flocculantI guess dev.xo. ignores importance?00:00
flocculantknome: ^^00:00
knomeimportance on what specific work item?00:02
flocculantwell - I guess what I mean is if importance is wishlist, could be ignored00:02
flocculanta bug00:03
knomei guess so00:03
ochosianything else from you bluesabre on the previous topics?00:04
ochosithere were some packaging questions (dunno if you read the backlog)00:04
ochosiotherwise we can also close the meeting00:04
bluesabreochosi: not yet, haven't had a chance to catch up00:04
bluesabreelementary-xfce we'll fix on the the package release00:05
bluesabreochosi: I'll be sending you some icons I'm interested in pulling in00:05
bluesabreready for xfpm00:05
bluesabreready for ind-plug00:05
ochosisounds good00:05
bluesabreanything else anybody needs from me?00:06
flocculantbluesabre: not me :)00:06
flocculantgo eat :D00:07
flocculantor sleep or whatever ;)00:07
bluesabrealready eating00:07
flocculantbluesabre: quickly - not sure if you saw but iso's up for artful point release00:07
bluesabreflocculant: that's good00:08
flocculantapparently so ;)00:08
bluesabreare they being released immediately or do we have a few days for spot checks?00:08
flocculantthursday next00:09
flocculantI'll be calling over weekend for testing00:09
flocculantjust seen 17.04 EOL week tomorrow00:10
flocculantI'll mail that too00:10
flocculantand draft on x.org00:11
bluesabrebusy time :)00:11
flocculant#action flocculant to mail list(s) re 17.04 EOL and draft blog post00:11
meetingologyACTION: flocculant to mail list(s) re 17.04 EOL and draft blog post00:11
flocculantwell - check the QA bp :D00:11
* flocculant closes meeting then00:12
meetingologyMeeting ended Sat Jan  6 00:12:22 2018 UTC.  00:12
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2018/xubuntu-devel.2018-01-05-22.00.moin.txt00:12
bluesabrethanks flocculant 00:13
JackFrostflocculant: Any progress on Debian #884587 or moving at-spi2-core from atril's Depends to recommends?  I don't see anything in git.00:13
ubottuDebian bug 884587 in engrampa "engrampa: Drop unused dependencies for lighter installation requirements" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/88458700:13
flocculantand goes to bed "To die, to sleep - to sleep, perchance to dream ..."00:13
JackFrosthttps://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-calc/issues/42 is filed.00:13
flocculantJackFrost: I think that's the one bluesabre mentioned - eg moved upstream, now dead00:14
flocculantcould be wrong though00:14
flocculantnight all :)00:14
JackFrostflocculant: I tabbed wrong.00:14
JackFrostflexiondotorg: Any progress on Debian #884587 or moving at-spi2-core from atril's Depends to recommends?  I don't see anything in git.00:14
ubottuDebian bug 884587 in engrampa "engrampa: Drop unused dependencies for lighter installation requirements" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/88458700:14
flocculantyou meant Martin then :D00:14
flexiondotorgJackFrost: Thanks for the ping. I'll look at that over the weekend.00:15
JackFrostflexiondotorg: Thanks muchly.00:15
flocculantback in the day it was elky I was tab failed on00:15
flocculanthi flexiondotorg - and good night :)00:15
flexiondotorgJackFrost: why is at-spi2-core an issue?00:16
ochosinight everyone00:16
JackFrostflexiondotorg: It really shouldn't be a depend, it should be removable.  Not even GNOME stuff depends on it.00:16
JackFrost(It's just an accessibility daemon.)00:17
knomeflocculant, just set 11th as the EOL date for 17.04 so documentation link should disappear automatically00:26
knomeand with that i'm off for the day00:28
knomenighty and thanks for chairing the meeting flocculant 00:28
bluesabrenighty knome00:28
knomeand bluesabre too o/00:28
flocculantknome: thanks :)09:19
flocculantknome pleia2 - eol notice done on fb, also done the testing call there - if we could get them on twitter and g+1 that'd be great :)09:43
flocculantand I wish I'd checked that the iso was actually downloadable - all flavour's iso give a 404 lol09:48
flocculantthat's ok - except everyone points to the tracker :D09:49
flocculantdefinitely something awry with the bionic iso - artful boots in vm at expected speed 10:08
flocculanthelpful today :)10:08
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pleia2flocculant: thanks, on it :)13:18
pleia2hm, awkward that 17.04 is being EOL when the fix for 17.10 hasn't landed yet13:22
pleia2flocculant: FB says February 18, but the notices say Feb 1313:22
pleia2err, January13:22
pleia2what month is it, what year is it13:22
flocculantpleia2: changed it to 13th - thanks :)13:24
flocculantand fix for 17.10 is around - pretty sure it's just updated kernel13:25
pleia2I see "Fix Released" on the 17.10 kernel bug, did it get fixed?13:25
pleia2oh ok, and we'll update the website when the respins of the ISOs with the right kernel are out, right?13:25
flocculantyea - that was my plan 13:26
pleia2just concerned about telling people to upgrade in case they use the ISO and run into BIOS problems13:29
pleia2maybe I can just say "do an in-place upgrade" or sth13:29
pleia2and there are still people who do a full reinstall with every release /o\13:30
flocculantI guess 13:30
flocculantif people go to grab iso - they should see the warning13:30
* pleia2 nods13:31
pleia2ok, twitter updated for EOL, I'll do the testing one a little later13:31
flocculantyup - thanks :)13:32
pleia2ok, that's G+ too13:34
pleia2ok, testing tweets/g+ done now too14:59
flocculantthanks pleia2 :)16:45

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