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mikleoHello all08:27
MrokiiHello. For some weeks (months?) I've been having problems with an SD-card (from my camera). I can't unmount it properly, getting an error-message that it's still in use, even though there are no windows open anymore in Dolphin. Also, when I insert the card, I don't see all the files, but only some that are a bit older. Using the "Reload"-option from Dolphins menu doesn't work either. Is this a known bug or08:37
Mrokiiis there something I should be doing? Can I force the unmount somehow?08:37
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chencho9000hi there10:33
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user|98570mini requirements of kubutu11:17
eraserpencilhey guys! i'm testing out kmail and kwallet prompts for my password. HOw do i reset my passsword? I couldnt find any gui in unity dash with "kde wallet" or "kwallet" searches, nor the same in CLI tab completions11:46
BluesKajHowdy folks11:47
eraserpencilany help?11:57
eraserpencilI could download the kdw wallet manager from software center, but i should be able to find the daemon wihtout it right?12:01
BluesKajeraserpencil, it's in systemsettings>account details>KDE Wallet12:04
eraserpencili'm not seeing account details12:07
BluesKajeraserpencil, which Kubuntu ? it may just be accounts12:09
eraserpencilahh right! i'm just on ubuntu testing out kmail, then kwallet prompts for a pw creation I'd like to change that pw now. I couldnt find any gui in unity dash with "kde wallet" or "kwallet" searches, nor the same in CLI tab completions12:11
eraserpencil#kde nor #ubuntu didnt provide much assistance12:11
BluesKajeraserpencil, if you want to use kde/plasma install kubuntu-desktop12:13
eraserpencilpossible to just install the kmail/korganizer and other productivity apps?12:14
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BluesKajsure, but you ll end up with most of the kde/plasma apps anyway12:16
eraserpencilhmm I'm working with on alot of C.V stuff and the likes on ROS. While the community says it's okay to use ROS on Ubuntu flavours, I wouldnt want a chance where I'm limited by graphical issues because some windows ot apps couldnt launch properly.12:21
eraserpencilI cant find kwallet under "User Accounts", I'll just download the KDE Wallet manager from the software centre12:22
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BluesKajeraserpencil, do what you want, even tho wallet manager on gnome does the same thing12:24
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punyahereHey there :)14:15
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qwipHow can I chnage my default terminal? I have already tried changing it from Settings > Default Applications > Terminal16:13
BluesKajqwip, to what ?16:14
qwipto any other terminal other than konsole. BluesKaj16:15
BluesKajwhy >16:15
BluesKajI use yakuake mostly16:16
qwipOkay. So, how can I make it a default terminal after installing it?16:16
BluesKajwhat shell base are you looking for ?16:17
BluesKajkonsole uses bash16:17
qwip<qwip> Okay. So, how can I make it a default terminal after installing it?16:17
BluesKajinstall yuake the  just use F12 to to use it, it';s adrop down terminal16:18
BluesKajerr yakuake16:18
qwipWhy can't I make it defualt?16:19
BluesKajit will be default if you  justuse F1216:19
BluesKaj!info yakuake16:20
ubottuyakuake (source: yakuake): Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.4-1 (artful), package size 356 kB, installed size 2102 kB16:20
qwipWhy does not this work > changing it from Settings > Default Applications > Terminal16:20
BluesKajyerminal is an expression for the command line, there's no such app as terminal16:21
* BluesKaj changes battery16:22
qwipI need to make it default because when you right click in file manager and try to open terminal at that location from Action->Open terminal it opens the default terminal16:23
robobox_doesn't kde have a appilcation that sets default appilcations?16:24
qwiprobobox_, I have already tried doing that from > changing it from Settings > Default Applications > Terminal but no good16:24
robobox_qwip, maybe write a shell script that starts yakuake when you start konsole, then close konsole?16:26
qwiprobobox_, so, does it mean that kde enforces the use of kde tools and also use of konsole?16:26
BluesKajyes konsole is the default command line shell in kde/plasma, that's what you get ...check system settoings>applications>default applications>terminal emulator>choose "a differentr terminal program...type your choice in the field provided, qwip16:27
qwipBluesKaj, I have already did that16:27
qwipbut didn't worked16:27
BluesKajperhapos your choice isn't installed16:28
qwipit is. I can run it through konsole16:28
robobox_qwip, yes, basically.16:30
qwiprobobox_, Then THAT IS REALLY BAD16:32
qwipdidn't expected that from kde16:32
krytarikqwip: If you override the launcher of gnome-terminal to make it show up in KDE/Plasma as well, maybe that'll fix it too.16:32
qwipkrytarik, sorry but can you please clearify that what i should do?16:33
robobox_it might be possible to file a bug report16:34
qwiprobobox_, how can i do that?16:34
user|4064is kubuntu good whit 4gb of ram?16:35
user|4064and amd 1.8ghz 4 core?16:35
robobox_yes, kubuntu runs decent on 4 gigs of ram16:37
user|4064good thanks16:37
robobox_qwip, bugs.ke.org16:37
qwipthanks, robobox_16:38
BluesKajgood riddance ...what pita that qwip character, gonna put him on ignore if he shows up here agian16:45
ronnocSorry I had to miss the Kubuntu Kafe. Any word on when it will hit the Youtubes?18:37
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