jk^how to view the capacity of an usb drive?08:39
tsimonq2df -h08:39
tsimonq2sudo fdisk -l08:39
tsimonq2Otherwise you can use GParted or gnome-disks08:40
jk^pcmanfm? doesn't tell me that?08:42
jk^pcmanfm? doesn't it tell me that?08:42
jk^i like gui way :|08:42
tsimonq2Don't think so, but it's a nice feature request for PCManFM-Qt ;)08:42
jk^have i to donwload gparted?08:43
tsimonq2Quite possibly.08:44
GeorgeHi there,  I recently install Lubuntu on an old PC.  It was working fine, then I stupidly disconnected the ethernet network connection.  Now I can't get it back.  I'm totally new to linux.  I've tried using the terminal to access the network manager and changing managed=false to managed=true, but I don't know how to save it from there.  Help please.10:34
Skylinestarhello everyone. this is my first time in this irc11:24
SkylinestarI have a question. My Lubuntu keeps going to the lockscreen after a few minutes of inactivity. How do I disable this?11:25
SkylinestarIn XFCE Power Manager > System > System Power Saving, When Inactive for is set to Never11:26
egyyes Skylinestar it's in xfce power manager iirc11:29
Skylinestaregy, already set11:33
SkylinestarWhat is Light Locker? There's also an auto lock session for this option11:37
alexandrosi have lubuntu and i am trying to upgrade it in last version19:46
alexandros14.04 but stopped before finish and in terminal says that xscreensaver and xlockmore must be restarted before upgrading One or more running instances of xscreensaver or xlockmore have been detected on this system. Because of incompatible library changes, the upgrade of the GNU libc library will leave you unable to authenticate to these programs. You should arrange for these programs to be restarted or stopped before continuing thi19:47
alexandroskillall xscreensaver will fix it ?19:52

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