisftomreyn :00:01.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics] [1002:9851] (rev 05)22:21
UKCoderHi all - I have a new ubuntu 16.04 install and I'm trying to get VNC working.  I have tightvnc setup, and I'm able to access the box however whenever I launch a terminal in the VNC desktop (, or any other app), it launches the terminal on the real desktop, not the VNC desktop.  Any ideas?  I haven't seen this happen before with VNC22:21
tomreynadman120: maybe repeat your qwuestion and sum up the issue again if nobody got around to help you, yet22:22
adman120Ok, im stumped i got my mount working but now sonarr keeps saying its unable to write to the folder but the user sonarr is running under can. Any ideas?22:22
tueftlerwith sda3 i get more output: /dev/sda3: is not an md array /dev/sda3: device 0 in 1 device inactive raid1 array.  Use mdadm --examine for more detail.22:22
MJCDworkhey - I have two copies of 17.10 sitting right next to each other22:26
MJCDworkand I just can not get Synergy to work22:26
tomreyntueftler: please run this and report back the url provided: sudo mdadm --examine /dev/sda{1..3} | pastebinit22:26
tueftlerdone https://paste.ubuntu.com/26335357/22:28
MJCDworkem dad em22:28
tomreynadman120: your question lacks context. what are you trying to achieve, how are you doing it, and whow is it failing? what is 'my mount' that you got working, how does it relate to this; what are 'sonarr' and 'can'?22:28
adman120ok sonarr is a program that is running under a user. the user is able to write to the directory but sonarr says it is unable to. the diretory is a mounted rclone directory shared via nfs422:29
brainwas1MJCDwork: which desktop environment?22:30
MonkeyDust!find sonarr22:30
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 272 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=sonarr&searchon=names&suite=artful&section=all22:30
MJCDworkbrainwas1, gnome22:30
MJCDworkstandard 17.1022:30
brainwas1MJCDwork: wayland or Xorg session?22:30
MJCDworkim really not sure, its stock 17.1022:31
MJCDworkon both22:31
brainwas1what does "echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE" return?22:32
brainwas1in a terminal window22:32
brainwas1Synergy does not support wayland22:32
MonkeyDustadman120  sonarr has its own channel   #sonarr22:33
tomreyntueftler: sudo mdadm --assemble --uuid 7e7e8952:da16c0a9:3e1a208c:30efcf25 --run22:33
tueftlermdadm: an md device must be given in this mode22:34
adman120didnt know if this was a sonarr issue or not22:34
adman120ill try there first22:34
MJCDworkbrainwas1, ah ok yeah looks as though it is wayland though I thought that would be obvious to a non-idiot like me22:34
MJCDworkis there an alternative tool?22:35
brainwas1MJCDwork: I would test with the Xorg session then. simply logout and select it from the login screen.22:35
tomreyntueftler: sudo mdadm --assemble --uuid 7e7e8952:da16c0a9:3e1a208c:30efcf25 --run /dev/md022:35
MJCDworkbrainwas1, whats the detriment?22:36
tomreyntueftler: sorry, that was wrong22:36
tueftlertomreyn: cool...md0 has been started with 1 drive.22:36
MJCDworkwayland vs xorg22:36
MJCDworkI mean22:36
tomreyntueftler: hmm ok, then i guess it may have worked nevertheless22:37
brainwas1MJCDwork: I guess you can look that up on the internet22:37
tomreyntueftler:cat /proc/mdstat22:37
tueftlertomreyn: holy grab. its running now :D22:37
brainwas1MJCDwork: xorg is the old one, and therefore more mature and better supported22:37
tueftleri can show my data in the browser view22:37
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tomreyntueftler: ok22:37
MJCDworkbrainwas1, yeah I get that, I didnt even know about wayland til just now lol22:37
MJCDworkill try what you suggested22:38
MJCDworkI like xorg anyway22:38
tueftlertomreyn: hope i get it worked with the second drive, too ;)    THANKS a lot!!!22:38
tomreyntueftler: what you ahve there is one device of an incomplete raid array. you'll best move the data out of that and elsewhere.22:38
tueftlertomreyn: but thats strange. by master data was an RAID6, but these two discs i had bought only for transfering the data out... had luck22:40
tueftler*my* master22:41
NoCodeHi, having issues with locked memory. It is set to unlimited, but when I do "ulimit -l" it is only 64.22:51
NoCodeI've logged out/in. Restarted. Nothing changes.22:52
TvL2386hey guys, I'm playing with docker and I need to run a command every minute. Normally it would be scheduled in cron, but here in the docker image there is no cron. It's also not desirable to create and maintain a new image specifically for this purpose23:03
TvL2386I don't want to sleep 60, because if the command takes 10 seconds to finish, it will happen that minutes will be skipped23:03
TvL2386so I'm looking for some solution to run a command every 1st second of every minute or something23:04
Ben64might have better results in ##linux23:04
TvL2386I'll go there23:04
Gaming4JCTvL2386: watch -n60 [command]23:04
Gaming4JCn60 = 60 seconds23:04
TvL2386I know watch, but does it keep track of time used by the executing script?23:05
TvL2386I did not think so23:05
tomreyntueftler: i think that synology created a raid array across any disk attached to it by default.23:05
tomreynthat would explain it.23:05
Gaming4JCTvL2386: it only waits for the existing command to stop prior to calling it again, you could write a little bash wrapper to catch execution time probably23:05
TvL2386Gaming4JC: I'm looking for that :)23:06
Gaming4JCTvL2386: how about: watch -n5 time echo "Test"23:08
Gaming4JCexecution time is 0sec for this program since echo is way fast.23:08
Ben64TvL2386: Gaming4JC: watch doesn't seem to work based on my test23:10
Hensteplthe VPN password field doesn't work in whatever the GNOME 3 network manager is23:15
Gaming4JCpil: Don't ask to ask, ask and someone will reply if they are able to assist you. :)23:15
HensteplIt will not let me click in to the field, and tab skips it entirely. Though it doesn't seem grayed out23:15
tueftlertomreyn: ok. that would be explain that, yes. but cool thing, that the sysinternal freeware tool had read access to it directly :)  But, i think in better to copy the data with a linux OS. Must say, i should play with ubuntu a bit. Looks be great23:23
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