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H__Got this error for a buildbot slave who tries to check out code "You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID ..." but this bot is never going to push code, and this used to work. Are anonymous checkouts still supported ?10:59
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trevorjOh, the build farm is dead at the moment?12:48
trevorjThat explains why my builds aren't working then. lol. Cool.12:48
acheronuktrevorj: see topic if you haven't already12:52
trevorj@acheronuk: Yup, that's where my message came from, thanks though :)12:52
acheronukgood. just where you said 'dead' made me doubt, as it's not really12:53
trevorjhaha, I use the word 'dead' very lightly13:00
trevorjIt's dead to me at the moment ;)13:00
trevorjLet's be honest, launchpad is.. well.. never dead these days13:01
trevorjs/dead/"dead" dead/13:01
trevorjThat's a good thing though :)13:01
trevorj(I think it's actually been many years now since I've ever, say, noticed it go down)13:04
trevorjQuick Q though, I started getting internal server errors upon dput via ftp, but not sftp, is this related as well?13:05
cjwatsontrevorj: No, that's not related.  Is it still reproducible?17:29
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